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October 27, 2017 9:17 pm

Friday Free for All – Sept. 9, 2016

Friday, September 9, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

School has started,  another week has come to a close and that means it’s time for the  Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic, but obey the simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


Good Morning. Apparently we are in for a cold winter loads of snow. Remains to be seen.

    I heard it was more of a retreat back to a “normal” winter (which could seem harsh compared to recent trends), now that the El Nino influence won’t be hanging around?

“Specifically she (Premier Christy Clark ) addressed her comments to Cheslatta Chief Corrina Leween “On Monday, we will finally get a chance to put to right, the wrongs that were done to the people of your community over half a century ago. I want to take a moment to remember how difficult it is to set aside long held legitimately founded grievances and decide instead to work toward resolving them.” ”

Well if we are trying to right wrongs then I think the city should give the Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park back to the original occupants and the province should pay the city for the loss of this land. Then the city should use the money to work on the 40 year old promises to the residents of the amalgamated areas of the city. (sewers, water, pavement etc. not a pool downtown and definitely not a PAC)

This would help put to right 2 wrongs to 2 different communities.

    “Well if we are trying to right wrongs then I think the city should give the Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park back to the original occupants and the province should pay the city for the loss of this land”

    Far more land was “purchased” from the original occupants and traded for the land the Lheidli T’enneh now occupy upstream from the City on the Fraser. It is occupied by much of the bowl area of the City.

      Awww… I see my final comment under the Cheslatta story hit a nerve, so lets try to rewrite history to make it all go away. Good thing the Supreme Court of Canada doesn’t work that way, in fact I would encourage the Lheidli T’enneh to pursue litigation, I am very sure they would win.

      Cue all the arm chair historians and lawyers! I am sure the Supreme Court of Canada will use your comments to make their legal decisions.


      Wow Jgalt. You are so eager to give away this province aren’t you?

    To be more specific, the railway purchased 1,366 acres of land from the .

    If anyone should compensate anyone else, it seems that the railway, not the province, bought the land from the indigenous population. If anyone feels that the First Nations were wrongly coerced, and there probably is a good argument that can be made for that, then the railway or feds need to return that land. We can then pay rent to the Lhiedli T’enneh and they can manage the land for us, instead of City Hall.

      The Canadian Government owned the land and gave it to the G.T.P. .The Fort George Band surrendered there reserve rights. They didn’t own the land or houses.

      The price of the land was well below market value. There is also considerable doubt as to whether the full price was actually paid. There is apparently no record of the payment of the later installments.

      The first installment was paid Nov 18 /1911 file #325,224-1
      The next was Nov 12 /1912 file #325,224-1
      The other payment was to I.A.D. in trust

    The original owners were the north west fur co. No aboriginals lived there before Fort George was built.

      You realize that under typical aboriginal tradition the land was not “owned”. It was a natural resource to be used by whoever came along.

      If anyone who came along, whichever fur trading company of the day, the land was “claimed”.

      The thinking of those days was different than the thinking of today. What we have is at least three histories of how land was used: the aboriginals (which continues to this day to be resolved one tribe at a time in much of BC); the fur trading companies and rights which were given by the monarchs of the exploring/conquering European countries; and todays federal and provincial governments. All of those come into play some 500 years since England, France, and Spain first stepped onto this part of North America. The Vikings and their descendant countries seem to have relinquished their claim other than one or more islands between Greenland and Canada.

      When it comes to modern day law, any contract or agreement can be reopened, whether amicably or by war.


      There was never a fort here until people in the 20th century decided to build one as a museum. It was a simple trading post without a fortification.

      Fort Steele was a fort, for instance. Not Fort George. It was a simple trading post.

I think Clark should stop throwing all this cash around. Notice how all the increase in fees are fast to be gone in the news.. But all these handouts and photo ops pepper the news..

I think you guys need a new topic.

    create one!!!!

      The mating habits of the Australopithecus Africanus…….


Enjoy the bike lanes.
It actually give you a safe place to walk away from cyclists,
They sure aren’t using them.
Let them have the sidewalks.
Rant done,
have a great weekend all.

Well slaughter season is fully open as of tomorrow…I have nothing against hunting but what bugs me is the blood lust of the younger generation….they buy a tag for everything that is open and go out and kill everything they have these tags for and then are so proud to post it to social media…blood, guts and all…and have this huge gloating smile on their faces…and they wonder why so many people can’t stand hunters and the killing of so many animals…In the decades gone by when we hunted we took what we needed and quickly cut and wrapped it and in the freezer it went…we didn’t brag and boast about the kill. my rant for this session.

