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October 27, 2017 9:00 pm

Road Rehab -‘That’s a Wrap’

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 @ 11:59 AM

Crews working on a project earlier this year. photo 250News archive

Prince George, B.C.- The road  rehabilitation  plan  for 2016  has  been  completed,  with one minor change.

Vellencher Road in the Hart was  supposed to be  done this year but there are some  construction  plans, including the  installation of a water pump station, that have yet to be done,  so the Vellencher Road  section from Foothills to  Kelly Road  won’t be done until  next year.

But that delay means  two other stretches of pavement  have been  upgraded instead.

Road rehab  work  was  able to be done on Nicholson from 2nd Avenue to 5th,  and  on 2nd Avenue  between Ospika and Nicholson  because of the postponed Vellencher work.

There are still a  few sidewalk rehab projects that have yet  to be completed,  and are expected to  be wrapped up this fall.


A job well done I would say. If we can keep up this pace for the next 3/4 years we will definitely make a huge impact on the roads in the PG area.

Kudo’s to this Mayor and Council, and City Administration for sticking to their guns and spending the money on roads.

    I endorse and second this comment!

    Fully agree! It is making a huge difference, together with the improvements that are being done to the Hart Highway safety!

    Kudos to Palopu for giving Kudos where Kudos is due!
    Has hell frozen over? Wow! ;)

Cue the inevitable comment about Bear Road and Marleau Road being left out once again here!

    What is your problem with that, are your even aware of the woeful state of these roads. Hey check them out. Those roads are a problem and dangerous.

    To you I guess a very heavily used road that is crumbling and disintegrating, narrow, no lights is okay then. Hey no bike lanes either!

    The sides of the pavement are crumbling and wearing away by unchecked erosion which being on a fairly steep hill with curves will and has caused accidents especially in winter with an unsuspecting drive dropping a wheel into the ruts.

    If anyone gets into an accident on these roads they will have a very good case against the city for neglect.

    Like to hear if there are any plans at least for remediation.

The stretch of North Nechako Road between Toombs and Toombs is awful. It has been patched and repaired over and over again. Please get this peice of road on the rehab list for next year Mr. Mayor.

Although there are some roads that didn’t get done this year, the WOW factor for the rest of them after all the years nothing has been done is incredible. Thankyou City of Prince George and FRONT LINE STAFF who got the job done!

    Now if only the City could get a handle on eliminating unproductive staff while also getting it’s total compensation costs under control, we might actually be able to get more paving done without the never ending increases to taxes and fees!

Hopefully next year Nechako Dr will get resurfaced as it has been done in 30 or 40 years.

The work on 5th and Hwy 97 is taking a long time. They should also fix the cross walk button on the south side as it has been broken for over a year.

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