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October 27, 2017 9:40 pm

New Passing Lane for Highway 16 West

Friday, August 12, 2016 @ 1:09 PM

Vanderhoof, B.C. – Good news for motorists who frequent Highway 16 West.

The provincial government says work is now complete on a new eastbound passing lane that they say “will enhance safety and the flow of traffic.”

The 1.5 km long passing lane is located approximately 28 kilometres east of Vanderhoof near Degal Pit Road and was constructed at estimated cost of $5.35 million.

The passing lane is part of B.C. on the Move, Victoria’s 10-year plan for the improvement of the province’s transportation network.


That’s nice but what is really needed are four lanes in most places.

It actually cost that much for 1.5 k ???

It is a government contract , so it is who gives a dam by contractors, so the tax payer , is shafted by them as well ,


Ministry of Hwy contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder – end of story.

There is often very little profit in these contracts – and if things go wrong on the job the only one that suffers is the contractor.

You couldn’t be more wrong about the ‘who gives a damn by contractors’ comment.

I can’t believe that your comment got 100% thumbs up. Just goes to show how little the average person knows about the process.

This project is the worst quality of new blacktop I have ever driven on. Even after the last 700 meters were “REPAVED” because of crappy workmanship. The govt standards say, (the first section of this new passing lane up to the repaved section) have been met by the contractor. I say BS!

    People need to complain about it. Email Todd Stone Minister of Highways and Infrastructure.


A rough calculation leads me to believe that the cost was about 3,700 dollars per meter. For that kind of money one may expect a perfect very long lasting job. Judging by Dumbfounded’s comment it was not. What is going on?

    IMO the subgrade is sub-standard. Slapping blacktop on isn’t going to fix it.

Total cost $5.35 million? The low bid to build the road was $2.24 million, the remainder of the cost was made up of what, project design and administration? Maybe the Province should think about how the contracting out of project engineering and then having the same engineering firm “manage” the project saves money. Opine’s comments aren’t far off the mark.

If they are concerned about safety- four lane it and it and the highway will last twice as long.

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