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October 27, 2017 8:52 pm

It’s That Time of the Year

Thursday, October 6, 2016 @ 5:49 AM

flushot_needlePrince George, B.C.-  Flu season  is  coming fast.   In this region of British Columbia ,  it normally starts to show itself  in November,  but   the time to get  your  flu shot  to protect against  influenza is  closing in quickly.

“This year the vaccine  will cover  H1N1, H3N2 as well as the new B strain”  says Pat Strim Northern Health Lead  for Immunization.   Health organizations in the Northern Hemisphere  keep an eye on  the type of flu that  has  surfaced  in the  Southern Hemisphere over that  region’s  winter season, and  Strim says so far there have been no  surprises ” So far  we haven’t heard of  anything   that isn’t a match for the  vaccine that we will be administering.”

But Strim says even if  there was a new strain,  the vaccine  that will be available  here  will , at the very least,  reduce  the impact  of any such strain “Getting vaccinated will help you,  you may still get  a flu, but it would make your illness milder.”

For those who believe  getting the vaccine will  give you the flu,  Strim says  that’s just not the case “It cannot give you influenza,   it is a killed influenza virus, so it cannot cause infection.”

This year,  flu vaccine  will be available at  Dr.’s offices,  pharmacies and special clinics  which  will be set up by Northern Health.

For those  hoping to get  a flu shot free of charge, there is a list of those who qualify  for a  fee free inoculation, however, the list is  so broad in nature, it would be nearly  impossible not to qualify  for  a free shot.  The list includes, anyone who has contact with small children,  anyone who  is in contact with seniors, anyone who may be visiting a hospital.

The  list of clinic  locations and times   is still being developed  with  Northern Health offering immunization clinics as of the 7th of November.   You can always check with ImmunizeBC for locations  of clinics and pharmacies where the vaccine will be  available.




if, as the above article states, “it would be nearly impossible not to qualify for a free shot”, does the government continue to play “silly bugger” and not just make the vaccine available to everyone.
Must be a “control” thing for them?

    The only reason that it’s nearly impossible is because no one is required to prove they qualify for the free shot. I can walk into the Northern Health clinic and tell them I have asthma and my shot is free.

    But I don’t, I pay the 20 bucks at the pharmacy because I don’t qualify. I guess I really need to work on my sense of entitlement.

I’m just wondering why flu shots are being so stubbornly pushed when they are not really effective? Is the whole medical establishment getting a big kickback from it or what?
My doctor is advising me strongly to get one even though that particular office does not give flu shots. (?)
The World Health Organisation itself states that more people who get the shot end up getting the flu than those who don’t and that the shot is only about 20% effective.
The shots they come up with every year are nearly always not for the flu which eventually appears. I realise that’s just the way it goes because it can’t be really predicted.
I’ve never had the flu, to my knowledge, so why would I put myself in harm’s way, intentionally?
What ever defences I have, seem to work. I have been in public service business for many years, in close proximity to lots of sick people during that time and it hasn’t affected me.
Who knows, this year I could get it but making myself 80% susceptible to it with a shot, doesn’t seem to make sense to me.

    Do you have a link to backup your statement more people get the flu from shots than without? Another urban legend me thinks.

    They must be suffering from schizophrenia. Maybe do some research and show where that quote came from. Took me two minutes to find this. From WHO

    ht tp://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs211/en/

    The most effective way to prevent the disease and/or severe outcomes from the illness is vaccination. Safe and effective vaccines are available and have been used for more than 60 years. Among healthy adults, influenza vaccine can provide reasonable protection. However among the elderly, influenza vaccine may be less effective in preventing illness but may reduce severity of disease and incidence of complications and deaths.

    Vaccination is especially important for people at higher risk of serious influenza complications, and for people who live with or care for high risk individuals.

    WHO recommends annual vaccination for:

    pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy
    children aged 6 months to 5 years
    elderly individuals (≥65 years of age)
    individuals with chronic medical conditions”
    health-care workers

“‘After the repeatedly failed effectiveness of flu shots, it’s time to rein in their expensive use, end mandatory flu shots or use of masks for B.C. health workers and end the fear campaign that benefits pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The facts are that flu shots are remarkably ineffective — just seven per cent protection last flu season; that influenza deaths are exaggerated; and that forcing doctors, nurses and health care workers to either have the flu shot or wear a mask up to 16 hours a day is counterproductive and creates a false sense of security for patients.”

    Where’s that quote come from? I checked the CDC and they quote 50 to 60% effectiveness. ht tp://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/qa/vaccineeffect.htm

    If you state as fact, error, and people rely on that, you are indirectly causing them harm. That’s why it’s important if people make statements that directly contradict established scientific recommendations, they back it up with a source so people can make an informed choice between what government, medicine, and scientists say, and some webpage written by who???

I don’t believe the CDC is a credible source of information. They gain financially from flu vaccinations and shouldn’t be counted on for reliable information. There are literally hundreds of publicly available websites containing scientific research and government statistics that provide evidience of the inefficiency of the flu vaccine. In addition if you take the time to actually read the insert that comes with the flu shot you will find most of if not all of what you need to know. They contain mercury and thimersol just for starters. Do your own due diligence. The mindset that flu shots are necessary is crumbling.

The CDC also states that if there is a shortage of vaccine those between the age of 6 and 50 would be the last to get the vaccine. They give some sort of rambling explanation as to why those between 50 and 60 should get the shot.

You would have to conclude that if your last on the list to get the vaccine
you are in the best position not to get it, or to fight it off.

One could also conclude that if you took the shot and did not get the flu then it was successful. Hmmmm

Give more and Junco, represent a growing number of misinformed individuals who think vaccines are either ineffective, or cause autism, etc, etc.

When someone cites the “Center of Disease Control” as not being a credible source about vaccinations, you know walking talking zombies are living among us.

What really surprises me is seamutt’s comment; “Do you have a link to backup your statement more people get the flu from shots than without? Another urban legend me thinks.” Wow… a climate change denier rejecting scientific evidence about climate change, yet requesting credible scientific evidence from someone to back up their comment on vaccines causing flu instead of preventing them. Hmmm… Reminds me of another hypocrite who gladly accepts the science supporting vaccines, yet rejects the science supporting climate change!


JGalt you choose to believe what you want to. Far from being a walking, talking zombie I do my research and due diligence. As I said before, there are countless scientific studies available to show that flu shots are mostly ineffective and in many cases can be harmful. No one mentioned autism or other vaccinations, so get your head out of your arse. Do some research on the CDC and see where they get their dollars from. Nevermind, you are probably one of the mindless zombies that follow and swallow everything that is fed to them. Cant think for themselves and fail to avail themselves of reams of information at their fingertips because they want to be lead. You are touting the CDC as some infallible Demigod. Do you worship the FDA as well? Lmao. It seems that you are the misinformed one. Baa, baa. One doth bleat too loud.

    Junco states; “Nevermind, you are probably one of the mindless zombies that follow and swallow everything that is fed to them.”

    Rather the exact opposite! Everyone here knows how much I have encouraged them to “question everything”. It’s time to wake up sheeple! Scientific facts are what they are, and should never be replaced by someones’s “beliefs”. It is a scientific fact that vaccines reduce rates of disease and illness, that will not change not matter what anyone “believes” to be the contrary.

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