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October 27, 2017 9:19 pm

Bike Lanes – What Do Those Signs Mean?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 @ 5:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – New  pavement markings in Prince George have some drivers scratching their  head.

With the  City preparing to  make  bike lane restrictions a part of  everyday driving in  P.G.,  the  pavement is being marked to  outline  the rules of the road.

The Bike Lane project  was approved as part of the  Capital Plan.   The  total budget , which includes,  engineering,  signage and pavement markings is $500 thousand dollars,   of which half  came  in the form of a grant  from the Bike BC  program.

The total cost for the pavement markings portion of the work is $42,515 and of that amount,  the cost  for the markings in the “Share the Road” or  “Shared Use Lane”  portion is $7,437, which are the pavement markings that are in the vehicular lanes.

The dedicated  bike lane markings tend to last longer because they are along the edge where there is no vehicular traffic. The markings now being installed in “Share the Road” or “Shared Use Lane” locations that are in the vehicular lanes will require annual upgrades, similar to crosswalks.

When the matter was discussed at Council late last May,   a report from L &M  Engineering detailed the  meanings of the new  markings.

Here is a refresher course:


Dedicated Bike Lane

  1. Dedicated Bike Lane: The most common sign  drivers will see is the one at  right, which  designates a lane  just for bikes.  It means there  is to be no vehicle stopping, or parking in that specific lane.

Along this lane,  there will  also be signage indicating  the lane is  for the use of bicycles





2. bikelane2Share the road.   This is the pavement marking which has  confused some drivers.   This marking is being applied to  roadways where  parking cannot  yet be removed,  or there    are other  constraints  which don’t allow for a dedicated bike lane with the expectation that cyclists will ride  to the right of  a  moving vehicle  ( vehicle in image at right is  a  parked vehicle).  The pavement markings will be accompanied by  a “Share the Road” sign .





3. Shared Use Lane:bikelane3 On roadways, where the  lane is  4 metres or less,   it will be marked as a “Shared Use Lane”, meaning cyclists and vehicles are expected to travel in single file. The pavement markings will be in the centre of the lane.  The roadside signage will indicated the  lane is shared use, and that travellers are  to  move in single file.









There are also special markings  for  bike lanes that  have to transition to a shared the road mode.  This is most likely  to  take place  where  parking is needed  as a loading zone.   The pavement markings will  specify that the bike lane ends,  and  a “share the Road”  scenario begins.  Again there will be roadside signage   to reinforce those directions, as shown in the image below left.   The other transitional  lane calls for cyclists  to  yield to buses, (image below right) and to move to  their left to get around  transit, as most bus stops   use the bike lanes.

Transition at Loading Zone                                   Bus Stop                                         

bikelane4     bikelane5

The bike lane rules won’t come into effect until all the roadside signage is in place,  and that is not likely to happen until  October.  But, once the roadside signs are in place,  the  no stopping, no parking rules  will  be  enforced.









So, I get a flat tire or my car breaks down, guess I’ll just park in the middle of the road. Wouldn’t want one of the 5,000 or so bicycles that use the bike lanes slam into the back of my vehicle especially in mid winter.

By October, maybe the various bike lane markings will blend in nicely with the snow.

In PG it means at least one member of city council has it in for motorists.
The more motorist that are inconvenienced the better they like it.

    Any bets that the one member of city council won’t run in the next election because that one member has accomplished the only reason, that the member had run for (phew).

    Can’t anyone tell that council person that trying to pull a Robertson ain’t gonna work in PG?

Does anyone know how much the city pays L&M to do all the work? One would think the city would have enough “expertise” in house for projects like these. Is there a standing contract between the city and L & M? Wonder why?

“Bike Lanes – What Do Those Signs Mean?”

means my taxes went up for another special interest group.

    When they made sidewalks wheelchair accessible the people who are often vocal on this site must have lost there minds.

$500 large to subsidize a hobby? Wonder if the city will be so generous to other sports groups in PG…
And ‘shared lanes’ for pedal bikes and vehicles? Gotta be a wet dream for the ambulance service. By the way, The law requires traffic moving less than the normal speed of traffic to keep as close as practicable to the right hand curb or edge of the roadway

What has happened to common sense? Just came back from Kamloops and area. Did not see bike lines at all but yet people were getting around just fine, sharing the road in a community that can bike 10 months out of the year. And painting the lines just before the snow flies?? The lines will be erased by spring. Bike lanes in residential areas, such as College Heights, make no sense imo. People living there are parking on their lawns because of the bike lanes.

