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October 27, 2017 9:18 pm

P.G. to Host Ministers of Labour

Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.- Tomorrow, Ministers of Labour  from Provincial, Territorial and the Federal governments will be huddling in Prince George.

The annual  meeting  brings together  the nation’s labour ministers  together to  share  information  and ideas on a variety of topics including labour policy, employment standards and occupational health and safety.

B.C.’s Minister of Labour, Shirley Bond, is  pleased the session is happening in her own constituency “Prince George is a vibrant, active and diverse community, and I am proud to host my colleagues in Northern B.C. British Columbia currently leads Canada in job creation and economic growth, so it’s a good time to collaborate and discuss labour relations and policy with ministers from across the nation.”

The meeting will be co-chaired by Minister Bond, and Federal Minister of Labour  MaryAnn Mihychuk.



“B.C.’s Minister of Labour, Shirley Bond states; “Prince George is a vibrant, active and diverse community, and I am proud to host my colleagues in Northern B.C. British Columbia currently leads Canada in job creation and economic growth…”

Yet the unemployment rate as increased in Prince George from 4.7% in April, 2016, to 7.7% in July, 2016, an increase in unemployment of 3%. Currently Prince George’s unemployment rate is higher that the provincial and national average.

I sure wish Shirley could be more direct and truthful with us, instead of engaging in false “positive spin”.

    Nothing false in what she said at all, you just like negative spin on everything is all

    Yes, spinning again! Unemployment rates increase, decrease or hold steady depending on many factors! Influx from unemployed who come here hearing about the positive aspects of B.C., seasonal conditions and such. Those who condemn and criticize when the rate goes up step up and congratulate when the rate goes down! Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to ever come from the politically motivated though!

Wow Shirley Bond of all people getting it wrong. Shirley Bond will be hosting her colleagues in central British Columbia. No thanks needed :)

    You’d think she’d have seen a map of the province by now . Or perhaps visited northern BC . If PG is northern BC , then Dawson and lower post must be in the arctic in her mind . It’s bad enough that Smithers wants to usurp whistler . PG usurping BCs true north is just wrong . What’s wrong with owning BCs centre ? I guess if your mind is in the OK , PG is in the north .

      Perhaps you aren’t aware that Prince George has been referred to as Northern BC’s Capital time and time again! This is nothing new, as are these feeble attempts to disparage our very hard working and dedicated local MLA!

      Prince George: A Social Geography of BC’s Northern Capital
      Edited by Greg Halseth and Regine Halseth
      Published by UNBC Press in 1998.

      ht tp://www.unbc.ca/greg-halseth/prince-george-social-geography-bcs-northern-capital

      Prince George, BC’s Northern Capital

      ht tp://thegreenestworkforce.ca/index.php/blog/blog-full/prince-george-bcs-northern-capital/

      From the City’s very own website: Known as BC’s northern capital, Prince George is a bustling city located on the traditional territory of the Lheidli T’enneh with a population of approximately 76,000 situated at the crossroads of Highway 97 (north-south) and Highway 16 (east-west), and at the confluence of the Fraser and Nechako Rivers.

      ht tp://princegeorge.ca/CITYHALL/ABOUTOURCITY/Pages/Default.aspx

Perhaps the meeting can be relocated (just kidding) to Kamloops or Kelowna where airports, taxis, hotels and restaurants really appreciate and welcome the added business!

Maybe they could give the Mayor of Quesnel an invite to sit in on these meetings.

Look at a map its central. Prince George is in the center of the province. I know how its referred as H G. It is wrong, People that have named all these places as north have it wrong. They all should be changed to central to make it right, my opinion just saying. Not once was I ever trying to disparage this woman, just you trying to stir the pot. I agree she works harder than most, you go look at a map then tell where Prince George is.

    monkeyseemonkeydo, I apologize for my failure to be more clear in directing my comment to Ataloss!

    I agree that Prince George is centrally located rather than being located in the north. However, Ataloss’s comment is just another direct jab at Shirley Bond and in her defence, I spoke up!

    It’s obvious to me that Ataloss has never taken the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Shirley Bond. I’m sure that if he did, he would find her, as I have, to be one of sincere politicians that I have met, and certainly one of the greatest advocates of both our city and our region!

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