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October 27, 2017 8:51 pm

Friday Free for All – October 7, 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

It’s time for the  Friday Free For All,  your opportunity to speak up on issues that matter to you.

Obey the rules,  they are simple  and should be easy enough to follow  if  you take a moment to read your comment before posting it.

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Sure has been cold out lately! Frost on the car windows in the morning! There’s a chance of snow in the forecast! Polar ice caps are growing! This global warming sure is COLD! Brrrr!

It’s going to cost a lot to heat the house, especially now that Justin and Co. are going all out with their CARBON TAX!

CARBON TAX! Yup, Justin himself called it a tax this week in the House of Commons!

Justin sure must appreciate the millions that his daddy left him! He’ll be able to afford his heating bills this winter! Oh wait, we’re paying those for him! Aren’t we nice!

    take a few minutes to look up the record heat waves in central European countries this year, last year, 2006, etc.

    If you would have read the predictions of the models more than a decade ago, you would have seen that this region would get cooler summers and warmer winters, turning more into a temperate climate rather than the more extreme swings we used to have. Along with that we were supposed to get more precipitation.

    Do not forget the “GLOBAL” part of warming.

    It seems that things are turning out as predicted. You either never read that, or like Trump, you cherry pick your info for dumb effect.

      What models? Nobody made models for such a small area as here, they were all global in scope. And all of them were wrong.

      Sure, no one made models. All the meteorologists were simply looking up at the sky, wetting their fingers and counting the seconds it took to dry.

      You’re shooting from the hip knowing that there are many people that believe such nonsense as yours.

      Who said they made models of Prince George?

      The models did, however, have large regional polygons such as the Central Interior Plateau.


      read that link and learn something about which you are trying to post.

      Actually there has been no statistically significant warming for twenty years despite the rise in global killing C02. Is a sarc tag needed.

      Ever hear of the Holocene maximum. hey the last interglacial was much warmer than this interglacial and life thrived, amazing.

      James Lovelock, inventor of the Gaia hypothesis which underpins much of modern environmentalism, now thinks global warming is a religion. He also points out Singapore, one of the warmest cities in the world, is also one of the most desirable places to live.

      “What has changed dramatically, however, is his position on climate change. He now says: “Anyone who tries to predict more than five to 10 years is a bit of an idiot, because so many things can change unexpectedly.” But isn’t that exactly what he did last time we met? “I know,” he grins teasingly. “But I’ve grown up a bit since then.”

      Lovelock now believes that “CO2 is going up, but nowhere near as fast as they thought it would. The computer models just weren’t reliable. In fact,” he goes on breezily, “I’m not sure the whole thing isn’t crazy, this climate change. You’ve only got to look at Singapore. It’s two-and-a-half times higher than the worst-case scenario for climate change, and it’s one of the most desirable cities in the world to live in.”


    Global warming is a myth. Global climate change is not. The myth is that the entire planet is warming up. The reality is that extreme weather events are increasing.

    The BC Liberals implemented a carbon tax years ago. Justin Trudeau’s announcement does not affect BC.

    Have a Coke, chill out, and… enjoy your turkey dinner. ;)

      No, global warming is a fact. The entire planet has been on an erratic warming trend since 1880. But because the warming pretty much stopped 19 years ago, the alarmists switched to “climate change” to keep the people frightened and the scam alive. They also invented “increasing extreme weather events” at that time so there would be something to fear. The reality is that extreme weather events are entirely normal and consistent with the past.

    For anyone who still doesn’t believe that our weather has been engineered and has been for decades – weather modification has increased significantly in the ’90’s. The significant weather events around the world have been engineered. Matthew is the first hurricane to hit the US in 12yrs because the US has employed hurricane suppression. Don’t believe me – look it up!

    ht tp://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/massive-us-senate-document-on-national-and-global-weather-modification/

      First Hurricane to hit the US in 12 years? Hmmmm, let me check….

      Well it seems they aren’t very good at hurricane suppression and your source isn’t very good at fact checking.

      A cursory check of hurricanes to make landfall in the USA in 2005 (11 years ago) – Dennis, Katrina, Rita & Wilma.
      2007 – Henriette & Humberto.
      2008 – Ike, Gustav, Dolly.
      2010 – Earl.
      2011 – Ophelia, Nate & Irene.
      2012 – Ernesto, Isaac, Sandy.
      2014 – Arthur.

Have you seen the Columbia Icefield recently? When I first took the bus from Lake Louise to Jasper in 1980, the ice came right down to the highway. Now the nearest ice is more than a kilometer from the road.

    Save your time and effort billposer, the 3 or 4 deniers on here are paid to post their garbage. It does not matter how much evidence is presented to them about the existence of Anthropogenic (man made) Global Warming, they will always deny it.

    ht tp://usuncut.com/climate/10-terrifying-before-and-after-photos-will-silence-global-warming-deniers/

      Climate change has been taking place as long as the planet earth has existed. We can’t stop it, we can only adjust to its effects.

      The trends do lead to a melting of the Arctic ice cap, but for Canada I would argue this is a benefit that will see new opportunities and new areas for moving our agricultural lands further north.

      If one has ever visited Canada’s far north they would see the huge potential as a country that we have. It is enormous. The far north is not the frozen windswept tundra that we all expect it to be. In many cases if one got dropped up there today they would be hard pressed to realize that this was indeed the far north. So to say that global warming will ruin the Arctic… well it already has changed it since the last ice age. There is no turning the clock back.

      I am more concerned about pollution than climate change. The guy with his dirty diesel belching out black smoke at every point of acceleration, or the factories without scrubbers.