Shared use lane or not, I am still not going to ride my bike down the middle of these lanes. I might technically have the right of way now with these new signs, but that doesnt mean I would feel safe.

There are far too many drivers here that need to just slow down and take their time getting places. The speed limits in town are 50km/h not 80 that you see many people driving on Massey, Ospika, Tabor, etc.

Then lets get some police “bike cops” out there.
Still lots of cyclists that wear no helmets, cut across the roads, don’t stop at four ways pr lights. And even seen a few texting. Have be it there are also lots that do obey the laws. Just like there is bad drivers there are also bad cyclists also. Share the road safe.

    We used to have bicycle police wonder what happened to them?
    Budget cuts probably.

You people need to get a grip. It’s 2016, people ride bikes, and they need a safe place to do it.

We all know there hasn’t been such options in this hick town, so congrats to Merrick (since you cowards can’t even gut up and say who you’re talking about) for standing by her election promises. In this day and age, it’s hard to come by a politirian who can do something they say they will do.

Learn the rules of the road, get over the money spent and move on with your lives. This will hopefully save a life of a cyclist, create harmony in all of our commutes, and make Prince George a little more up with the times.

    Well littleone (you wouldn’t be Merrick by the way, would you). Like you say it is 2016 and I would have thought by now the bicycle riders in this Hick town would have known how to use the roadways along with the automobiles, without somebody painting signs on the pavement for them, telling them where they should safely ride.

      I think you might be right, this seems to be almost verbatim what was printed in the newspaper.

      How flattering that you think I am she. But I’m certainly not, I’ve never met her unfortunately and I haven’t read the citizens article. That’s rich. You also would like to think that the drivers in this town would know how to use the roadways? But if you’d notice, they also need lines to tell them where to go and how to safely drive. Interesting hey?

    Well said littleone! It’s pretty ridiculous- all the negative comments on this website. Get over people. Life will continue and you will still be able to drive your car to your destination will zero inconvenience. Really- wait and see.

      Bingo. The knickers will dislodge sooner than later I’m sure. When there’s something new to complain about ;)

    Littleone, you get a grip. 500,000 and counting for what? How did we ride bikes before trendy bike lanes. By the way I liked my hick town better before the crazy money spending liberal left showed up blowing money on the latest trend.

      Trendy bike lanes, hipster crosswalks, next thing you know they will want to enforce the speed limit on the Hart regularly.

      It’s not about being trendy, no one that I know has ever made that as an argument for them. It’s about safely getting to where you want to go, whether you are driving or cycling. Also, take a look at any economics study. You’ve got to spend money to get places in this world. Bike lanes, bridges, whatever the case. I certainly don’t see anyone complaining about the new pavement in the park? Does it not bother you? Why does lines on the road get everyone’s knickers in a knot? If safety is the newest trend, count me in.

    Hick town littleone? Your best defense of these bike lanes is to insult this city and the people who live here?

    Feel free to leave if you like. The ‘hick town’ is full of wonderful people, and I am proud to live here and call it my home.

    I think the main point being made by most posters on here that I gathered is that the newly painted roads will be erased very soon by the impending winter, so the $500k probably was essentially wasted.

    Biking is a wonderful hobby though. I do wish that bikers would follow the rules of the road, the same as I wish motorists would. Hopefully some clear signage and marked lanes will help in that regard.

      Thumbs up for spidey with a score of +1

      It’s not an insult, more of an adjective, there are many more I’m sure, but that’s the one I chose. And your best response is to tell me to leave because I have an opinion on OPINION 250? Shocking revaluation spidey. Lines get repainted every year, so if the main dadhed line next to it will be done, so will the bike lane right next to it. 500 now, or in the spring, or doesn’t matter really. You’ll all complain either way.

I am OK with sharing the lane with bikes, what is a piss off is, cyclist not willing to share the lane with motorists. How many of you, have come up behind cyclist riding side by side, without a care about the vehicle behind them. Cyclists want respect, than cyclist has to give respect.

