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October 27, 2017 8:46 pm

Stopping Trump, How About Stopping Hilary Clinton?

Thursday, October 13, 2016 @ 5:45 AM
By Peter Ewart

Yes, the US oligarchy has now got what it wants. A big, bad boogieman that terrifies little children, pet rabbits and CNN commentators. And that boogieman is, of course, none other than the billionaire and rogue oligarch Donald Trump.

Now, Trump himself laid the groundwork for his boogieman image with his often outrageous and offensive behavior. But this image has been magnified to extraordinary proportions by the Establishment media, which has worked, as shown by recent email leaks, in close concert with the Clinton campaign (1), (2), (3).

What is the purpose of creating this boogieman? It’s quite simple. To scare the American people into voting for Hillary Clinton, an unsavory, highly unpopular candidate with a history of reckless and dangerous behavior, both in domestic and foreign affairs; a candidate who has been a longstanding shill for Wall Street banks and the corporate oligarchy.

Various celebrities, pundits, and politicians, including Canadian ones, have come out shouting from the rooftops that the boogieman Trump must be stopped, that he is worse than Hitler, that the sky will fall in, and so on. Fine. Go for it. But what about stopping Hillary Clinton?

For the irony in all this is that, going just by her record in foreign affairs, Clinton is even more dangerous than Trump in that realm. If Trump is an inconsistent interventionist and war mongerer, Clinton has been fanatically and consistently aggressive in both her past record as Secretary of State and present policies.

Here are just a few examples:

• Her support for the invasion of Iraq;
• As Secretary of State advocating for the overthrow and murder of Libya leader Qadaffi, subsequently plunging that country into chaos and a haven for ISIS and other terrorists (4);
• Her ongoing support for ISIS and Al Queda linked terrorists in Syria (5);
• Her promotion of a “no-fly zone” in Syria and “regime change”, which even a top U.S. general has stated will mean outright war with Syria and Russia (6), (7);
• Her support for the overthrow of the democratically-elected president of Honduras and installation of a military dictatorship (8);
• Her support for the coup in Ukraine that overthrew the Yanukovich government and plunged that country into chaos and confrontation with Russia (9).
• Her ramping up of tensions with Russia, a major nuclear power, to their highest level in many decades with inflammatory statements claiming, without actual proof, that Russia and Putin are behind the email leaks and hacking of Democrat National Committee websites (10), (11).
• And so on (for a more comprehensive list see footnote 12).

On a personal level, both candidates are equally offensive. Yes, Trump, especially for his past outrageous comments about women, Hispanics and other sectors of the population. But what about Clinton’s comments when she was a lawyer and got a rapist of a 12 year old child off on a technicality and then laughed about it on tape (13)? Or when she cackled on video about the overthrow, torture and murder of Libyan leader Qadaffi (14)?
The Establishment media, however, does not go for “equal opportunity” in revealing the offensiveness of each candidate. Instead, Trump is attacked relentlessly, while Clinton is allowed to sit off fanning herself in the shade, despite damning leaked emails and other controversies piling up daily.

All of this exposes the bankruptcy and shambles of the two party system in the U.S. which the U.S. Establishment has traditionally used to keep itself in power, as well as to disempower the electorate.
In the midst of these shambles, it is apparent that the U.S. Establishment wants a big win for Clinton, one in which she can claim a “mandate” from the American people, to plunge ahead with more aggression abroad against Syria and other countries, and ramped up confrontation with Russia. This is playing with fire.

The nearest precedent in American history might be the presidential race of Republican Barry Goldwater against the Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson back in 1964. Goldwater, like Trump, was portrayed as the “boogeyman”, and LBJ, the man of peace. Of course, after winning the most lop-sided election in U.S. history, LBJ tossed aside the peace hat and, with his so-called mandate, proceeded to ramp up the U.S. aggression against Viet Nam and Indochina to unprecedented levels. And we all know the disaster that resulted.

The outcome of this U.S. election? Clinton will be the likely winner and, either way, the American people will be the losers. Whoever wins, an extremely toxic atmosphere has been created by both Democrat and Republican camps that could result in civil conflict and even civil war down the road.

In the midst of all this, enlightened Americans are striving to find a way forward, by taking a stand against the endless aggressive wars of the U.S. Establishment and against an out-of-control banking and corporate oligarchy, as well as working to build a political process that is genuinely democratic and puts the future of the country in the hands of the American people.

Therein lies the hope.

Peter Ewart is a columnist and writer based in Prince George, British Columbia. He can be reached at: peter.ewart@shaw.ca

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I cannot recall who said it but someone with power down there said that a real leader needs to step forward in order to right the ship. Neither current candidate fits the bill.