    Well now in the past that you refer too, people did boast of their hunt, just was no social media. Why shouldn’t a person be happy of a successful hun? Your comment of the killing of so many animals, it is not a free for all, permits required and limits. Well except for poachers, they are not hunters and there should be an open season on them.

    Does your rant also apply to fishing?

      Permits and limits…what a joke…I am also a hunter and understand this very well…I know many many hunters who buy every tag the can and try to fill every one each year…at the end of the year they throw out hundreds of pounds of freezer burnt meat because they had so much they couldn’t use it all…our wildlife cannot sustain this kind of harvesting….what should be brought in is that all big game hunters are only allowed one big game animal per year…buy as many tags as you want but once you shoot one big game animal the hunt for that year is over for you…this would boost out game animals population very quickly..especially Moose….
      Also the fact that so many people are what I call shoot blind…they see an animal and up and shoot…go over to it and see they have shot an illegal one…walk away and continue to hunt…Over the years I have come across dozens of animals just left lay due to this…something has to change…and the first thing in my opinion is this mind set of killing for sport…which is what it is called…sport hunting… when all the wildlife is killed off it will be to late and we are fast approaching that day.

    That’s the way I still do it.You work to get your animal, hang it butcher it and wrap yourself. It’s like getting the firewood or harvesting whats in the garden.
    No pics, no bragging, just another chore.

      Very smart comment Mr. Grizzly. I don’t hunt but I also know many who do. I’ve enjoyed some very tasty meals with friends who have harvested an animal from the wild. I don’t know if the issue is so much with the hunting as it is with everybody’s business being posted on Facebook. “I’m taking a crap now”. How many likes did it get?

    “Permits and limits…what a joke…I am also a hunter and understand this very well…I know many many hunters who buy every tag the can and try to fill every one each year…at the end of the year they throw out hundreds of pounds of freezer burnt meat because they had so much they couldn’t use it all…our wildlife cannot sustain this kind of harvesting….what should be brought in is that all big game hunters are only allowed one big game animal per year…buy as many tags as you want but once you shoot one big game animal the hunt for that year is over for you…this would boost out game animals population very quickly..especially Moose….
    Also the fact that so many people are what I call shoot blind…they see an animal and up and shoot…go over to it and see they have shot an illegal one…walk away and continue to hunt…Over the years I have come across dozens of animals just left lay due to this…something has to change…and the first thing in my opinion is this mind set of killing for sport…which is what it is called…sport hunting… when all the wildlife is killed off it will be to late and we are fast approaching that day.”

    What a pile of you know what.

      Put money on it you are young and have little experience in the bush…and probably no real experience on what really goes on in nature…you are just all attitude…smh.

      Yeah OK, whatever you think.

    I believe these hunters you speak of are simply proud of their harvests and love to share their experiences with everyone. What’s so wrong with that? Are you old and haven’t kept up with the times or technology?

The Surrender of Fort George Reserve.  In 1908 the people of Fort George knew that they would be required to surrender a right-of-way for the railroad to pass through the reserve.  They didn’t care about this because they had bigger problems. They wanted to move the village to a more remote location.  There were 3 main reasons for this move.  Alcohol consumption was epidemic by young boys,  young men were getting high paying jobs in construction and leaving the village, and moral standards were slipping. The Village Elders sent a representative to Ottawa to find out how to sell the whole reserve, and how much they could expect to get for it.  They were told they couldn’t sell the reserve because they didn’t own it!  They could only sell the reserve rights. The Indian Affairs Department allowed the band to negotiate the best price they could get for their surrender.  Then the (Crown) Canadian government would grant a Letter of Patents (ref #16608 issued 20th of May 1912) to the highest bidder.  This letter could then be used to register the land in Fee Simple.  There were 36 members of the village that  had the right to vote.  The vote was 32  for, 3 abstained and 1 opposed. There were 124 people living at Fort George who got an equal share of $125,000.  $100,000 in cash plus 42 new houses and 2 new churches.  In today’s money this is between $12,000,000 and $14,000,000.  Canada gave away  all of the land in down town Prince George.  The only value Canadians received is the knowledge that we helped the Fort George band adapt to modern society. 

    “we helped the Fort George band adapt to modern society”

    By sending them away from the centre of “modern society” being developed at the confluence of the two rivers???

    Please explain!!!.

      The elders mainly initiated the move. Before the fur trading post there was no permanent native settlement at the park location.

      There are many reserves in much more remote loacations no where near so called madern society.