I drive as well as ride my bike so I see both sides. With that being said, I have no issues with any of this if cyclists get treated the same as those in vehicles. That means they need to follow the rules of the road and should be ticketed if they are not. I see them going through stop signs, no helmets, texting, and crossing the roads where there is no intersection. If they are ticketed, then maybe they will start following the rules. Those monies can help with the costs of painting for bike lanes as well as other areas that our taxes go to.

One always has to wonder if the City is really concerned about various issues such as bike lanes, dykes, clean water, community energy systems, airport runways, etc; etc;, or are they primarily concerned with accessing grant money, and in order to access grant money they need projects.

In the case of these bike lanes, $250,000.00 comes from the BC Bike Program.

I agree that we need a safe environment for bikers, however the City totally ignored the idea of allowing bikes on sidewalks, (like they do in Edmonton). My guess is that there would be no money available for bikes on sidewalks, so scratch that idea.

For the number of bikers in the greater Prince George area, and the square kilometres of the City, all we are going to end up with is a hodge podge of biking signs, in some areas, and basically what we have now in other areas.

So have we solved a problem or have we created one like we are creating one with the downtown parking fiasco.

    the only good thing about bike lanes is I now have a place to walk free of bicycles.

      Thanks for the chuckle. Walking downtown this morning and some helmeted dude is riding toward me on the sidewalk and I thought, wow, there’s the cop shop just 200 feet away – yeah, this guy’s scared of the law.

Ospika soccer fields, exhibition and Mega Sale could cover our national debt if they actually enforced this crap

    You forgot the motorcycle instruction businesses that can take up almost all of cn center parking lot thus leaving no place for the rest of the people to park.
    I wonder if they pay to use the parking lot or just do?
    Oh Jillian where are you Jillian?

      They have to pay to use the parking lot as well as another they use in town. Also, the part of the lot they use is empty on the weekends they do the training so I don’t see a problem with it.

The “I don’t like change crowd”, not as many now that they can’t up vote their own comments!

Hey, I don’t ride a bike, but I am willing to try sharing the road with people who bike recreational, or as a healthy lifestyle / healthy environment choice. Some of you curmudgeons need to relax.

    So you didn’t share the road before bike lanes?

    the more anyone could ever up vote was one …so I think your argument is baseless.
    I too am willing to share the roads but if you look at the bike lanes they aren’t there to enable sharing they are there to inconvenience drivers.
    Point: check the sign on 5th avenue just east of central..it says bike lane on 8th avenue. That was arbitrarily changed to 10th so those going to the Phoenix medical no longer have a road to park on. and 8th is not marked as a bike route.

    predictable response people#1.

Remember all you bicycle riders out there….

Keep right except to pass and use your hand signals when required.
Only then will we know what your intentions are without having to guess all the time.

If you are a cyclist in a bike lane don’t ride on the white line on the left. I have never seen so many cyclists put themselves in so much danger. The city has put a lot of effort putting in the lanes – keep your bike to the right.

Okay, get your thumbs down button ready – oh right, it’s gone. Too bad.

Many drivers do not know what to do when they see, a stop sign, a speed limit sign, a merge sign, a crosswalk, a school bus with red lights flashing, how to use a signal, rules in a school zone, a playground zone – and you expect them to understand this? Good luck.

But hey, don’t get your shorts in a knot. As long as you don’t park in a bike lane anywhere within 8 blocks of the Victoria St. Tim Hortons – there is no by-law officer to ticket you. It’s been awhile since I’ve been down to College Heights, but it seems to me in that area, people regularly park part on the road, part on the sidewalk, and they don’t get ticketed.

Unenforced laws are just suggestions – so feel free to put your own interpretation on this.

Wear your helmet, There is a man that walks around Pine Center who has suffered a serious brain injury when he was still a child. You will know who I am talking about. He was riding his bike, and was a victim from a motor vehicle.

It can happen to anyone, you, your child. Changes everything. Wear a Melon Cushion.

So a person has friends over they are not allowed to park on the street, is that right?

City hall is gone bat sh.. crazy.

Hey anyone ever seen any numbers for actual not theoretical bike riders using these lanes? I very rarely see any bikes, and not in our northern city cool weather.

    Speaking of bat sh.. crazy, according to you winter cyclists and man made global warming don’t exist. So here is an article that contains both… have fun!

