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October 27, 2017 8:58 pm

Friday Free for All – Sept. 30, 2016

Friday, September 30, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Hard to believe another month has gone by,  and here we are  at the end of the week,  which can only mean one thing.   It’s time for the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic,  but  please,  keep your comments brief.  Writing a long  entry  will practically guarantee no one will read it.    Of course, you must also follow our three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.




The borrowing and spending binge by Canadian households, businesses and governments (all levels) continues unabated.

Growing the debt in the economy significantly faster than the economy itself grows seems to have developed into a way of life in Canada.

At the end of June, 2016 the total debt outstanding in Canada (bottom line of the Statistics Canada credit market summary data table) was $7.05 trillion.

At the end of June, 2015 the total debt outstanding was $6.57 trillion. In the one year period from the end of June, 2015 to the end of June, 2016 it increased by $476 billion. This is an increase of 7.2%.

The approximate beginning of the global financial crisis was June, 2007. At the end of June, 2007 the total debt outstanding was $3.99 trillion. In the last 9 years it has increased by $3.06 trillion. This is an increase of 76.8%.

Looking at the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors (17th line up from the bottom of the credit market summary data table):

At the end of June, 2016 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $5.02 trillion.

At the end of June, 2015 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $4.75 trillion. In the one year period from the end of June, 2015 to the end of June, 2016 it increased by $269 billion. This is an increase of 5.6%.

At the end of June, 2007 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $2.84 trillion. In the last 9 years it has increased by $2.18 trillion. This is an increase of 76.6%.

The start date of this Statistics Canada data table can be changed by clicking on the “add/remove data” tab at the top of the page.

ht tp://www5.statcan.gc.ca/cansim/pick-choisir?lang=eng&p2=33&id=3780122

    Problem is this doesn’t impact people so much today as it does generations 10-20 years down the road.

    The real tragedy here is not the debt so much as it is the savings. With interest rates near zero for nearly a decade now it has destroyed the retirement pension models of the past, and the chase for cheep fiat money means that it no longer pays to save.

    Therefor savings accumulations are not being made for society to have proper capital to invest in growth for the next generation. Our pensions will be wiped out and our children will inherit an economy with no capacity to invest in growth.

      Putting money in the bank is hardly an investment. Nor are GICs. The retirement pension models of the past were changed some time ago.

      For instance, the CPP Investment Board, established by Finance Minister Paul Martin, has existed for almost 20 years. The investing mandate is to achieve a maximum rate of return, without undue risk of loss. Its long term target is a 4% minimum annual rate of return.

      Any reasonable pension fund invests in private equity, public companies and real estate.

      The CPPIB invests in such things as:
      • Skype – invested US$300million in 2009 and sold in 2011 for US$1,000million
      • Petco (US Pet store) – invested in 50% of the company
      • Ontario HWY 407 (toll road) – invested in 40%

      In a 2012 actuarial report, the total assets for 2013 were projected at $175billion (actual was $183Billion)
      • The projection for 2020 was $300Billion (in 2016 it is $278.9Billion)
      • The projection for 2030 is $518Billion.


      Even with two recessions, my average rate of return on the money I have in RRSP registered mutual funds beginning in 2000 has been 7.11%. It is restricted to how much can be invested outside of Canada so the rate of return that would have been possible has been somewhat curtailed.

    Hey, did you know that there is also an asset column?

    So tell us all, what is the gross debt?

Welcome back Charles, long time no hear. Interesting that your comment refers to personal household debt, while mine refers to national debt. One thing is for sure; the citizens of Canada and our governments are drowning in debt while corporations continue to sit on a growing massive pile of money.

“Dead money” is how Mark Carney, the Bank of Canada’s governor, has described the nearly $300 billion in cash Canadian companies now hold, 25% more than in 2008. Mr. Carney admonished them to “put money to work and if they can’t think of what to do with it, they should give it back to their shareholders.” ~The Economist, November 3, 2012

That was 4 long years ago, “new numbers show Corporate Canada’s pile of dead money hovering close to $700 BILLION, a poll shows near universal support for calls to reverse Stephen Harper’s costly corporate tax breaks. The poll, conducted by Ipsos for Global News, found 85% of Canadians agree Canada’s next government (now Liberals) should “increase the taxes paid by large corporations.”

ht tp://tinyurl.com/zyx5t5y

Talk about pampered corporate businesses, conducting profitable business in our country while our federal government is mired in $634 BILLION dollars of debt, at the same time these corporations sit on $700 BILLION dollars in CASH!!! Time to get in touch with our MP’s and send them the message to… oops, they are both “Conservatives” and unlikely to support a reversal of Steven Harper’s costly corporate tax breaks. Oh well, at least I am bringing this travesty to your attention, as a public service announcement. ;-)

The weekend is nearly upon us, have a good one everyone!

    Global capital goes where it retains the most profit. With the collapse of banking in Europe and China a lot of that capital will be looking to return home in the years to come, but not if Trump gets elected and drops their income tax rate from 35% down to 15%. Its a race to the bottom chasing the tax rates. If we want to retain this wealth we will have to do it through sovereign trade laws more than anything IMO.

    The more one circulates money within its own economy the greater the benefits to the local economy… allowing finance to use our trade laws for labor and environmental or regulation arbitrage for the benefit of transnational capital is the real problem here IMO.

      Eagleone; I agree, if you can insert one word into your previous statement; “allowing finance to use our trade laws for labor and environmental or regulation arbitrage for the benefit of transnational “CORPORATE” capital is the real problem here IMO.

      Like I said we, and our government, are in massive deficit. However, corporations operating in Canada are sitting on BILLIONS of “Dead Money” dollars!

