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October 27, 2017 8:54 pm

Carbon Pricing a Burden on the Middle Class – Zimmer

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 @ 5:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  Bob Zimmer has slammed the federal government for its planned carbon tax.

The Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies Conservative MP took aim at the Liberal plan Tuesday in Ottawa.Headshot of Bob Zimmer MP

Zimmer questioned Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Jean-Yves Duclos during a meeting of the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities.

The Trudeau government plans to introduce a $10 per tonne carbon tax by 2018 and plans to increase it to $50 per tonne in 2022.

Zimmer estimates the average taxpayer will have to shoulder the financial burden of having to pay approximately $1,200 in additional taxes that will come with carbon pricing.

He wasn’t satisfied with Duclos’ response that it will be offset by their new Canada Child Benefit and other initiatives.

“I find it difficult to understand how the Liberal government can promote themselves as being for middle class families when they are giving these families these benefits with one hand and then taking them back with the other,” said Zimmer.

“This carbon tax will drastically increase the cost of living for taxpayers and stretch family budgets to the breaking point.”

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation estimates the average Canadian family could be paying almost $2,600 in new taxes each year by 2022 thanks to carbon pricing.


The carbon tax is nothing more than a “Tax grab” so lets call it what it is. For the Government to spin it any other way is an insult to our intelligence. It is just a way to hose the taxpayers all under the guise of “saving the planet”, what a load of BS.

    Warning first of many pro-conservative comments coming. Most, but not all, are uninformed parrot comments supporting Bob Zimmer. The squawking factor is loud on this discussion thread, you have been warned.

      Please explain how taking money from taxpayers is going to save the planet or have any effect on climate change. Oh yeah you can’t because your only sources that fit your narrative are either government backed or alarmist backed and have no real credibility when faced with actual facts, the real fact is there is no solid evidence that proves 100% that man has any influence on climate change. Just look at the rings on the mountains caused by melting glaciers, what caused that a million years ago, dinosaur breath?

    Peter North, I agree 100%

    Just this afternoon, on CBC, I watched as our idiot Justin stood in the House of Commons and referred to carbon pricing as a carbon TAX!

    He called it was it is, a TAX!!

“Middle class”, this term describes many who are only one.. MAYBE two.. paycheques away from being bankrupt.
The federal and provincial leaders seem to both be intent on eliminating the bottom half of this “middle class”. When one adds up income tax, fuel tax, pst/gst, msp, school fees, mandatory insurances and common user fees you quickly realize that there is little to nothing left.
Funny how the leaders jetset around on private aircraft (on our tab) with their family in tow and then preach about saving the environment and how we (the taxpaying public) will have to pay more to get to the grocery store, get to work and heat our homes because of evil CARBON.
The three premiers who walked out on the meeting with Trudeau the other day are setting the tone we should all be taking.
Tax Revolt needs to become a very loud, common discussion. Every level of govt from the feds, right down to the municipal level are guilty of the extermination of the middle class. It will soon be a country of “haves” and “have-nots” and the majority of us will lie in the “have-not” class. Forget paying off that $250-350k mortgage, a $40k trailer in a trailer park will be more realistic if this BS keeps up.

Take a look at it if it were backwards. If our governments collectively took 100% of everyone’s income in taxes, could they then provide us with all the goods and services they provide for us now, plus all the goods and services the other ‘disposable’ part of our incomes left to us also buy? And do this WITHOUT going into debt? Which they couldn’t go into in any case then, BECAUSE HOW WOULD IT EVER BE REPAID WHEN THEY’VE ALREADY TAKEN “ALL” EVERYONE’S INCOMES IN TAXES!

I agree 100% with the above 3 comments.
The carbon capture/offset gambit is yet another way for governments to increase revenue.

WHY do they keep saying helping the MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE< these are people making 45000 annually or more. Then to try to soften the blow, they increase child tax, but what about those with no kids to collect for… whats in it for them.. For these people, wages are rising no getting any subsidies to try to survive

mr. Trudeau, this is a big mistake, Remember what happen to Joe Clarke, when he played around with the gas tax. Oh, you were still in diapers.

    With a silver spoon in his mouth..

If Trudeau really wants to help the middle class he could start by cutting back on the civil service. Way too many government employees at all 3 levels of government.

The closest Trudeau has come to middle class is his limo driver.

Ah but the progress being made by a federal government committed to reducing Canada’s carbon emissions through a carbon tax. Most of the provinces agree; “…Two years ago, we couldn’t even have a conversation with a federal government about climate change. We used to have a government that barely even recognized the existence of climate change.” a government Bob Zimmer was part of!

Hey Bob, its funny how your comment to the media mentions a carbon tax burden on average Canadians, yet you suspiciously stayed away from the whole “making polluters, such as the oil and gas industry, pay for the pollution they generate”, which goes to the very heart of why we would have a carbon tax in the first place. I think most of us agree Bob Zimmer is in the fossil fuel industry’s pocket and it is that industry which would be most affected by a national carbon tax… right Bob?

