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October 27, 2017 9:27 pm

Sow With Cubs Wounds Unleashed Dog

Sunday, August 28, 2016 @ 6:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Once again the B.C. Conservation Officer Service is reminding dog owners to keep their dogs close and leashed when walking out in forested and rural areas.

Information provided to the Service by the RCMP was that early Saturday evening up at Forests for the World an individual was walking with his dogs running loose when a sow with cubs came out onto the trail between the man and his dogs.  The dogs turned around and came back after the bear, there was an altercation and one of the dogs was injured and required treatment by a vet.  The sow and cubs left the scene.

A spokesman at the Conservation Officer Service says this is probably the sixth or seventh time that he knows of in which dogs have got into altercations and been injured, and in every case they’re not on a leash.

He says the bear was acting as a bear would have with cubs and in this instance the Service will not be taking any further action.

He says the message that needs to be reinforced is that people need to keep their dogs close and under control because in numerous instances what they end up doing is precipitating attacks on people when they end up bringing the bear back to the person.


Yes, the message does need to be reinforced and hopefully the city will fine the dog owner for walking them off leash. I have lost count of the times a dog owner has felt the need to explain that it’s ok, their dogs are friendly and have never bitten anyone because they do not have them on a leash, cannot control them and they have come running over barking at me.

There is a bear that crosses domano by the old CHP every day looking for food. I wonder when they will finally setup a trap , before something tragic happens. So many kids walking up and down that road.

And on my Acres I act like a Human and do what ? I don’t like other Peoples Dogs and Cats running on my Place . So I hope the Bears will take care of it, I have a few running around.

Sadly too many people think they are responsible pet owners they may be loving pet owners but are not responsible pet owners

A lot of people will let their dogs run off leash and many don’t think twice about it as they think their dog is well behaved but in reality most dogs are not well trained nor are very good at following commands yet when they see a bear or porcupine or skunk their curious or predatory instincts kick in and they must go investigate. The end result is they trigger the defense or offensive response with the end result a vet bill or a dead animal.

So it comes down to who is at fault the dog owner, the dog or the wild animal? I usually choose the dog owner as being at fault they may be loving pet owners but often are not responsible pet owners there are too very big differences between these two distinctions. Unfortunately most think they are responsible but in fact are just loving pet owners who need to understand that also need to be responsible pet owners.

Only 6 or 7 times? With the number of irresponsible dog owners who let their animals run free in some of the recreation areas in PG I would have thought the number would be higher. Go to FFTW or Otway on any given evening, it is a free for all as far as unleashed dogs. At Otway the berries are ripe & plentiful, bears are regularly seen & encountered, yet some bikers, runners & walkers seem oblivious or ignorant to the actual danger that they put themselves, their animal, other users & the bear(s) by continuing to let their dogs run free. Then there is the dog vs dog conundrum, I have witnessed dog fights (that nearly came down to human fights), dogs running & interfering with cyclists & runners & of course the lovely triple coil “surprises” left in the middle of the trail (try to negotiate on of those on a blind corner on your bike…hmmm…tree or dog crap…tree). As Dearth pointed out above, just because you love your pet it does not make you a responsible owner. Please try to be more responsible & cognizant of others on our trails, it would be a shame to see animals die because of ignorance ( or arrogance).

Your in the bush for God sake ,, what do you expect doves and angles?

“He says the bear was acting as a bear would have with cubs and in this instance the Service will not be taking any further action.

Thank you for not killing her (the sow), there are enough orphaned black bear cubs at the Smithers Northern Lights Wildlife Society.

I’m glad to see that the attitudes of the general population are changing when it comes to bears and I see this reflected in Conservation’s choice to educate people as to the bear’s natural behaviour rather than to curb it by killing the animal. Glad to see people stepping up as well and managing their garbage and fruit trees and leashing their dogs while walking in the woods. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was bear aware. There are too many orphaned bear cubs and needlessly shot bears. I applaud Conservation in their stance on this matter. Leash your dogs folks so we don’t have to read about you in the paper.

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