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October 27, 2017 9:40 pm

Friday Free for All – Aug. 12, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Another  week has  passed, and  that means it is time for the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic,  but  obey the  three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying


In homage to our next Statutory Holiday; Labour Day: here are the haunting faces of child labourers during the industrial revolution, nothing like letting kids be kids hey? One of the things the Union movement ended.


Yet in 2003, the BC Liberals had the great idea of lowering the legal working age to 12 years old. On May 9, 2013, First Call released an eye-opening report on B.C.’s child labour laws, showing staggering statistics such as: 43 per cent of youth workers have reported injuries on the job, including a 12 year old who sustained burns all down the front of his body from battery acid. A handful of children now on permanent disability. WorkSafe paying out $1.1 million in disability claims to children. A high number of children dropping out of school due to work schedules.

Yup, the good old BC Liberal Government taking our province back to the days of Child Labour in the 1800’s, nothing like moving forward by going backwards!!! Onwards and upwards everyone! Have a good weekend.

    I just wonder if there are statistics on kids who were not working during this time but who also suffered injuries, some disabling for life?
    Kids are kids, they get hurt sometimes. Kids work at all ages and some drop out of school to work. Nothing unusual about that. At least now, if they get hurt while working under ‘Worksafe’, they can get compensation. It didn’t used to be that way. Smart move.

    See? There are two sides to this.

    I’m not in particular a Liberal supporter but this makes sense to me.

    JGalt..Nice try on making this a political jab.. Now go read the laws and then come back with a sane rational argument..

      I did read the Employment Standards Acts for all provinces and territories in Canada, only Alberta and BC contain labour provisions for 12 year olds.


      Disgusting that some would compare child labour to “babysitting” or compare injuries they received while they are on the job working to playground injuries, what’s next?… blame the 20% child poverty rate in BC on the lack of children working?

      Sad excuses presented in response to a serious and unacceptable situation!

      When I was 12, in my last year in elementary school, we lived next to the head of the Canadian Tourist Bureau in Ottawa, I managed to get a job through pull from knowing him for $1/hour for 4 hours on Saturday mornings and for longer periods of time during the summer.

      We were assembling standard packages which were requested by phone or mail in response to ads placed by the Bureau in travel magazines throughout the world. They were inserted into large envelopes which were then pushed through a sealing machine and dropped into a large cloth Canada Mail bag to go out to delivery.

      In the second year I progressed to the enviable and better paying job of reading special requests for particular areas in Canada and special interests such as camping or events, etc. That entailed knowing where brochures for each province and each category were stored in a huge wall of pigeonholes which contained the literature.

      Of course it ruined me for life after all those paper cuts on the job at such an early age.

      Different times…. Different mind sets ….

      I think age is not the question …. I think types of jobs should be the criteria. I agree, let’s not allow children to work in coal mines, slaughter houses and cleaning toilets, etc.

      Why can reason not prevail??

      Then again, we have no age restrictions for children to go door to door begging to donate for a cause, such as sending the begging kid on a school trip to France for 2 weeks.

      So, do we teach our kids to beg? Or do we teach them to work at jobs which are suitable for the particular age group?

      Talk about training for a life of expected entitlement!!

    JGalt in almost every province and territory in Canada the legal age that kids can be left alone and start babysitting is at age 12 BC was one of the last jurisdictions to enable this also unlike your statement says employers cannot hire anyone under the age of 14 to work in the workforce as that is the first year you can claim your SIN number for work purposes

    The law states that a child can legally be left home alone at the age of 12 and is capable of looking after children at that age

    Hey JGalt, here’s one to help raise your blood pressure!

    “B.C. conflict commissioner clears Christy Clark of 2nd complaint”

    ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/christy-clark-conflict-of-interest-party-fundraising-1.3714425

    I can just see the steam coming out of your ears, haha!!

      Or how about Chrispy claiming at his funeral, she will get the Late Premier Bill Bennetts project “Site C” done come hell or high water? Bill Bennett took the BC utilities commissions advice at that time and said no to Site C. Nothing has changed to this date as to why that BC Utilities commision voted against Site C.