The US is a dumpster fire and Canada is right there with it.

How sad that the Donald, and his misogynistic fans even exist. And, it’s obvious that personssuch as yourselves are also deluded.

    It is even more sad that you think Hillary is some saviour, when she is even more corrupt than Donald. The nerve of this old woman, to call out Trump for things he has ‘said’ about women.. when she makes back room deals with countries that have zero women’s rights… oh the irony.

    But lets focus on Trump’s locker room talk. I can only imagine what is said when her and Bill are behind closed doors. I bet she had nothing but good things to say about Monica…

    33k emails deleted from a server… and no indictment… lol

      2 thumbs up!

    “33 thousand emails deleted from a server… and no indictment… lol” Try 22 MILLION emails the George W. Bush White House Administration lost under his two terms in office… and no indictments… lol.

    As for stopping Hillary, most of us know this is the worst US presidential election in history when it comes to the quality, and qualifications, of the two presidential candidates. This is what happens when a nomination process under both parties becomes “rigged”!

    Bernie Sanders was the people’s choice for a presidential candidate, but the process for selecting a presidential candidate does not rest with the average citizen, or member of the Democratic or Republican Party, it rest with big banks, big corporate interests under the Democratic Party with their “super delegates”, and with right wing fringe interests in the Republican Party.

    So when you have two lemons to choose from, best to make lemonade with the least sour (Hillary Clinton)… IMO.

      Bernie Sanders? The bum who couldn’t hold a job and kept his wife in a shack with a dirt floor despite having a university degree?

      ht tp://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/bernie-sanders-the-bum-who-wants-your-money/

      Deleting emails (no matter ten thousands or more) is a sign of trying to hide something extremely important and potentially very damaging, like being disqualified or charged and possible time in the hoosegow!

      Two unacceptable candidates….karma, perhaps.

      So you never delete any emails?

      Oh My God… PrinceGeorge states; “Deleting emails (no matter ten thousands or more) is a sign of trying to hide something extremely important and potentially very damaging, like being disqualified or charged and possible time in the hoosegow!”

      But of course that never would apply to his precious Christy Clark Lib/Con government, they deleted tons of Highway of Tears emails and documents, but they can do no wrong in his eyes… the double standards are so obvious!

      She deleted 33 thousand emails after receiving a congressional subpoena from the house select committee on Benghazi. Who deletes emails AFTER receiving a subpoena? Oh and also deleted with “bleachbit”, and missing 13 email devices (ipods, iphones, etc) hmmmm…hiding something for sure.

One has to wonder if Trump, who is supposedly a multi-billionaire ‘owns’ his billions, or ‘owes’ them? Whether he is really the business genius he’s made out to be, or just cast in the mold of Col. Harlan Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, or to go back a little further, old man Roebuck of Sears, Roebuck & Co., or even Death Valley Scotty, the prospector who was said to have a secret gold mine? All three of the latter, of course, turned out to be really just useful well paid ‘front men’. The first two for their ‘advertising value’, and the latter for the amusement of a real millionaire.

Now there is no doubt that Trump has tapped into a genuine well of support amongst millions of Americans who see the promise of prosperity portrayed by all of the various “free trade” deals America has entered into put them closer and closer, if not already in, financial poverty. There is a real anger there. And what better way to diffuse it than have a buffoon as its champion? One who could help elect a woman otherwise virtually unelectable? And give her, as Peter says above, the political capital she needs to continue the USA on its downward spiral. Sound far fetched? Yes, it does. But people are gullible, and they’ve been fooled before. And might just be again.

How about the triple deletes in Victoria . We don’t even know how deep Christies corruption runs . The stink of the BC rail sale still fills the air . Nice deflection though with our election champaign seemingly under way .

    Who is that alleged crook from back east she hired to help her win the next election?

Its all well and good to list all the things that Hilary advocated, or supported over the years. However that’s only one aspect of a much bigger picture.

What would we have if she did not advocate for those items listed.?? Considering that these issues are what has been driving US Foreign policy for many years I would say not much.

We the people never get the **truth** from any Government when it comes to their dealings with hostile Governments around the world, so how are we to make learned decisions. We base out decisions on news reports from the very news media that we say is in the pocket of the **system**.

So if Hillary stood up and tried to tell the truth on all these issue’s would she be running for President, or would she be washing dishes in some backwoods restaurant with a cigarette hanging from her lip, and 4/5 children hanging onto her skirt.

