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October 27, 2017 9:29 pm

Suspect Arrested in Vehicle Theft Case

Thursday, August 25, 2016 @ 10:08 AM

Prince George, B.C.- One person is in custody  following the early morning theft  of a vehicle.Stolen Vehicles Aug 21-25

Since August 21st,  five  vehicles and one motorcycle  have been stolen in the city ( map at right shows locations of thefts-image courtesy PGRCMP)

This morning’s theft  happened just before 6am  when a Ford Tempo was stolen from a residence in the 700 block of 17th Avenue.

The vehicle was spotted about 10 minutes later in the area of 20th and Redwood Street in Prince George.

Police say General Duty officers activated emergency equipment in an attempt to pull the vehicle over, but it fled the scene.  Officers did not pursue but a few minutes later the vehicle hit a fence and almost struck a house near the corner of 20th Avenue and Hemlock Street.  The driver fled the vehicle on foot.

The Prince George RCMP’s Police Dog Service attended and ‘Dero’ was deployed. A few minutes later, a 19 year old Prince George resident was arrested hiding near a residence on the 1800 block of Gorse Street.  The suspect will likely make a first appearance in court later today and is expected to face several Criminal Code charges.

Police say   that in this case, the keys had been left in the vehicle.    Police are requesting that all vehicle owners take the necessary steps; including using an anti-theft device, to ensure their vehicle does not get stolen.  Doors should always be locked and the keys should never be left in the vehicle.



Expect justice to be swift and severe, I predict time served and a whopping 20 hrs community service! When my vehicle was stolen the charges were dropped as part of a plea bargain for other crimes committed, what a joke.

    I can only imagine how powerless this made you feel, I feel bad for the police as well, hours of work down the drain & watch the scumbag thumb his nose at them, then off to the next crime. Our justice system needs some serious reworking.

      Worst part was my wife and I both had to take time off work to go to court. We sat outside the courtroom for over an hour just to be told that the charges were dropped.

It is amazing that there are still people around who leave their keys in the ignition! Any owners who do that and had their vehicles stolen should get a hefty fine and 6 ICBC points!

Awesome dog!

    Yes blame the victim and give the thief a nice long hug

    It didn’t even phase you that we had 6 vehicles stolen in PG in just 4 days? It is no wonder we are a crime capitol and ICBC is asking for a rate increase with those stats.

      The public knows for decades that leaving a key in the ignition, doors unlocked is an open invitation to theft! What if the thief had taken off at excessive speed and run over and injured or killed some innocent bystander? Therefore the “victim” deserves to take some of the blame!

      “It didn’t even phase you that we had 6 vehicles stolen in PG in just 4 days?”

      What are you insinuating? That I am in favour of people stealing the property of others? Wow!

      You have no idea the circumstance but are full on to lay blame to the person who at between 5 and 6am could have started their car to warm it up while they brought stuff out to the car form the house and someone buggers off in it. How about if the owner starts his car and then gets out to have a smoke and while his/her back is turned someone jumps in the car and wheels away. Do you remember the guy who boosted his car in the middle of the afternoon and turned around to find someone trying to drive away with it but they stalled it and the battery was dead?

      So let’s blame the victim without knowing the details. And yes, by the bluntness of the post it sure does seem you are in favour of the fool and his property are soon parted club

Only why the Key is in the Car or your House Doors is unlocked gives you not the Right to Enter or Drive away! we have to go back to the Wild West Days and what did they do with a Thief ,Jail or worse!We have to many Dreamers today.

We have to buy alarms, anti theft devices, maybe a camera system to help keep our property safe .
The people in Surrey have had to implement the ” Creep Catchers ” as we wouldn’t want a pedifile to feel any stress from public scrutiny .Might have to put them on long term disability for invading their space
I know what is wrong with the justice system , We don’t have one !!!

The Prince George Correctional Centre (new one) was built in 1996. That is 20 years ago,. It houses both male and female prisoners, and people on remand. It houses 300 people and I would guess that the female portion would be around 20%. The staff complement is 149 full and part time officers. So you can see that we need approx. 1 officer for every 2 prisoners.

The territory covered for this correctional centre is Williams Lake to the Yukon Border and the Queen Charlottes to McBride BC .

So what’s wrong with this picture. Well one could assume that with such a large territory it would only be a matter of time before the prison was full and bulging at the seams, which it is.

So what happens to offenders who commit crimes and are convicted if the prison is full. Seems this is where the probation, and community incarceration comes into play. Is this a realistic solution to an ongoing problem, or is it just another ploy to avoid building a new prison in another area.

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