      Eagleone:-“The more one circulates money within its own economy the greater the benefits to the local economy…”
      That’s nonsense. Any given sum of money can transfer goods and services from hand to hand as it completes its journey from the bank that created it as a loan back to that bank as a loan repayment. But it can only liquidate ONE set of costs. Those equal to itself. The notion that the velocity of circulation has anything to do with benefiting the economy is ridiculous. The PROBLEM is that the economy as it presently operates is NOT fully financially self-liquidating. And ever increasing indebtedness and the frenzied pursuit of overseas markets, not for what we can get from them in ‘trade’, but what we can get from them in ‘money’, is proof of it.

where have all the moose gone? I have been all over around prince George north, south, west and east and have not seen one moose since opening day.I spend a fair bit of time out in the bush during this time of year walking, calling and waiting but nothing.I am successful most other places for I harvested a elk up north earlier this month and in the years previous but have not been able to harvest moose in this area since 2010. besides the cliché answers e.g. wolves or climate change what are some of the reasons you suppose also am I the only one not finding them

    Perhaps you are a “vegetarian” its an Aboriginal word for a person who is a chitty hunter. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

      Wow JGalt, quite the racist joke, you have any good black, East Indian or Asian jokes you wish to share as well?

      No, but I have some good porn star jokes!

So I came out last week in support of Trump ahead of the debate….

I think Trump failed as a truther… and he failed to prosecute Clinton for her record. It was a disappointing performance on Trump’s part. Trump allowed it to become about his own personal reflections; rather than what was important and what Trump was elected as a nominee for.

Albeit it would be hard for anyone to win a debate against the moderator acting in collusion with the Clinton crime family… with Clinton clearly using hand signals to signal to the moderator when she wanted to cut in, and using an ear piece to feed her the zingers and dog whistles to throw Trump off. Clearly he will have to do more to ensure a level playing field the next go around.

I thought Trump was still more truthful; and that Clinton was still up to her politics of pivots to the gutter.

However, what was clear to me was that neither candidate is a good choice. The notion that Trump was a free enterprise truther I think can now be put to rest. To me it seems he is rather more accurately described as an opportunist capitalist… not a globalist monopoly capitalist like Clinton. He hangs his hat on free enterprise, but so do all politicians in their rhetoric.

What is clear is that both candidates in the US election will be a disaster, and its an election on the lesser of two evils. The libertarian candidate didn’t even know what Aleppo is… thought it was an acronym of some sort… so obviously that disqualifies him. A vote for Green would be a vote for Clinton.

I think the Americans will elect Trump. Trump is the only one that correctly calls out the financial elite in America and their collusion and corruption with media and politics. This alone will get him elected no matter the fall out, and one hopes Canadian politicians are already factoring this in for Canada (ie NAFTA).

Time Will Tell

    “with Clinton clearly using hand signals to signal to the moderator when she wanted to cut in, and using an ear piece to feed her the zingers and dog whistles to throw Trump off. Clearly he will have to do more to ensure a level playing field the next go around.”

    What a bunch of BS!!!! Only eagleone and Trump can come up with stupidity like that.

    So, drinking water was not a signal???

    Or how about the continual snorting that Trump was doing? That was not a signal while Clinton’s nose scratching was?

    People have been watching too much baseball!!!!! LOL

      “I had a faulty microphone”…..hahaha….

      gopg2015 did you even watch the debate, the moderator was extremely biased against Trump. Both are scary but lying Hillary I would not want to be anywhere near on Halloween.

      Hillary, Watergate, Whitewater, rabid defender of a serial sexual predator, lied about getting shot at, Supported the invasion of Iraq and Libya, extreme lies and misinformation about her emails. Hard to keep track but did I miss any. Oh right the Bengasi lies. The woman is a serial liar, she has issues.

      On Trump all the biased liberal left media can come up with is he called some woman miss Piggy. Well miss Piggy was a murder suspect and threatened a judge with death, nice lady. The CBC went against Trump about Miss Piggy but left the murder suspect part out which is typical of Canada’s taxpayer funded version of the national enquirer.

      Seamutt. I watched the debate. I recorded the debate. The debate is available all over the internet.

      Why would you ask such a silly question.

      It is as if you cannot believe that someone would think differently about things than you do. It is a stupid question!

      The fact is, there are those who believe in Trump. Then there are those who believe in anyone but Trump. Never the twain shall meet.

      The real question is, how many in the undecided group made a decision for Trump and how many made a decision for Hillary, how many remain undecided, and how many decided for someone else.

      Why should anyone be surprised with seamutt’s comment? Everything is a conspiracy with him and his ilk. Global warming is a conspiracy so scientists can make more money, the election is fixed against the Donald, the microphone was sabotaged, mainstream media is biased, the leadership debate moderator was biased… and it goes on and on… Boo fricken Hoo!!!

      Seamutt is just getting his excuses ready. Just like he blames the CBC for Stephen Harper’s demise, tRump’s defeat will be the fault of CNN. Couldn’t have anything to do with tRump or Harper thinking they alone can run the world.

      Well well well the usual crowd denigrating against anyone who goes against their irrational beliefs.

      I have never said anywhere I support Trump but I can surley see the MSM bias against him as against Harper.

      Since we only have those two to choose from I’ll take Trump, Hillary is just a serial liar.

      Notice no one has refuted my points against Hillary.

      Trump’s defeat will be entirely his own fault. Hillary is a terrible candidate, she should be relatively easy to beat despite the media pushing her agenda. Trump had the election in his hand but he just can’t resist his childish, schoolboy rants. He’s his own worst enemy.

    There are three reasons why Trump failed at the debate.

    1) He believes that he is a master debater (yeah, i said it).
    2) He’s a pompous douchebag.
    3) He’s a pompous douchebag.

    If trump would have stuck to the plan when he started and focused on the free enterpriser vote, he would be in a much better place right now. For some reason he got off the message and got onto immigration and Mexicans and walls. For his opponents, this makes the job of defeating him much easier.
    I’m no Clinton fan either. It’s nuts that a country who can put a man on the moon and prove that the earth is not flat and the same country that invented the vapor trail jet liner mind bender drugs can’t find someone to run for president who is not a crook and isn’t just a big live action cartoon figure that talks.

    What’s that black helicopter doing hovering over my house?

      Were I an American, I would be totally embarrassed by these two.
      To have these two running for President shows what that country has become.
      And CBC, CTV are equally ridiculous when their first story on the news is about these two fools. This is Canada, can we please have more Canadian news instead of running off ad nauseum about what’s happening south of our border.

      Hey Grizz as a Canadian I am totally embarrassed by our dear leader.

      Canada is not the only country interested in the USA election, especially this year.