What a pleasant August night for watching the Perseid Meteor Shower! We drove north of town, found a dark open area, pulled out the camping mattresses and some blankets, fluffed up some pillows and laid back to watch the wonders of a celestial lightshow!

Back home now and ready to hit the hay! Hope everybody gets the chance to get out and experience the show!

Have a GREAT weekend!

How would you rate the current leaders of the Liberal, the NDP, and the Green parties in terms of integrity? (a la The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

    Sorry can’t comment, the rules are we have to keep it clean.

    Look no further than the political state in Alberta..if you want my take on the NDP..

      What political state in Alberta. Do you mean the world dictated price of oil political state that has nothing to do with the Alberta govt?

Why isn’t there a law against wearing a hoodie while driving? Drives me nuts seeing these idiots driving around with their hoodies up totally oblivious to what is going on around them.

    While there isn’t a law specifically against wearing hoodies there is a law about the driver having an impeded view of the road and it is up to the individual officer to determine that

    It doesn’t take a hoodie to produce that condition.

I have to say that I am going to miss the potato wedges at Southway Esso. My beef is having to put up with a couple of rude and obnoxious women that work there. Talk about “miserable”. Do these people not know that it is the customers paying their wages. Get a life you two.

If anyone hears that they are no longer working their in the future, please post it. There, I feel better.

    Perhaps they’re unhappy that 7-Eleven bought all of Esso’s convenience stores.

    Is that the Esso beside the Carmel? That whole place has issues. They won’t be getting anything from me.

Have I lost track of time?
Or is it Costco who has?
I seen the other day that Costco have their Christmas wares out out already?
Has it become that desperate for businesses that they have to start so early?

    They have that stuff out erly so that small retail sellers get first dibs!


    It’s just their regular schedule. They also only sell snowsuits in July. Costco never seems hard up for business to me.

Have a safe weekend all

    You to Ray.

Good morning all. I see they have up graded the Cowart Road and Highway 16 intersection with advanced turn lights. Because of the turn lane being so short there will long line upset up the hill coming down because people need to turn to Costco. In the winter it will be a gong show. When are they going to change the Ferry and Highway 16 to have advance turn only? My guess is when another person dies at this intersection? Anybody agree? Somebody should not have to die before the changes are made. Have a awesome and safe weekend everyone.

    Ferry will be done soon, as will Ferry and Ospika. Unfortunately people will still die no matter what you do with the lights

    I used it for the first time yesterday.. People still running the solid red..

    The City should put a signs on the posts to let the public know it is a left turn signal so people are aware of the change.

      Maybe the city should put signs on everybody’s a$$ to wake up and smell the bacon first. This planet has to many idiots inhabiting it that want signs to remind them they have brains.

This just from the 8 million panels installed by solarcity …In addition to enabling a significant net reduction in carbon pollution, the solar power systems we’ve deployed are also helping save water and keep communities healthy. In 2015, systems deployed by SolarCity avoided more than 32 billion gallons of water use at the nation’s power plants – enough to fill 49,000 Olympic-sized pools. Those systems’ solar energy production was also enough to prevent more than 10 million pounds of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and ozone from polluting America’s air.

    That was only 2015 . The savings will continue every year for at least the next 25 years . Your cry is as hollow as a cave pal .

    You might be interested in this..Have you heard of the Kimberly Sun mine here in BC? A solar farm on the Sullivan Mine site.


      Yes I have and posted a link to it here last year . Somebody should pass the hat and get Tony Seba to do a talk at UNBC . That would get PG up to speed .

    Newsbytes: Elon Musk’s SolarCity Crashes

    Ataloss hope you don’t have stocks

    SolarCity is struggling. Tesla is struggling. Elon Musk is not the King Midas of making companies perfect. Musk’s magic can’t do everything anymore. –Ryan McQueeney, Nasdaq, 10 May 2016

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/05/11/newsbytes-elon-musks-solarcity-crashes/

    Hey Ataloss Anthony has solar on his house and drives an electric car how are you doing. Oh Anthony lives in California and with the big taxpayer subsidies for phony green it almost makes sense.

