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October 27, 2017 9:02 pm

Winter Tire Time – Make Sure the Rubber Hits the Road

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 @ 5:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The countdown to winter tire season is on.

If you are planning to drive on  most highways in B.C,  winter tires must be installed by October 1st.

Tires must bear one  of the two following symbols:

mountainsnowflakeThe 3-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol on the side of the tire These winter tires offer the best traction on snow and ice, and in cold weather.

Also known as mountain/snowflake or alpine.




The mud and snow symbol on the side of the tire These winter tires offer better traction than summer tires, but are not as effective as the  3-peaked mountain and snowflake tires on snow and ice, and in cold weather.

Also known as M/S, M&S, Mud and Snow. All Season tires must also display the M+S symbol to be considered a winter tire.


Even if the  tires  have the  proper markings,  they must also  have at least 3.5 mm of  tread depth and you must have at least 2 matching winter tires on the primary drive axle. If  the tread doesn’t meet  the minimum requirement, you could be fined  $109   and  if your vehicle is not properly equipped,  you may  be fined  $121.



What did we ever do before snowflaked winter tires? Oh right, we slowed down and drove to conditions.

    Same as we did when we did not have seatbelts; we kept on driving.

      And ride in the back of a pickup truck.

Also we had drivers with certainly more common sense and courtesy than we often see today. Besides, people weren’t in an all fired hurry for nothing, like today.
People cared more about and for each other, looked out for each other and would stop to help when someone had trouble.

Its too bad, it really was a lot nicer and a lot more civilised world back then.

    All BS, by the way. Drivers had more courtesy in the 70’s – 90’s in this town? Are you serious, or did you forget an ‘lol’ somewhere? This town has always had atrocious drivers, like any town, I’d say its better now than it was back in the day.

    Loggers getting liquored up and driving from bar to bar, terrible headlights on old vehicles, people way more relaxed on drinking and driving. I remember people hitting the Winnipeg St jump in the 80’s, seeing how much air they could get in their vehicles.

    Please, stop making it sound like it was all a magical time, we had the same issues then as now. I guess you weren’t around for the enormous brawls between DP Todd and Duchess Park? Civilized? We were bigger idiots back then, trust me.

    I remember people hitting the Burger King parking lot around midnight, they had to hire security because of the fights, the garbage, the party animals coming out to play.

    Kids today are allright, get over it.

Does this also apply to motorcycles? How about bicycles considering they are know the kings of the road, the half dozen or so out there.

Considering all the raised chipped diesel pickups out there noisily flying up and down the roads the first snow/ice event should be interesting.

    Good — no more noisy motorcycles on the Hwys as of Oct.1 unless they have winter tires on.
    As for bicycles — get OFF the road when the snow falls.

      Good luck with that.

      I have studded winter tires for my bicycle. Excellent traction!

The sad part is with vehicles having more safety features in them people are under the impression they will be safer in their vehicles.

It has been proven winter tires are way better on winter roads than all seasons yet the stigma exists that this is nothing but a government money grab.

While there may be some truth to it there is way more evidence that having winter tires on are safer and allow better control of your vehicle. Me I would rather shell out the money to be safer than worry about whether this is a money grab. Sadly many people don’t share that idea.

Go out buy 4 Rims and and a good set of Snow Tires and you will be ok for Years to come, don’t even have to lineup at the Tire Shop if you change your own (no Money for it,you know the Answer).

I think having winter tires gives some people a false sense of security so they drive too fast for the conditions IMO. The zoom zoom commercials don’t help either.

Many drive to fast most Times, never mind Road Sign or Road Conditions.

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