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October 27, 2017 9:19 pm

Major Construction Projects Prompt Safe Driving Message

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 @ 1:37 PM


Prince George, B.C.- Although the City of Prince George’s road rehabilitation projects have been under way  for a  few months,  the major  projects on some major routes have  prompted a special  traffic advisory.“We just want to send out a message on how important it is  for drivers to be vigilant” says Mayor Lyn Hall.  “We have workers and flag people and pedestrians out, and we just want drivers to be conscious of that.”

While much of the road rehab projects for 2016 have been completed, the  ones underway now are considered the major  projects.  “These, in the next three or four weeks are the largest construction projects on our   program for the summer” says Mayor Hall. “I think it’s important to  reiterate this message  about being safe and being cautious as you drive ,  we just want to reiterate that again because of the bulk and magnitude of the work we are doing.”

The work today  has the  east bound lanes of 15th avenue closed to all traffic between Alward and Johnson.  The  west bound lanes  of that stretch are next on the list.roadrehabproject2

Then there’s 5th Avenue  between Ahbau and Ruggles,   followed by 5th Avenue from Carney to Edmonton,  and then  4th Avenue  from Edmonton to Victoria.

(at  right, Sgt. LaBelle, Mayor Hall, Cpl Craig Douglass)

The message comes just  a little over two weeks  after a female flag person was struck and killed  at  a  construction site at West Austin Road and  Highway 97.  Mayor Hall says today’s message is a direct result of that  tragedy “We’ve also seen some very close calls with flag  people, workers from our contractors with the City, we hear consistently they’ve had a close call with a vehicle and so part of it is  a result of that tragedy, but we just want to continue to reiterate to drivers and pedestrians to be  careful in construction zones.”

Prince George  RCMP Traffic Unit Sergeant Matt LaBelle reminds drivers the fines for speeding in a construction  zone is $196 dollars “It’s very important to drive  safely through construction zones while work  is being done. While  under construction, the engineering   has changed in the zones,  so please  keep that in mind.  For those who find themselves in a construction zone,   please be patient, it does  take a few more seconds to get through those zones, but your patience  and safe driving  are  much appreciated.”



You can put all the messages out for drivers to be diligent and obey all construction signs and flag persons but the reality is you just can’t fix stupid because there are a lot of drivers on the road that just don’t care or pay attention you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it same with drivers as I said you can’t fix stupid

hey teachers of PGSS, perhaps tell the kids that they should look before crossing Massey. Maybe throw a walking bridge over the massey before having them step down. make the step down on Pine Center side. Would make more sense to me.

    So you recommend we add pedestrian safety to the list of things teachers should be teaching childred? Come on “He spoke” I know you wouldn’t support further use of tax payers dollars.

    Besides, as someone who drives by the Massey crosswalk daily (as well as the Duchess/Winnipeg area), it is common knowledge that teenagers are somewhat like stray dogs. They will not change, nor should they really. drive aware!

Without visible enforcement, the threat of large fines do not seem to matter. I firmly believe that the police should be setting up speed traps within the confines of the construction zones.
Case in point: the construction zone on hwy 97 south of Quesnel… multiple signs regarding speed reduction and how fines are double in a construction zone. A radar board displaying your speed does not help either. I have witnessed many peoples speeds going as high as 80+ km/hr coming into that work zone. They finally ride up on someone’s rear bumper who is actually obeying the limit and these impatient drivers continue to tailgate the law abiding travellers until they can blow past them.
I know that photo radar was a contested issue when it was in BC, but I personally believe that it should get brought back into use. Far too many deaths and injuries arising from speeding.
It is nice to see all this paving happening, I just really hope that we could make it through until winter without another worker, pedestrian or cyclist getting killed.

Anyone know what is being worked on underground at 5th and the bypass? A lengthy project thats for sure.

    They are digging down to China to save Trudeau

      I knew it!!

Can’t wait until they do Nechako Dr. it’s be at least 40 years.

Hope these projects get the approval of Merrick as we wouldn’t want to disrupt the hoards of bike riders out there. All these bike lanes, restricted parking, all sort of made up symbols painted all over the roads. City hall has gone bat sh.. crazy. Are these symbols uniform all over the province? Can each city, town, village make up traffic signs? I don’t know. Are they in the drivers manual?

    It even gets better seamutt. Despite the fact the city employs a building full of engineers and junior engineers, according to another news source, L&M Engineering was hired to dream up all this bike lane stuff. Proving that a city of PG engineer cannot even perform the simplest of tasks.

Without a lot of visible enforcement, I sort of doubt a lot of people will take heed.

Matt, perhaps you could tell us how many members are working traffic per shift. I think we all know that any GD member can issue a ticket, if they’re not responding to calls, but just curious as to where all the traffic members go during the day. Are they farmed out to other sections?

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