    Before you respond, NO I will not engage in a debate with you, I am not that bat sh.. crazy!


      jgalt states “I am not that bat sh.. crazy!”

      Could we vote on that!

      Elaine-Topic for next News250 opinion poll?

      I would think that over the next few weeks over 95% of the bikes in the city will find their way into a garage, shed or basement till the leaves come out next spring and to have all the bike lanes and rules over the winter months is stupid especially the parking restrictions.

      There are residential streets that have bike lanes on both sides of the street,areas with small lots and limited off street parking Carney Street being one example. If you want to have a few friends over for a BBQ or family gathering where are they supposed to park. If a person cannot safely navigate a quite residential street without a 8′ wide bike lane they have no business being on an arterial road.

      I do ride a bike but avoid the busy arterial roads because I think any health benefits are wiped out by breathing in exhaust fumes when traffic is heavy as most vehicles tailpipes point directly at bike lanes.

      Man influenced warming is regional, globally insignificant compared to natural unless you deny climate changes naturally.

Share the road. I am wondering does it make some people feel good when they crowd a bike rider in the bike lane or on the road? I myself would not want to clip someone with a mirror or injure a a rider even if they are in the wrong. Many times you will also see people driving with one wheel of their vehicle in the bike lane.

MORE tickets needed to be handed out to people on bikes NOT following Bike and Road Rules.

Kid’s baseball and fastball fields are an absolute disgrace in this City yet they spend this kind of money to appease a few adults? How many palms were greased and many backroom deals were brokered here?

    But bike lanes are more trendy, you must get with the program.

If you do not have a safe place to bike, no one will ride their bikes. More bikes on the road means less cars on the road. It would be nice to see a separate bike… walking lanes away from the roads. Then you would see lots of people using them.

    How about winter or any inclement weather.

I remember three (3) short years ago, weaving all over the streets and roads in this city because they were so pothole filled, entire sections, like the one on Ospika between Massey and the CN Center, where the pavement completely disintegrated into the gravel sub-strait.

I remember three (3) short winters ago when the snow and ice build-up in the city streets were so bad that a truck had it’s canopy bounce off in College Heights because of the massive ice holes and bumps.

Now that our City Mayor and Council has fixed all of that, lets complain some more… yeeesh!

    Fixed, you haven’t driven on marleau and Bear have you.

X-it—How true. Another thing I see nothing wrong with a person riding a bike on a sidewalk where there are very few people walking. Times when this is done there is no other safe place for them to ride. Police need to use some common sense.

For all the people who complain about every change that happens in this city, why don’t you get involved and try your hand at running for local politics. Maybe you can make a difference in your city, instead of being an arm-chair whiner.

    Wel put MamaT . I love the changes that are happening for a safer and better world . This morning I was reading that the first driverless taxi in the world is now picking up passengers in Singapore. I look forward to not having to deal with a driver when I take a taxi . It will be even better for women and children .

      Driverless cars are for people who are to lazy to drive themselves.

      Ok, I gotta ask… How is a driverless taxi better for women and children? I don’t see the relevance.

    I am sure a number of posters on this site have ran for Council. Running for Council is one thing, getting elected is another. If your not elected, then the only way you can express your opinion is through the media, which of course is what is happening here.

    Have a nice day.

BC Motor Vehicle – “cycle” means a device having any number of wheels that is propelled by human power and on which a person may ride and includes a motor assisted cycle, but does not include a skate board, roller skates or in-line roller skates;

“designated use highway” means a highway or part of a highway in respect of which a traffic control device indicates that the highway or part of a highway is reserved for the exclusive use of persons, organizations, vehicles or cycles, classes of persons, organizations, vehicles or cycles prescribed under section 209.1 or specified in a bylaw or resolution of the council of a municipality under section 124.2;

“designated use lane” means a lane of highway in respect of which a traffic control device indicates that the lane is reserved for the exclusive use of persons, organizations, vehicles or cycles or classes of persons, organizations, vehicles or cycles prescribed under section 209.1 or specified in a bylaw or resolution of the council of a municipality under section 124.2;

“traffic” includes pedestrians, ridden or herded animals, vehicles, cycles and other conveyances, either singly or together, while using a highway to travel;

Obeying traffic controls
125 Unless otherwise directed by a peace officer or a person authorized by a peace officer to direct traffic, every driver of a vehicle and every pedestrian must obey the instructions of an applicable traffic control device

As I read this Bicycles have been covered in the Motor Vehicle Act for a long time – So I still don’t get the push for a “Segregated Policy’ – just obey the laws as they have been written for generations.