    Oh Nevada getting out of the green subsidy racket, greenies crying.

      Hey seamutt, what about those bird killing Domestic cats? You know, the ones that by far, out kill any number of wind mills on this planet?

Ataloss. You should educate yourself on the total pollution from the manufacture of solar panels, from the mining of silicon to the end use.

You might be surprised by the amount of pollution that is generated by using this type of technology.

    Greenies don’t want to hear about the petty details..

      The non greenies just want profit at any cost.

    Since when is a lot of pollution created in the mining of silicon? Silicon is made from sand (most sand is nearly pure silicon dioxide), which is very plentiful and easy to obtain. Its not like you have to mine deep underground and then do extensive, energy-expensive processing to obtain silicon.

      Bill ,you should know that facts can’t trump ideology .

      Silica is still done by open pit mining to mine quartz and does require a lot of energy to refine and burn off by products..

      Yes, energy is expended in mining and purifying silicon, but as industrial processes go, it isn’t particularly large. On balance, solar panels end up producing less pollution than alternatives such as fossil fuels.

      Here’s an interesting account of how the silicon for Intel products is made from sand.


    If the pollution caused by the mining and manufacture of solar panels is projected over their life span of a quarter century, it is extremely small per annum! However, the use of non-renewable fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) produces pollution continuously without any non-polluting benefit or payback into the future!

    USING (!) solar panels causes Zero pollution. Perhaps the non-greenies should do some real research before casting stones?

    There is pollution no matter what we do because our standard of living requires commoditise which have to be extracted. The key is finding the supply method which is the most sustainable and has the least amount of risk.

A tesla modelX saved a guy having cardiac arrest by driving him to the hospital on autopilot . Story at insideevs.com

    Things are getting better , faster, than the fossils can comprehend . They think the changes are coming because of pollution or some green push . That’s not why things are going green at all . It purely economic and the laws of thermodynamics . The fossils have reached their limits of thermodynamic efficiency . It all comes down to money , as always .

      The laws of thermodynamics??? The fossils have reached their limits of thermodynamic efficiency??? What are you talking about?

      It all comes down to money, as always? Nonsense, solar, wind and bio can’t compete when it comes down to money but they’re growing fast. Because of government subsidies and high feed-in tariffs. What it all comes down to is politics.

    Makes up for the guy a Tesla Model S killed in June?

    Lots of autopilot crashes, just one 2 days ago in China. He is blaming that crash on Tesla’s “hard sell” on its autopilot mode

The problem with renewables such as solar and wind is they still need base load backup power generation capacity from traditional sources such as nuclear, hydro or fossil fuels.

And they’re expensive:

“The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) just ended the solar subsidy called net metering, and the state legislature isn’t likely to overturn the decision.

The state commission found twice that net metering solar subsidies are not in the public interest, as they raise the price of electricity and transfer money from poor people without solar panels to rich people with them. The PUC is made up of both Republican and Democratic appointees and voted unanimously both times.”

ht tp://dailycaller.com/2016/07/05/pennsylvania-slashes-rooftop-solar-subsidies/#ixzz4H8U36Dh7

    Base load is a myth perpetuated by big fossil and nuclear . It has been debunked by a half a dozen nations including Germany . Nice try though at keeping it alive . The technical debunking is avalible at energiewende . It’s a long read but well worth it .

      You’ve said before that base load is a myth and I’ve asked you how they keep the electricity going when the sun isn’t shining (15 hours per day in winter here) and the wind isn’t blowing.

      You’ve never answered.

      Because it isn’t a myth.

      Tell us, oh wise one, just where does the electricity come from when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing?

