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October 27, 2017 9:41 pm

Crash Clogs Traffic

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 @ 4:10 PM


Crews attend to crash site – 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The intersection of Highway 16 and Ferry Avenue was the scene of yet another crash today.

A 5 ton truck and a mini van collided  just before 3 this afternoon..   No serious injuries to report.

The intersection  is one of the worst in the City of Prince George when it comes to crashes.   There have been 210 crashes at that intersection   from 2009 to 2013 ( latest year for which stats are available).  In 83 of those crashes, someone was  injured.

The intersection is scheduled for upgrades which the Ministry of Transportation says  should be complete later this fall.



Turning in ti one a day it seems.

    “Turning in ti one a day it seems.” What does that mean? If “ti” is a code for something I would like to know what it is.

Senile old troll from down south must be in bed already or he would be all over this.

    Now that is funny :) thanks for the smile

    Well I’m up this am and since you want my here it goes. Seems you don’t like the truth but you bush bunnies don’t now how to drive. Another day another accident.


      Just figured I’d weigh in with some actual stats for you Retired02. According to ICBC’s crash map database from 2013 (most recent) there were:

      1135 total crashes in Prince George region. Compare that to…
      1304 in Chilliwack
      3189 in Abbotsford

      Seems like all the retired folk down south forgot how to drive. Be careful on your morning coffee run, it’s dangerous down there.

there has been and still has some reconstruction going on in this area.
I consider myself an experienced, safe and capable driver but one look at that road this morning and I found an alternate route.
Hopefully in a couple of weeks we can all be back to our usual routes and have it be much safer for all..

This is a safe intersection, although when the left turn lane goes to red instead of the regular green for through traffic it will be safer. But fools abound, there will always be those that don’t drive defensively and safe.

I can make it. I can make it. Oh sh….

If the media didn’t post these kind of paragraphs, yup paragraphs because this isn’t news since there are no facts just statements, there wouldn’t be such negative comments towards the people involved each and every time this crap is posted. Just wait until it happens to you won’t be fun and games any longer and I doubt you’d comment on your own accident! Never know when someone will smash into you at the very last second. With so many crashes each day I’m surprised they all don’t make it on this media group as news because they sure don’t make it to the rest of the media around here.

    Yeah, well I just drove to the store and the woman behind me was trying to get her mini van under my mud flaps. Tomorrow’s crash will be a picture of a large woman in a red GM mini van.

      Nothing unusual about that tailgating! Driving up the Hart today just north of the bridge (where the speed limit is an unreal out of touch 60km/h) in the right hand lane while keeping up with the traffic flow I was tailgated within inches of my rear bumper by a raised suspension pickup truck. He finally roared by going at least 90, only to do the same tailgating to another vehicle in the passing lane. Weaving in and out he eventually went into the Husky station, slowing the traffic down to about 20. Probably in a frenzy for a burger…never a cop car around to take notice of these artists.


      it will be interesting to hear how she describes you. I’m sure “greek god” will be her chosen words.

      Well,…of course I’m just guessing, but I’m 90% sure that I don’t want to see your wrinkled ass sweetie !

    The Hart Speedway is what I call it. Famous for impatient motorists!

210 crashes in 4 years = about one crash per week and 20 injuries per year! Yet, no one in charge began to be concerned? How about our MLAs and our MPs? Something sure did/does not add up!

Mini Van drove through eastbound and truck was following a few others turning according to our video cameras. The signal light on the light post is not on for any of the vehicles that turned ahead of the truck and unfortunately the van crossed the intersection at normal speed by the looks of it. 2:32 pm by our time stamp. Think the RCMP has my number from other video but if they don’t they can get it from any of the stores at River Point

    Um….the camera is at Mr. Mike’s ? Or the school board ? Or Stupid store ?

      Nope. River Point on the light poles. Half descent video.


I don’t know the details of this crash just like everyone else but let me toss this out there. Instead of such long yellow lights increase the time between one light turning red then the other turning green, oh, and ban left turns, people obviously can’t handle that complicated task.

    The trouble with that, is why accidents increased when the city made a pause between red and green. People caught on and now they depend on it but some try to push the envelope.
    If they did like I’ve seen in some places, and that is, have the yellow flash three times and then turn red and the cross light turn green at the same time with no pause, people would soon realise that red means stop, with no second chance.
    It works very well.

    This crash has nothing to do with reds or yellows just a second of inattentiveness. The Super Duty was just following the rest of the people turning left onto Ferry and probably didn’t realize there was no turn arrow for any of them. He/she just seemed to followed along like a lemming and turned in front of the van. The driver of the van had 3 others turn in front of him/her and more than likely expected the pickup to stop and wait for him/her to go through the intersection – instead he/she hit the side of the steel work box . It doesn’t look like a case of can I make it through in time for the pickup. There was a couple vehicles pulled over at the light at Superstore fixing something on one of the vehicles and could be the driver was concentrating on that and just following the car in front of him/her through the turn lane but that is speculation. The fact remains that the light was green for both of them, no yellows or reds for a good ten seconds after the crash.

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