      I’ve been to the rez with an acquaintance who lives there. Both sides of the river. It’s a way nicer place to live than my house in the Bowl.

If you want to take your dog for a walk, and want them off leash, please take them to a designated off leash area.

When I go for a walk, I do NOT like dogs running up to me. As the mother of a victim of a dog attack many years ago, it is incredibly stressful to have this happen and it DOES happen, no less than half a dozen times every time I go.

In order to avoid this, I walk in areas that are NOT off leash. However, many owners do not care and think their dog is friendly, so it’s ok. It is not ok. Not at all. It is so frustrating to have dog after dog run up to you, invading your space. Some seem aggressive, some seem fine, but one never knows for sure when a random dog runs up to you, sometimes with the owner nowhere in sight.

There are signs everywhere indicating that dogs must be leashed, yet very few are. Oh, and pick up their crap! It baffles me how much dog crap I have to dodge.

Please, have some consideration for others and take your dogs where they can run free, where people expect them to be running free.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced the 12 projects that will receive their share of a $92 million grant – which may be the agency’s last round of funding in the face of severe budget cuts by the Turnbull government.
Six of the projects were won by Queensland, five by NSW and one by WA. While Origin Energy won the most sizeable sum with $20 million promised to its Darling Downs Solar Farm project, Neoen Australia won funding for the most projects, with ARENA promising $18 million all up for its Parkes, Griffith and Dubbo solar farms.

    That’s a 97% consensus at Shell that renewables are not profitable

    ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/05/thats-a-97-consensus-at-shell-that-renewables-are-not-profitable/

    Renewables industry collapsing in Europe — still a $329 billion subsidised global cash cow

    ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/03/renewables-industry-collapsing-in-europe-still-a-329-billion-subsidised-global-cash-cow/

    What Green Future? Spain adds solar tax, punishes the wind industry, loses “65,000 renewable jobs”

    ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2015/10/green-future-spain-adds-solar-tax-has-punished-the-wind-industry-all-up-has-lost-65000-renewable-jobs/

    Joanne Codling ( Nova ) is a Koch brothers funded Heartland institute junk science fossil shill . She’s a joke . She should go back to her old TV job , children’s entertainment. But then again she is still entertaining child like adults .

      He he only grade school name calling. That all you got. Kind of hard to refute the facts.

      Hey you a George Soros soldier

      All the facts necessary are a quick look at historical atmospheric carbon chart and a little bit of intelligence . I don’t care to argue the facts involved in the denier camp because I’m all about the money . The world is going solar exponentially at at an accelerating rate globally . Not because of a war between the big fossil and solar . Not because of climate charge . Not because of some ideology . It’s happening because of the money . Hell , enbridge just days ago bought in because of the money . Nice rise in the VIX today eh? Any clue as to why , there , sunshine ?

      The only thing I watch, when it comes to soros is his trades . I did read his book ” The alchemy of Finance ” .

      ‘All the facts necessary are a quick look at historical atmospheric carbon chart and a little bit of intelligence’

      really, that is a good thing, plants, love it making the world greener, wheat production is up. what is not to like.

      Ad hominems are the best that climate alarmists can come up with and are frequently used in lieu of evidence, because they can’t find any evidence to support their view.

      For 17 years Jo Nova believed in and was concerned about the threat of global warming just as much as you do, Ataloss, and for much of that time, actively worked for the alarmist side. Then one day she took the trouble to look at the evidence. It only took one afternoon for her to realize the deniers are right.

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgMZegvtXB0

      Seamutt:..”really, that is a good thing, plants, love it making the world greener, wheat production is up. what is not to like.”

      Likeable things:

      Acid rain, bleaching (killing) of coral reefs, millions of people dying early deaths from pulmonary and heart disease due to air pollution, industries shutting down for days and sending workers home because of the air being too polluted to breathe, schools being cancelled and people being told to stay inside, oxygen booths on some street corners (Japan, China) for people who are gasping for air…

      Nothing more serious than that so everything is just fine.

      None of which, PrinceGeorge, is caused by CO2.

      I don’t believe humans cause climate change on a grand scale.

      I think it’s all part of a Jupiter-sun cycle that influences the energy take up of our planet and the capacity of our oceans to act as capacitors of the energy over the long term.

      Jupiter has 2.5 times the mass of all other planets in the solar system, so much so that it is the only planet not to have a orbital centre of gravity within the sun, but rather outside the sun due to the relative mass acting almost like a bianary system.

