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October 27, 2017 9:31 pm


Tuesday, August 23, 2016 @ 6:58 AM


Leaves fall in  Cottonwood Island Park – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  There is still  a month of summer left,  but  a number of trees  encircling a picnic shelter in Cottonwood Island Park  seem to be jumping the gun.

Autumn  doesn’t officially arrive  until  7:21 a.m.  on September 22nd., yet  this  ring of trees has  decided to shed its leaves early.

It has been  a  confusing  spring and summer  for  vegetation.   Off to a  warm start early,   then  rain, rain and more rain,   followed by a brief  heat wave,  and  now more  of the cold wet  rain.

Whatever the reason,   fall  has certainly arrived  in this particular  area of Cottonwood Island Park.




The explosives probably scared them :)

The tree die-off is alarming and it is happening globally. A lot of rain has fallen out east (Purden Lake), but you’ll see dead crowns, leaves that have fallen, as in the picture above, are silvery or burnt. The whiplash weather events are the result of climate engineering. A 700 page Senate document shows that they’ve been engineering the climate since the 1940’s, and have done so in earnest for the last 20yrs.
China has admitted to engineering snowstorms – tree die off and billions of dollars in damage. Rain and snow samples (the snowmaggedon events in the US)from around the world show high levels of aluminum, barium and strontium. This is what is in the aerosol spray used in geoengineering patents and therefore falling as toxic rain.
http //www.news.com.au/technology/chinese-scientists-create-second-artificial-snowstorm-in-beijing/story-e6frfro0-1225796559341

Lawsuits have been filed against the Canadian and US governments.

    It concerns me you are allowed to vote in elections.

    And Windows 10 is a conspiracy by Google to gather personal information and invade our privacy too, eh?

    Filtered, I think you have been listening to too many late night AM radio talk shows..

      There are AM radio stations?

    Filtered, there is no doubt that the rain is picking up impurities from the globally polluted atmosphere, the air that we are breathing daily! These impurities naturally show up in rain and snow samples.
    So you are partly correct! Everybody knows what acid rain is! I do not believe that there is a plot to poison the air intentionally – a plot is not necessary! The burning of billions of tons of non-renewable fossil fuels is doing it already! Coal, crude oil, natural gas etc. The sooner we get off them the sooner the atmosphere will recover! It will take some time and it will be costly, for sure! But one cannot put a prize on clean air! Put trust in the fact that nature has a built-in capacity to recover given enough time. If we do not do the right thing we may not be around to witness it!

    LOL, Filtered gets a score of -27 and isthisreallife gets + 31. Good riddance to the like / dislike system, it can no longer be used to bully and shame people about their comments. Looking forward to responding to racist redneck comments on here now that those comments are no longer be subject to a popularity contest, it is how racists support each other and build each other up through the likes and dislikes… but that’s gone now… and I love it!!!

Tin foil futures are up.

Windows 10 is a Microsoft product, not a google product. These are two separate business entities.

Other than that, you are correct. This personal data collection is a grand marketing conspiracy. What do you think the internet is for, the free exchange of information and ideas? pishtosh, that is such a 60’s idea. The internet is just the grandest marketing platform invented since broadcast television.

    Oops, thanks for catching my mistake Loki.

Really, its pretty common to see the cottonwoods and some willows turn yellow in August. those are the only ones that have turned so far. Farther north, they’ve pretty well all turned yellow.

I too am very concerned about climate engineering. I have researched the issue and I am convinced that there is climate engineering occurring.

My own observations of the skies here and in my travels around the province seem to confirm these conclusions…

We and mine were talking about the early leaf turning event and would love to hear from a forester or arborist with there opinion (or knowledge).

One theory that was floated is that some trees have a cycle that is time sensitive – which is to say that they have developed a historical timed cycle in which there leaves are typically displayed for a given period of time.

With an early spring this year these particular trees have reached their timed cycle and, because they opened earlier – they have now completed their life span.

Any scientific knowledge on this hypothesis?

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