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October 27, 2017 8:51 pm

Today’s Threat to Schools ‘not credible’ say Police

Friday, October 7, 2016 @ 10:36 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  RCMP in Prince George have recommended the lock downs at Prince George High Schools be lifted. School District 57 agreed to the request at 10:05 a.m. today.

This morning,  Prince George RCMP  received reports of more online threats to  area high schools.  School District 57 opted to place the six (6) area high schools into lock-down in order to better protect  children and teachers.

The lockdown is the second in as many days   following yesterday’s  situation that developed because of social media threats that featured  graphics of clowns bearing firearms and warning that certain high schools in Prince George  were to be targeted.  Two people were arrested in connection with that threat, one  was later released, the other,  a 16 year old,   is to appear in court  today.

RCMP investigators have determined today’s threats are non-credible and in some cases, out dated. As a result, police are recommending that the lock-down be lifted at all schools and regular school activity resume.

Police will continue to investigate these threats and will continue to have an increased presence around schools. Any and all threats will be taken seriously.

Police  are  reminding the public that  such investigations tie up resources that could be better used responding to where they are truly needed. Anyone believed to be involved in these threats will be the subject of a police response and treated seriously until determined otherwise.

Investigations are continuing


Hopefully someone or group will sue the school district administration for overreacting and playing into these clowns game.
This has been two days of code silly !!

    Huh? Sue the school for taking the safety of our kids seriously? Are you some sort of creep?

    I cant beleive you would even think such a thing. I commend the school district for doing everything possible to protect our children. Credible or not.

    Why punish the school administration for doing what is proper protocol. I am pretty sure, you would be the first idiot squawking if it went the other way.

    Sorry, but your selfishness for the inconvienence to put children first is quite visible.

What we need here is some specifics as to what (if any) charges are going to be laid.

I’m guessing that showing a picture of themselves as clowns with guns on Instagram is not illegal, anymore than it would be illegal if we saw it on television, or in a newspaper. One has to keep in mind that this was probably some form of hoax that went sour.

So if the pictures are not illegal then it comes down to the statement supposedly made by one or all of the participants. That is, that all schools would be hit. If that type of statement is illegal I would love to here what part of the criminal code it falls under.

We should be hearing fairly soon as to what charges are being laid or contemplated, and then we can have a further discussion.

At this point with no charges laid, we are all just guessing.

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