      This tugging and pulling effects the orbits of everything else in the solar system. Within a zone the earth itself goes to a fro changing the energy the planet itself obsorbs. This cycle over time is climate change. One day eminent scientists will connect the dots and students will learn in school the jupiter effect on our orbital climate change…..

    Hmmm, renewable energy and grants, all in the same sentence!

    Don’t worry about it HG . One expects you to get it . Here’s a hint . It’s about money . Lots of money .

      No one expects you to get it ! That is .

      What? No story about Chile’s wind farm today?

      Or rather Chile’s solar farm that is losing money hand over fist

      What was that? Spot price for Chile’s excess solar power hit $0 for 133 days in the first 4 months this year? They are on track to beat the 192 days it sold for nothing last year! Awesome!

      Posted on Friday, September 9, 2016 @ 12:24 PM by Ataloss

      It’s about money . Lots of money .
      Right you are. Government money. $1 billion per day of government money.

Turn your bloody tail lights on, geeze…. Why in the world do certain vehicle manufacturers seem to think you need lights on the instrument cluster but not on the rear of the vehicle? If you can’t see your speedometer chances are because it is dark out..

    Cluster lights are tied to marker lights and taillights. If your cluster lights are on, so are your taillights.
    Having said that, most people rely on the auto switch function so they drive around in poor weather like today with only the daytime running lights (headlights) on and its not quite dark enough to trigger the sensor to turn on all of the lights.
    I agree with you, people should manually turn their lights on especially on days like today.

      I have pulled up beside many vehicles with no tail lights and you can see the dash lights are on illuminating their speedometer, tachometer. All they have on are the daytime running lights.

    And many of the mono brow knuckle gragger gang that do run with their DRL on have HID or LED headlights that blind oncoming drivers even during the day. Did god, (not that I believe in god) put these people here for a useful reason or did he/she do it to piss off the normal ones of us?

      dragger not gragger!

There is a special place in hell for dog owners that keep their pets chained up all day with out any form of shelter or cover. Breaks my heart. The city should concider a bylaw against this form of animal cruelty. For those sadistic, A-hole jerks treating their animals this way, STOP IT!

    they do exist,
    reporting it is the first step,
    the challenge is getting the SPCA or bylaws to enforce them.

    Some ppl shouldn’t be allowed to have pets. I have two families in my neighborhood that have a dog. Neither of them take their dog for walks and the only attn they get is when they get fed or they feel like making their dog sit or lay down because they are bugging them to play. Those poor pooches don’t even get a ball thrown for them. I hate ppl that have a dog just to say they have one.

Once again I had the pleasure of listening to dogs barking all night in the neighborhood.

One would think that the owners would have the common decency to take their dogs in or otherwise shut them up.

Dogs off leash, dogs barking all night, are all signs of a small provincial town. You don’t get this kind of crap in the bigger cities, because for some strange reason they seem to follow the rules and regulations without coercion.

We also have someone in the neighborhood who combs his dog on the street on a regular basis. This seems to take place around 5 in the morning and of course starts other dogs barking. In addition this twit, also leave all the white dog hair on the street so that it can blow in every ones yard. He seems to do this on a regular basis, so one wonders where his brain is.

Have a nice day

    We were at the Purden Lake Resort this summer and there was someone who chained their dog to their unit and left to go visiting someone else at the other end of the resort. That dog barked non-stop for an hour or so. When the guy got back to his unit, his neighbors were standing there waiting for him. I hope he felt like crap. It ruins a perfectly nice evening at the lake. I couldn’t imagine listening to barking all night long at home. I’d wear a path in the yard from all the times I would go visit the neighbor in order to get them to shut the dog up. Eventually they will have to do something about it.

    Where is this happening? I’ll take care of the problem for you if you don’t have the stomach for it. ;-)

    Decades ago our neighbour had lots of dog that he left chained up all the time. One day one while he was gone for hours, of them barked constantly. I finally got fed up and went over and unchained him. No more barking. No more dog either till he got home and went looking for him.

    So you kill neighbohood dogs now too Islandbound….

Looks like that mayor and council are about to break out the credit cards again. On Monday’s agenda are millions of dollars in AAPs for new mobile equipment, parkade and kin 3 repairs.

Those pale in comparison when one looks at what the consultant has recommended as the Four Seasons pool replacement. The three options outlined were:

1. Replace 4 seasons at a cost of $32 million
2. Replace 4 seasons and improve Aquatic center. Total cost $62 Million
3. Expand Aquatic center to meet all needs. Cost $36 million

Guess which one the consultant has recommended? If you picked door #2 congratulations! You will soon be rewarded my a much lighter wallet.