      One doesn’t solve climate change by implementing regressive taxation on transportation and home heating in the north. Handcuffing our industry in their ability to compete in a globalized economy of arbitrage for pennies on things like labor, the environment, and energy costs… is the surest way to undercut our way of life and cost of living; especially for the lower and middle class that are hurt the most by the elitist regressive carbon tax.

      If you believe the globe is warming, and there is pretty good evidence it is, and you believe is caused by humans, then we have to something to control the amount of humans. We need to deal with root cause of the problem not the symptom. In my lifetime the population went from 5 billion to over 7 billion. If that growth rate continues we are going to be in real trouble.

      I’m paid to say that??? Where’s my cheques? Lost in the mail?

      My opinion is based on the science, JGalt. You should check it out for a change.

      Paid to post? That’s rich. The only ones being paid are the wool sweater wearing, Volvo driving, bearded, frizzy haired, horn rimmed glasses wearing, granola eating, sign waving, anti oil, anti corporation, career professional protesters that go protest whatever the flavour of the month happens to be. The “deniers” myself included wonder how man was responsible for the glaciers that were melting 10,000 years ago, can’t blame the Flinstones, they powered their cars with their feet.

      As soon as you mentioned anthropogenic causes, you lost me.

      That is merely a theory upon which many scientists disagree.

      Some say that by 2100 the earth will have warmed by 0.5C degrees. Others predict a 5C degree rise. That is a factor of 10 difference which is substantial.

      Global warming yes. The incremental part that humans play in that has not been proven since there are other effects such as variable sun irradiation as well.

      But heck, it makes for a nice mega-project for us to keep working on and finding money for since we do not seem to understand how else to distribute money to people other than through jobs.

      BTW, has anyone found an estimation of when we will run out of C02 producing fossil fuels which will stop the warming?

      JGalt is typical of the warmists, they always resort to ad hominems and straw-man arguments because the facts are all on the “denier” side.

      I agree with you 100% ! It is convenient for them to ignore the AWG part of the Global warming equation! I do not believe that they are getting paid by anyone! That would be smart! But no! The fossil fuel industry is mighty enough to put pressure on some media so that there are enough people persuaded to carry the banner for free!

      One day perhaps we will be lucky enough to find a Friday Free For All that does not have a first post which instigates and causes the CC (climate change) pot to be stirred again ad infinitum!

      Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

      JGalt im still waiting for my cheque to deny man made, climate change, global warming, hole in the ozone..I tell ya its a get rich slow scheme. I have to hand it to the financial wizards though, they managed to make carbon a commodity which can be traded and taxed. Just remember any time a government subsidises schemes where there the underlying asset is either missing or cant be quantified a bubble will be inflated.. When that bubble pops its the middle class and poor people get hurt. This has a greater effect on the human population than the CO2 boogy man that has been created. Or maybe they want it that way..

      PrinceGeorge, we don’t ignore the AGW component, we just know what it is and we know what the natural components are. The Greenies have much more influence on the media than the fossil fuel interests and governments pay $1 billion per day to the global warming industry. Most media ignore the skeptics and carry all the warmist propaganda no matter how nonsensical it is. With the exception of a few media outlets, blogs and forums like this are the only places where skeptic comment appears. Any time you want to see the science, skeptic will be happy to show you and will invite you to prove them wrong.

    And 500,000 years ago it would of covered the highway down to the ocean …. its called the tail end of the ice age … once the Peace was under the ocean …. things change …

    So what? In 1900 the ice probably extended a kilometer past the highway, and in 1800 it probably extended 2 km past the highway, a thousand years ago it probably extended 50 km across the highway, 10,000 years ago maybe 100 km past the highway, see a trend here? It has been melting for longer than mankind.

    I’m wondering what your point is, billposer. Melting ice is good. Advancing ice is bad. Are you old enough to remember the global cooling scare from the early ’70’s? The ominous news stories then included glaciers that had been retreating “since the end of the ice age” had begun advancing.

      I remember that. If I recall the thinking correctly, it was promoted by those who felt that dust and especially aerosols from natural as well as human sources would reduce the irradiation from the sun and cause a cooling.

      In fact, the natural formation of dust as a result of volcanic activity and the subsequent cooling weather effects were noted by Benjamin Franklin when he visited France after a volcanic fissure in Iceland erupted in 1783.

      Global warming, global cooling, natural effects, anthropogenic effects …. makes for interesting dialogue in the scientific community.

      I did not realize how many scientists actually posted on here ….. LOL.

      You’re not a lone voice!

    I took a trip along geological time and 10,000 years ago the ice field was 2km thick at Jasper..

    1980? … no way.


    more like 1840s according to the information on site. The have excellent documentation of the extent of the Glacier over the last century +

    this is where it was in 1982


My wife says its time to get back to sleep, but I said, ‘just another minute I’m reading about beavers’. Really good article on beavers.

htt p://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20161005-beavers-are-back-in-the-uk-and-they-will-reshape-the-land

Its not a beaver, its a whole eco-system they say….

Very good read. It reminds me of our park experience here in PG. I take my kids for walks all the time in places around town that most other cities couldn’t compare with. Walking a trail pointing out the various wild life and plant life. Pulling on this tree, poking at that ant hill… and down at the Wilson Park gravel pit watching the beavers doing their work.

How many other places can a person visit a park right in the middle of a city and watch beavers working away on their lodge real time?

With the new parks strategy the focus seems to be on so called quality of the park, with the idea that we have to many surplus parks. If it has old playground equipment than the park has to go seems to be the theme.

