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October 27, 2017 8:55 pm

Run for the Cure Cashes In

Sunday, October 2, 2016 @ 11:36 AM


Newlyweds Brad and Sarra Fedick among those who  participated in today’s event- photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. –  Brad and  Sarra Fedick from Tumbler Ridge  just got married yesterday, but instead of  taking off on a honeymoon today,  they  decided to take part in the CIBC Run For the Cure.“My Mom’s best friend,  eight years ago, beat breast  cancer” says Sarra, “So every year, we’ve been doing this with her, every time I move some place, I find a run  to support her. This is so important.”

The run this morning  kicked off at  Prince George City Hall and saw  more than a hundred  participants  do the one or 5 km route  in an effort to raise funds for  breast cancer research and support for those on a breast cancer journey.

And raise funds they did.    Today’s total   was  just over  $39,500.

“Over the past 24 years, there has been astonishing growth made in breast cancer research” says Amber  Dujay  of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  “We’ve seen mortality rates lowered by nearly 45% and women are living  past 5 years and much longer.  Current research  has a lot of  exciting  things  about specific targes for types of treatments for women,  more  personalized treatments,  less invasive.  Formerly women  who were diagnosed with breast cancer said, said ‘ok, I have breast cancer, I have to get a mastectomy, ‘ but new,  more personalised treatments mean more and more women don’t even have to go through surgery some don’t  even have to have chemo.”

She says  advanced mammography methods mean  most breast  cancers can  be detected earlier.

(at right,  volunteer Kris Nellis   at the  Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s booth)20161002_1009501

This past spring, Willow  became a partner  with the  Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.   Willow is one of the largest organizations providing  peer support and  support for women  and their families.

Of course the message remains the same,  early detection  can  improve  outcomes  says Dujay “We encourage every  women over 40 in BC  to get a mammogram.  Self check is huge. A lot of  women, especially  young women are catching signs of breast cancer  early through self checking.  Detection,  being aware of your body  is such a huge thing.  so just making sure you know  your breasts and you have conversations with your doctor.”



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