    Yay! It was getting a little too heavy anyway

    Option 2 is the most cost effective and efficient in the long run .

      Until you become a property owner and tax payer in the city your opinion doesn’t really count.

      That said if you look at the building assessment for the aquatic center it is obvious how poorly the city is doing the necessary basic maintenance to this and other city owned buildings. I saw on the city’s capital budget plan that a 25k repair to the exterior facade of the aquatic center went unfunded….are they waiting till water and mould get in there and the repair bill will have an extra few zeros.

      Sure the $62 million plan would be nice but there are other city owned buildings that are on their last legs, firehall #1 and the coliseum being two examples so they should be looking at the big picture.

      Good part is that when the bills start rolling in we should be nicely settled in BC’s beautiful wine country.

    Was at the aquatic centre the other day and the roof collapsed in the sauna room with a packed house standing room only at the hot tube. Looks like both facilities are in desperate need for repairs and upgrades.

Friday-free-for-all = Whiners Corner this week.

    By that measure you would fall into the “he who smelt it dealt it” category:D

      Dang it, now I have to get the coffee out of my nose

    Lonesome Sparrow’s earlier comment on this Friday-free-for-all; “Looks like that mayor and council are about to break out the credit cards again.”

    Yet no whining comments from me. Were you looking in the mirror when you coined the phrase; “she who smelt it dealt it”? Maybe its that odor following you around that keeps you lonesome?

      That the best you got? Weak.👎

      Your dystopian view of the city being a crime filled hell hole and the province going down the tubes dispite lots of evidence to the contary has you in a deep funk. Might be time to talk to your doctor about increasing the dosage of Prozac at least in the short term. Would be an idea to also put the doctor on notice that you will be back after the election so adequate amount of prescription pads can be on hand.

    So stop whining.

    The pot calling the kettle black I think…

Certainly an element of Mr. Pot, being introduced to Mr. Kettle! LOL

    I get the fact that you don’t like anyone calling your precious government out on its own false positive spins NyteHawwk, but someone has to do it. I look at my researched comments as a public service, keeping the Christy Clark government from pulling the wool over our collective eyes.

    Like what I did on the “BC Leading Canada in Jobs” article, which is in fact a false positive spin story.

      Oh please, you research nothing. You just search google looking for sound bites and half the time don’t even check the dates of the articles.

JGalt, perhaps you haven’t noticed. Very few people on this blog give a fiddler’s “you know what” about your opinions one way or the other. Most of us recognize them for exactly what they are….TROLLING! Pretty soon others like myself will quit actually responding to any of your diatribes and you will once again disappear, only to reappear with a new handle!
My Pot and Kettle comment from above was in reference to you of all people making reference to this site being equated to Whiner’s Corner!
Perhaps now you are able to grasp that particular meaning.
In any event, feel free to continue with your endless anti government diatribes, and most of the rest of us will feel free to not respond, not engage, and above all NOT FEED THE TROLL!

    Thanks Nyte, you said what needed to be said.

    I wonder if he thinks that with his negative trolling he can persuade anyone to come over to his side of the political spectrum? I mean who wants to join or support a party that has members like that?

A year ago a Penticton cop ran over and killed a 5 year old boy that was riding his bike through an intersection in Penticton.
The following is taken from the CP story along the right side of this website.

“Reports at the time said James McIntosh, a Grade 1 student, was riding his bike as he crossed an intersection at Highway 97 when the accident occurred.

An official with the IIO, the body that investigates officer-involved serious crimes, says the officer was making a right-hand turn at the time when he struck the boy who had been using the crosswalk correctly.”

Since when is riding a bicycle across a crosswalk using a crosswalk correctly?

    What actually happened was the Father was crossing the street with his dog and two sons pushing their bikes. They had the green light.

    The off duty police officer was making a right hand turn, and ran over one of the boys.

    Nothing I could see indicates that they were riding their bikes in a crosswalk.

      So the CP story is written in such a way to lead everyone to believe the boy was riding his bike in the crosswalk when he was run over, but was actually walking?

Here is some news that came out last month, most of us were not made aware of. Anyone think the Mount Polley environmental disaster was just a one off incident in BC? Think again, when you have a government that shirks its mine inspection and monitoring responsibilities, all kinds of environmental damages can happen from mining operations.

This is a CBC news story from our very own Andrew Kurjata, great coverage and news story Andrew!