As for the collision on 15th – yes as terrible as it was – It wouldn’t have happened if the cyclist wasn’t riding on the sidewalk, entered the intersection on a red light, drove into the side of the vehicle, and I can’t recall if the police officer said if a helmet was used or not.. Oh ya isn’t there bicycle lanes in this area (again not used) ?

Oh and to the bicyclist riding on N. Nachako Road yesterday morning at approximately 6 am – please ride on the proper side of the road and stop for the red light next time as you crossed in front of me against the red light at what appeared to be full speed.

Common scence has been lost by most of us …

Just saying my to cents worth….

    “As I read this Bicycles have been covered in the Motor Vehicle Act for a long time – So I still don’t get the push for a “Segregated Policy’ – just obey the laws as they have been written for generations.”

    I was pondering this as well. My bicycle education as a kid went like this “Watch out for cars.” That one came from my Mom.

    And when Dad taught me to drive “Watch out for bikes, you never know what they’re going to do.”

    Funny, two simple rules, that if everyone could understand and follow, and there’d be no need for bike lanes.

    But, there’s been a lot of changes. In the 70s your car had a radio, maybe a tape deck. Now, it’s got GPS, OnStar, Bluetooth, cellphones, and Tim Hortons. Few vehicles even had cup holders. And, there were actually police officers who actually wrote tickets and spent a good part of their day doing it. Compliance wasn’t really optional back then.

    Sad thing is, some drivers are really crappy now, with lots to distract them, and possessing little common sense. And police, they’ve got so much on their plate now I’m surprised they’re able to do what they do now.

      Most of what you posted also applies to bicycle riders.

      Scariest part about riding now is the texters that keep wandering onto the shoulder, swerve back and continue staring into their lap. Never used to have that fear.
      When I ride with my kids to school, I almost want to teach them to ride on the sidewalk, facing traffic.

A Victoria-area cyclist was apparently not pleased about getting a ticket for allegedly flying through a school zone on Wednesday morning, but police say the law applies to everyone on wheels.

The cyclist was caught in one of six speed traps set up by Saanich Police this morning.

Police initially put out a warning to drivers to watch out for pedestrians and cyclists, but less than 30 minutes later they extended the warning to cyclists to watch their speed too, after nabbing the free-wheeler.

Police did not say how much the cyclist was fined, but speeding in a school zone can cost as much as $483.

Next project for Jillian and Lyn…ride a bike up Hart Highway on a rainy night..maybe lights will get installed.

    Noooooooooo!!! How dare they want to spend money on public safety, how will I ever get to use my 10 billion lumen light bar on my straight piped, 6″ lifted road princess within city limits!!!! Change….noooooooo. 😈

    The John Hart highway is provincial jurisdiction. You should yell at Mike Morris and Todd Stone.

      Good point Rum Dog!


    What…spend time up the Hart. Do they really know where the Hart is.

    Maybe tell Lyn that there is a photo op occurring up there soon. Surprise…surprise…here he be in all his glory.

    The Hart has an off highway path does it not? we used it 15 years ago to bike from Austin to the Mohawk (Husky now I think) and back

Never mind I witnessed the road crew painting bike logos on sunday the 4th…the long weekend.just leisurely painting away. I wonder if it was double bubbles?

    Funny guy…double time….haha. Try triple plus an extra day.

Digitus–Our local MLA’s do not want to rock the boat with Christy because it may spoil their chance to advance in the party. Never know they may end up with a top-up salary.

There seems to be a disconnect between council members approving this whole thing and what they are approving for expanding development to more rural areas.

It just doesn’t make sense to have more and more people building houses farther and farther away from “work” and then we have to “accommodate” their choice for traveling.

Council make up your mind. Either you want development in downtown or you want development on a first come/most money basis and if the latter is the case make the developer pay for the bike lanes.

Voters do have a long memory, especially when decisions just don’t make sense.

As this discussion comes to a close, I would like to thank Elaine and crew for putting up with all the posters and their thoughts and beliefs. Have a great night and thank you.

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