Myself and with my family I know the kids love to discover a new park. They don’t care that the playground has old equipment. If it has a unique slide, and some swings, and its a new experience, then the age of the equipment makes little difference. Its a public space and not a show piece.

When it comes to parks strategy I am pro public space, more than I am pro landscaping. One hopes we have a budget to have landscaping and top playground equipment in the high profile parks; but its the unique neighborhood parks that give the city its quality of life. A space to throw some ball, kick some ball on the lawn, have the kids take a break on an old slide, or just sit and listen to the birds.

Public spaces of all kind is one of PG’s great strengths… especially the public spaces that bring one closer to nature.

To sell these public spaces off in the name of densification and real estate development is short sighted and only really benefits those in the real estate development game… but short changes future generations from the value these spaces bring to a community.

I think the city should upgrade parks where they can; develop some more trail systems along Crandbrook hill and the rivers, improve the park access in the Hart… but don’t do this with the eye to taking away other public spaces in the form of parks so as to justify other improvements elsewhere. Once we loose these local public spaces we don’t ever get them back.

    As for parks development goes… my priority would be the gravel pit next to Wilson Park near the two city water pumps up through Fish Trap Island to Fooothills Bridge, and along the river front on the Northside of the Nechako River to Edgewood school from Foothills Bridge.

    I see a lot of land markers in the pit area for some kind of planned construction… it would be a shame to loose this public space.

    I think the pit area at Wilson Park would be world class if developed as a river front natural amphitheater for summer time concerts and night time plays in the park like they have at Stanley Park in Vancouver. Bull doze the hill side into a natural amphitheater and then lay some sod, and have a spot for a stage and some bathrooms.

    Next to that in the Fish Trap Island area build a full service river side municipal campground in its ancient riverside forest, with work done to the slough to have a beach on it next to the Otway Road side; and then build a mechanism to allow the upstream water to flow through, rather than leaving it stagnant. A safe place in PG for kids to swim at the river, and a great part of town for visitors to identify with PG as a great outdoors city.

    Time Will Tell

      Eagleone, That is a post I can get behind. When I visit other cities they take advantage of their surroundings to add value to the city. Here in PG we have 2 world class rivers and basically do nothing to enhance the enjoyment of these natural features

      That’s a well thought out and excellent idea. If you haven’t already done so, send that to City Hall.


      Eagleone, excellent posts.

Matthew, an epic hurricane.

This event will be a huge economic booster for Northern BC including PG. It will be a devastating catastrophe for Florida though that will likely exceed $100 billion in damage to residential wood built homes.

The biggest and last economic boom in the last 25 years for PG was a result of the Florida hurricane Andrew (1992). A storm that was a direct hit on Miami Dade county and passed in little less than 6-hours.

This Mattew’s hurricane is scraping the coast maintaining its hurricane strength up the whole eastern seaboard of the coast for 60-hours hitting hugely vulnerable places like Daytona Beach and Jacksonville. I’ve been to both places and they are probably the most vulnerable places to a hurricane in all the of the US save for New Orleans. This is a worst case scenario for them and the devastation will be catastrophic. I think Jacksonville once lost half its population from a hurricane devastation when it was once Florida’s largest urban center.

After hurricane Andrew in 1992, our region saw the advent of the 3rd shift at the local mills. That was the start of the weekend shifts… at the time it was explained in productivity terms utilizing the existing milling assets for their full potential bringing the contribution margin per 2×4 to all time lows and profits to all time highs. Rather than bring new mills online they utilize the assets that they already have.

For PG this storm could represent more future economic activity for this city than even the LNG will bring over the next ten years. It will mean hundreds of new jobs in the forestry sector; and near term (18-months) stability in our real estate market as we work through this. This storm will mean boom times in forestry if historical trends hold true. I expect announcements within a month of mills going to third shifts. Already the lumber yards at our local mills look more bare than then have looked in maybe a decade… add in the devastation to hundreds of thousands of homes from Matthew and anyone invested in lumber companies will see good returns in the months ahead IMHO.

On the flip side this will be devastating for the Florida economy. Most of these places like Daytona Beach and Jacksonville one can not buy hurricane insurance… most will loose their life savings in their investment in their homes. Lots will never recover….

    Holy Cow ! A whole book and not one mention of the Orange Julius, Donald Drumph. Good job Eagle.

    So far, Florida has been lucky. While the storm remains dangerous, it has dropped to a cat 3 and has continued just off the coast. And it’s begun the first steps towards a northeast turn.

Anyone else having issues with Conservation officers not returning calls, when you have hard evidence of violations.

    They’re probably busy this time of year. Your hard evidence should keep, won’t it?

Good morning one and all. Have a safe and fun long weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone… Have a very enjoyable and memorable weekend with your family and friends

The lumber boom promised by hurricane in Florida (it’s an ill wind that blows no one any good.) may be hard to benefit from when we don’t have the trees anymore. Between beetles and massive logging resulting in reduced AAC around the province, I wouldn’t expect any extra shifts in our mills this time around.

    That is the most important thing Eagleone overlooked. In the case of sawmills their very existence relies on timber supply. No wood = no mill. Trees don’t magically materialize in BC because of a hurricane in Florida. The AAC for all these mills has been greatly reduced. All the hurricane-induced demand isn’t suddenly going to make more trees available to feed those extra shifts he suggests. Commodity pricing is based on supply and demand. The biggest benefit to PG lumber producers wouldn’t be in adding production capacity but rather through a spike in lumber pricing created by the increase in demand and finite supply.

      So if a spike in lubber prices materializes, we simply get increased profit for the companies that own the mills, without much benefit to the people of the province unless someone increases the taxes on that profit.

