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October 27, 2017 9:20 pm

Another Stretch of Cariboo Connector Work to Start

Monday, September 5, 2016 @ 6:50 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The Province is set to start  construction on another  section of  the Cariboo Connector.

Widening and four-laning of  a section of Highway 97 south of Williams Lake,  will see over six kilometres of the highway widened to four lanes from the Williams Lake Indian Reserve #1 near 150 Mile House north to Lexington Road.

The work will also see turning and deceleration lanes on Highway 97 included in the  project.

The cost of the project is $21.6 million dollars and the contract for the work  has been awarded to Cantex-Okanagan Construction of Penticton.

The project is scheduled to be completed in November 2017.


That’s $3,600,000.00 per Kilometres.

Anything wrong with this picture???

    Yes ! You used one to many zero’s.

      You are using your digiti to count on obviously. The number, when divided by 6 by using brain cells instead, is correct.

      Damn it ! You’re right Jo….this abacus must be broken.

      Speaking of digiti, I would love to see you play piano while gesturing with your digitus impudicus. ;-)

      I would love to see you do some work on your ugly house ! And did you get your refwigerato (refrigerator) fixed ? Say hi to Oliva. (Oliver)

I am assuming that the project involves blasting 6 kilometers through a thirty foot deep layer of stubborn granite.

    Quartz Rd to Dragon Lake cost is $7,840,000 for 2.8km. which works out to $2.8million.

    It is in the ballpark. Lots of curves in the area south of Williams Lake and adjacent to high ground part of the way after the current 4 lane section so they may have to put in some retaining walls.

    Every section of highway has its own problems.

    I suspect they took some of the easy parts to start with. The section between 100 mile house and Clinton was one of the easier ones.

    I am going with them having to dig down to China, just to lay some really awesome substrate. ;-)

Whatever the cost, that section of highway is long overdue for upgrades! Traffic is very often bottlenecked behind slow moving traffic between Williams Lake and 150 Mile House!

Whatever the cost, I’m just thankful that we are actually seeing some of our tax dollars being spent outside of the lower mainland. This spending is still a drop in the bucket when compared to what is spent in the lower mainland, but any spending is better than no spending!

Another positive spin news story for the BC Libs. In reading the story, one must realize paving season starts in the late spring, early summer… so this work will only start next year, AFTER the May election. Only catch is, we need to vote Lib/Con to get this work done. Funny how these news stories work hey?

Remember, question everything!!!

Wow, another 6 kms to be done on the Cariboo Con. Can anyone tell me how many Kms have been 4 laned in the past 10 yrs? This Lib/Con type of story appears before every election. It appears to be a real con job. At this rate the Connector should be done for my 7 or 8th generation granchildren as long as we keep voting for Crispy

If the Libby’s really want to impress us, do the stretch from Quesnel to Bjoronson Rd. Truck traffic is so slow leaving Quesnel climbing to ten mile lake area, that people make unsafe passing attempts even in foggy conditions. There have been more than a few fatal accidents in that area, and undoubtedly more to come. At least a slow lane would be a major improvement to the big picture by giving heavy trucks a lane to get out of the way.

How about a passing lane heading north through the Ten Mile Lake area. 40-50 kmph behind a loaded truck for that stretch is painful.

Sorry I missed the entry above ^^, good point.

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