Huh, and the news article even mentions the “Wild West” mentality to resource extraction in BC, something I have mentioned in my past comments, I would be flatter if that is where Andrew got the idea.

No opinion presented here folks, just think of me as another one of your trust worthy news source.

    Is this some of that troll stuff NyteHawwk was talking about LOL. Thanks for the link.

      LOL, you’re welcome Islandbound, as you can probably tell, not everyone appreciates the truth being exposed.

      Funny how so many can’t handle the truth and attack those that spread it.

      “Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

      This quote is for all people who aspire to break free from their sheeple like state.

      Please read the articles before you post false info

      “Wild west” was a quote from James Witzke who works for the band office and nothing to do with your past comments.

      Happened over a year ago, can’t help it if you are not up on the news.

      They started operations in January and the ministry shut them down in July for failing to meet environmental guidelines. There is no tailings pond at Banks Island but they had an issue with the rain washing sediment into the swamps surrounding the two excavation sites. The company refused to do anything about it because the sediment was not toxic as the ore had not been processed (the plant is between the two excavations) where the spills into the environment occurred. The ministry refused to allow them to reopen until all the environmental concerns were dealt with, so they remained closed and are now bankrupt.

      Not an excuse for what the company did but the ministry did the right thing, next…

      Yes, slinky do some minor point nitpicking if you can’t discredit the story, or justify the in-actions of this government. Then finish of your comment by attempting to minimize the environmental impact, and why not, it is hundreds of times smaller that the environmental impact of the Mount Polley tailing pond spill. One of the largest environment disasters in Canada’s history, which of course you and your ilk tried to minimize as well.

      I think everyone sees the Lib/Con pattern here.

      Who is discrediting the story? I credit the ministry for shutting them down, good job. The band mentions no enforcement in 15 months but they had only been open for less than 6, and as soon as there was a concern raised the ministry was flying in with helicopters.

      I did not minimize the environmental impact. It is the mine owners who minimized the impact and thus are no longer in the mining business. Fisheries deals very harshly with those who discharge anything into a fish bearing waterway and thus they are also going to court.

      The processing plant is not anywhere near the excavation site, and if you actually check the map there were no environmental concerns at the plant itself. They had 3 environmental concerns of sediment reaching the swamps around each of the two excavation sites; would have to go look back but not going to; I believe they were called something like Bob and Discovery.

      LMAO; How incompetent is this government when it comes to mine monitoring and compliance? “Rice says an inspection only happened after a frustrated employee of Banks Island alerted the NDP and the Ministry of Energy and Mines to problems at the site.”

      Thanks goes out to that frustrated, if not for him that Mine would have carried on polluting the surrounding land and waterways for years!!! This government certainly promotes the Wild, Wild, West approach when it comes to regulating and managing resource extraction in BC. Yee Hawww!!

      Thanks goes out to that frustrated “employee”…

    Appears that few people find you trust worthy….and fewer still tryst worthy:D (MIC DROP)

      You are still giving us the same old same old.

    A trustworthy news source? I just about passed out from laughing so hard!

Hope the labour ministers and mayors enjoy their visit to our green city. Green, the traffic islands all covered in weeds. Nicely constructed islands, brickwork all covered in weeds, nice. Guess the weed eradication money was spent on road graffiti, all those bicycle pictures.

Any thoughts on the next trendy graffiti to be painted on the roads?

Will be interesting to see which gets painted on the roads after this winter, actual traffic lines or bicycle graffiti.

    “Green, the traffic islands all covered in weeds. Nicely constructed islands, brickwork all covered in weeds, nice.”

    Do you honestly believe that the other cities have NO weeds anywhere? Ever since the herbicide spraying was banned it is difficult everywhere to control weeds as they must now be removed manually by weed trimmers! There is a cosmetic price to pay for protecting the environment, people that know accept that!

    How about saying something (anything!) positive?

      It is not banned, just requires the proper authorization

      You like the organic look then?

      So why build these fancy islands then have no upkeep???????

Germany is still pursuing its goal of shutting down its nuclear plants but refuses to shut down its lignite plants. It is slashing renewable energy subsidies and replacing them with an auction/quota system. Public opposition is delaying the construction of the power lines that are needed to distribute Germany’s renewables generation efficiently. Renewables investment has fallen to levels insufficient to build enough new capacity to meet Germany’s 2020 emissions reduction target. There is no evidence that renewables are having a detectable impact on Germany’s emissions, which have not decreased since 2009 despite a doubling of renewables penetration in the electricity sector.

ht tp://euanmearns.com/an-update-on-the-energiewende/

    Unfortunately that is not the whole story as items were cherry picked as usual! I suggest that every country make an effort that is as determined as the German one! One hold-up that has been encountered is that some German states demand that all new power transmission lines must be put underground in order not to disfigure the landscape!