      Even though the AAC is getting reduced..We are now adding more value to the fiber that is coming in.

    BC based companies could still reap rewards if lumber prices increase as they have bought a lot of mills in the south. Although I pity the poor carpenter that has to frame a house with southern yellow pine.

Looking forward to the Cougars games this weekend. They are playing some great hockey, and are ranked #1 in the entire CHL.

GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Save a school…..kill a clown.

What is with this ridiculous clown deal.

    Maybe instead of a pokeman app they can have a clown app to hunt these clowns down.

How much more is it going to cost to heat your house this year because of the Trudeau impost carbon pricing hart guy ? Do you even know . I doubt it . Let me tell you . The carbon pricing that Trudeau has imposed will not affect a single person of business in BC till perhaps 2021 . Trudeau’s carbon price is set at 10$ per tonne . Be has been living with a 30$ per tonne carbon price . So the whining coming from our deniers and Zimmer has nothing to do with BC . So they are working their collective yaps on behalf of all Canadians ( big fossil ) except BCers . When the pricing comes in in 2018 bc will be unaffected . You goofs will have to look for another strawman to hang your hats on . Maybe try and get flame throwers off the UN ban , declassified for hunting and personal use like target burning . That is once you get done declassifying the AR-15 .

    The difference will be, BC’s CO2 tax folly is offset by reductions in other taxes. The federal one won’t be.

      If you are going to post then post the whole story. Any Fed carbon tax collected is going to be returned to the provinces where it is collected.

      It will be up to individual provincial governments to decide how the money is used. If a provincial government chooses to use the money in any way that is not revenue neutral then they are the ones to blame and whine about, not the Feds.

      So then why is Rachel Notley so PO’ed about Justin imposing a carbon tax on Alberta?

Auto spell once again. BC has been living with a 30$ per tonne carbon tax . Makes one wonder why brad wall is having a hissy fit on behalf of his big fossil .

Unless there is an October surprise it does not look like the traffic cone coloured baffoon Trump will be reviving his reality tv career with a new take on the mockumentary show The(Oval)Office or reprise his role in The Apprentice.

Nope he will have a brand new show starting next month called The Biggest Loser…..oops that title already taken make that The Yuge-est LouSir.

Will miss seeing and hearing from the Trumpetts on tv as they are comedy gold. Easy to tell they are from hurricane and twister country as their family trees resemble palm trees; straight stocks with no branches. Understanding that they would flock to Trump given the amount of times he has said that he would date his daughter if he wasn’t married:(

“It is depressingly obvious that many eco-crusaders long ago lost touch with the practical realities of human existence. Many of the “activists” who oppose pipeline construction, for instance, are simply impervious to argument. Justin Trudeau, for all his popularity and eagerness to please, will never win their approval, no matter how fervently he works to accommodate their concerns. They just hate pipelines, and they hate oil, and that’s that. End of story. Asking for “social licence” is pointless when it’s simply an excuse for fanatics to say no.

There is a deeply embedded hypocrisy in the movement that gives me the creeps. David Suzuki owns multiple homes, far more than he needs for his personal “footprint.” Ottawa jets hundreds of delegates to Paris to do little more than chant their support for reducing emissions. Hollywood celebrities tweet advice for the masses while building enormous Malibu palaces. Richly financed green groups spend millions spreading propaganda among the ill-informed. It makes me think of priests who preach holiness while eyeing the altar boys.”

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/kelly-mcparland-trudeaus-carbon-plan-means-canadians-will-pay-more-for-a-tax-that-will-have-very-little-impact

    The impact that the carbon pricing will have is intirely up to the provinces and territories . The price is federally revenue neutral . All monies collected will be spent by the provinces and territories . So what has Christy been doing with the money ? It’s not a small amount . It’s three times the amount that will be imposed by the fed. Is it being spent for its intended purpose ? Has Cristy ever played by the rules . I think not .

      Taxes aren’t revenue neutral.Politicians are worse than car salesmen and people who are financially literate can see right through this scam. Every time a new tax or idea pops up in government it requires a whole new branch of government to administer it. Administering government programs is by far not revenue neutral at all and the taxpayer foots the bill in the long run..Price carbon on the open market and let the free market decide what it wants..If someone told me that I could buy a share in an inert, colorless odourless gas..You know probably don’t need to guess what I would tell them..


      You “free market” evangelists are boring as hell with your tired litany of cliches.

      Hahaha doesn’t care for economic reality.

Nice to get a word in before the Musk fanboy and the How’s Your Solar System duo take over the thread for the umpteenth FFFA in a row on the same topic.zzzzzzzz.

Almost makes one want to see an Abbotsford weather forecast. Almost. This time of year likely 10 degrees raining with an aroma of old socks:P

How about the old go to- left lane usage! KRETP

Damn too late!

    Just imagine how wonderful your world would be sparrow if we all spent every minute of every day agreeing and aping your every thought . Just imagine how interesting FFFA would be . everyone on the same page reading in unison . Sort of like going to church . There are thousands of blogs like that online . Think of how happy you would be . The rebel is one . Anyone that disagrees is instantly kicked off .

      Here’s and unusual comment for me:

      Well said, Ataloss!

      Then perhaps a name change is in order for FFFA. Feburary 2nd would suit as it the same thing week after week with nothing new to offer. Wonder what Bill Murray is up to these days.

      To have three posters have half the posts on a given Friday reading the exact same page of their hymn book each time defeats the spirit of a FFA. May be time to limit the # of posts/person/day as has been done in the past.