      Most countries have international news. If the election of the leader of the world’s leading superpower does not deserve to be on international news, especially with a sociopath as a viable contender because the Republican party is in disarray, then one is very parochial in their thinking.

      Even the Taliban are putting thumbs down on Trump.

      One has to wonder why these two geriatric psychos are the two options given to the American voter? Presidents are selected, not elected.

      Even the Taliban are putting thumbs down on Trump?

      Which is to say they’re endorsing Hillary.

      Now there’s and endorsement she wouldn’t brag about.

      Hey Seamutt, you mean Sunny Ways the Wonder Boy? Yeah, he’s been a little silly.

    The wall thing is too funny, Obama built a portion of “wall” between the US and Mexico and also paid 75 million for Mexico to build a “wall” and also paid over a billion to build a “wall” in Jordan…

    The pope was upset about the wall idea, ever been to the Vatican? “Vatican tear down that wall”

    Wall, wall everywhere a wall

      One third of the Mexican border is already walled. Ask the American towns on the border if they want the border removed. Anyhow if the US is so hated how come million try to get in every year?????

Ever since I have installed a dash board camera on my vehicle it is truly amazing at what it captures as it records 24/7 as a silent witness to a multitude of things. In addition to the multitude of driving infractions and accidents it has recorded plus some dumb moves on my part it has also caught other surprising things.

My truck was hit 6 times by the same female driver who couldn’t park if her life depended on it as she drove in and out of the stall to re-align her vehicle fortunately no damage was done but it made for interesting viewing. My camera also discovered neighbourhood kids coming into my driveway and carport looking around they have since been dealt with. My camera even caught 2 people eating food on the hood of my truck while I was parked at one of the big box stores.

My silent witness has seen a good many things some entertaining, some disturbing and some down right scary. It sees a lot more than what is happening on the road in my mind a good investment with some good and some bad viewing

    A burning question is, how long does it take you to view the videos in order to extract those events it records while you are not in the vehicle?

    I can understand the use of playing back incidents you witnessed while in the vehicle. Is the camera activated by motion outside the vehicle?

      Disk records 36 hrs of video and it takes roughly 15-20 minutes of time to find view and download wirelessly

    So is silent witness the name of the camera or what camera is it that you are using? Does it record good night images?

      I have a Genius dashcam, it records in 1080P. The night images are not the greatest if there are no street lights but it is still a pretty good camera. If you wait for a sale you can get it for about a hundred bucks.

      BlackVue dr650 2channel front and rear camera

    Is that you parked down at the kids playground all the time…. I bet your neighbors just love you.

The newspaper USA TODAY has not made a voting recommendation in 34 years. The editorial board has made an exception for this election.
September 30, 2016: Trump is “unfit for the presidency”

“From the day he declared his candidacy 15 months ago through this week’s first presidential debate, Trump has demonstrated repeatedly that he lacks the temperament, knowledge, steadiness and honesty that America needs from its presidents.”

“Whether through indifference or ignorance, Trump has betrayed fundamental commitments made by all presidents since the end of World War II. These commitments include unwavering support for NATO allies, steadfast opposition to Russian aggression, and the absolute certainty that the United States will make good on its debts. He has expressed troubling admiration for authoritarian leaders and scant regard for constitutional protections.”

“the reasons Trump should not be president:
• He is erratic
• He is ill-equipped to be commander in chief
• He traffics in prejudice
• His business career is checkered
• He isn’t leveling with the American people
• He speaks recklessly
• He has coarsened the national dialogue
• He’s a serial liar


Why should Canadians care? Because the USA is the world’s preeminent superpower and it is our largest trading partner and closest neighbour. Which way the USA goes will effect the economies and well being of many countries, including Canada.

    See my earlier comment on your pal Hillary.

      see my later comment on your thoughts.


      gopg2015 just hates being corrected.

    He has full intentions of severing all trade with Canada. Maybe he plans on utilizing resources from his pal Putin, haha, not likely, two scammers trying screw each other over, should be interesting.

    And Hillary is fit for the presidency??? She’s worse than Trump!

Who else can’t wait for the election in the USA to be over?

    ME ME ME

      Me to.. And president Trump will put the screws to Jr..

      “President” Trump ain’t gonna happen. He’ll blow it in more ways than one. I’ve had a bet that I made more than a year ago that Hillary will be the next prez. It’s like money in the bank.

    The USA needs election reform badly. The length of it worked well when there was no modern communication both electronic as well as travelling across a vast country by train.

    Remember, they have an election every two years.

    The other thing to remember, the president is relatively strong in the country, but final law is made by Congress. There have been several go-arounds created by the president over the years. Most important is the fact that the CIA is under the direct control of the President and the CIA has been actively engaged in war-like activities in foreign lands.

    A potential dictator, such as Trump, is a dangerous man to put in the power of commander-in-chief.

    It seems that only those countries who have experienced such event in their country can see a potential outcome of a Trump presidency dutifully elected within the laws of the country.

      So what are you saying Obama never used the CIA while in office? Hum Iraq, Libya come to mind.

      So you think Trump would ignore the constitution and circumvent Congress and the Senate and make laws and treaties (unconstitutionally) all on his own just like Obama?

      I see the two trolls on this site are making their rounds commenting on everyone else’s comments. There must be a bridge somewhere they can hide under.

      Well if you don’t like it, stop doing it. Duh!

I am wondering why, if the federal government can import, house, feed, support and train 30,000 Syrian refugees in one year, what is stopping them from helping out 30,000 homeless and underprivileged people per year, here already in Canada?
I mean, these people were most likely born here, educated here, at least to some extent, speak one of the recognised languages, are familiar with Canadian values and customs and possibly have some skills that could be put to use.
I am not saying that we should not help world refugees but I think a big investment in low cost housing alone, would do a tremendous amount in helping our own people out.
We probably have enough shipping containers sitting around, unused and unsold, to house all the homeless in this country for very small relative additional cost.
In other parts of the world, NGOs go in and get communities of people involved in building their own homes, using various building methods. The same could be done with shipping containers and the homeless here. Once people get involved in doing something to improve their own lives and helping others do the same, it seems to multiply all the benefits of the efforts invested.

