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October 27, 2017 9:14 pm

Report Calls for City to Dive Into a New Pool Facility

Monday, September 12, 2016 @ 6:00 AM

city hall

Prince George, B.C. The report  on aquatic services for Prince George is in, and will be  presented to Prince George City Council tonight.  The  bottom line is that it calls for the City to take the plunge and  build a new “Four Seasons” facility.

The report,  prepared by Dialog and Counsilman-Hunsaker Aquatics for Life,  presented three options,  but says only option 2 addresses all of the issues  identified  during the extensive  stakeholder, and public  input sessions.

Option 2  calls for the construction of a replacement facility for the Four Seasons pool on a new site  in the current area,  that the new facility  be “similar in program to what the Four Seasons Presently offers, but upgraded to current contemporary standards.”

The report says the costs to bring the Four Seasons up to code would be over $10 million dollars,  and adds “”It would be more cost effective to  completely demolish  all the pools (at the Four Seasons) and start from scratch.”

The Option 2 recommendation for the  Aquatic Centre  calls for upgrades to the mechanical  systems and  repairs to the building envelope  as well as  the addition of a new swim tank, additional family changeroom space, expanded fitness centre and storage facilities, provide space for spectator facilities and improve the accessibility throughout the facility  and into the pool tanks.

The report estimates the  upgrades to the Aquatic Centre to be in the range of  $7.7 million dollars with a significant portion of that amount  attributed to the mechanical and envelope issues.

The report says  the changes   outlined would  provide  the opportunity for the hosting of more  swim meets,  as well as meet the  aquatic program needs of residents in the future.


Last few times I went to the aquatic center the hot tube was so full people were standing in it to make room… Way over capacity… And the roof collapsed in the steam room. Then with a packed pool they close early at 5pm on holidays? What’s with that?

I think four seasons should remain open until first College Heights and the Hart get some small pools first. Then rebuild Four Seasons in the same location as aretrofit of the existing structure. Then expand the aquatic centre as the main facility in town.

I would also think it a smart idea to use the pools as a regional draw that they are by giving a free swimming pass to anyone that has a booked hotel room in the city. West Edmonton Mall does this with their facilities and it’s a huge success for them.

Well you know if a self serving report says we need to rebuild, it just has to be true.

7.7 million to upgrade or 10 million for new. Go for the new.

What is going on with PAC, is it going to happen? Personally, we should just set aside, $5,000,000.00 for construction, not studies. When the association can come up with a good business plan, and $5,000,000.00 The city throws in the land and their share, and get going.

What about a sheet of ice in College heights.

    The report pegs the cost to replace the Four Seasons pool at $33 million. $7.7 million is the cost to repair the Aquatic Centre. The report calls for $29 million to repair and expand the Aquatic Centre.

    The $7.7 and $10 million dollar figures are just to repair the Four Seasons and Aquatic Center.

    You might want to go to the city website and read the consultant’s report. Option 2 calls for the Four seasons to be replaced at a cost of just shy of $33 million and improvements to the Aquatic center costing $29.5 million.
    The total cost would be $62,386,000.00

    Like I said in FFFA that is a huge amount to spent when there are many other city owned building reaching the end of their life, prematurely given the city lack of attention to basic building maintenance, #1 fire hall and the colosseum being but two examples.

The Aquatic Center was built not that long ago! How on earth is it possible that it already needs $ 7,700,000 in repairs, including some upgrades, “with a significant portion of that amount attributed to the mechanical and envelope issues” ?

What exactly has happened to the mechanicals and the envelope, whatever that is!

    “How on earth is it possible that it already needs $ 7,700,000 in repairs”

    Simple: Lack of basic maintenance + time

    There are pictures of the problems-look in the agenda for Monday’s meeting.

    If you want to see this process in action look at the items that go unfunded list in the city budget…..things like resealing the glue lams on the art gallery. I think it was about 10k but got cut, do they think that if they leave it for a year or two that it won’t get worse.Do they not realize that a 10k bill has the potential to grow astronomically if water starts soaking into the beams…wet wood quickly becomes a science project.

    I’m sure they planted the trees in front of the new police station so the pubic can’t see the building slowly deteriorate over the coming decade or two.

I am not sure if I am angry or if I am frustrated with this silliness. There would be absolutely no need for “throwing” away this kind of money if the City would simply stop buying everything as cheaply as possible !!! Outrageous that you would spend initial money at what you think is a great deal – only to spend untold multiples later on to fix the stupid decisions that you made in the first place. Get rid of your “expert” procurement people and get some people with common sense and functioning brains to handle your City’s money !!!!!!!!



The city has to start working with the university etc and build new facilities up there. Pool, Ice Rink etc…

    Why ? There is an aquatic centre and 4 arenas within 2 kilometres of the university.

The city is out of control with the spending. PAC, pools, heating systems, licence recognition. If you have an idea to spend money just bring it forward they will hire a consultant then spend! I am so glad I no longer live in the city limits as the cost of all this spending is going to cripple the taxpayer eventually. On a side note as I have a cabin at Cluculz Lake I am already paying for a pool in Vanderhoof I could not afford to pay for 2 more pools in PG!

Ryder, I have a place at the lake and was totally pissed at the Vanderhof pool BS. I mean comon, I should pay for a Vanderhof pool.? How much does Fort St james Pay? Fraser Lake? or The First Nations. Isn’t it there land? The answer is dick.

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