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October 27, 2017 8:58 pm

Krause Acclaimed UBCM President

Thursday, September 29, 2016 @ 9:11 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George City Councillor Murry Krause has made history at this year’s Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) convention in Victoria.

Photo courtesy City of Prince George

Photo courtesy City of Prince George

The long-time councillor was acclaimed president yesterday, the first time a member of council has reached the post in the City’s history.

Krause had previously served as UBCM’s first vice-president and was the only nominated candidate heading into the convention.

Two weeks ago Krause admitted to 250News that social issues are closest to his heart though if elected, he planned to expand his focus to other areas as well.

“I think I’ve got a long history in UBCM as well as at home around social justice issues and I will continue to make that a priority for me,” he said.

“But I think the reality is of course there’ a multitude of issues that local governments in the province are facing and it’s to view those as equally important. Everything from infrastructure to and including social issues.”

Krause is currently serving his sixth term as a city councillor.


Does this mean he is leaving the City and Council?

    I’m pretty sure this only means he’ll be advocating for increases to both fees and taxes for you and me.

    no, he’ll retain his council duties.

Maybe he will change the name of it? and then up the taxes

Obviously he wants to bring more homeless here so we can feed and house them. Maybe even get a few more drug vans touring downtown.

    Free amenities supplied by taxpayers have been an enticement to come here in the past and will work in the future! Nobody wants to voice a politically incorrect objection, so there you go!

Jgalt and his ilk vote Krause in every election. The man has made a career out of spending taxpayer money on his hand picked “social issues” What a waste of time.

    Which Councillor does not have “hand picked” issues?

    Tell me an issue which is not social in the broadest sense? The entire concept of banding together to form an urban enclave for the benefit of ALL (some for this thing, others for that) is a social co-operative.

    Some Councillors love bikes, others do not like bow hunting in the city. Each Councillor represents some different special interest. That is not unique.

Congrats Mr. Krause!

    Ditto, nothing like having a “community” conscious individual aspire to such an influential position. Congratulations Murry!

    Interesting how all the comments above anniemartin’s (except for Gus’s) are negative, and all the ones from her comment on down are positive!

      Its called non freedom of speech.

Bend his ear have a chat about what’s important in the area ,excellent to have the President of this association from PG.

    Totally agree with you.

    Congrats to Krause

Congrats Mr Krause. And please disregard the ignorant redneck comments above

    So because we don’t agree with what Krause stands for we are rednecks? Fine.

Dear 250news,

Why do you continue to allow such tawdry comments from a handful of people with so little to offer the reading public? I personally believe that there constant presence here reflects poorly on this site and you personally.

    I agree, the vicious vitriol that constantly spews from some individuals really does reflect badly on this site!

Is actually nice to see that some of the more offensive comments have been removed since I posted my comment. Now maybe remove those posters as well. Thank you Elaine and Greg

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