However, do carry on with the “smoke and mirrors” chat about how it will mean a tax increase to the average Canadian.

    You are a complete, braindead goof jgalt. wow

    Spot on JG . He’s just a fossil shill . Nothing more . On a more personnel note . Those that have known this was coming and positioned themselves in the carbon mitigation fields are making the kinds of money that hasn’t been seen since Stevie came to power . Funny that most just whine about new laws when the few make money hand over fist because of them . A wise man once said ” when laws change money is to be made” .

      You are correct Ataloss you are finally getting it. Its just a money making scam, thanks for confirming.

    So are you saying there was no climate change before mann? Maybe jGalt you can show the science that proves how much man is warming the planet. Must be verifiable science somewhere.

    Trudeau 2.0 thinks he is DiCaprio.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/10/04/dicaprio-calls-for-deniers-to-be-banned-from-public-office-president-obama-stays-silent/

    How come the rich and privileged want us peons to cut back while they jet the world. Any price increase does not affect them.

    It is suggested the carbon pricing could cost the average Canaadian 2 grand a year and for what?

    In 18 days China emits as c02 as Canada in a year, and that’s just China’

    Notice how dear leader will force the carbon tax and speaking of China dear leader has stated his admiration for the Chinese government on how they get things done, that communist dictatorship.

      Did you know DiCaprio flew home to California on his private jet between takes while filming The Revenant? Not many people do.

Another tax grab by the Feds. Didn’t take much time for the Libs to show their real colours. So now an increase or a new carbon tax all in the idea of reducing green house gas emissions by reducing consumer demand for more expensive fossil fuels. A week ago the Feds approved the gas line for the proposed LNG terminal at Prince Rupert. If it goes ahead it becomes the largest single green house gas producer in BC and maybe in all of Canada. How do the Feds justify the approval of what will be a major green house gas polluter and then instituting a carbon tax on working class. Glad to see some of the provinces walking out on the Feds and starting a provincial revolt.
Harper was bad but Trudeau is worse.

You sack of monkey crap Trudea. Do you have any clue what this will do? And the friggin climate will do what it always does……change.

Well you get what you vote for. So enjoy your new Prime Minister, and his Government.

This is not the first time the Liberals have taken us to the cleaners. Anyone remember the $47 Billion that Paul (Mr Dithers) Martin took out of the EI Fund and transferred to General Revenue so that he could balance the budget and give the impression that he was a financial genius. Hmmmm.

Remember Adscam, and the Gomery Commission? The Liberals were thrown out of Government for good reason, and now they are back. Hiding in the background are all the old Liberals like Martin, Chretian, Dion, etc; etc; they are the ones that are advising pretty boy.

The carbon tax is nothing more than a money grab by Ottawa. Its just than simple. These guys ran the last campaign on the basis that people would be stupid enough to vote for Trudeau, and they were right.

IF Trudeau wants to help us CANADIANS, from what I have witnessed to date he should resign and move to SYRIA. He hasn’t done anything positive so far for the CANADIAN citizen. Power hungry spoiled brat who will bring us to the edge of bankruptcy. Little Potatoes should be tossed into the kettle. The selfie period is over, time to hold his rump to the fire and be held accountable!

Turdo is a drama teacher ! This time of year he should be organizing a Halloween play, not running a country ! Get to the pumpkin patch where he belongs !!!!

Actually Trudeau is a math teacher . Bobzed is a gym teacher . One can easily see and read the difference .

check out the comments above on glat ataloss .you are the same. sad to see such idiots, breathtaking ataloss

Going along to get along is a dead end road . I don’t expect many to get it . I do get it . I’ll play whatever hand is dealt me . For the foreseeable future , Companies that mitigate carbon will be the winners . Those and of coarse financials . Always keep your eye on the money .

Hey Ataloss here is one for you

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/10/german-environmentalists-say-renewables-are-destroying-their-landscapes/

    I told you already mutt . I DONT READ JUNK SCIENCE .

      How do you know its junk then? Can you refute it? No you can’t so just ignore, so sad.

      Hey that information is from environmentalists, no science involved, just simple facts. The tide is turning.

Posted on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 @ 10:33 AM by Ataloss
“positioned themselves in the carbon mitigation fields are making the kinds of money”

Why not share the secrets with the great unwashed?


