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October 27, 2017 9:23 pm

Terry Lake Won’t Be on 2017 Ballot

Thursday, September 1, 2016 @ 9:39 AM

Prince George, B.C.- Minister of Health, Terry Lake, has announced he will not be seeking re-election in the 2017 Provincial election.

No immediate reason has been given for his decision to step away from Provincial politics. His cabinet colleague, Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond, is sorry to see him go.

“I have found it such a privilege to work with this team and Terry Lake is a consummate professional. He has an incredible work ethic, he’s brought such an added dimension to our team so I can say very personally he’s been a great friend to my husband and I and I can tell you he’s going to be deeply missed.”

Premier Christy Clark has also issued a statement on Lake’s decision:

“Terry Lake is an invaluable member of my team, a constant champion for Kamloops and the Interior for over 14 years, serving as City Councillor, Mayor, and MLA.

He brings a laser focus to public service and an unparalleled work ethic. He always finds time to help his colleagues in caucus as an advisor and trusted sounding board. Most of all, everyone around him knows he meets every aspect of his work with honesty and integrity.

Terry will be missed on the campaign trail, but I have no doubt he will go on helping and advising BC Liberals, both in his community and across the province. He will continue to serve as MLA for Kamloops-North Thompson and Minister of Health.

On behalf of all Terry’s colleagues, I want to thank Lisa and their three beautiful daughters for sharing him, and wish the Lake family all the best in the next phase of their lives.”



I’m always at a loss as to why a principled , educated , socially responsibled guy like him could get into supporting a person like Christy . Makes one wonder .

    Wow Ataloss, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised, nay dare I say shocked to hear you refer to a Liberal MLA as a principled, educated and socially responsible guy!

    I’ll bet that left a foul taste in your mouth, but good on you anyway!

    I’m willing to bet that there are also principled, educated and socially responsible members on the other side of the Legislature, even if I disagree with their brand of politics, haha!

Ataloss; Perhaps like most of his ilk, he was an “opportunist”? I think he is smart enough to know they are now trying to “milk a dead cow”, so why not leave?

More and more people are starting to see this government as all image and no substance, 16 years and what have they accomplished? What has me curious is the reasons for that lack of progress; “depressed resource commodities world wide” cannot be controlled by a provincial government is what the supporters of this incompetent government say.

So for these clueless folks, when the NDP is in power they drive away industry, but when the Lib/Cons are inn power industry stays away because of low resource prices that the provincial government cannot control.

The question needs to be asked; who went in lock stock and barrel on LNG, only to have that commodity’s price tank?

Well said JG . He’s a vet . So he knows a sick puppy when he sees one . He’ll possibly go federal now that his provincial pension is assured . Mind you his BC liberal stain might not sit right with Ottawa liberals . Look what the Alberta frankencons did to The once proud Progressive Conservative party of Canada . all there is left of them now are left over harperettes .

    While you left wing nuts will do your best to put down the right wing parties, I thought that I would share this article that I read today, an article about how the Harper Government actually did a better job at reducing poverty than Trudeau Sr. Liberal’s did!

    I doubt that you will read the article, because of course in runs contrary to your beliefs, but what the heck, here’s the link!

    Poilievre: Harper, not Trudeau Sr., actually reduced poverty – August 30, 2016

    ht tp://ottawacitizen.com/opinion/columnists/poilievre-harper-not-trudeau-sr-actually-reduced-poverty

      Funny….”while you left wing nuts will do your best to put down right wing parties” = Hart Guy putting down others on the site by name calling.

      unlisted, where have you been? You should see some of the names I’ve been called, or some of the kinda sorta rude things that have been tossed my way, haha!

      Thankfully it takes a lot more than a few comments here and there to hurt my feelings!

The Liberals have nothing to run on in this election, except photo ops, hot dogs, and foofaraw. No doubt some are leaving now on a somewhat high note, rather than face the election when some rather interesting things will be discussed and debated.

LNG, Site C, lack of jobs, lack of vision, cronyism, no softwood lumber agreement, mill closures, and on and on it goes.

With all due respect to Mr. Lake, he will have served 2 terms, thus is eligible for a gold plated* pension.
Coincidence? Maybe, but that is one sweet pension.

*gold plated compared to most working class pensions, and only about 8 years of actual service is required to qualify for that munificence.
Some of us work 35 – 40 years to get a far more modest pension, and the right to pay for our own medical coverage.


Ethics mean nothing to the BC Liberals. In May they installed a plaque commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Coquihalla Highway that cost taxpayers $65,000 and names Premier Christy Clark and Transport Minister Todd Stone, but none of those who were originally involved in the project. And just to slap us all real good, they went with Behrends Group out of Edmonton not APS Architectural Precast Structures of Langley that bid $48,000.

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