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October 27, 2017 9:06 pm

Multi-Year Funding Breathes Extra Life into Carbon Reduction Project

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 @ 12:15 PM

The Prince George Chamber of Commerce commemorated their Carbon Reduction project by unveiling a park bench and a tree at Duchess Park today – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – CN’s Carbon Reduction Project for Business by the Prince George Chamber of Commerce has been extended for another three years.

It’s all thanks to a three-year financial commitment from CN which has allowed UNBC students to participate in the project through 2016.

The occasion was marked with a tree and park bench dedication this morning at Duchess Park as part of National Tree Day celebrations.

“Today we are celebrating another great sustainability initiative,” said David Brogliatto, CN’s environment manager. “Over the past two years this program has demonstrated success in reducing emissions from local businesses.”

The project allowed 14 Carbon Management students the chance to gather information from local volunteer businesses on their energy consumption, fleet vehicles and paper usage.

These businesses were rewarded with a free carbon footprint analysis, according to internationally recognized standards, along with recommendations on how they could use less energy thereby reducing operational costs.

The Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable also took part by funding a summer intern position.

That student’s role was to write feasibility studies addressing the needs for alternate solutions to business compost and another comparing paper towel versus hand dryer usage for businesses.

Project manager Barbara Otter said she’s excited the project will continue.

“It means that the businesses and the students learn more about how to reduce their carbon footprints and reduce the use of fossil fuels,” she said.

“It also gives the students a live case study which most students when they come out of an undergrad degree do not have. So it’s a huge benefit for the students. As well, businesses get to learn more about what they can do to protect the environment.”


So how much will this silly PR project cost us? For those with the irrational fear of C02 it only takes about 18 days for China to produce the C02 that Canada produces in one year. This little exercise is just a sad joke.

The relatively recent rise in C02, of which 96% of that rise is natural by the way, is a good thing as the world was nearing the point where plants would be stressed for shortage of C02. Plants stressed and dying, life as we know it dies.

Earth’s final outcome is to run out of carbon leading to the demise of all life. Life is continuously sequestering carbon as biomass falls to the bottom of the ocean, eventually to be subducted and converted into fossil fuels and as life transforms carbon into carbonates. Returning this sequestered carbon to the atmosphere is the best thing we can do to insure our long term survival.
This is why the long term (multi-million year scale) CO2 concentrations have been steadily declining. Only as life benefits from warmer temperature are natural sources of CO2 recaptured by life, temporarily building up atmospheric concentrations to the levels required to support the increased biomass. We see this in the ice cores where the amount of Earth’s surface conducive to life is proportional to atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

    Running out of carbon? You are seriously deluded.

How many of those 6people walked, biked, or too public transport to this photo opportunity? Oh yeah right, carbon footprints only matter when it isn’t their own.. lol

Don’t let the oily Ezra levant groupies affect you in any way . Did you know that the latest BCcon party leader is a fan of Ezra levant ? He follows him on Twitter . What a pail of worms that list is . Check it out . You’ll laugh and laugh . He’s just another Alberta reform/religious rightie .

    Ataloss try and Refute anything I post, anything at all. You never have and never will. All you are capable of is elementary school yard name calling which indicates your complete lack of knowledge of the subject. Hey you have described your solar system, oh wait that was just a fictional story, right?

    Global Sea Level Rise has been stuck at around 7″/century since 1800, and this century is no exception, regardless of CO2 levels…
    There hasn’t been a discernible global warming trend in 20 years, despite 30% of all manmade CO2 emissions since 1750 being made over just the last 20 years.
    IPCC’s 2013 AR5 report (Chapter 2, pages 150~285) admits there hasn’t been ANY increasing GLOBAL trends of severe weather incidence nor frequency for the past 60~100 years for: hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, droughts, floods, tornadoes, tropical storms, sub-tropical storms, thunderstorms, hail, etc..

    Oh well Gore Suzuki, China, India are laughing all the way to bank.

      Because you traffic in junk science . No amount of facts could penetrate your fact resistants . Two other records have been set by solar this Month . The first is breaking the contract cost for PV power sales at 2.41 cents per kWh . That’s down from 2.92 cents per kWh . The second record is this is the fastest solar power contracts have dropped in one month and the month isn’t over .

      Ataloss bla bla bla, no answer as usual.

    Coming from a fan of stupidity.

“Carbon Management” students? I remember when carbon credits were all the rage. If I plant some trees in Quesnel a couple of factories in China can keep spewing garbage into the atmosphere.

Studies and University programs aren’t going to stop the man-made contributions to the Climate Change issue. We need more action and less words. Start by banning the drive-thru.