      BTW see how easy it is to change the topic up for discussion. Even mortal enemies unite:P

      If you’re so unhappy perhaps you should start topics of your own interest and see how many join in.

Saw peeps comment earlier on another thread about 200 pages of “researched” material ready to go.

Pssst- file on Moe Sihota alone is twice that thick. Then there is the fartful forger, the casino caper, the island bingo dabber crew, and on and on and on from the dipper decade. Bring it on.

    Is that all you come here for Colleen, to whine about everything?

Secondary schools are in code yellow again today. No word on why, though one can surmise that it has something to do with yesterday’s events.

    No doubt. When I was in high school on the island in the 70s we were hit with a bomb threat forcing an evacuation. Took a couple hours to give the all clear to return to class. That started a string of probably a half dozen over the next couple of weeks. While it became obvious after the second one that they were hoaxes nonetheless they had to be treated seriously. By the time the final one happened they were down to about 15 minutes before giving the all clear. I don’t know if they just ignored them after that or if the hoaxer figured out he wasn’t missing enough class-time to make it worth the risk of getting caught.

No way that the tax payers should be on the hook for the RCMP’s $100 Million sexual harassment settlement. There are 77000 RCMP members. Deduct $150 from their paycheques monthly for a full year to pay the debt.

    Deduct money from paycheques of officers who did nothing wrong? No, deduct it from those who did the deed.

      There is the chance that even the “good” cops knew or witnessed the sexual harassment in the force without doing anything about it or speaking out. This perpetuated the assault. The force created this environment by its mere presence.

      Still not a reason to punish the innocent.

    Unfortunately the employer (RCMP) did nothing when allegations first surfaced. They indirectly or directly allowed a culture of patriarchy to permeate their ranks. While I do agree taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook, it is what it is. Maybe the RCMP should be forced to pay that $100 million for their own budget. That might help speed up the culture change that’s obviously needed in the serve and protect industry.

      Where do you think the budget money comes from. It comes from the tax payers!

Good question to ask of the warmers: If you work all your life to come; pay all the taxes due; pay all the carbon offset levies devised by the UN/EU; and live a reduced quality of life because you can’t afford to fly/drive, heat your house or pay for basic fuel products, what effect will that have on the temperature of the planet/your country by the time you come to retire? And will it have been worth it?

Columbia icefields, used to be a forest in that location at one time, what happened. Gore predicted an ice free artic by now, artic ice doing just fine. How come the Antarctic gets ignored by the warmers, oh wait, ice volume increasing, getting colder.

Ontario going “green” now arguably has the highest electricity rates on the globe except for some islands.

Dear leader 2.0 has a dark agenda, using the taxpayer dime to get some Nobel publically useless peace prize and become leader of the world, UN secretary general of the useless money sucking UN.

    “Columbia icefields, used to be a forest in that location at one time”

    At that time there would not have been any mountains there.

    In fact, shortly before that time, there was no earth here.

    We are all just specs on the butt of an elephant.

    So why do we care about anything?

    Why are we forcing electrons through metal and fibreoptic cables and electromagnetic waves just so that we share gossip over the internet?

      Here is is some facts about the wood.

      8000 year old wood from the Athabasca Glacier, Alberta

      ht tp://www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/pdf/10.1139/e88-015

      The Rockies are less than 8000 years old? Who knew?

    C’mon Seamutt, if you’re going to castigate others for lack of scientific evidence, you’re going to have to do better than this. All that article shows is that there were trees somewhere up valley from the snout of the glacier. Anyone who has climbed or spent any time in the mountains knows you can find trees in the sub alpine in some very interesting & remote spots, including rock outcroppings on or above glaciated terrain. This is not evidence of a “forest” but fragments of wood that suggests there were trees somewhere up that valley at some point in time. Not a huge stretch or proof of your claim.

      It still means trees were growing farther up the valley where the glacier is now thick. Which means it was much warmer then.

      It’s not the only alpine area to once have had forests. Melting glaciers have uncovered former old growth forests in Europe and BC too.

      “All stumps were still rooted to their original soil and location.”

      Melting glaciers in Western Canada are revealing tree stumps up to 7,000 years old where the region’s rivers of ice have retreated to a historic minimum, a geologist said today.

      Johannes Koch of The College of Wooster in Ohio found the fresh-looking, intact tree stumps beside retreating glaciers in Garibaldi Provincial Park, about 40 miles (60 kilometers) north of Vancouver, British Columbia.

      Radiocarbon dating of the wood from the stumps revealed the wood was far from fresh—some of it dated back to within a few thousand years of the end of the last ice age.

      “The stumps were in very good condition, sometimes with bark preserved,” said Koch, who conducted the work as part of his doctoral thesis at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. Koch will present his results on Oct. 31 at the Geological Society of America annual meeting in Denver.