    Give more, I’ll bet most of the homeless don’t vote whereas the Syrians would most likely vote for the dear leader. Its like in the US, democrats speeding up immigrants becoming citizens before the election.

    Social systems are in place in Canada, from shelters, to education, to soup kitchens. A large majority of homeless people need to be in psychiatric care, that’s where we have dropped the ball. Without an influx of new Canadians, our country cannot exist.

      Nailed it! Good comment.

      Without an influx of new Canadians, our country cannot exist? What a silly idea!

    Take a look at the knowledge and skills which many of the refugees bring with them and the capacity of those already in Canada to be able to achieve that same level, on average, and I think you will have part of your answer.

    Follow the stories of some of them. Take a look yourself as who has the guts to leave their country; who is the more likely to be killed by their own people because of their political views; who are the ones bombed out of the home they owned, not just rented.

    Not all of them fit into that middle to upper middle class socio-economic class, but a significant number, if not the majority do.

    Remember, unlike what many believe, most come to Canada having left Syria and countries in the vicinity well over a year ago and have been vetted several times along the way. Canada makes the final decision who, of those, enters this country.

      The UN chooses the refugees not Canada

      Total crap comment slinky. Becoming a refugee is a personal and family decision. When bombs are dropping out of the sky onto your neighborhood, and you see your neighbors families become trapped and/or die in the rubble of their homes, a person and their family makes that “decision” to flee.

      And when the make the “decision” to cross an ocean in a rickety boat heading to another country, and better life, they are truly refugees… and that is NOT because the UN chooses them as refugees. Give your head a shake!

      Come on JGalt try to put even a tiny bit of decorum in your comments.

      Besides you got I think Slinky meant the UN choses what refuges goes where, but they also may have a say in who is a refuge and who is not.

      The Conservative government chose which refugees would come to Canada. Trudeau discontinued that program and hitched up to the UN refugee system, so essentially the UN now chooses which ones come to Canada.

Pit bulls banned in Montreal, too many deadbeats using them as weapons instead of a pet, I guess.

Foggy? Turn headlights ON! Duh.

The federal budget watchdog says Liberal government spending in the first three months of the fiscal year hit its highest mark in at least six years.

A report today by the Parliamentary Budget Officer says spending by the Trudeau government was 5.7 per cent — or almost $3.4 billion — higher in the first quarter of 2016-17, compared with the year before.

Jean-Denis Frechette says Ottawa’s first-quarter expenditures reached $62.9 billion — with much of the increase due to a 19-per-cent spending boost tied to infrastructure.

The Liberals have committed $11.9 billion towards infrastructure spending this fiscal year as a way to help lift the sluggish economy

The budget office also says the government’s operating spending increased 3.6 per cent in the first quarter compared to a year before, despite a decrease in employee costs.

The report says direct capital spending fell 10.5 per cent, largely due to lower procurement spending by National Defence as a result of project delays.
ht tp://liberaldebt.ca/en

    At least six years, who was in power six years ago? I wonder what the price of oil was six years ago?

I have noticed something lately on this site, it seems when someone expresses an opinion there seems to be an oppressive environment of political correctness where some try to shut down those who disagree with them by calling them “insensitive” or “intolerant” or other names and demand absolute obedience to “Group Think”. Last time I checked this was a free country and we are all entitled to our opinions.

    You might want to check again. This is not a free country and while you are entitled to your opinion, you are not allowed to share that opinion unless it’s politically correct. You don’t want to offend the poor dears now.

    yes moderation is poor on this site.

      Moderation poor here? At least there is some moderation. I do not agree with some of it, but it is not our site as some will say.

      You obviously have not been to other news sites. Try it some time. The infighting that goes on here is nothing compared to other sites.

      In fact, it is my hypothesis that the internet “discussions” which have been building for at least a decade to the level of hostility which can now be observed has given rise to the Trumps of this world.

    I agree, you are entitled to your opinion, even if some of us equated your opinion to the process of “pinching a loaf” while sitting on a toilet! Myself, I prefer to stick to the facts, supported by credible linked references.

      I was wondering when there would be a response from the left, so typical to bash anyone who does not completely agree with their view of the world. BTW JGalt who determines who or what is a credible reference and who or what is not a credible reference?

      You seem to have a fixation on “scat” references in your comments in both current and previous incarnations(PBs&J) on this site. Wonder why?

      If you want examples just ask and I will fire up the site search machine.

I have noticed lately on this site that the name callers have been out in full force. Every once in a while you get some good back and forth debate but that is pretty rare on here. The subjects change but the name callers just call each other different names to suit the topic.

    There are some usual suspects on here, that trade insults and name calling. They need their own venue. It gets quite tiresome.

      Isn’t that why they invented FB ???

      agree–some folks can go to Facebook, or start their own blog posts.

Full marks to the city for getting a lot of paving and repairs done this year. Mayor and council are certainly doing a better job then the previous bunch.

    I did not like the previous bunch. But, we have to remember that it is the previous bunch that got the annual budget to be spent on road maintenance up to the $7 million level.

    We are playing catch-up for those who came before, especially Kinsley who was borrowing for maintenance.

      The only reason it is so much is they found out other cities were using the gas and carbon tax to fund road rehab but our monkeys in city hall couldn’t figure that out for 10 years

For Sure, lots of paving upgrades, I hope all the line painting gets completed also, now that darkness plagues us this time of year. One thing that I don’t really care for is the bottle neck of concrete that continues to be installed up the hart. I know it prevents head on accidents and all, but it really narrows things up once the snow hits the ground. And in addition, emergency vehicles have to travel quite a distance further and back track to attend an accident or emergency situation.

    I agree with your statement. Our local streets are (for the most part) in much better condition than a couple of years ago. Another year or two of paving and PG should be in pretty good shape (for roads).

    The concrete dividers going up the Hart not only reduce the head-on collisions, they also make it possible to divert traffic into the opposite lane to go around a serious accident scene instead of closing down the entire highway. Sad part is that this is all due to people’s poor driving habits. If traffic flowed along respectfully, (within tolerance of the speed limit) there would be no need for the barricades.
    Instead of policing the highway for speeders and reckless drivers, they have opted to put up a concrete fence to keep people from careening into oncoming traffic. Hopefully it will save some lives!

