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October 27, 2017 9:09 pm

Terry Fox Run Honours Amazing Fundraiser – Update

Sunday, September 18, 2016 @ 11:14 AM
Jim Terrion receives special plaque from Lead Organizer Scott McWalter at Sunday's Terry Fox Run in Prince George. Photos 250News

Jim Terrion receives special plaque from Lead Organizer Scott McWalter at Sunday’s Terry Fox Run in Prince George. Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The 36th annual Terry Fox Run to raise money for cancer research got underway in Prince George this morning.

Participants in the fundraiser can walk, run, bike or rollerblade the 5 kilometre distance to from Community Foundation Park to Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park and back.

Just prior to the start of the run shortly after 10 this morning, a special presentation was made to Jim Terrion, a local resident who has raised an incredible $645,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation over the years.  He received a special and prestigious Terry Fox plaque and was warmly applauded for his amazing efforts by the crowd on hand.

Participants leave 7th and Dominion at the start of Sunday's Terry Fox Run.

Participants leave 7th and Dominion at the start of Sunday’s Terry Fox Run.

Total number of participants in the Prince George run today and the amount of money raised will be provided later today.

Editor’s note:  Lead Organizer Scott McWalter says there were 711 participants in total for this event.  The amount of money raised here is still being tallied.


Ahh, Scott McWalter, the media and right winger’s grooming has begun for our next Mayor / Councillor, BC Liberal or Federal Conservative politician in waiting… mark my words, you heard it here first folks!

His Hell Yeah PG website is corporate and business run, and with their backing, we should be getting him as another corporate and business friendly right wing government representative in the future.

    Thats good news, seems like a very able person with a good attitude. Looking forward to it.

    JGalt, would you please direct your comments to the topic of the article upon which you are commenting. The topic in this
    case being the Terry Fox Run and the honour given to Mr. Terrion.
    All commenters are asked to please stick to topic in their comments to further the discussion on that topic. Thank you.

      Message received.

Jgalt, what have you done for PG? Not everyone that volunteers has alterior motives.. Even if he does so what, he still need the people’s support to go anywhere in politics.

It’s great to see a hometown boy organizing events like this, raising a whack of money for cancer research and otherwise involving himself in the city for the betterment of everyone.
Congrats Scott, you’ve done the rest of us proud!

I could probably take him in an arm wrestle

Big high five to Jim Terrion and all of his fund raising that he has done over the years for such a great cause

$645,000, thank you caring so much Jim Terrion.

In case people do not know Jim Terrion you may wish to view this video.


You may also wish to thank all the unknown people who have supported Jim, as well as others not named, in his fund raising efforts for the Terry Fox Run.

Those are the ones who make a successful event.

It is mainly about the donors who continue to achieve the primary goal of Terry’s original run and every year continue to help support cancer research in this community as well as others.

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