    That is what they are working on now! Just observe and wait for the results! Rome was not built in one decade either!

      So disfigure the landscape with money sucking, bird slicing, noisy wind farms then, ya okay.

      They will demand transmission put underground until discovering the price.

Now that we have the **New Police Station** we can sit back and enjoy looking at the **Old** police station as it slowly goes to rack and ruin.

The City is good at building new buildings and leaving the old ones swinging in the wind. A lot of these buildings could have an extended life span if the City would just get a proper maintenance program going.

Standingrock is standing still . A cooler head has spoken . Shame on you MSM . You are a failer .

    Not even attack dogs could break the resolve of the water defenders, who now number in the thousands. Yes that is blood on the mouth of that attack dog, heard a little girl was bitten in the face by one of those dogs. Shameful, it was a peaceful protest until a private security company, hired by the pipeline company, showed up with their dogs and pepper spray.


Forget Germany or America. India and China are set to lead growth in worldwide energy storage between now and 2024, a new study says.

The Global Energy Storage Forecast, 2016-24, published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), predicts the Asia Pacific region will host a majority of the 45 gigawatts and 81.3 gigawatt-hours of non pumped-hydro storage due to be installed worldwide by 2024.

By then, the Asia-Pacific region will account for 53 percent of the world’s total capacity in megawatts. Three Asian countries — Japan, India and China — will be among the world’s top five markets for energy storage.

The top five markets, which also includes the United States and the whole of Europe apart from Germany, Italy and the U.K., will make up 71 percent of all storage installed.

Japan, which currently leads the world in terms of gigawatt-hours of storage, will remain the world leader up to 2024, according to BNEF.

The Asia-Pacific region also covers Australia and South Korea. Both are becoming important markets, but will lag behind China and India in growth.


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“Risk, reliability & recovery” – An ABB Automation & Power World Digital Conference

“Less policy and regulatory support exists in China and India, and the 2016 market size for energy storage is small,” writes Logan Goldie-Scot, the author of the report. “However, rapidly increasing electricity demand and increasing levels of renewable energy penetration help spur energy storage adoption.”

Across Asia-Pacific, there are “very different markets,” said Goldie-Scot, head of energy storage analysis at BNEF. “Japan is an early adopter and was the largest small-scale energy storage market in the world as of 2015.

“That’s an already large market continuing to grow. Potentially more interesting are India and China. You’re seeing policy steps, and the drivers are in place for taking these markets from not being noteworthy at the moment to potentially the biggest in 2024.”

The annual rate of installations in different markets is due to change substantially in the coming years. This year BNEF expects the U.S. to lead the world in energy storage installations, followed by South Korea.

But while the U.S. is expected to show continued growth going forward, with 1.2 gigawatts of capacity being installed in 2024, South Korea’s deployments are forecast to taper off when the country hits a 500-megawatt frequency regulation target in 2017.

Despite an initial proposed target of 1.7 gigawatts of storage in South Korea, BNEF is pessimistic about the prospects for further growth in the market beyond 2017, citing a lack of visible policy support and no real incentive for behind-the-meter installations.

Instead, the real energy storage heavyweights in 2024 are expected to be India and China, installing 2.2 gigawatts and 1.8 gigawatts of capacity, respectively. India and China will also lead worldwide installations in terms of gigawatt-hours.

Worldwide, annual installation rates will have risen from just under 2 gigawatt-hours this year to more than 16 gigawatt-hours in 2024.

And while the BNEF report does not break down installations by technology, the belief is that the overwhelming bulk of deployments will be of lithium-ion batteries.

This is simply a function of the massive lithium-ion production capacity being ramped up to supply the global electric-vehicle market.

By 2024, BNEF predicts annual demand for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles will hit 163 gigawatt-hours, or more than 10 times the capacity needed for stationary storage.

As a result, says the analysis firm: “Even if the whole stationary energy storage market in 2024 was lithium-ion, this would make up only 10 percent of annual electric vehicle lithium-ion sales.

“Lithium-ion has been the preferred technology to date and was used in 90 percent of utility-scale projects, based on power output, in 2015. We expect it to remain a key technology over this period.”

Despite falling costs for lithium-ion, BNEF still expects $44 billion to be invested in storage between now and 2024, with $8.2 billion flowing into the market in the final year of the period.