      The pristine condition of the wood, he said, can best be explained by the stumps having spent all of the last seven millennia under tens to hundreds of meters of ice. All stumps were still rooted to their original soil and location.

      ht tp://www.livescience.com/4702-melting-glacier-reveals-ancient-tree-stumps.html

Oh my

much ado about nothing:
1 Oct: Bloomberg: Anindya Upadhyay: India Agrees to Ratify Paris Climate Agreement; Limit Emissions
The deal will be formally ratified on Sunday, Environment Minister Anil Dave told reporters in New Delhi. Under the accord, India will reduce the INTENSITY of fossil-fuel emissions, a measure of pollution released per unit of economic growth, by 33 percent to 35 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.
India, in its climate pledge — also known as Intended Nationally Determined Contribution — submitted to the United Nations last year on Oct. 2, estimated a cost of $2.5 trillion for its climate-action plan. India will ask developed countries to provide $100 billion per year in climate finance for poorer countries, the minister said. Commitments to the Green Climate Fund are at a little over $10 billion, Dave added…
TimesOfIndia 2 Oct: Money will be a big challenge for India, which says it will require over $2.5 trillion to meet all of its targets. It says it will achieve the targets only if other countries give it money and discounts on new technology.
multiple links, lots of other detail:
1 Oct: Townhall: Paul Driessen: Green pixie dust energy policies
Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Obama unilaterally ratified the Paris climate treaty on September 3. Barely three weeks later, China said it can no longer afford current levels of wind and solar subsidies, and so is sharply reducing renewable power generation. Instead, it plans to increase its thermal coal production by 182 million tons per year. Meanwhile, Chinese banks and construction companies are financing and building hundreds of new coal-fired generating units in Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Africa, Latin America and beyond—including nearly two dozen in the Balkan countries.
India has become “the center of the world’s oil demand growth,” says Citigroup. Its economy will likely expand by 8% per year through 2021, its domestic coal production even faster, and coal demand for factories and electricity generation is rising so rapidly that India is financing a major coal mining operation in Mozambique.
Southeast Asian fossil fuel consumption is expected to double by 2040, to 1,070 million tons of oil equivalent per year. Oil, gas and coal will then represent 78% of the region’s energy mix, up from 74% today…
Japan has joined this Asian bloc. Instead of reopening nuclear power plants or expanding renewable power generation, it is using coal and natural gas for 75% of its power, compared to 54% in 2011.
Meanwhile, Mr. Obama’s “Power Africa” initiative has been a dismal failure. In 2013 he promised that the USA would bring the continent “more than 10,000 megawatts of cleaner, more efficient” renewable electricity. (By comparison, total US generating capacity is 1,069,000 MW.) So far, the project has provided less than 400 MW—4% of what was promised, and 0.04% of US capacity…
It’s time we had some grownup thinking and policies, instead of green pixie dust.
ht tp://townhall.com/columnists/pauldriessen/2016/10/01/green-pixie-dust-energy-policies-n2226185

    “It’s time we had some grownup thinking and policies”

    And just why do you think that your thinking is more “grown up” thinking than that of those you are supposedly directing that post to.

    Most grownups understand that in this country we are free to think for ourselves.

    So why are you not grownup enough to understand that simple truth of life?

    Perhaps you need a dictator who thinks your way and forces it on the rest of the population.

      Oh may. Free to think for ourselves, okay that is just what I am doing and you are criticizing. So you are saying unless I follow the dogma I should be silenced? I believe you are the one with the grownup issues and are not used to being questioned.

      You cannot refute the facts that goes against the dogma you have been fed so attach the messenger. Very grownup.

The Friday Free For All is reminiscent of that movie “Groundhog Day”. The only thing missing is a cut and past doom and gloom story from Charles. :)

The beat goes on every day in the efficiency arena . Yesterday Philips/Dubai announced the very latest LED bulb with an efficiency of 90 % compared to incandescent bulbs . They also we last 15 times longer . The ones on the market today are only between 25 to 80% more efficient than are incandescent. This will make a big difference .

    so, with an incandescent bulb the best LED bulb will save 80cents on the dollar.

    The new ones will save another 10cents on the dollar.

    We are getting to the point of questionable diminishing returns of efficiency compared to the pioneer creators.

    Spending efforts of reducing manufacturing costs and increasing quality control so that more bulbs will actually last the length of time they suggest is probably a better investment at this time.

      Since changing out all my incandescent for LEDs we have seen a big drop in consumption . Plus when the grid goes down we can run more appliances. There is also work being done to build an ultra efficient frig . I want one .

    I like LED’s because they give a much better light than incandescents, especially in areas that don’t have light reflective walls. I hate those curly fluorescents, they give terrible light, hard on the eyes.

LEDs are also saving lives . I would urge everyone that uses a troublelight in and around flamable fluids to change out the incandescent with an LED . When one inevitably drops the light with an incandescent in it , it breaks and can start a fire . It’s happened many times and people have died because of it .

    the operating instructions for a “66 LED Rechargeable Work Light” include these words: CAUTION: Do not use this work light in explosive atmospheres, near flammable liquids, or where explosion proof lamps are required.”

    The problem is likely the switch which will create a spark when opened. A light designed for safe operation in explosive atmospheres will have the switch sealed so that explosive vapors can’t reach it, or so that any explosion it does cause will be contained within the device so that it won’t ignite the surrounding atmosphere.

    I realize that is different than dropping a light into a puddle of flammable liquids.

    I suggest that the first rule of safety would be not to have a large enough “puddle” of flammable liquid in the first place.

    Finally, if you have flammable gasses, even those evaporating from volatile flammable liquids, better wear a gas mask.

    Here is some factual information on LED lights

    ht tp://newatlas.com/led-bulbs-found-to-contain-toxic-metals/17876/

      The study found that the production, use and disposal of LEDs all present health risks, which the public should be made aware of. It suggests that a special broom, gloves and mask should be used when cleaning up broken bulbs, and that crews attending to car accidents or broken traffic lights should be required to wear protective gear, and treat the material as hazardous waste.

Here’s another subject that I’d be interested in seeing some comments on!

For all of the media coverage and comments that went on and on about the Mike Duffy affair, how come the mainstream media have fallen so silent so quickly about the recent Liberal Government “moving expenses” scandal!

