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October 27, 2017 9:13 pm

CNC Receives $1.2 Million in Provincial Trades Funding

Monday, September 12, 2016 @ 11:13 AM
Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris at this morning's announcement - photo 250News

Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris announces new funding this morning at CNC – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – It was all smiles at the College of New Caledonia’s (CNC) Heavy Duty Mechanic Building this morning.

This as the provincial government announced $1.2 million in funding to help the school purchase new trades equipment.

The new equipment will benefit students in the welding, metal fabrication, heavy duty mechanic, industrial mechanic, power engineering and electrical programs.

It includes a hydrostatic transmission trainer for the heavy duty mechanical trades program and a turbine and generator set for the power engineering program.

“This investment means trades students will have the tools necessary to develop hands-on skills that employers look for when they hire,” said Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris.

“The College of New Caledonia has received more than $3.1 million in funding for trades equipment for in-demand programs since the launch of the BC Skills for Jobs Blueprint in 2014.”

He said the funding is timely considering nearly one million job openings are expected in B.C. by 2025, and eight out of 10 of those openings will require post-secondary education.

“Two thirds of the job openings will be from retirements and one third will be from economic growth which is significant,” said Morris.

“These jobs represent tremendous opportunities to ensure British Columbia has a skilled workforce to fill the labour gaps and keep up with retirements.”

“It’s very important to understand that it is through this equipment that our students get that experiential learning that reinforces all of the theory and prepares them well for jobs here in the north and throughout the province,” added CNC president Henry Reiser.


Another photo op, and pre-election funding announcement, too bad these only happen once every four years, just prior to our elections. What is with the continuation of this “trades” agenda when there are no jobs? I know certified welders, and heavy duty mechanics that have to travel all over Western Canada to find short term-contract work.

The jobs are not there to meet current supply!!!

    That’s complete rubbish JDolt. If your welder and HD mechanic pals can’t find work in northern BC then they’re not worth hiring. Properly skilled trades are in considerable demand right now, even with lousy energy prices. When that sector rebounds (which it will) there’s going to be a huge shortage of qualified workers.

      Sorry, I am afraid my comment is NOT complete rubbish, the current unemployment rate for Northern BC is in the double digits (11.1%). Christ’s LNG pipe dream has failed to materialize, the hundreds of thousands LNG jobs has failed to materialize, yet they are still pushing some fantasy about 1 million jobs coming to BC by 2025, from what sectors we wonder?

      ht tp://srv129.services.gc.ca/ei_regions/eng/rates_cur.aspx

      There is reality, and then there is the fantasy world the BC Lib/Cons have spun for you!!!

Negative Nancy(who can find a dark cloud in every piece of silver).

Two minute search finds trade jobs available at:


A previous story I think on this site stated that HD mechanic apprentices are waiting up to 18 months to get an available spot to advance their apprenticeship. A vast majority of these people already have jobs and are not pleased that it could take 6 years to become a journeyman.

There is also a need to replace retiring tradesmen as the boomers approach 65.

4 more years for Christy!👍👍👍👍👍

Now here is an interesting read on that pie-in-the-sky 1 million jobs in BC. Seems the BC Liberals promised million job openings by 2020, then 2022, now its 2025.

ht tp://thetyee.ca/News/2015/12/11/BC-Liberals-Promised-Jobs/

Here is the rub, double digit unemployment and all, things are so bad right here and right now, the Lib/Con government wants us to focus on some distant future in the year 2025! Come on folks, lets jump into our DeLorean DMC-12’s and go “back to the future”!

    “We have a very false economy,” Trump told Reuters earlier this month. He has also said at various times that the “real” unemployment rate is 42 percent — ten times the official number”

    You have found your soul mate (((JGalt))) but in your case it is more like a solo mate.

    Hey JDolt – newsflash for you. The only things keeping the powerhouse of the northern BC economy throttled back at the moment are global energy prices and all your parochial buddies opposing and obstructing every imaginable resource sector project in the province. Neither of those things can be even remotely attributed to our current government or Premier.

    The ‘Stop Site C Circus’ rolled into Montreal today to grandstand at the federal court of appeal. Those same people that oppose that necessary and forward-looking hydroelectric project say we should be driving emissions-free (electric)vehicles and shutting down oil and gas pipelines. Duh.

This included the CNET and PDIT programs (Trades) that have exploded with new international students and income for CNC.

A decade of pro-corporate / business right wing governments gets us a decade of what?

“How about overall, 360,000 temporary work permits were signed in 2014, an increase of 64 per cent from a decade earlier, the Conference Board of Canada report said.”

Maybe unemployment wouldn’t be so high if these corporations and businesses operating in Canada / BC hired Canadian, rather than temporary foreign, workers? The following story about the massive increase in temporary work permits, and use of TFW’s, even contains a picture of some working in good old BC. 11.1% unemployment and the use of Temporary Foreign Workers continues to grow!!!


Yup, its time for a change!

    All these TFWs and unemployed work in the trades sector?

J Galt:

You have your left wing/pro environmental government right now with Mr Sunny Ways at the helm. What have we got so far? The Canadian economy is almost in recession, negative growth everywhere including the leftist paradise known as Ontario, and anybody with a positive idea on resource extraction gets snowed in a barrage of lawsuits from the environmental movement or the anti Site C bus which probably went through more energy driving to Ottawa than 2 months of construction did

I think the idea of any government money going anywhere besides Vancouver and Victoria is a good thing and the trades are still good paying jobs (that is if all your anti development friends actually supported something for a change)

    Huh, last I checked, the lefties and environmentalists were not responsible for the world wide drop in energy prices and other commodities like Molybdenum (Endako Mine closure), etc.

