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October 27, 2017 9:10 pm

Spruceland Save-On-Foods Opens Wine Department

Friday, September 16, 2016 @ 1:00 PM

John Yap, Parliamentary Secretary for Liquor Reform Policy, and MLA for Richmond-Steveston at today’s opening – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The first grocery store to offer wine on its shelves in northern British Columbia was celebrated in Prince George this afternoon.

Spruceland’s Save-On-Foods is the grocery chain’s tenth store province-wide to offer a selection of over 900 varieties of BC wine. It’s also its only location to offer wine in Prince George

It has partnered with more than 150 wineries across the province to put their BC VQA wine on shelves since the provincial government changed its liquor license policy back in 2015.

“Save-On-Foods is proud to bring this choice to customers in Prince George,” said Jamie Nelson, senior vice president, retail operations. “We’re very grateful to the government for recognizing that carrying high quality BC wines, with groceries people buy, provides a level of convenience the public clearly wants.”

Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap, Parliamentary Secretary for Liquor Reform Policy, noted the change has been met with success elsewhere and is expecting the same here.

“I’ve seen first hand how this model works so well and has taken off in other parts of the province. And here in Prince George I have no doubt that this will be yet another success.”

He says additional updates to the government’s Liquor Reform Policy have also included:

  • Introducing happy hour.
  • Allowing wineries, craft brewers and distillers to offer their products at stores and restaurants to sample them before purchasing them.
  • Allowing wineries, craft brewers and distillers to sell their products at farmers’ markets.

When it comes to alcohol in liquor stores he says there are two models that are available to grocers: one is having a license to offer wine on shelves like the Save-On-Food’s store at Spruceland.

Yap says another of his recommendations is the concept of having an actual liquor store within a grocery store that can offer all liquor products, be it wine, beer or spirits.

“We’re anticipating as grocers figure out which markets they would like to offer full service liquor, we will start seeing it.”



Not surprised it would be one of Jimmy’s stores. His billions of dollars buys a lot of influence. Speaking of which, I see one of his puppets in the background, where is the other?

I also wonder about the appropriateness of someone who’s job it is to crack down on impaired drivers, attending the grand opening of a grocery store’s liquor department, next stop for Mike is the Northern Lights Winery perhaps?

    Here is the fact that “Jimmy” has some considerable time ago appointed former premier Glen Clark to run his business.

    That fact can be interpreted in various ways.

    Dearth, you can find one of my very positive and constructive comments at the end of the current Friday-free-for-all. Hope its not too hard on your ticker.

    I think the people in the background are simply patiently waiting for the yapping to be done so they can make their wine purchases.

The only thing how much Beer, Wine or whatever you can buy, is how much Money you have. Nothing else, no Government Rules or Controls , not how many Store sell it or Opening Hours!

I thought at one point they could sell wines in grocery stores as long as they were more than a kilometer from another liquor outlet.
This Save-On is no kilometer away from another liquor outlets.
Or did money change this rule?
just curious…
I personally don’t care if they have liquor stores on every block, and city council would love it and anything else liquor related, or so it seems.

What about beer? No bias here. Not everyone likes trendy wine.

And how much mark up is on these ‘special wines’? Liquor in grocery stores is not my idea of progress- but that’s a personal opinion.

First wine to hit the shelves in a grocery store in Central British Columbia.

Gosh you guys… relax! buy a bottle of wine with your steak, sit down and enjoy life

ht tp://tinyurl.com/ztjuq9x

Welcome to the 20th century!
Most other countries and even some other provinces allow grocery stores to offer a selection of alcoholic beverages. That this is worthy of a political photo-op illustrates how backward our liquor laws are.

    Amen!!! Our current liquor laws are so archaic, almost every where in the civilized world a person can buy their liquor where they get their groceries. Great job Saveon.

After a day spent downtown avoiding non-existent bicycles in all of the new bike lanes, I stopped by the Spruceland Save-On-Foods to pick up a few items. After also locating a favorite wine from a favorite BC wine, I paid for my groceries and my wine at the same time, and wonder of wonders, the world didn’t end and life as we know it didn’t cease to exist!

I agree canislupus, welcome to the 20th century!

    oops, from a favorite BC winery, haha!

    (and I haven’t even had any yet)

    Was it for a good price Hart Guy? Less or more than a liquor store?

      I did a quick search and was pleased to see that it was actually less than what I have paid at the winery itself. $18.49 compared to $19.90. This product is usually not available at the Government stores and I was surprised to see it at Save-On. Promo price, I’m not sure, but a good price none the less!

Bought booze at the willow river store for as long as I can remember. What’s all the excitement?

    there you go!

Where is the beer?

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