The investment is a small fraction of the $3.9 trillion likely to go into power generation capacity over the same period, however.

    From Bloomberg today .

    You do realize these storage amount are only a very small fraction of total energy consumed and generated. Coal is still king and with China looking at building transmission lines running coal sourced power to Germany.

      Yes I do realize how small their continuation is which begs the question . Why would you care ? And , don’t be rediculas . A pan Asia Europe power grid ? Where do you read this stuff ?

      Still waiting for you to tell us how solar panels produce electricity when the sun isn’t shining. Could it be the way they did it in Spain by running diesel generators and shining huge banks of lights on the panels?

      Or more likely the panels are infused with pixie dust at the time of manufacture.

      Hey Ataloss here ya go power from China to Germany. Do you go, google is your friend you should try it before commenting.

      “Well say hello to the savvy Chinese investors who may be able to solve both problems. It seems hard to believe but all that surplus energy might just find its way to Germany. With new ultra hot coal power there is talk they can produce electricity so incredibly cheap they can send it on ultra high voltage lines all the way to Berlin. Barking? They’ll probably earn carbon credits for doing it too.”

      h ttp://joannenova.com.au/2016/04/will-chinas-coal-power-sell-electricity-to-germany/

      Read and weep.

    You neglected to mention that India and China are also set to lead the world in increasing their CO2 emissions. Vastly increasing. China is expected to triple its emissions in 15 years.

So how green is lithium.

“A 2012 study titled “Science for Environment Policy” published by the European Union compares lithium ion batteries to other types of batteries available (lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal-hydride and sodium sulphur). It concludes that lithium ion batteries have the largest impact on metal depletion, suggesting that recycling is complicated. Lithium ion batteries are also, together with nickel-metal-hydride batteries, the most energy consuming technologies using the equivalent of 1.6kg of oil per kg of battery produced. They also ranked the worst in greenhouse gas emissions with up to 12.5kg of CO2 equivalent emitted per kg of battery. The authors do point out that “…for a full understanding of life cycle impacts, further aspects of battery use need to be considered, such as length of usage, performance at different temperatures, and ability to discharge quickly.”

Elemental lithium is flammable and very reactive. In nature, lithium occurs in compounded forms such as lithium carbonate requiring chemical processing to be made usable.
•Lithium is typically found in salt flats in areas where water is scarce. The mining process of lithium uses large amounts of water. Therefore, on top of water contamination as a result of its use, depletion or transportation costs are issues to be dealt with. Depletion results in less available water for local populations, flora and fauna.
•Toxic chemicals are used for leaching purposes, chemicals requiring waste treatment. There are widespread concerns of improper handling and spills, like in other mining operations around the world.
•The recovery rate of lithium ion batteries, even in first world countries, is in the single digit percent range. Most batteries end up in landfill.
•In a 2013 report, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) points out that nickel and cobalt, both also used in the production of lithium ion batteries, represent significant additional environmental risks.

ht tp://www.kitco.com/ind/Albrecht/

People thought Mt. Polly was bad, or fracturing..

    I heard the other day of potential breakthroughs in battery technology using bio-agents derived from beats. They claim it will lower electric storage costs to almost nil. Maybe a renewable breakthrough leading the way to capacity storage?

    Maybe one day PG will be surrounded by beat fields and our airport cargo port will be busy with preloaded beat batteries…. The new energy capital of the world.

Some grossly overpaid self entitled are not going to stand for the anthem at the Seahawks game using it as a black lives matter protest.

These misinformed losers should read this 5 statistics you need to know about cops killing blacks

ht tp://www.dailywire.com/news/7264/5-statistics-you-need-know-about-cops-killing-aaron-bandler

    Lots of race baiters on this site!

      Looking in the mirror again?

      Galt read the article, hey you might just might learn something about the controversy. Do you grow mushrooms?

      Some people think that there should be equal rights for everyone.

      Others think that there should be special right for some!

      Funny how those who think that there should be special rights for some will try to label those that think that there should be equal right for everyone as racist!

      Just saying!

While in opposition, Trudeau felt it necessary for Parliamentarians to have a vote in Parliament when it came to sending our troops overseas. Now, he and his Government have made the decision to send our troops overseas and Trudeau and Co. no longer think it necessary to have a vote in Parliament!

Really! This AND his Government’s broken promises to veterans!

No, I will not read the article, YOU seamutt, and Dirtman/Hart Guy are about creating “division” among us, in this case, along race lines. You are both “bottom feeders”, in my opinion.

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