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October 27, 2017 8:49 pm

Child Struck by Hit and Run Driver

Sunday, October 9, 2016 @ 7:21 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Police in Fort St. John are trying to find the driver of a vehicle who fled  after hitting a child in a pub parking lot Friday night.

The RCMP says that at about 6:30 pm on Friday a 4-year-old child was struck by a white SUV in the parking lot of a pub on 93rd Street in Fort St. John.  The driver failed to remain at the scene and left the parking lot heading south on 93rd.

A news release from police says the child was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure and did not sustain any serious injuries however the “collision had the potential to cause serious harm and it is very concerning that the driver of the SUV would not remain at the scene.”

The RCMP is urging the driver to come forward and contact them and is also asking anyone with information about the incident or driver to give them a call.


The obvious question : What was a 4yr old doing unattended, wandering around outside..6:30 at night.. in a pub parking lot? I think we all know the answer, but yeah.. all around awesomeness from all the people involved.

    Actually, that isnt the “obvious question.” You’re makeing a rather broad assumption, probably based on your peraonal life. You (obviously) have reasons that apply to you, for your child to be in a pub parking lot at 6:30 pm, but those may or may not be factors in this case.
    The child could have been holding their parent’s hand, at the time, for all you know. Did it say in the article, that the child was “unattended, walking around?”
    The obvious question, is more like, why would someone hit a child (or anyone) and just speed off?


6:30 is supper time.

Liquor laws have been changing recently in BC, including that minors, such as 4 year olds for instance, are allowed in pubs, typically early in the day/evening when people go there to eat, especially when they attend a family special event such as birthdays, etc.

A pub is a liquor primary establishment not much different from many food primary establishment these days as far as the amount of liquor which can be consumed by an individual without buying vast amounts of food. Many larger restaurants have “holding lounges” where one can wait for a table in the restaurant or simply stay there and have a bite to eat with a drink or two.

Read the BCLC&LB Licensing Policy Manual ….. search for “minor” in the document.


    I guess you have no concept of darkness, and ‘nighttime’

    But go ahed and defend the situation.

      Do you not have the word “evening” in your vocabulary?

      A simple definition common to most English dictionaries is “the period of time at the end of the day, usually from about 6 p.m. to bedtime.”

      I just looked up the FSJ sunset time – October 9 = 6:16pm MST

      Dusk = 6:53PM MST

      So, it is in between daylight and the darkness of night at 6:30PM MST

      MST=PDT since FSJ does not change the clock.

      You seem to be the one defending your position without any rational argument.


    And in case i wasnt clear, my ‘exactly’ was in agreement with Gopg2015.

From a page of the London Bull in Fort St. John

“London Bull® is a full-service, saloon style restaurant and traditional pub all in one.”


An example in PG …. Kelly O’Bryan’s ….. Their slogan is “eat, drink, and be merry”

restaurant or pub?

    Isn’t the jingle on the radio “eat, drink and be Irish, everyone”.
    But,(Irish)used to mean “drunk” way back when the police roamed the streets with horse drawn carriages called “paddy wagons” to collect all the drunken Patricks sleeping in the streets.

It may be an assumption that the driver knew he/she hit a child. Based on the article, the child wasn’t seriously injured. I imagine bumping a 4 year old would cause a minimal impact that could potentially go unnoticed to occupants inside the vehicle.

The most important thing is the child is ok.

    I agree that with there apparently having been a minimal impact, the driver may not only not have visually noticed the child, but not have felt a noticeable “bump”. A 4 year old would likely not be tall enough to be visible in a rear view mirror and would not have been visible in either side view mirror if the vehicle was finished its last few feet of pulling out of a parking spot and had begun to straighten out.

    The question which remains in my mind, where were the parents/guardians of the child. The safest way to maneuver through a parking lot with a small child is by holding the child’s hand. It no only controls the child’ movements in a dangerous situation, but also puts the child directly adjacent to taller people who are more visible, more careful, and taller which means more easily visible.

    I also agree that the most important thing is the child is ok.

Everyone’s knees must be hurting… jumping to all these conclusions ;)

Let’s hope they find the driver and the truth/facts can come out… very good thing the child wasn’t hurt. Best of a bad situation.

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