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October 27, 2017 9:10 pm

Two-vehicle Collision at 5th and Foothills

Friday, September 16, 2016 @ 5:52 PM
First responders on scfene of two-vehicle collision at 5th and Foothills Fridfay afternoon.  Photo 250 News

First responders on scfene of two-vehicle collision at 5th and Foothills Fridfay afternoon. Photo 250 News

Prince George, B.C. – The number of people involved and the extent of injuries is not yet known following a two-vehicle collision at 5th and Foothills late this afternoon.

Shortly before 5:3o pm a car and an SUV collided on Foothills right at the intersection with 5th Avenue.  Both vehicles are quite heavily damaged and there is debris on both the roadway and on the island separating the north and southbound lanes of Foothills.

One you teenaged girl was seen walking with the assistance of an ambulance attendant from the car that was involved to an ambulance.  The number of people in the SUV and possible injuries is not known.

Police are on scene directing traffic through that location.

City streets are very slippery with the rainfall which has followed days of sunny weather.  You are advised to drive according to road conditions.


If one travels in the right hand lane at the posted speed limit the other traffic zooms by at excessive speeds which makes one think that one is standing still. It is the same everywhere where there are four lanes. Is there a cure for this kind of relentless speeding? I very much doubt it!

    Ah yes, but if all of us who are concerned about this keep driving the speed limits, maybe more people will follow the example and not go along with the ‘herd’ mentality. This will also make the speeders stand out more and easier for the police to pick off.

    People don’t have to follow the bad habits they see others employing. We have all been given a mind to think for ourselves and to discipline ourselves.
    Its the lazy minded and weak willed, who follow bad examples out there.

    The cure is photo radar.

There are none so blind as those who cannot see.

Used to be radar set up there all the time in that stretch, have only seen it there once in 3 years.

Did I just read how the streets are slippery because of rainfall after a stretch of dry days ? Lol? That’s the public safety notice you had to include ?

My self I saw 2 accidents today. One at 9:30 this morning and one at 4:50. What’s wrong with drivers these days. Drivers think about it driving can kill you or others drivers. Pay attention.

The new driving methods, just seeing red because your in a total rage and thinking hit to pass will show them whos boss, no need to worry about the costs because money grows on trees, or comes out of someone else’s pocket. Injuring people is the least thing on their minds.

Foothills is the PG Autobahn, never see radar there anymore

Cops don’t do anything anymore and everyone who drives like a maniac knows it. Quesnel is the worst for no police presence. COP used to mean Constables on Patrol. 14 cop cars always parked and never seen enforcing the speed limits for either cars or trucks. All this equipment at tax payers expense and the maniacs run wild.

    They have been active in the school zones, and you can’t have it both ways. If crime goes up, people like you complain the cops are out ticketing the innocent tax payers and should be solving crimes, not catching bad guys.

    Sometimes accidents just happen, speed or no speed. Get a grip

I travel this stretch of road at least twice a day and I can tell you that you don’t need to be speeding to have an accident. at least once a week someone will pull out from one of the side streets right into traffic without a care in the world. At 5th and foothills it seems that a lot of people don’t understand what that big red OCTAGON means and roll right through the right turn without stopping or in a lot of cases slowing down. Of course at this point the speed limit on foothills is 60KMH so when someone runs that stop sign right in front of you, there is not much opportunity to avoid collision. I’ve had my share of close calls and seen a lot more, so I learned to stay in the left lane until I get to my turnoff and then move over. This has reduced the close calls but you still get the occasional driver that doesn’t remember which lane they are supposed to turn into!
In this particular case, I would be willing to bet that it was caused by someone rolling through the stop sign, not by someone doing 10 KM over the limit!

    You said it. I have seen drivers doing 80 km’s in a 60 km’s street. And you are correct to drive in the left lane it is for through traffic and the right is for on-of traffic.

    There are those who confuse city driving with four lane highways where slow traffic keeps to the right.

    And it is raining cats and dogs in Abby this am.

NyteHawwk, Did you ever think to consider the drivers on the opposite side streets waiting to get across two lanes of traffic to go in the same direction as you, only to find some left lane Lucy that doesn’t have to be there. A little consideration goes a long way.

    Courtesy is a big factor in safe driving and don’t forget to stop at the big red sign, don’t use two lanes when you make that right hand turn.

    Good point!

Two intersections, 15th, and Fifth and Foothills, one a red light, the other a stop sign, notorious for roll throughs. I’ve discussed traffic enforcement with police and it’s all about staffing levels and budget.

I guess i should have clarified…I stay in the left lane northbound so people turning onto foothills northbound have an open lane.
When heading south, there are NO side streets until cranbrook hill road, so I stay mainly in the right lane so people turning onto foothills from the other side can safely turn into the left lane!
That’s consideration for the other drivers, but more for my own safety!

My apology to you NyteHawwk.

I think the Motor Vehicle Branch should re-examine drivers every few years. There are some that have bad driving habits and forgotten the rules of the road and they eventually end up in an accident.

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