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October 27, 2017 9:05 pm

Northern Health Welcomes New Medical Health Officer

Thursday, September 22, 2016 @ 1:15 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Northern Health has announced its latest hire.doctor

He is Dr. Andrew Gray, the public health provider’s new Medical Health Officer for the northern Interior.

Dr. Gray grew up in Vancouver where he pursued a B.Sc. in mathematics and computer science, followed by a medical degree at the University of British Columbia.

He then attended McGill for five years for his specialty training in public health.

“Dr. Gray is passionate about social justice and ensuring diverse voices are heard in health by developing more comprehensive and compassionate services,” says Northern Health. “He is proud to be working for Northern Health with dedicated colleagues whose values and vision he shares.”

He started his new position August 29, 2016.


“Dr. Gray is passionate about social justice and ensuring diverse voices are heard in health by developing more comprehensive and compassionate services,” – oh, he’ll fit right in with the social justice warriors in PG.

    “ensuring diverse voices are heard ….”

    understood, considered, and included in the decision making process to ensure improvements in the system to accommodate the needs as well as wants which were expresses.

    I think we have become very good at the hearing … it is the understanding and the inclusion were are still very weak at and even more so the measurement of change to ensure there is improvement.

    I am sure you agreed, Leroyjenkins. ;=)

No doubt he will stick out among the selfish redneck majority up here. However, I like the way he thinks, almost as if he cares about the public and providing more comprehensive and compassionate services to us, refreshing with him being a public servant who’s salary is being paid by our tax dollars and all.

Hope he can find the few who share his values and vision, because judging by the majority who post comments to this site, those shared values and vision certainly are not prevalent.

Welcome to Prince George Dr. Gray.

    Like–& agree.

    But why didn’t Dr. Gray speak for himself. Why is Northern Health speaking for him ?

      Well because, you know, he’s bringing his innovative ideas to PG, and perhaps they need to indoctrinate him in to what Northern Health is all about. Like, keeping 4 OR’s closed because the money has to be spent down south. Like, no angiograms in PG, they have to go down south (although I have heard we have a doctor here who can perform them, but isn’t given the time to, I do have to confirm that though)
      And, speaking of social justice, where is the helicopter ambulance that is supposed to bring in our critically injured patients from our highway traffic incidents, like halfway to Fort St. James, Fraser Lake, Dunster, as they do in the lower mainland from the Squamish Highway, or Hwy 1? My Cardiologist tells me it would save lives, but where is this life saving tool? Down south.

I very much agree with you Grizzly 2.

We have to remember that the Medical Health Officer does not speak for Northern Health. He is a head of one of 10 services which report to the president & CEO of Northern Health.

The 10 services are administrative services which do not report to the Board.

There is also a regional director of communications who reports to the CEO. With a new hire, it is common practice to announce that from the CEO’s communications office.

The reporters can now get to meet the new medical health officer. If he is then not allowed to speak for himself, something is wrong.

    The link to the organization chart


He was speaking on CKPG yesterday news.. Kinda sounded unsure.. Look like will be chased by all the wolves up there or the by cougars… not sure which will be beneficial….lol

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