    So just what is mans contribution to climate change issue?

    I will wait for your response?


Maybe ground T2 Airplane going around the Globe giving our Money away ?

rbon Management” students? I remember when carbon credits were all the rage. If I plant some trees in Quesnel a couple of factories in China can keep spewing garbage into the atmosphere.

As the earth is all of our collective womb and mother . What you are saying is that . No one should stop beating our mother to death until everyone else stops .

    I said that? I thought my English was gooder. Then that/

      That’s , better than that .

Hey maybe those carbon management students can point to the verifiable provable science of AGW, CAGW. Hey there must be some science somewhere after hundreds of billions spent in research?

Where is the science that shows how much if at all how mans c02 contribution of 4% of .0039% will end the world? That’s right C02 only makes up .0039% of atmospheric gases and mans contribution of that .0039% is only 4%. Of the C02 in the atmosphere 96% is natural.

Come on students the challenge is out, show me the science. Oh wait maybe you need another grant for more research, taxpayers money is a bottomless pit.

My concern in all this is the unbelievable amounts of money spent on this BS which could be spent on disease research as one example.

Hey remember, a lot of this BS is coming out of politicians mouths, need I say more.

    The problem is Seamutt….we cannot afford for you to be wrong. If you are right then we really have nothing to worry about…but if you’re wrong…..well then it’s going to be hell on earth.

    Purely anecdotal I know…but I’ve seen real change in my life. We used to have long cold winters with plenty of snow. Weeks went by where minus 30 was the norm. Well….that just doesn’t happen any more. Spring comes earlier and earlier nowadays. Summers are just weird now. Last year was hot and dry with lots of fires….this year was cool and wet….but Ft Mac still burnt down.

    All I know is that something is going on. It doesn’t look good.

      Right or wrong, the whole idea is to create something we can’t afford. In money. Then we have to borrow more of it to try to afford it. From those who get to create it, our banks, and charge us interest for their services, and THEIR further profit. Only thing is, for that to happen, every new loan written has to be a ‘productive’ loan. So we get to do two things we’re trying not to do. INCREASE production, which increases pollution; or, we displace more jobs through productive efficiencies, which still have costs that have to be paid, only now there’s fewer and fewer people with incomes to pay them.

      Well the summer artic ice has not disappeared as predicted, it is in its range of variability.

      Yes there has been warming generally since the little ice age, about .7 degrees per century. Temperature increase was more rapid before man could have influence. Don’t confuse regional climate with world climate, ever hear of the PDO, AMO, ENSO, solar cycles. Actually most of North America is showing a cooling trend. Three years ago South Pole had the coldest temperature since recording started.

      About Fort Mac in 1919 if I got the date right, a fire went through that area 5 times larger than this summers. That was long before man could have had any influence.

      Temperatures in climatic history have been much higher than now.

      Cannot afford to be wrong, well notice there have been catastrophic predictions for the last 30, 40 years, can you name one that has come true. Also newer predictions and projections are all far off into the future when those making them are long gone and cannot be held accountable. Anyhow mitigation has been shown to cost far less than wasting vast sums according to false predictions based on corrupt science.

      Mercenary how much are you willing to pay now for a future prediction. People like Gore are making vast sums promoting the scare and researches making a good income.

      Time will tell and considering the unadjusted evidence, time is against those promoting this worlds biggest scam.

Here is an example how warmers are rewriting climatic history

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/09/history-rewritten-global-cooling-from-1940-1970-an-83-consensus-285-papers-being-erased/

None of those carbon management students have answered my challenge simply because they can’t.

    You are confusing can’t with can’t be bothered. Anybody on the other side of this argument knows that you will reject any evidence, links, reports and studies that are put under your nose proving a human link to increasing global temperature.

    They know you are so far down the rabbit hole as a denier that nothing short of total environmental collapse, due to warming, will ever convince you that we, as a species, were ever responsible for the heat death of the planet. Even then, as you were baking to death, you would still bark that it was all due to natural causes, because you are so convinced of the rightness of your position that it has become impossible for you to admit that you could be wrong, so why would anyone waste time trying to convince you?

Hahaha like I said before show me the evidence, the scientific verifiable, reproducable evidence of how much man is affecting climate with anthropogenic c02.

Did you even read any of my posts, are you capable of critical thinking. Hey I went along with the bs until I saw chief scammer Gore’s movie then realized what a load of bs.

Up at the uni they should post a sign saying before entering deposit your critical thinking in this trash bin.

Think man think.

    Thank you for proving my point. My work here is done. LOL

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