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October 27, 2017 9:26 pm

Crash at 16 and Kimball Road

Sunday, August 28, 2016 @ 3:54 PM


Emergency personnel  work to  free a person from vehicle – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – At least one person has been injured in a crash at Highway 16 and Kimball Road this afternoon.

The  collision involved a  pick up and truck and camper and is impeding  east and west bound traffic.

Traffic east bound into the city is being diverted  along the access road,   while westbound traffic is down to single lane around the crash site.

Police continue to investigate the cause of the crash.   No further details available at this time.




No traffic lights and it is a busy intersection.

A few more crashes and a death or two highways will have enough boxes checked off to warrent traffic lights.

Its a tough one to get onto the highway at.

    Agree, my folks used to live near that one. Takes a lot of patience to get onto/across the highway there.

Don’t blame the intersection.

    I wasn’t blaming the intersection, I just said its a tough one to get out on.
    Furthermore, I don’t blame road conditions or road design for crashes either. Its most often that nut that’s just behind the wheel. I guess they come loose sometimes.

A busy intersection that takes a lot of patience to get out onto the hwy from. Unless you are entering the hwy from Bon Voyage east bound then it’s as simple as pulling out in front of anything coming at you from the west.

    It is a good idea to pull out in front of a semi there so they have a chance to check their brakes before hitting Peden hill seeing how most of them cruise right past the Beverley brake check.
    Might even get on a You Tube channel where a pickup legally passing a semi is described as a dangerous speeder.

      A stalker and now a movie start Dodo? Did you make the movies? Beverly brake check? Isn’t it spelled Beaverly Dodo? Is there a youtube channel claiming you are a dangerous speeder while legally passing a truck? I know there is a pull out at the top of the Mud where some brain surgeon thought would be a great spot for commercial vehicles to have a mandatory brake check, alas, others with more brains than they had, had that mandatory brake check deleted. Were you one of the brain surgeons involved stalker, er, I mean Dodo?

      What is a movîe start?

There is no mandatory brakecheck in Beaverly

    I guess it’s better to do a brake check on a chip truck when it is parked in the Boston Pizza parking lot. A matter of time before a tragic accident happens at bottom of Peden hill like the one that happened a number of ŷears ago in Kamloops or a couple of weeks ago on the Coquihalla.

Was a news item on the other day stating that truck drivers will be a thing of the past in a few years replaced by self driving vehicles with little tiny computer brains. Excellent plan as long as they do not use Windows software…that crap crashes as often as todays truckers.

That’s where Sendo is, good Japanese food there.

Hope nobody is hurt badly from it

    I haven’t eaten at Sendo’s but I also hope nobody is hurt badly from it. Hope they improve the food quality.

It must rain a lot at brake checks, ever notice how many puddles are on the ground?

I scrolled back a week, and opinion 250 has reported 9 accidents in the PG and regional district area. That’s just what they’ve reported. Wow, if there’s been 9 cases of assault due to drug related activity, what do you think the police would be doing right now? Ah, traffic duty – so boring.

As for the intersection, it’s hard to cross an intersection, when the vehicles going through it are travelling 10 to 20 km/h over the posted limit. You are REQUIRED to enter an intersection with care, and at the limit or less.

We’ve all become very sloppy, and we all know, very little chance of being caught, so we get even sloppier. It’s 60 km/h on the Hart up to lights, I do about 65, I get passed like I’m standing still all the time.

When the RCMP occasionally do traffic duty up there, they park in plain sight, and the North bound warn the South bound or vice versa. What’s the point in that? Get in a unmarked vehicle, drive the speed limit, and starting spearing the fish in the barrel.

I realize RCMP work hard. I’m just wondering if the carnage on our roads might need a bit of attention, even if it does mean not busting a couple of grow ops.

I’d love for someone to interview our District Superintendents about the vacuum of enforcement on the roads right now, and how they balance that, with whatever it is they are doing.

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