I’m really getting sore eyes from the increasing number of vehicles that insist on using those over powering headlights when driving at night. To compound the problem, some even remove the OEM bumper lights and replace them with high intensity led’s so they can come at you with four lights on low beam. Rainy nights are downright blinding when theses inconsiderates bare down on approaching traffic. It seems that the RCMP and DOT have turn a blind eye ( no pun intended) to these geniuses. Surely not all these lights are legal. Come on people…shut the lights off or at least adjust them down so the rest of us can see where we are going too.

    Then at the other end of the spectrum you get those who drive with no lights!! Guess they can’t figure out you actually have to turn a knob on the dash to get tail lights.

    Totally agree, drove down Blackwater to watch the meteor shower and I actually put on my sunglasses. Between logging trucks with the super bright lights at eye level and assorted vehicles with headlights and driving lights on at the same time the drive was blinding and dangerous.

    Having said that most oem headlights without changes are almost useless. I had an 1985 Camaro with four rectangle sealed beam headlights and with all four on highbeam night turned into day.

    Get ahold of our local lighting expert Stompin Tom. He’ll tune you in to all the legalities of lighting on our hwy’s. He says no truckers use illegal lighting because they all get inspected every time they go through our govt weigh scales. LMFAO!!!!!!

Good Morning All!!

How long do you think until we get some transit out in Blackburn, Hwy 16 East and Boundary road area? I am probably not the only one that would save on gas driving my kids to work at various times throughout the day.
We are in city limits here still yet the only neighbourhood without any transit.
Happy Friday All!!

    Don’t you people have horses out that way?

      They do, but barebacks a pain on a long ride………….

Ataloss just can’t get his head around energy density. Only so much solar energy in each square foot. Then restricted by time of day, cloud cover, electrical losses, snow cover, dust, latitude, extremely large geographical footprint. Hey Sun don’t shine at night.

Want clean safe unlimited power, think molten salt reacter.

Been watching this raging debate about solar panels for a while now and I have a couple real questions.

1) Most panels I see on roofs or erected on stands sit at an angle that is susceptible to snow or ice to accumulate on them. How do snow and ice build-up affect them in northern climates?

2) How much power do they produce in winter months when it’s dark from 4:30pm to 8 am the next morning?

3) How much power do they produce during those winter months when it is perpetually cloudy during those bleak dreary winter months?

Just curious.

    The Deger panels that Kimberly installed have sensors that tell the panels that they have a snow load . They then automatically upend dumping the load . They also track the sun or on cloudy days track optimum angle of refracted light coming through the clouds . How much on cloudy days ? That depends on how many panels are deployed . The winters lack of sun is offset by the abundance of sun in the summer . Alaskans have more solar deployed than does bc . They are a bit farther north than bc and don’t have an electricity monopoly like we have in bc . That’s why they are so far ahead of us .

      The winters lack of sun is offset by the abundance of sun in the summer? So how does that result in electrical production at midnight in December?

      I have a much more simpler, much cheaper and for me maintenance free system, a switch on the wall connected to the grid.

      Ataloss please tell us about your system, please we all want to be educated on how to receive free energy.


Fabricating solar panels requires caustic chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and hydrofluoric acid, and the process uses water as well as electricity, the production of which emits greenhouse gases. It also creates waste. These problems could undercut solar’s ability to fight climate change and reduce environmental toxics,.

There is absolutely no doubt that solar panels are a polluter and through out the production chain, are also a contributor to acid rain.

So, all is not so great in the world of solar.

    Nice to see that you finally get it Pal . It’s about green as in dollars . The green push is all about money . The taxi fleets across the world are going electic not because of their green footprint . It’s because of economics .

    Also don’t for get the metals, plastics, used in the setting up of solar. Hey if mines are shut down where is all the green stuff going to come from, unicorn farts?

Any chance that Ataloss and Seamutt/Dirtman can get their own Friday thread? The rehashing of the same thing week after week gets old and they often account for 40 or 50% of the posts
Is it possible that Seaman/Dirtmutt are the same person? they appear and sign off with minutes of each other every Friday.

    I seldom read mutts posts . I’ll have to stop reading dirty as well . The Teslas auto pilot saving a life story is hot off the press . Not a rehash .