Be sure to sign the E petition .
Petition to the Government of Canada
It has been eight decades since the last conviction under Section 296, and thirty-five years since the last charge of blasphemous libel was laid;
Blasphemous libel serves no purpose in Canadian law or modern-day society, and would likely be found to contravene section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which protects freedom of expression;
In Canada and elsewhere, blasphemy laws have been abused to suppress minorities and stifle inconvenient speech;
Authoritarian states point to Canada’s blasphemous libel law to defend their own laws criminalizing blasphemy;
Repealing Canada’s blasphemy law would demonstrate, at home and abroad, Canada’s commitment to the value of free speech for all; and
Freedom of expression is the foundational human right in our society. Many others, including freedom of assembly and freedom of conscience, are derived from freedom of expression.
We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to repeal Section 296 (Blasphemous Libel) of the Canadian Criminal Code.

    Ataloss you actually posted this, you must be kidding.

    I should post my screen capture of your and Jgalts comments to me.

      Being a fossil fool is not a religion . Even though the fossils enjoy the tax status of a religion , they really aren’t one .

      See there you go again Ataloss, guess you just can’t help yourself.

      Environmentalism as religion:

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv9OSxTy1aU


      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idYdVQ6nwfA

    Agreed. Blasphemous libel is a wart in our law.

The state of South Austrlia had a complete black out and the main reason was their heavy reliance on renewables. Took hours to restore.

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/09/the-south-australian-black-out-a-state-running-without-enough-thermal-reserve-to-cope-with-contingencies/

Here is an excellent talk on the issues integrating renewables.

    Ataloss, you have not mentioned anything or perhaps you just were not aware but Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government is axing plans to sign another $3.8 billion in renewable energy contracts, Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault said Tuesday. Thoughts?


      The media always hypes this stuff by using dog whistle terms like Axes , Blows up or nukes subsidies when in actuality the Wynn gov. Is making changes to the subsidy system .

      Another thing PN is you fossil fans don’t seem to understand is that the higher the prices go , the more attractive renewables become . You guys want higher prices for fossils likely for vested interest . However that’s the worst thing that can happen for your industry . That only worked when they were no alternatives . That’s over and it ain’t coming back . The wynne gov . Raising rates is the best thing to happen for renewables . The Merritt band getting squeezed more and more every year prove it . They haven’t gone solar for any other reason than money . The money they will save and the money they will make . All of our schools could do the same .

      Come on Ataloss that all you got for a come back.

      Ataloss its not about being fossil fans, its about wind and solar their costly inefficiency. Look at what happened to South Australia. Eventually 4g and molton salt nuclear will take over and the world can have unlimited reliable power. The bad thing though is after trillions misspent chasing carbon and poor generation sources.

      Have a look at this video, might be technical with no grid back ground for you but try. That is how I used to make my living.

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU6izpryqqw&feature=youtu.be

      I am not trying to belittle you, but trying to help you have a better understanding. Wikipedia and CBC will not help you.

      Yes, Ataloss, the higher the FF prices go, the more attractive renewables become. But currently the prices are near rock bottom. Oil is hovering around $45 per barrel, there’s a world-wide glut of the stuff. But even when it was in the neighbourhood of $100 it was still way cheaper than renewables.

      It would have to double that before renewables look attractive without government subsidies, but if it ever did get that high, well that’s huge incentive to explore for more, and they would find more and the price would drop again. Renewables are great when there’s no alternative, but fossils are better, cheaper and more reliable.

    Oops here is the link on issues integrating renewables. Makes me glad I am retired out of the grid operation business.

    ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU6izpryqqw&feature=youtu.be

If that were true mutt . You would understand what grid parity ( socket parity ) is and why subsidies are scaling back world wide . And that in most counties the price of grid power is a great deal more expensive than are renewables ,so no subsidies are needed . It has nothing to do with the ideology you adhear too . It’s just plain old economic efficiency. Or as you might better understand . It’s about cutting out hundreds of middlemen that operate the fossil fuel Rube Goldberg machine .

    Sorry you are wrong, energy prices have skyrocked where ever wind and solar has been brought in. Shutting down cheaper coal for costly inefficient wind and solar, bad plan.

      No . You are wrong . The reason for ontarios high rates are long term insanely high rates for nuclear . Same In England who’s latest nuclear plant is in a contract paying them 35 P per kWh for decades or four times the rate for something that has the potential to kill you and millions of others . Ironically the rate payers are the ones subsidizing the nuclear monster .

      Sorry Ataloss nuclear in Ontario has been around for 40/50 years. Ontario’s skyrocketing electrical costs are a direct correlation between shutting down coal and going with heavily subsidized extremely costly inefficient non dispatchable wind and solar.

Wynnes plans on privatizing Hydro One would be a nightmare for Ontarian’s. It would only equal more Private profits from energy hungry New York State. Their hydro rates are already ludicrous, they would only climb more without government regulation. As it stands, people living right beside a hydro dam pay more than a person living in Manhattan.
And the funny part is that it’s mostly transportation fees.
During the 2003 brownout those same people were the last to come online again too, the main focus was supply the customers south of the border first.
I guess Ontario would “wynne” for the interim revenue, but pay dearly in the long term.

Hillary suggested that Trump was unfit for the office of Prez because he called Machado “Miss Piggy” after she gained weight.

The media have been supporting this idea.

It was uncouth of Trump (no surprise there) but the same media have mocked Trump for his weight and have roasted Chris Christie for his obesity. Why is it OK for them but not Trump?

The fact is, Machado’s job was to stay in shape, she was contractually obligated to not gain weight. That same media mocked her over her weight gain too. Again, why is it OK for them but not Trump?

And considering Hillary’s defence of Bill’s mistreatment of women, who is she to talk about someone being unfit for the job?

    Gotta wonder why I can’t post a link to the site that exposes Hillary’s sexist attack on Trump’s sexism.

So many of you never miss an opportunity to slam the parking lanes that they spent hundreds of thousands painting bikes on, and renaming them bike lanes, that cars park in. Well, this won’t make you feel any better.

