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October 27, 2017 9:17 pm

Mail Box Thieves at Work

Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 1:59 PM

Prince George, B.C.- There have been a number of  community  or rural mailboxes that  have fallen victim to thieves over the past few weeks.Prince George, RCMP say that in each case, the mailboxes have been broken into and the contents stolen.   While most of the thefts  seem to  have taken place  overnight,  there is at least one theft that happened in the middle of the afternoon.

The  thieves are hitting  mailboxes throughout Prince George.  The red triangles on the map at right show the areas where mailboxes have been hit.mailboxtheft  (map courtesy Prince George RCMP)

Locations include:

  • Sykes Road / Purdue Road
  • Blackwater Road / Highway 16
  • Highway 97 North (Hart Highway)
  • Kelly Road North / Ferguson Lake Road
  • Austin Road East
  • Foreman Road / Poty Road
  • Johnson Road
  • Sintich Road / Pacific Street
  • Western Road / Highway 16
  • Giscome Road

Investigators are asking the public, particularly those in rural areas, to be extra vigilant and report suspicious activity, persons or vehicles.

Anyone who may have information on this rash of thefts is asked to contact the Prince George RCMP, or Crime Stoppers.


I like my mailman.He puts my mail in my mailbox and its not even locked.

Nailed it oldman1. Just think if the Federal Conservatives had been re-elected they could have achieved this news story’s vision for urban Prince George as well, not just the rural areas.

ht tp://facteurhumain.ca/Content/Image/Nouvelle/vol1.jpg

Thankful that my mailman delivers my mail right to my mailbox… no worries and peace of mind.

How is that safer? Unless you are at home to take the mail in as soon as it is delivered, or have a door slot, or locked mailbox at your door, who’s stopping someone from taking your mail right out of your mailbox?

Although, who cares if their flyers are taken? Most important payments are direct deposited now-a-days and a lot of important documents (bank statements etc.) are available on-line.

But then there’s the worry about cyber-theft and email scams…

I have received my mail in a community mail box for well over 20 years! Never had an issue, never ever! Enjoyed the fact that my mail is out of the weather and is far far safer than if it had been left in my mailbox at my front door!

While the relatively few community mailbox thefts each year receive a lot of press, especially from the bleeding hearts, there is very little said about the millions upon millions upon millions of Domino’s flyers that are delivered safe and sound each year to tens of thousands, or perhaps millions of community mail boxes!

    Hmmm… drive up to a whole bank of community mail boxes, and break into a bunch of them in a matter of minutes, or go up to each house, one at a time, and risk being caught on security cameras… if I were a thief which one would be easiest, fastest, and less risky?

Bang on mama t and Hart Guy, it takes nothing for a thief to go door to door and simply reach into the unlocked mailbox and take the mail. I like the community mailboxes, I can go away for a week and not worry about my mailbox filling up.

I’d be devastated if some scumbag thief were to steal my Northland flyers.

    lol, sad but true

I think what we have on this site is there are people who are trying to judge the worth of a person. Do they not like to see someone delivering mail door to door making a living wage? As far of having my mailbox getting full when I am away there is always someone who will pick up my mail or the post office will always hold it for you.

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