“Top Trudeau aides apologize for moving expenses controversy, vow to repay significant portion”

This issue came up with Justin defending the spending and yet the very next day, significant portions were to be repaid!

So, why is this a case of:

Mike Duffy – BAD!

The Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford and Principal Secretary Gerald Butts – GOOD??

The Liberal’s silence on this issue is deafening!

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/top-trudeau-aides-apologize-for-moving-expenses-controversy-vow-to-repay-significant-portion

    That is an easy one.

    from a Canadian Press article date April 2016

    OTTAWA — Ontario Court Judge Charles Vaillancourt’s 308-page ruling in the Mike Duffy fraud trial offers blistering criticism of the inner workings of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office.

    “The political, covert, relentless, unfolding of events is mindboggling and shocking,” Vaillancourt said. “The precision and planning of the exercise would make any military commander proud.”


    A better question would be, why the almost complete silence on the fraudulent expense claims of Liberal Senator Mac Harb that were revealed just shortly before the Duffy affair? He had to pay back triple the amount.

      Dirtman you did not get an answer, to your query, no surprise there.

How about Stéphane Dion’s disrespectful thumbs-down gesture in front of Alison Azer, when the subject of her abducted kids was brought up in the House of Commons!

“Stéphane Dion’s thumbs-down gesture upsets mother of abducted kids: ‘I felt truly disrespected and dishonoured’ ”

ht tp://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/news/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com%2Fnews%2Fcanada%2Fstephane-dions-thumbs-down-gesture-upsets-alison-azer-mother-of-abducted-kids-i-felt-truly-disrespected-and-dishonoured&pubdate=2016-10-07

    That is a matter fro the Speaker of the House to deal with.

    The House is a protected environment. However, it is a form of bullying/harassment in the workplace and needs to be dealt with.

    The House has rules of Order and Decorum.


Here’s one for you Ataloss!

“Ontario government scraps plan for $3.8 billion in renewable energy projects”

ht tps://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2016/09/27/ontario-liberals-scrap-plans-for-38-billion-in-renewable-energy-projects.html

    Unlike the western and maritime provinces, Ontario relies heavily on nuclear energy. Past governments have been looking at replacing those plants. Adding other forms of renewable energy which could include hydro, is expensive in an already expensive hydro province.

    As the article says, it is election time and they are looking at cutting dollars.

    Pretty simple.

      Each customer will save $2.45 per month . That’s the election bait . However there will be an even larger bill to be paid the nuclear to keep them running . That satisfies the vertically integrated structure fans like nuclear and big hydro but does nothing for the laterally integrated . It’s a stupid move but hey , that’s politics . Not the best thing for society .

100 million in payouts due to abuse in the rcmp…and not one offender held accountable? How stupid is that, so I guess the cops in the rcmp are really above the law. wonder where this money is coming from? You and I would be my guess.

    If they can’t keep their hands and abuse off their own people . How do they keep their wanton hands off the public ? They are starting to make my skin crawl when they drive by .

    In my mind the “offender” is the mindset of the entire organization which allowed those who actually did the sexual harassment and bullying to go unchecked when it should have been obvious to senior officers and human resources.

    Perhaps that mindset is going to be changed. We’ll see how well that works.

    We are those who will pay, as always. We pay for lousy hiring decisions of senior people who need to be educated and trained better and come to the job with a different attitude.

    It will take time.

    Interesting statement from Galliford

    I think they are talking about changing a culture and I don’t know if that can be changed.

    I think the RCMP has gotten too big to be managed. There are a lot of women and men who have been harassed to the point where they are still trying to do their jobs but are walking zombies.

    People are afraid to complain and are still being harassed.

    I don’t believe the RCMP in its current state can be fixed. I think it should be a federal police board only and provincial governments can set up their own police forces.

Ataloss here is a great read on energy density.
ht tp://www.theenergycollective.com/robertwilson190/257481/why-power-density-matters

Car2go crossed the two million membership in their car share company worldwide . Almost a hundred thousand in Calgary , over a hundred thousand members in Vancouver . They’ve grown a staggering 43% sept . YTD . I wonder if there is enough of a population in PG to support a franchise ?


Latest tape to drop this afternoon is the final nail in Trump’s coffin. Let the 2020 race begin. Can hardly wait to hear his concession speech next month. The Sunday debate could also be must see tv:D

German environmentalists say renewables are destroying their landscapes, killing nature, wasting money.

Gee, the environmentalists finally noticed that. German environmentalists, that is, ours still haven’t seen the obvious.

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/10/german-environmentalists-say-renewables-are-destroying-their-landscapes/

South Australia’s Wind Power Debacle Killing Miners, Mineral Processors & Scarce Jobs

In the aftermath of South Australia’s ‘Black’ Wednesday, its biggest miner – BHP Billiton – and last two mineral processors – Whyalla steel maker, Arrium and Port Pirie lead and zinc smelter, Nyrstar, were left powerless and thoroughly crippled as a result.

ht tps://stopthesethings.com/2016/10/04/south-australias-wind-power-debacle-killing-miners-mineral-processors-scarce-jobs/

I wonder how far Justin and Co. will go to save Canada’s Minister of Democratic Institutions, Maryam Monsef?

“A 19-year-old Concordia University student has been told she will be stripped of her Canadian identity, a decade after the woman’s mother allegedly made misrepresentations when applying for their citizenship.

The case has “compelling parallels” to the situation involving Canada’s Minister of Democratic Institutions, Maryam Monsef, according the student’s lawyer. She wonders if government authorities will investigate Monsef’s family history and apply the law with the same force and vigour as it did with her client.”