      Tesla on auto pilot decapitates man by not seeing a transport truck right in front of it.

      Ataloss cannot counter the facts.

      I comment on that subject so much because of the misinformation he posts. Google Bing or what ever for the true facts.

      Yeah, Ataloss seems obsessed with Elon Musk and Tesla. I don’t have a problem with Musk, I admire him for his innovative ideas but if you’re going to sing his praises, at least don’t object when someone fills in the missing info.

    Ataloss starts it, I just can’t let him go unchallenged when he posts nonsense. And there’s lots of stories about problems with solar hot off the press that could be posted too, but I only do that when he starts something.

      So the level of discussion has sunk to “He started it”? Pity.
      Does Elaine need a time out room?

      It’s a free for all.

      There are 3 rules: Keep it clean, keep it legal, no bullying.

      I adhere to those rules.

      Someone complained, I explained.

    “Any chance that Ataloss and Seamutt/Dirtman can get their own Friday thread?”

    Great idea! And not only on Friday! The world is moving faster and faster in the direction of reducing energy from fossil non-renewables. It is an indisputable fact! No amount of argument is going to change that! One is tempted to comment when they start posting so-called valid points, but it is all for naught like closing the barn door after the horses have made a getaway!

      If you really believe that he world is moving faster and faster in the direction of reducing energy from fossil non-renewables, I have a great way for you to make an easy hundred C’s.

      Patrick Watson has offered to wager $100,000 that CO2 emissions will be more in 2030 than in 2015. How could you lose? I look forward to hearing that you’ve taken that bet.

      I am not the betting sort! Patrick Watson is not a scientist. Even if in 2030 CO2 emissions are greater than now the increase will be a lot less because of the efforts that are being made today in respect to non-fossil renewable energy.

      BTW, some parts of the Earth are always exposed to sunlight while others are in darkness. The energy received during 24 hours of rotation is said to be many hundreds times greater than all the energy produced by mankind during the same length of time combined.

      Prince George why are you worried about C02, you do know that it makes up only a tiny fraction of the Atmosphere and mans contribution is only 3 to 4 % and that no one and I mean no one has proven mans miniscule contribution even affects climate let alone how much.

      Prince George show me the proof.

      But PrinceGeorge, you’re so confident that the world is moving faster and faster in the direction of reducing energy from fossil non-renewables that it wouldn’t be a bet! It’s a slam dunk, a sure thing, the easiest money you’ll ever make in your lifetime!

      Or when push comes to shove maybe you aren’t so certain after all?

      You’re right, the amount of energy the earth receives from the sun dwarfs by many orders of magnitude, anything we can produce. So what are you suggesting? Cover half the planet in solar panels?

    You bring up an interesting scenario. What if, there is a poster with a dual personality disorder, two email addresses, one conservative, one liberal, one a prima donna, one who could care less, slinging mud at each other on here.
    That would be the funniest thing I would see in years.

People complain about a string of posts. Instead of lurking post a change of subject.

A change of subject to what driving habits? Hoodies? Solar? oh boy you people do not get out very much. Oh boy what excitement.

OK here’s a new subject…

Is everybody still flossing their teeth now that all the studies have been shown to be weak and biased? I sure as hell am. Nothing like rotting meat in the choppers. Blech.

I’m sure this will make conversations in the Dentist chair more interesting.

    If I recall correctly, the studies claimed that flossing had no noticeable effect on plaque. I didn’t floss to prevent plaque buildup, I flossed (and still do) to remove food particles and improve the health of my gums.

Loving the Olympics..watching tons when not out camping enjoying our fantastic wilderness.

I am curious as to why we have those wonderful Rotary soccer fields and they are not being used in the summer? This is prime soccer season and there are select teams that would like to have practices or games on these fields. Seems such a waste of a beautiful facility.

    The reason there are not much soccer action is due to summer time here. Lots of teams don’t have enough players in town during the summer months to field a team as everyone is out on vacation. Spring and fall are the busy times for the fields.

