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October 27, 2017 9:15 pm

Let’s Talk Prince George

Saturday, September 10, 2016 @ 6:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Residents of Prince George are being encouraged to get out into their neighbourhood and community, meet new people, take a leisurely walk and discuss issues of importance to those who live here.

The very first Jane’s Walk events in our city are being held today.  These walking tours, which can be organized by anyone with a serious interest in their community, are aimed at bringing people together to talk about issues directly affecting their neighbourhood.

Take, for example, a couple of walks which have been planned for today.  The topic of the first is the impacts of resource development on rural and remote communities in the north.  It will deal with the prosperity generated by such development but also the need to find a balance with the effects the boom and bust cycles have on community and environmental issues.

This walk will leave from the east side of Exploration Place at 10 a.m. and travel along the Fraser River bank, returning at 11 am.

Another walk and discussion will explore methods of creating a vibrant, people-oriented downtown area, one that incorporates the ideas of forward-thinking people who may have new thoughts on ways to make the downtown area an  appealing and attractive part of the city and one that people want to spend time and live in.

That walk is occurring between 12 noon and 1:30 pm with those interested gathering at the newly-seeded vacant lot across George Street from City Hall.

You can learn more about Jane’s Walk, and get information on how one goes about hosting an event, at janeswalkpg@gmail.com


But I hate people

“I don’t have to talk to any humans if I don’t want to… and I don’t” – The Control Enthusiast.

I hope they don’t go through the VLA or Ft George Park at night.

too much talk….

It’ll all come back to the same old thing. “We know we should do such and such about this and that, but we just don’t have the money…” End of discussion.

Perhaps they could walk around Third and George St., around 8am Saturday morning. They would have to be careful and not talk to loud or they will wake up all the people sleeping in the doorways.

I thought it was an established fact that action speaks louder than words, and one would then assume that we should actually do something as opposed to talking about it.

We need to solve this downtown problem. We have been talking about it for at least 30 years.

Wow… the negative comments are almost overwhelming, a typical Saturday on this curmudgeons corner.

    And your comment is also a negative one. So the point you were trying to make is?

    ->That you are a person who has a general negative view on life?
    ->That you are just trying to fit in with the crowd?
    ->That your mood altering medications have not quite kicked in yet?
    ->All of the above.

    Nice day-back to yard work.

      “->All of the above.” Multiple choice – but the answer is obvious! Some people just like to wallow daily in negativity – when a sheep dip is not available!

My neighbours and I routinely get together to discuss neighbourhood issues. I can honestly say that “…the impacts of resource development on rural and remote communities in the north.” is a topic we’ve never discussed. Loud dogs, parking on front lawns, who’s ill, who can shovel Miss Daisy’s sidewalk this week, etc. is usually the extent of our discussions.

I guess we need to be enlightened.

Gad, what next?

Today sept. 10, 1939 what happened? Now there is a topic to discuss and its affect on Prince George. Wonder if that is even taught in schools anymore?

    That was the day they found all the money that had been missing for the previous ten years. Where had it been? In the hands of the ‘rich’, just waiting for a government to come along and take it off them? Not hardly. Six years later the ‘rich’ were not only still rich, a lot of them, along with many, many others, were considerably richer than they’d been on that day in 1939, and for the ten previous years. Financially speaking, that is.

    Interesting how all those things that could’ve very easily been physically done all those years of the ‘dirty thirties’, but couldn’t be done, “….because we don’t have the money,” as various Finance Ministers were won’t to say all those years, suddenly could be done. And nary a one of them ever rose and protested that finding ‘the money’ would be the slightest problem whatsoever.

    Interesting too, how a country could take the cream of the crop in terms of its best producers, young men in their prime, put them into a uniform, feed them, clothe them, shelter them, educate, and medicate, and entertain them for six long years when, in a truly economic sense, they produced absolutely NOTHING. And at the same time still not only produce all the necessities of living for everyone, but raise that standard of living, AND go from being a primary agricultural nation to an industrial one.

    Maybe we should look where government looked then to find all that missing money.

      Huh? I thought that was the day Canada joined in the second world war? Now I gotta go check google… took 6 years to May 7th to end the war with Germany in 1945 – daughter was born May 10th 1995 so kind of easy to remember that one… November 11th is celebrated because of ww1 surrender date not ww2. I always get July 1st and July 4th mixed up for some reason, and I am not even a Yank

      Oh right, gotcha, code. Didn’t they give the Queen a billion dollars for the war effort on top of the costs to equip our own soldiers?

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