From what I understand, Justin and Co. are seriously considering actually changing the law, just to accommodate her! I say “toss her out”!

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/case-of-concordia-student-stripped-of-citizenship-has-compelling-parallels-to-monsef-situation-lawyer

The following link is entertaining! Poor Gerry Butts is in a snit!

ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/on-monsef-case-the-liberals-are-acting-just-like-harperites/article32222657/

Come on Liberals, what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander!

    What about all the changes to the laws Harper did ? Violating our privacy etc… you agree with that hart guy ?

      P Val, haven’t you in this past year suggested that the election is over and Harper lost?

      So, let’s bitch and complain about the twit that we have now! Or, would you rather deflect attention away from the screw up that Justin clearly is showing that he is capable of being?

Took me a while to read through all the comments, and it looks like the conservative bible thumpers and fossils need their own blog site on climate change. Better yet, they should have their own planet… meh what does it matter, they will just end up stripping their planet bare, polluting their water and air, them move back in with the rest of us.

Never, ever go camping with them, these simple minded folk as these are the ones who will follow your water source upstream to bath, chite, and piss in it. As long as they are clean who cares about the rest of us?

    Exactly . Who cares what they say ? They will always be with us . Did you know that there were Britain deniers back in roman times . They had a bad rash of people that claimed that Britain couldn’t possibly exist and that it was an invention designed to fleece sensible people like them . What I’ve started doing is not to read any of their stuff . Some of their links get me an instant alert to not open them for malware . The world will change with or without them believing or not . Like the ride share thing kicking the hell out of car sales .# Car2govancouver and #car2gocalgary on Twitter is where they chat with one another .

      it was warmer back in Roman Times.

    Very mature, jgalt and you still can not refute anything posted.

This is a story Ben would have sunk his teeth in to.
We have a Doctor in PG who can perform Angiograms, yet he is not given the support staff or the time to perform them here. Why is this? Why do we and those in the west and north still have to go to Vancouver to get this procedure done. Anyone out there know? Wonder how many folks have to pay their way to Vancouver, stay in hotels, to get this done when it could be done locally.

    We may not have the specialised equipment needed to perform them here in spite of having a doctor trained to do it.

There is a native artist who wants to change the name of the province because he is offended by the name British. Is that racist? I take it then he does not sell to the British, ya right. Krause will be all over this.

I have challenged these pro-fossils to a test in the past, and for some reason they have never taken me up on my challenge.

Drive their fossil fuel, internal combustion, running vehicle into an enclosed single car garage, close the garage bay door, and keep that car running for two hours, with them in it, and I will to the same with an electric vehicle.

I was hoping they would be so attached to their fossil fuel vehicles, they would take me up on my challenge… they can then deny carbon emitting vehicles are not harmful to our atmosphere as they take their last breaths into extinction, leaving the rest of us more intelligent humans to move on to a future that uses clean, carbon free, alternative energy.

    The thing that amazes me the most of all is gas fired BBQs . Using fossil fuel burning ,exhausting , sometimes enclosed for maximum heat and exhaust penetration into the food . You might as well heat up your hotdog in an auto exhaust pipe . People are crazy .

      You’d have to be a denier to think that kind of cooking is okay .

    JGalt, “Drive their fossil fuel, internal combustion, running vehicle”??

    What exactly do you drive?

    How do you heat your home?

    What materials are used in your computer?

    I suspect that you consume fossil fuels just like the rest of us!

Deniers, oblivious to nearly everything that matters… they are indeed very “special” people.

ht tp://tinyurl.com/za6eem7

    Warmists have no answers to the evidence we present so they resort to ad hominems and straw-man arguments.

    You do realize, don’t you Ataloss, JGalt etc. that when you do that you’re in fact admitting that you’re wrong?

    BTW, your link goes nowhere.

    I’d rather not be a lemming.

Seems Justin and the Liberals are keeping and implementing most of Harpers legislation. Is this because they are incapable of enacting some of their own legislation, or do they actually see the benefits.

    Oh come on pal , you’re no neophyte. They both draw their water from the same well . There’s only one middle and its Green .

Members of the RCMP sexually harassed, (etc) other members and they give a public apology plus 100 million dollars of taxpayers money to the victims. Taxpayers didn’t do the harassing,(etc) so why are we paying for the crimes of our police? Why are they not being charged, fired, imprisoned? Why are Canadians just going to stand there and take it up the chute once again?

    Strange analogy DF but we have to pay because we elected people to delegate oversight and they were incompident . We’re all in this together and one or more of us dropped the ball . I wonder how far up the chain of command this poison has risen too . It makes one wonder how it is that those appointed to investigate cannot weed out criminal behaviour and bring the guilty to justice . We alway get our man ? Unless he’s on the right side of the thin blue line , eh .

    Perhaps they might find it difficult to get a conviction in a Court of Law. After all, the accused are still considered innocent in law until proven guilty. And that proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, might be very difficult to achieve. A loss in Court to a victim of the alleged abuse which WAS actual abuse would likely leave that victim in a worse state of mind than if she felt she was being believed and compensated for what she said happened even though the accused might seem to be escaping justice. Quite likely he wouldn’t be, since his service record would then have a stain on it which would likely affect his chances of promotion, transfer to desirable postings, etc.

JGalt, come out, come out wherever you are! You haven’t answered my earlier question, so in the interests of honesty and fairness, I’ll go first!

I drive a Gas guzzling V8 powered 4X4!

I heat my home with Natural Gas!

I barbeque my steaks on my Propane barbeque!

My computers are all made with plastics derived from fossil fuels!

Ok, your turn! Just remember, be honest!!

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