    If there are teams that would like to have practices you’d think they’d be allowed to.

    There were plenty of games being played last night.

    The main reason that there is little use of the fields during the summer is to give the field a rest.
    The hours of use of the fields from opening in early May usually is extremely high. If they are not rested they would be beyond normal repair.

    The main reason that there is little use of the Rotary fields during the summer is to give the field a rest.
    The hours of use of the fields from opening in early May usually is extremely high. If they are not rested they would be beyond normal repair.

      A rest for what though? They are not going to be used for the rest of the season. The fields are not used in the fall so basically they are used for 2 months of the year. I am not talking about the men’s fields but the locked fields across from the CN Centre parking lot. I am sure there are plenty of kids in PG over the summer that would like to play pick up soccer on these great fields. A shame to have had the Rotary Clubs put money into an asset that is not being used to its full potential.

The Chinese government is close to shutting the door on $2-billion in annual exports of canola seed from Canada. China is preparing to enact a rule as of Sept. 1 that would require the amount of non-related plant material in canola-seed exports to make up less than 1% of each shipment. Last year, China bought more than 40% of all canola Canada exported.

Canada’s canola industry says this new measure would all but halt shipments to China, where the canola seeds are mostly used to make cooking oil and livestock meal. It says it’s impractical for Canadian shippers to filter and remove sufficient quantities of extra plant material to meet this new standard.

That’s rich. China implementing a quality standard that Canadians can’t meet? Let’s see Prime Minister Selfie dance around this one.

    Ah.. so its trudeaus fault the Chinese gov is changing the quality specs on the oil… didn’t know he had that kind of pull. Also all the melamine etc being brought into Canada from China in baby food, dog food etc was on harpers watch… and what did he do.. Nothing.

    Ever wonder why during the Harper stint as PM there was never a selfie situation even though selfies where around.. because everyone was to embarrassed by him to be seen in a photo with the person.

      Oil? Canola seeds, not oil. Did you actually read what I wrote?

      Who said it was his fault what the Chinese Gov’t is doing? The dance he has to do it keeping at $2 billion dollar industry going, while not infuriating the exporters of canola with higher quality specs.

      He might have to actually roll up his sleeves and get to work. Something I would like to see for once.

      It’s gotta be Albertas fault. After all they are our top oil producers and now they are suffering under an NDP govt that has caused all their ills. Idiots!

    Brother Gecko; The Chinese spokesperson said the change would reduce the risk of blackleg disease, caused by a fungus common in Canada, from spreading in China. “The measures taken by the relevant Chinese authorities for that purpose are very much science-based and reasonable.”

    The Canola Council of Canada responds by saying there is no significant risk of spreading the disease through foreign material in shipments. Canadian Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay urged China this month to base its decision on scientific factors. The Canola Council, whose directors include farmers as well as exporters Cargill and Richardson International, said there is no significant risk of spreading the disease through foreign material.

    The next five months will be spent on research to confirm its position, council president Patti Miller said. “For (exporters) who had made sales out into the future, they’ll be able to trade based on current terms, and that’s very welcome,” she said. “We’re solid on what we believe the scientific results are.”


    Well at least they are using “science” to resolve the dispute, unlike a previous Federal Conservative government that did not believe in science!

    The Chinese spokesperson said the change would reduce the risk of blackleg disease, caused by a fungus common in Canada, from spreading in China. “The measures taken by the relevant Chinese authorities for that purpose are very much science-based and reasonable,” the spokesperson said.

    The Canola Council of Canada says there is no significant risk of spreading the disease through foreign material in shipments. Canadian Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay urged China this month to base its decision on scientific factors. The Canola Council, whose directors include farmers as well as exporters Cargill and Richardson International, said there is no significant risk of spreading the disease through foreign material.

    The next five months will be spent on research to confirm its position, council president Patti Miller said. “For (exporters) who had made sales out into the future, they’ll be able to trade based on current terms, and that’s very welcome,” she said. “We’re solid on what we believe the scientific results are.”