    Might want find another scapegoat, winteriscoming, because your argument just doesn’t cut the muster. Not to worry, you still have your ideology to hang onto, because there is not much else this current BC Lib/Con government can hang its hat on!

      Last you checked the lefties and environmentalists were not responsible for the world wide drop in energy prices and other commodities??

      And yet your constant derogatory comments directed at Christy Clark suggest that somehow you think that she and our current BC Liberal Government are somehow responsible?

      Please explain how Christy Clark is responsible for the world wide drop in energy prices and other commodities?

      I am not the one who doubled down, and pinned all of this province’s fortunes, in LNG. That was Christy Clark and her government that did that, now the price of LNG has tanked… so she can cram her non-existent “Prosperity Fund” where the sun doesn’t shine!

      Any idiot knows we need to “diversify” or economy, but oh, no not Christy, yet what can we expect from someone with a grade 12 education?

      So let me get this straight Rachel Notley is given a pass for Alberta’s multi billion dollar deficit because of the fall of commodity prices yet BC has faced the same fall in prices and has posted another balanced budget. How many is that in a row now?

      I will bet that a majority of BC voters will choose to continue on the road we are on rather than gamble on the unknown that Horgan has to offer especially when the guy shows up about as often as Halley’s comet.

      Under Christy Clark’s leadership we are holding our own through lean times and are the envy of the rest of Canada. Sky’s the limit when prices recover.

      Strong Liberal Majority 2017!👍👍👍👍👍

      JGalt:-“Any idiot knows we need to “diversify” or economy, but oh, no not Christy, yet what can we expect from someone with a grade 12 education?”

      And how much ‘education’ do you have, JGalt? Whatever it is it’s obvious it’s well beyond the level of your intelligence.

      I’ll take one Christy Clark over Rachel Notley, Kathleen Wynne and Justin combined, any day, every day! Thankfully here in BC, we are fortunate to have in place a government that is actually doing something to try to improve BC’s economy, unlike Notley in Alberta, Wynne in Ontario and Bozo the Clown in Ottawa, all of whom seem intent on wreaking havoc upon their respective electorate!

      And since Christy Clark’s education was brought up, let’s look at Justin’s:

      – completed one year of an engineering program at Montreal’s l’École Polytechnique before deciding to QUIT the program in 2003.

      – in 2005 he began a master’s degree in environmental geography at Montreal’s McGill university and quit this program after one year.

      “After completing a Bachelor of Arts in literature at McGill University in 1994, Trudeau and a number of friends went on a year-long trip to see the world. He returned to McGill where he started the Bachelor of Education program; two years later he moved to the west coast and finished his Bachelor of Education in 1998 at the University of British Columbia.” ~ Canadian Encyclopedia

      So Justin completes six (6) years of university and gets two degrees, while Christy attends SFU, drops out, attends the Sorbonne in Paris, France, drops out again with no degree.

      The only thing that Christy possesses, for education completed, is her high school diploma. Those are the facts!!!

      And in spite of only a High School Diploma, Christy Clark elevated herself to the position of Premier of British Columbia, and she didn’t have to ride there on her daddy’s coattails like Justin did!

      Amazing that a woman with only a High School Diploma could accomplish so much more than you JGalt, and she did it as a single Mom!

      Let’s not forget that she and her party wiped the floor with Adrian Dix and his failed NDP Party! You got that right, WIPED THE FLOOR WITH THEM, haha!

      What did you say that you did for a living? Oh wait, you didn’t!

      I’ll just bet that you haven’t done or accomplished as much! ;-)


    When you have a government that treats its crown corporations as “cash cows” its easy to transfer hundreds of millions from the to the province’s general revenue account… poof they have a balanced budget! I guess you missed our discussion on the ICBC Rate Hike a couple of weeks ago.

    Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2016 @ 1:47 PM by JGalt with a score of 0
    Glad you are not surprised, BC Hydro and now ICBC are hiking their rates, but don’t ever call this the equivalent to the Province raising our taxes… even thought it is the Provincial Government that is transferring hundreds of millions of dollars from these two public corps into the government’s general revenue account.

    We are getting wiser sparrow, the old BC Liberal shell game will not work on us any more.

      The NDP would do exactly the same thing, JGalt, AND also raise our taxes!

      Didn’t the NDP already do the exact same thing?

      Not only did the NDP do the same thing but they started the process.

No government has, or is, raiding the crown corporations to the extent these BC Lib/Cons are. How bad is it? Just read these numbers!

ht tp://tinyurl.com/jd6k7zo

    The dividend and its calculation formula was created by the NDP, gotta love the dippers. Even Horgan complains about what they started.

I order to talk intelligently on this and any other subject, why don’t you get out in the trenches and actually see what’s going on instead of hiding behind your screen posting links

Why didn’t you show up at today’s announcencment and find out first hand what that 1.2 mill means to the students and educators.
When is the last time you attended a council meeting at city hall?
You have obviously never done hiring in this city or any other city. All you do is spout numbers from some online expert sources.
Posters like VOR, Sparrow and Hart Guy obviously deal with the day to day issues of running a business that you have no idea.
Do yourself and us a favor and get some hands on education before you present yourself as an expert in any topic.

    Its going to be a long 8 months until the next election ImFrank&Wiener. Suggest you, and the others, settle in for the long haul… I am already doing research into my next Friday-free-for-all comment. That comment will of course be well researched, and will contain links to credibly sourced facts.

    Why not? This site deserves my best!

      You haven’t done any meaningful research into any topic you have posted on yet that I can see

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