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October 27, 2017 9:42 pm

Housing Starts Up in July

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 @ 9:46 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Total housing starts were up in Prince George last month.

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), there were 29 single family home construction starts in July, up from 14 in the same month a year ago.

But there were no multiple family dwelling starts this July compared to four in July, 2015.

Real estate stats

Year to date figures show there were 94 single family starts by the end of July 2016 compared to 95 over the first seven months of 2015.

There has been a big increase though in multiple family dwelling starts over the same time period with 70 by the end of July 2015 compared to 116 this year.

That increase in multiple family dwelling starts has pushed the year to date housing starts to 210, well above the 165 starts the first seven months of last year – an increase of 27 percent.

“Right now new construction activity in Prince George is expected to be significantly higher ending off 2016 as a result of the jump in multi-unit construction,” says CMHC’s senior market analyst Taylor Pardy.

“And then in 2017 we are expecting housing starts to come back in line with the last five-year average.”


Yup, population in Prince George keeps dropping, all the while housing starts keep going up… its a head scratcher.

In other news (CKPG), MacLeans Magazine just rated Prince George as the third most dangerous city over 50,000 people in Canada. As I predicted, PG is rising up to take our rightful claim as the Country’s most dangerous city… AGAIN!!!

    ….and you live here because, JGalt?

    Seriously, why do you live here? You are free to live anywhere you want! Pack up and get out if you are so miserable here! For that matter, leave not just Prince George, leave all of BC!

    I hear that Rachel Notley and her Alberta NDP Government are doing wonderful things over there or perhaps Kathleen Wynne in Ontario would be more to your liking!

      Hey Hart Guy maybe double dose your medication. It’s ok JGalt just stated their opinion on an open opinion website….you don’t have to go full attack mode…it’s ok. You and many others seem to have developed some kind of false ownership to this personal opinion website where you think people need to answer to you if you do not agree with their opinions and statements.

      It is the only place he gets to vent.

      In fact, it is the only place JGalt gets to vent as well.

      In normal company around a pub table or coffeehouse table they could not hold their own.

      Some opinion, but mostly facts that I can back up, hardly what I would call venting as well. As for Hart Guy, just a yippy little dog that is all bark and no bite.


      JGalt, your still here! I thought you were leaving this site in order to devote your time, energy and dollars to feeding the poor and housing the homeless!

      Get out there, you might actually find something nice to say about Prince George!

      Sadly for PG many have taken Hart guys advise . We have three resend family arrivals from PG setting up households in my neighbourhood . Two from the hart and one from the bowl . One lamented that there is a good reason that there is no E in hart . I’d never heard that one before . Reminds me of the sixties ” America , love it or leave it ” .

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