    Well at least they are using “science” to resolve the dispute, unlike a previous Federal Conservative government that did not believe in science!

      If you intend to point fingers at the former Harper Government, why are you not also speaking out and speaking loudly about how Justin’s Liberals are “on pace this year to preside over the biggest-ever recorded cut to the number of federal environment scientists.”

      Wow, biggest-ever recorded cut to the number of federal environment scientists! And under Justin’s Liberals! Go figure!

      ht tp://www.torontosun.com/2016/08/08/climate-scientists-evaporating-under-trudeau-not-harper?token=86ca122299d0642814949432327ef865

      There’s more! Of course there is more!

      It’s become increasingly clear that former prime minister Stephen Harper’s supposed “war on science” was little more than a myth concocted by special interests and furthered by the media.

      ht tp://www.calgarysun.com/2016/08/09/the-so-called-war-on-science?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=recommend-button&utm_campaign=The+so-called+%27war+on+science%27

WHAT happened to the blurb bout the food vendors in front of City Hall

If they want to attract people downtown, move the vendors to where the businesses are and rotate them every weekend so people might see the various businesses downtown. I’m sure the businesses would agree with me

Putting them in front of City Hall just seems like more a convenience for City staff

    Clog the sidewalks in front of The Northern perhaps? Block City Furniture one week and Staples the next? Have a contest to see how long it takes to find where it is this week? At least at City Hall people know where to find it and there’s lots of space available.

Products Made from Oil and Natural Gas

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about something made from petroleum? Gasoline, probably. Or maybe plastic bags. But there are actually thousands of products made from crude oil and natural gas!

Even if you don’t drive a car or carry your groceries home in plastic bags, you still use dozens – or even hundreds – of petroleum-based products every day.

Click a group of products below to see for yourself. It’s amazing what oil and natural gas become.

ht tp://www.oilandgasinfo.ca/oil-gas-you/products/

    This will make some people choke. Hope some can read this link with maturity and open minds.

    “According to ExxonMobil’s 2016 report, in 2014 fossil fuels produced 82% of the energy in the world. Fossil fuels have produced more than 80% of the energy used in the US for over 100 years according to the EIA. They predict that in 2040 fossil fuels will still produce 78% of the world’s energy. Oil will grow at a 0.7% annual rate and natural gas will grow 1.6% per year. Coal will slightly decline. Yet, many in society think fossil fuels are bad for us and the world.”

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/08/12/the-moral-case-for-fossil-fuels/

I see there are already issues with the new Cowart Rd lights. Hwy16 traffic being forced to stop when there are no vehicles on Cowart or Vance Rd waiting to cross. Why? Why is traffic forced to stop at Ferry Ave and Landsdowne Rd when traffic comes to a stop on Landsdowne to turn right on Ferry? Who are the idiots controlling this Crap and why are we still paying them with our tax dollars?

    The problem with Landsdown is it’s a narrow street so a vehicle that intends to turn right can’t be far enough over to avoid triggering the sensor.

      Yeah, but it was a stupid human that let it be built that way. That stupid human is pocketing money I go to work for every day.

      The street is old, the light is new. No way to avoid that problem without a costly widening of the street to two lanes. I get annoyed with it too, I drive by quite often and get stopped by a red light for no reason. Perhaps you could ask City Hall if there’s some way it could be fixed.

I travel Hwy 16 five days a week. I really wish all you idiots that do the same or in any amount and are reading this would grab half a brain, learn how to drive, learn not to take my or other peoples lives into your incapable hands, stop being the aholes you really are or give up your drivers licenses. Why are you passing other vehicles in double solid no passing areas? One day I may not let you pass go and your a$$ will be remembered in the obits. I’m getting a bit tired of coming home to tell my family I almost never made it home tonight. You know who you are. The westbound dick that thought doing 100MPH on the Telechick 3 lane today in the brown pick up that fingered me because I was doing what I’m supposed to be doing or the Martin Marsolais log trucker that had a hissy fit on the radio yesterday in front of Pine Center because he wasn’t able to be in front of others. He was accusing others for doing things that never happened because he ended up behind everyone. Lets not forget the motorcycle doing at least 120 MPH down the Mud passing everything in sight on the double solid. Are you people for real or did your god put you here for a joke on the rest of us?