Right now, in front of the RCMP building is a massive wooden pillar structure that serves no functional purpose (i.e., similar to bike lanes that bikes don’t ride on). And right now, there’s a guy up there at probably $100.00 an hour when you factor in the lift he’s using, repainting that non functional wooden structure.

So instead of paving roads we use, we’re painting an edifice.

Wouldn’t money be better spent taking a chain saw to that, giving the firewood to seniors, and skipping the bi-annual maintenance. After all, it’s a police station, not an art gallery.

Oh the topic of bicyclists, haha.
We have all these bike lanes now, yet there’s still bicyclists using busy unlaned arteries. The very best is the ones who believe that because they’re on a bicycle it gives them the right to pass all stopped vehicles when there’s a traffic stop.
I’m certainly not allowed to drive my truck onto the sidewalk, pass all the stopped vehicles, and carry on down the road at the front of the line.

Nothing worse than making a right hand turn and almost running over a cyclist who rode up passed everyone and pops out of nowhere when the light is green. I understand that I need to be observing blind spots, but a lane for one vehicle is a lane for one vehicle, bicycle or motorized.

    I heard Edmonton City council is considering allowing bicycles to do the “Idaho stop” where cyclists can treat a stop sign as a yield sign. If cyclists want to share the road then they should expect to follow the same rules, IMO.

      I fully agree

Bike Lanes: Just got back from Victoria where they have parking for vehicles along the curb, then have the bike lane outside of the parked vehicles. Looks like a Win-Win to me. Maybe that idea should have been considered here, especially on Ospika by the soccer fields.

All City departments have a budget for each year, and you can bet that come hell or high water they will spend that money. In addition they will get money from other Government programs that require matching funds and spend all that money.

As an example they got $250,000.00 from the Province for their bike program and then matched it with $250,000.00 land walla we spend $500,000.00 .

Now we wait with baited breath to see more than 6 bicycle riders a day in this town.


Donald Trump is a man with thin skin, a small mind and a big ego.He does not want the job of POTUS, he wants the title of leader of the free world. He has shown too many times to mention how unsuited and outright dangerous he would be as president.

It was obvious how ill prepared Drumpf was for the debate, bloat and bombast could not carry him and when Clinton baited him with the Miss Universe story and he took in hook line ans sinker and has continued his rant all week. Would be easy for a foreign leader to bate him if he was in the oval office.To use beauty show parlance as president he would be Mis Take YUGE Mis Take.

One also has to wonder about the fringe contenders in the race. When asked Gary Johnson could not name even one foreign leader that he looks up to. Jill Stein was no better, tried to troll Johnson but when asked could do no better, naming Lizzy Mae and a couple of other people who were not leaders. If not for his bromance with Putin I think Trump would also fail if asked.

For those interested in following election prediction results a suggestion would be Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight dot com…has an amazing record of being spot on.

    You forgot small hands. :-)

I hope they kept the surplus from last years snow removal budget so we don’t have to hear that they went over budget by Christmas time, if we have a heavy snow season this year. It just seems to be an excuse to raise taxes year after year.

    They had better not. I had a line item on this year’s tax bill named “Snow Control Cost Reserve” Why try to make most effecient use of men and machinery when it is easier to start a new piggy bank.

      Reserve from our pockets and spend the surplus, makes sense eh? All in the taxpayers best interest.

Get ready for the Made In China car and truck invasion! The country apparently has 130 manufacturers producing over 1,000 different models!

Some more Canadian well paid jobs down the tubes!

    China already has North American manufacturing, Volvo is Chinese owned.

      Volvo was owned by Ford from 1999 to 2010. The US was Volvo’s largest market. From 2003 to 2013 sales in the US fell 55%.

      Perhaps the Chinese can do better.

      It does not matter who owns it. It matters where the jobs are.

      Chinese manufacture Mercedes in China. They have the jobs. At the moment they do not own Mercedes. They might in the future.

      Car manufacturing has taken a hit in Canada as well due to the recession in the USA. Perhaps it will come back up again.

      Australia does not have a great car manufacturing industry. Australia is doing fine without it. They got into LNG production earlier than we did. Each country excels at some things and not at others.

      Daimler-Benz AG owns the Mercedes-Benz brand with manufacturing locations in:
      United States
      South Africa

      All those countries benefit from jobs in those countries.

      Hey …. Trump wants to build a wall to protect jobs, both a physical one plus a tariff one.

      Maybe the governors of the poorer states in the usa should follow that model and build walls around each state. LOL

      After 2017 there will be no car manufacturing in Australia after Holden shuts down and Toyota leaves.

      The Chinese already make reversed engineered copies of ford and chev and no raving reviews.

    it’s simple… you want to sell cars here… they have to be made here

“Alternative energy might be that key component that First Nations people can utilize to gain that harmonious relationship that our ancestors had (with nature) prior back.”

In the spring of 2015, the community applied for a grant through the First Nation Infrastructure Development Fund and was approved that summer.

Band members were interviewed to become installers and trainees to form their own solar company for the project.

Phase 1 began in the spring of 2016 and, by the end of the project, 300 solar panels were installed.

“If you talk to anyone and you ask them: ‘Would you prefer to have your energy through a coal burning system, or being harnessed through light and water?’ The most obvious answer is something that’s most easily, readily available and that’s solar energy and the sun that shines on us every day,” Bull explained. That’s the Louis Bull First Nations…………………. . One of four nations that turned the switch this month . First Nations will lead the way . They are perfectly positioned for micro griding . Hydro can’t dictate to them like they can everybody else .

    You are right Ataloss, First Nations are leading the way, and they are not just saying no to fossil fuels, by pipeline or otherwise. These communities are actually showing us “alternatives” to fossil fuel energy. The Lower Nicola Indian Band near Merritt, BC is just one of many First Nations who are showing us the way.

    ht tp://vancouversun.com/business/energy/lower-nicola-indian-band-switches-on-largest-community-owner-solar-power-system-in-b-c

    These are exciting times, and change is in the air!

    So who is paying for it, oops my wallet just got lighter. If you are talking about off grid communities, will they remove the diesels? What can one power with three hundred panels? Then there are cloudy days, high latitude short daylight days, night time. Oh did you say batteries, how long will the batteries last. Then when there is some sunshine, the panels will have to do double duty charging the batteries and supplying power. Oh wait the grid or diesels can do the recharge.

