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October 27, 2017 9:25 pm

New Website Promotes Mental Health

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 @ 5:45 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A 17-year-old hockey player and Cariboo resident is doing what he can to raise awareness around the importance of mental health.

Quesnel native Myles Mattila, a draft pick of the Vancouver Giants, has launched the website mindright.info – a mental health lifestyle program for the BC Major Midget League’s Cariboo Cougars.

Myles Mattila - photo submitted

Myles Mattila – photo submitted

“It’s a resource for hockey players, if they ever have to talk to somebody or need to go express their feelings, we have a person who has agreed to help them out, Dr. Saul Miller. He has a PhD in psychology.”

He says the website helps fill a glaring void.

“This is a great idea because right now the WHL and BCHL have partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association but there’s really nothing for minor hockey or BC Hockey so this is why we created MindRight.”

Mattila says he was first inspired to champion the importance of mental health awareness after a close friend started to exhibit some disturbing signs.

“We played hockey together, we were the dynamic duo. Everything was going great then I realized something was going on. He wasn’t very happy; he was kind of isolating himself from everybody else.”

He says that’s when he decided to raise awareness.

“He’s okay now. His parents found out what was going on and got him a counsellor and to this day he still has that counsellor and is getting the help that he needs.”

Mattila is hoping BC Hockey will “jump on board” and do their part to help too.

“And make sure everybody has a support system if they ever feel lonely, insecure or have a bit of anxiety and get the help that they need.”

He says he’s had support from two NHL players – Jordin Tootoo and Shea Weber – who have both sent him signed jerseys.

Along with the website, you can also follow MindRight on Twitter @CCMindRight or @Myles_Mattila12.

Mattila was first recognized for raising mental health awareness back in 2014 when he was recognized as Northern Health’s first Community Health Star for partnering with mindcheck.ca to promote mental health though school presentations.



Not nearly enough happening to address mental health, thank you for thinking and acting “outside” yourself Myles Mattila and for caring about others. We need more people like you in our society!

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