    “One day I may not let you pass go and your a$$ will be remembered in the obits”

    It seems that day has already passed but you were disappointed that they made it past without killing themselves or someone else.


    Posted on Friday, July 22, 2016 @ 10:47 PM by Dumbfounded with a score of -3

    Why? Just like the two idiots that passed me in a blind corner on a double solid line today. I kept on motoring with my foot in it and watched to see if they would make it by me without killing each other or someone else. I was disappointed to see them get passed me unscathed. Would have made for an awesome video had they crashed into the ditch or a tree.


    Might be time to hang up the keys. Besides the obvious anger management issues displayed in a majority of your posts it is a real sicko that would think a video of someone being maimed or killed because they “kept on motoring with my foot in it” would be awesome.

    If the company you work for became aware of the agressive and illegal driving habits (blinding approaching vehicles with high beams, speeding up when other are passing etc) they would have no choice but to fire you on the spot. Failure to do so would leave them open to lawsuits if someone gets hurt or killed and they were aware of how you act behind the wheel.

      But you see dodo, you’re a complete idiot and I’m not. I’m a realist that can say what’s on my mind and not be bothered by what imbeciles like you think or say. I could care less if goofs like you or anyone else kills themselves because they are braindead. If they take others with them is where I have a problem. You never have a bad word to say about dangerous drivers or simply just dangerous people. You prefer to go after those that speak their mind against the braindead in our society. That makes you one of the braindead. You are part of the problem. Pretty sad life you must have digging up posts from the archives to make comments on the internet to personally attack me. Come to think of it, I’m sure you do that to a lot of others on the WWW. You’ve been doing the same thing for quite a long time. Maybe it’s time we met for coffee? Or maybe it’s time to move out of your grandmothers basement and toss away your soother.

      Did you get all your hillbilly family members to give you the thumbs up?

I sincerely hope everyone who garage sales on the weekends will respect residential driveways and not block them. It doesn’t matter that you’re only there for a few minutes, park down the street and get at least a little bit of exercise, instead of frustrating the hapless homeowner who cannot get out of their driveway, because some folks just don’t like the inconvenience of parking a little bit further away.
Have a safe weekend. The Vanderhoof Air show is on, the farmers markets are chock full of fresh garden vegetables, it’s out to the Willow River Market on Sunday for some great lamb and beef, and a great burger.

    Call a Tow truck !

      I have my own tow truck. A chain and 4 wheel drive works for me.

When is SHAW or CKPG going to fix their SATALET as it has been out of wack
for some time now. It is very hard to watch a TV show or News when picture keeps Stopping and moving forward Stopping and moving forward.
Should ask for a refund on my Bill.

    Not happening to my TV.

    Who is your Cable provider?


ht tp://www.msn.com/en-ca/weather/topstories/farmers-almanac-says-winter-2017-will-be-extra-awful-because-thats-life/ar-BBvyGGj?li=AAacUQk&ocid=spartandhp

hey Christy better ramp up that carbon tax cause its not working except for money in your friends pockets.

What, really???

OTTAWA — The Justin Trudeau government is on pace this year to preside over the biggest-ever recorded cut to the number of federal environment scientists.


Fewer scientists under the Trudeau government works against a narrative that the previous Conservative government was anti-science. A headcount by the Sun shows the Stephen Harper government did not appear to have singled out scientists for cuts and, in fact, at Environment Canada, it worked to preserve scientific jobs.

As the civil service grew in Harper’s early years, to so too did the number of scientists, peaking in 2011-2012 with 39,189 scientists employed across all government departments.

ht tp://www.ottawasun.com/2016/08/08/climate-scientists-evaporating-under-trudeau-not-harper

I sure am glad youz guys are operating a keyboard as opposed to a steering wheel ! Wow !

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