    Look at what happened in South Australia.

    I think some slick salesman sold those panels.

      The FN bands are quite happy to spend the money on renewables because it isn’t their money. What do they care if it’s a money-losing proposition, THEY won’t be the ones losing money.

      And yet the fossil fuel industry receives $34 BILLION dollars of our tax money every year from our government! Yet no complaints from the two of you.

      Huh… Pot meet kettle!!!

      ht tp://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2014/05/15/Canadas-34-Billion-Fossil-Fuel-Subsidies/

      Got to hand it to you both, no matter how many times I knock you down, you keep getting up and come back for more.

      Did you read the article JGalt or did you just cut and paste as usual.

      “the lion’s share of the $34 billion are uncollected taxes on the externalized costs of burning transportation fuels like gasoline and diesel — about $19.4 billion in 2011. These externalized costs include impacts like traffic accidents, carbon emissions, air pollution and road congestion.”

      So you calling traffic accidents a subsidy to the oil industry. These are costs associated with the usage of oil, but it’s not like the government wrote them a cheque. These are notional costs of oil use that if you put a dollar value on them, this is what it would be.

      Now, there is all sorts of tax credit and flow through incentives for the oil industry. But it isn’t the oil industry that get’s the money. What happens, is if you buy flow through shares, you get a tax credit, you get to write off exploration and development costs of the oil company, but the oil company itself doesn’t get that money – you the investor do. The program is designed to give an incentive to investors to invest in the oil industry. So the government is giving money to oil company investors – who some of which, are pension plans.

      Tell you what, since you got lots of time. Comb through the financial statements of the major oil companies in Canada, and try and find a line item that says 34 billion federal government subsidy. It’s not there. In fact, if what you said was true, then the oil industry is in dire straits, because Suncor’s total revenue for 2015 was 29 billion. That’s before all of their expenses. Without that fictitious government subsidy how did they manage to make any money at all.

      Its not just Canada that subsidizes the the fossil fuel industry. World wide the G20 countries subsidize the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $450 BILLION dollars per year.


      So please do carry on complaining about how First Nations are using our money to protect our planet from climate change, when our government uses our tax money to provide financial incentives to an industry hell bent on destroying our planet!


      JGalt so you are saying wind and solar receive no subsidies and can stand on their own. Subsidies in England are being removed from wind and solar and are they ever crying.

      JGalt you seem confused about subsidies and write downs, depreciation and details provided by ski51 available to all companies. When it comes to wind and solar they would not survive without money picked from your pocket.

      I am not confused at all, it is the two of you who are desperately trying to muddy the water.

      So… let me clear things up for you; “The report considers a subsidy any dollar value associated with direct spending or lost tax revenue in a government budget.”


      I cannot recall any FN groups that created jobs like the oil and gas industry. It seems to me like they want all the benefits of society but contribute little to nothing in return…..

      “….our government uses our tax money to provide financial incentives to an industry hell bent on destroying our planet!”

      The industry has mega billions of investments in oil wells, refineries, pipelines and so forth and is attempting to delay the inevitable for as long as possible! I do not think that it is determined to destroy the whole planet but in the long run it may become very difficult for mankind to adapt to unclean air, unclean water and unclean soil while trying to fend off the increase in global temperatures, crop failures and extreme weather patterns.

      However, there is Mars which a few humans are planning to populate.

      JGalt, that subsidies nonsense has long been debunked. As your link clearly shows, those “subsidies” are not subsidies at all, but rather tax write-offs on legitimate expenses, or tax cuts as incentives to the industry. A subsidy is when the government gives them money (like the green energy companies get) but what your link talks about is the government not taking quite as much money from the industry as you think they should. Letting them keep some of their own money is not a subsidy.

      But you are correct that worldwide, fossil fuels are subsidized. They are subsidies paid to consumers to help them afford to pay for gasoline, diesel, electricity and natural gas that amounted to about $409 billion in 2010, $550 billion today. Subsidies to consumers, not FF corporations. In third world countries, especially OPEC.

      If “green” energy companies were “subsidized” in the same manner as fossil fuel companies, I would have no complaint at all, but they aren’t, governments are cutting them huge cheques.

      There’s a map at the link showing where all the FF subsidies are in the world.

      ht tp://euanmearns.com/the-appalling-truth-about-energy-subsidies/#more-5501

      PrinceGeorge, fossil fuels will not destroy the planet, on the contrary they may make it better. Developed western nations that are the heaviest users of fossil fuels have the cleanest air. Cheap, plentiful energy makes us rich enough to care about the environment and able to afford to clean up the air and water. Pea-souper fogs in London were caused by coal burning pollution (not CO2)but they don’t happen any more because although there’s much more fossil fuel being burned, it’s burned cleanly. All over the developed West, the air is cleaner while much more FF is burned.

      And nobody’s going to colonize Mars, that’s science fiction.

      “PrinceGeorge, fossil fuels will not destroy the planet, on the contrary they may make it better.”

      So far the burning of fossil fuels have made the planet worse! I expressed my opinion that the fossil fuel industry will not “destroy” this planet! Fossil fuels are to finite and valuable to destroy them by burning them! This I have posted many times here, without eliciting any comments!

      So the transition to cleaner renewable energy (wave, tidal, solar, wind, geothermal…) will take some time but eventually it will happen. Our sun is good for another 4 or 5 billion years and the moon will keep making tides for many more hundreds of millions of years! It is all free clean energy, it does not require any cleanup – not to use it makes no sense at all!

      PrinceGeorge; Exxon knew its products were causing climate change for more than 40 years. The oil company understood the science before it became a public issue and spent millions to promote misinformation, all the while pumping their green house gas causing crap out of the ground for us to burn! One would say that is as close to criminal as it gets!


      Silly mutt . They are net metering in bc . Alberta ? I haven’t looked but they are still grid connected but everyone is going residential next . Merritt is also putting the profits back into education . Smart people . Intelegence has always been the high ground .

      PrinceGeorge, we have more fossil fuels than we could ever possibly use. They’re one of the best energy sources we have and one of the cheapest and most plentiful. We should use them to the full extent of their usefulness.