    I would love to help others . It’s all in front of you . All you need do is read . Be careful what you read though . You become what you read . I’ve been reading about markets , trading for twenty five years . I started reading Suzy Orman way back when I was up over my eyeballs in debt . Then once my debt was completely gone which took five years . I then started reading about investing with a simple little book by robert kyosaki . Rich Dad , Poor Dad , what the rich teach their kids that the poor and middle class don’t . And the rest of his books in which he referred books by many authors . Which lead me to the brilliance that is Garth Turner . I’m just smart enough to know who is smart and use them as mentors . It’s never to late metalman . Investment vehicles are like buses , there’s a another one coming . You just have to wait at the stop with enough money in your pocket for the ride . Just be careful to not mention it to family and friends . Kyosaki says in almost every chapter . If you value your fiends and family more than your finacial well being , then stop reading this book . Boy was he right .

      Just don’t invest in solar.

    The great unwashed is a misnomer . It should be the great unread . If you can follow directions close enough to put together a flat pack cabinet . Then you should be able to put together a finacial vehicle . Garth turners book the money road is very much like an instruction pamphette .

      I find it ironic that Ataloss who is the undisputed champ of anti oil on 250 news is preaching (for lack of a better term) Robert Kyosaki. Kyosaki is an oil and mining tycoon..lol.

      Thank you for answering the question, ataloss.

Garth Turner is a doofus.

    I would rather listen to Garth Brooks

@ Ataloss. Got any wind, solar and alternative energy investments that fit Benjamin Graham’s criteria..? Or are you speculating with rich dad poor dad metrics..?

They got to make cuts to ‘other areas of the economy’ to make up for their planned increase in carbon tax free exports. That’s how the environment minister puts it.

Just what a good globalist would do to transfer wealth through the cost of energy for productivity. These open border people don’t believe in national citizenship and will do there best to put us on the same footing as the rest of the world taxing the productive to subsidize the global project.

Why all the hate for Trudeau, all the provinces signed on to the Paris Accord and knew this was coming. This won’t effect us in BC, we already have the tax. I don’t understand why Zimmer continues to blab about stuff that doesn’t do anything for his riding, why heck did anyone vote for this guy who cares more about what is going on in Ottawa or other provinces before having an opinion on what is happening in his riding.

    Because he is doing the exact opposite of what he said would do during the election..i agree with you that this won’t have an effect in BC however the carbon tax is still a scam.. It does nothing for northern communities that are at a disadvantage because they don’t have the “green” infrastructure in place..

      I agree northern communities are at a disadvantage, that’s why we need our MP to focus on our needs, he’s not talking about rebates for northerners, not talking about innovation in the oil and gas industry to lower carbon emissions. It is what it is so maybe it’s time to look for opportunities instead this continuous blabbing of political ideology.

    The Paris accord means nothing, there is no teeth to it. It was just a taxpayer paid junket to a big party. Canada which only emits 2% of the world’s c02 had the biggest delegation. Doesn’t make sense.

    Oh for those loosing sleep over c02 with Canada’s huge amount of forests and farmland Canada absorbs many times more c02 than it emits. But hey let’s not have facts get in the way of a good money making scam.

The next time some long-haired, sandle-wearing, tree-hugging, peace-loving, soap-dodging, Prius driver looks over at your truck with it’s massive array of off-road lights, pumping stereo, and 15,000 lb winch and gives you that supercilious, holier-than-thou sneer that they seem to be so expert at (it must be explained in the Prius owner’s manual / book of hypocrisy) – feel free to explain to them that your rig is entirely solar powered.
I recommend using small words and speaking slowly as if conversing with a small and rather dim-witted child.
But you will be telling them the truth. You see, the fact is, EVERYTHING on this earth is solar powered. ALL our energy has always come, and will always come, from the sun. Everything we power ultimately derives its energy from the sun – even your Big Block. You see, many millions of years ago the sun’s rays shone down on the earth – making plants grow. Animals (dinosaurs) ate those plants. The plants and animals died, fell down, and over a long, long time got squished into oil. A few million years later some guy from Texas drills into the ground, extracts the oil, refines it into gasoline and you put the gasoline in your truck and it goes Vroom Vroom. Presto! – solar powered Big Block!

Reprinted from Pirate.

    Fossil fuels are organic.

It all depends on how its works out in the end..
I think its a good start as it will enable us to find alternatives to burning fosil fuels.

the provincial carbon tax has enabled myself to put burn less energy and get a dividend in return. In the end I am not out monetarily more neutral if anything. But at the same time burnt less energy and did a part for the environment.

With greater costs to energy and hopefully some government and private development of clean fuels maybe we will find ourselves in a better world overall.

    Your comment was a refreshing one to read, after having to plod through all the usual rhetoric from the same people commenting on this site. Thank you for sharing your opinion on this subject with the rest of us.

Regardless of all the consternation. The real question should be . What will our provincial government do with the money ? After all it’s federally neutral . All the money collected from the people ( corporations ) that dump their trash into our atmosphere is allocated to the provinces and territories for their disposal .

Perhaps a better word for disposal would be allocation .

With Canada’s vast forests and farmland many times more c02 is absorbed than produced here. So for those incorrectly worried about c02 why do we need a money sucking tax from dear leader?

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