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October 27, 2017 9:20 pm

‘We Fear for the Worst’ – Diversified Pleads for Safety Around School Buses

Monday, September 5, 2016 @ 7:00 AM
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Prince George, B.C. – With the start of the school year just two days away the company contracted to drive roughly 4,500 students to school in the Prince George School District is reminding drivers to be careful around school buses

Luis Gonzalez is the operations manager with Diversified Transportation and says drivers continue to pass his buses.

“It’s still happening. We really fear for the worst and I would like to address that by saying to be mindful that every time the (school bus) door opens, the red lights go on,” he says.

“And even though there’s a chance that somebody might not be crossing the street, there’s also a big chance somebody will be. So for safety stop your cars. It’s our community, it’s our children and it takes 20 seconds.”

Gonzalez says the biggest problem spot by far is the Southridge area in College Heights where they had over 200 incidents last year.

“It’s not just automobiles. Sometimes we’ve even had semi-trucks passing and this is something that the community should be aware of and work on as a community.”

He says it’s difficult sometimes for drivers to identify who these motorists are because their first priority is to ensure the safety of the children.

“The driver strives to get a license plate number while screaming or holding the kids, trying to make sure that they are safe. So there’s a lot of fear.”

As for things Diversified can control, Gonzalez says a lot of work is done throughout the year to ensure safety on their end.

“We do have a year round maintenance program,”he says.

“We bring in our buses every six weeks. We also have spares so if there’s an issue with a bus the driver can come in, take a spare and get the work done.”


I totally agree with the safety concerns regarding children and school buses.This company should also remind their drivers that it is not ok to drive like idiots when they leave the bus yard.I don`t know how many times I have been cut off by bus drivers that are probably running late,trying to make it to their route.

    Very true. I watched one blow the stop sign at Guest Rd a few weeks back and they are forever zig zagging down the bypass through traffic.

PS–same kind of note—It’s not okay to run the amber/red light at 97 & 5th avenue. Kids on board or not!!! I report drivers like you.

Also the nanny state should be teaching kids how to cross a road. Many Many times I have seen kids and older teenagers get off a buss and head out across the road without looking. Now with smart phones they pay even less attention.

    Who is the nanny state?

In CH there is a “Southridge” and a “Westgate” I have no idea where this Southgate is.

    Thanks for heads up.

Great, now teach the bozos in the buses how to drive.

    Isthisreallife, u must be one of the bozo motorists out there that pass the buses because they do the speed limit and drive safely. These school bus drivers go though many, many hours of driver training. Diversified has one of the best safety records in the country.

Any one recall when was the last time someone hit, or hurt, a child getting off or on a school bus here in PG or in northern BC?

I don’t mind the well timed reminder for us to drive carefully when following or encountering school buses, or driving through school zones… but really? Most of us exercise some common sense when in those situations… wait a minute… I changed my mind, good story!

billyinpg “Gonzalez says the biggest problem spot by far is the Southridge area in College Heights where they had over 200 incidents last year.”

I wouldn’t doubt that College Heights is one of the worst areas. Many times when going to work I see drivers passing the school buses when the reds are on. The school zones and the corner of O’Grady are terrible areas. I hear the drivers honk the horn continuously at some of the drivers and they still keep going past the buses.

It would be a good idea if the rest of the public would start reporting these yahoos. I’ve reported a few myself when I can get a plate number. I have friends living in the area and wouldn’t want their kids getting hurt. For that matter, I wouldn’t want to see any kid get hurt.

Maybe Diversified should install dash cams so that after the kids are safely out of the way the driver or later there supervisor can review the video and get the necessary information for the RCMP to go have a chat with those that put our kids at risk!

    Who will pay for cameras? There is a catch 22 here. Most districts around BC have their own school buses – meaning they are school district employees. Diversified drivers are not. Therefore the schools pay for the cameras not the bus company? I wonder if there are some out there that feel the cameras would be entrapment? (joke)

    To my knowledge drivers already write down any info they can get from the vehicle in the wrong and it is given to the police? Anyone know what the police do then? Haven’t heard in the media of anyone getting nailed.

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