      Eventually we will transition to other energy sources but wave, tidal, solar, wind and geothermal won’t be them. And while they are free as you said, so are fossil fuels. It’s the harnessing and delivery of the energy from all those sources that costs money, as so far the fossils are the cheapest. Not to use wave, tidal, solar, wind and geothermal makes perfect sense – they’re way too expensive, fossils are cheaper, better and more reliable.

      JGalt, 40 years ago it was global cooling that was the big environmental scare of the day.

Since motorcycles and bicycles have to follow the rules of the road does that mean they will get ticketed not having snow tires starting tomorrow? Or do they have some special interest, nudge nudge wink wink exception.

    Wasn’t that hard to find. I assume bicycles have the same rules.

    Motorcycles are exempt from the requirement of winter tires and chains.

    Motorcyclists should use common sense when deciding whether to drive on B.C. highways between October 1 and March 31.

    Motorcycles should not be on the road:

    in bad weather
    when the forecast is for bad weather
    if the temperature is near or below freezing
    if road conditions include snow, slush or icy conditions

People with cars could also be allowed to use common sense between oct 1 and Mar 31. and have the same exemption as motorcycles if not using snow tires.

The other one if one does not wear a seat belt, stupid not to, a fine will be issued, but a motor cycle, nothing. They have no protection what so-ever and allowed on the road, what’s up with that?

    Crash helmets are a requirement to ride on public roads…..not exactly no protection…..

      Only to keep the head pretty for the funeral.

Before I get rid of petroleum and go to the so called electric car, I need to know how they will make tires for these cars. Will they use the same tires as the gas and diesel cars?? If so then of course they will continue to use oil as one car tire uses approx. 7 gallons of oil. There are many other products that use oil, so it will be a long time before we get out of the oil game.

One of the biggest polluters are cows, and cow flatulence,. There are hundreds of millions of cows, and I would bet you any money that JGalt, and Altaloss, are lining up to eat hamburgers, steaks, etc; If they were concerned about pollution they would not eat beef.

The other big polluter is the automobile, but the pollution comes from recreational driving. 60% of car pollution is from recreational driving.

So there you have it. The so called environmentalists are taking a leisurely drive to the lake, burning gas/diesel with a car full of steaks and burgers, and whining about air pollution.

    Typical, concentrate on the tires and not the engine of electric vehicles, did you know that when the market become fully saturated with electric vehicles, they will reduce world oil demand by an estimated 13 Million Barrels per day. That is 546 Million gallons of oil per day not being pumped out of the ground, and NOT being released into our atmosphere in the form of carbon.

    ht tp://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Electric-Vehicles-Could-Soon-Reduce-Oil-Demand-By-13-Million-Barrels-Per-Day.html

    So there you have it. If anything you might have learned something new today Pal.

      I went to your link wondering where they figure all that electricity is going to come from. They didn’t say. Fossil fuels, most likely.

      I really doubt it will happen that way. The developing world is increasing its fossil fuel use exponentially and that includes its FF vehicles.

      And in the US, such projections as yours, JGalt, seem to be based on some really funny math.

      From January through August, EV sales in the U.S. totaled 99,634 vehicles. Over the same time period, sales of Ford F-Series pickup trucks totaled 527,847 vehicles. Each of the 20 top-selling models outsold the sum-total of EV models. Year-to-date EV sales are comparable to about 45 days of Ford F-Series sales.

      EV’s have accounted for 0.6% of auto sales this year:

      These “futurists” really seem to believe that EV’s “could account for 25 percent of passenger cars by 2040, likely depressing oil prices” because EV sales have increased from zero-point-zero to slightly above zero-point-zero since 2011.

      Even if I limited it to passenger cars, which account for about 30% of U.S. auto sales I only get to 5%. The only way this trend could lead to EV’s accounting “for 25 percent of passenger cars by 2040,” would be to assume that EV’s lasted longer than conventional passenger cars and the cumulative sales would eventually bring them up to 25% of passenger cars… AKA imaginary math.

      So, “green” math yields a five-fold exaggeration in future EV auto sales… Very consistent with “green” estimates of global warming and climate sensitivity: About five times larger than reality.

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/09/15/green-math-must-be-a-common-core-product-ev-edition/

      It’s an electric motor, not engine. Learn your facts. Why are you so worried about carbon? Is there actually some science proving its an issue? Plants evolved when c02 was much higher.

      Did you know c02 levels in a crowded room can hit levels of 3000ppm. Did anyone die? Guess that’s why it gets so warm in a crowded room I suppose.

    Actually I read a short time ago that it’s cow burps not cow farts that releases the most play fertilizer.

    General Electric (NYSE:GE) has been bearish about the outlook on coal for years, citing environmental and cost headwinds as key challenges to the long-term outlook. But the company has recently become more optimistic about the growth picture for coal, and even shifted its portfolio to increase exposure to the energy source.

    ht tp://seekingalpha.com/article/4001011-coal-growth-market-general-electric

Palopu you undo your own premise once again . Cars full of burgers set the stage . I have heard the premise of cows polluting and for that they get our collective finger pointed at the cows . The cow how ever is but a small part of humans diet . Not being an underachiever , I would venture to guess that if you put all the cows of the world into one herd and us humans in an other . We could easily out fart that little herd of cows . I have yet to see a study of human generated fart climate change . As for oil verses renewables . It’s not like big oil is behaving . It’s not oil or renewables . It’s oil and renewables . Oil will lose some uses but not all . Oil is actually a renewable . There is nothing in it we can’t make . It’s just cheaper to dig up .

    Yet California plans to tax cow farts not human.

Question: What is the record for the highest number of comments on a Friday-free-for-all? Because as of this posted comment, we are at 146 comments and counting.

Jgalt that Exxon thing was debunked even before it got out of the gate. Some where going to sue Exxon but are now running with their tails between their collective legs.

Princegeorge it is only computer models models predicting extreme weather for thirty years. They have been proven seriously wrong with real world data. Dispite climate models predicting mega hurricans none over a class three have hit the states over ten years. Also no class fives in the Atlantic since 2007, though one forming right now.

It’s a cooling climate that generates big storms and that is what is happening now, cooling.

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