In this election I certainly don’t see the Donald as a viable alternative to Hilary. So the Americans will have to settle for Hilary this time around, and see what kind of a President she makes in the next four years.

That’s the way of US politics. Alternate political parties make no difference in US politics. Never have, and never will. Even so the system is much better than the Communist system where you are basically told who to vote for and have no choices.

Names like Stalin, Brezhnev, Kruzchev, Mao, etc; are not names that actually warm your heart.

Well now have to agree 100% with Peter on this. I have made most the same points all along and got answered with vile comments from the usual dual. They are rather meek this time around, interesting.

Palopu you say choosing Hillary over Trump in this gong show well I suggest you read Peter’s piece again and his references and rethink that position.

Trump may not be good for Canada but Hillary is a very dangerous, vile corrupt person. She owes a lot to the big establishment and dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia. A very dangerous person.

The Donald is a part of the Hollywood establishment, his words and actions fit right in with the rest of them. Like most rich businessmen he has donated to both parties over the years, but far more to the Democrats. So why are the Media and Hollywood ripping into him? Remember Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy? Trump’s sins pale in comparison to theirs but they continue to receive plaudits from their Hollywood friends and the media. So why does similar behaviour from Trump have them “outraged”? Why the hypocrisy? They lauded him when he was just a rich businessman and Hollywood insider, what changed?

What changed was that Trump saw the rot and corruption in US government and institutions and realized that in time it would destroy the country, and the Democrats were part and parcel of that destruction, so he ran as a Republican, even though he isn’t one. That’s why they dump on him, because he wants to root out the corruption and he’s running as a Republican.

    Trump wants to root out corruption? The delusional fantasies of Cons on this site are hilarious. Made all the funnier because they actually believe the rot they post.

“I mean, the alternative to a Trump victory is the restoration to the White House of a credibly accused rapist and serial abuser, accompanied by the woman who has gleefully trashed his victims for 40 years. This race would be very different if Juanita Broaddrick and “You might want to put some ice on that” had received a thousandth of the media coverage given to Alicia Machado and “Miss Piggy”:

ht tp://www.steynonline.com/7557/as-i-was-saying

Who has read Mark Steyn, America Alone,,now who would you rather have in the Whithouse

ht tp://www.steynonline.com/7558/we-shall-fight-on-the-beaches

    “America Alone” missed the mark. America is going down too, as Steyn realized soon after that book was published.

    A much better analysis was his book “After America” (Get Ready for Armageddon).

I think the US media is doing a great job of getting Trump elected. This almost unrelenting media attacks only galvanizes and confirms for Trump supporters what they’ve believed all along – the fix is in. And for the undecided, human nature is actually to side with the underdog – I think because we tend to see ourselves as underdogs. When you see this dog pile of media criticism you gotta wonder what they’re afraid of and you hold your nose and vote Trump.

On one hand we’ve got a loud mouth cartoon character who has said really stupid things, stupid things many of us have said out of the range of polite company, and on the other you’ve got a woman who “stood by her man” – her man who didn’t say bad things about women, he actually did them.

When the Conservatives did their over the top attack ads on Trudeau, it wasn’t enough to make me vote for Trudeau, but it was enough for me to not vote for them. I fear the American media will hand the Whitehouse to Trump in much the same manner. Oh well, I’ll be taking my vacations in Canada for the next 4 years – at least.

    The election was Trump’s to lose, and lose it he did. Down by 11 points and dropping like a stone. There are very good reasons for voters to be attracted to him but he continuously and repeatedly blows his chances because of his massive ego coupled to his “grade 4” mentality.

    I’m sure the Americans won’t miss you.

Definition of the word Dufoos.

**incompetent, foolish, inept.**

Definition of Trump.

See Dufoos.

Hilary will make a much better President for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that she has a brain. Furthermore she is a female, and its time to shake up the **Good old boys**.

If anyone can change the system to some degree she can,. She has the intelligence, and tenacity to get the job done.

    Palopu she is the system and a perfect example why the system needs change.

      BUT ….. Trump is not change for the better, it is change for the worse.

    Ummm… that should be the word “Doofus”.

      You got that right. Tks.

This is a copy and paste which some deplore, but says a lot.

both of these candidates are pathetic excuses for human beings. Trump is your textbook narcissist, who basks in his own ignorance and seems to think people should vote for him just because of his own self-perceived greatness. He allows himself to be led by the nose into traps any intelligent person would see coming, just because someone insults him personally. He is, to put it bluntly, too stupid to be President.

Clinton is a venal, Napoleonic little power monger who will do anything, say anything, break any law, cheat, and ruin any person’s life so long as doing any of these things further her own ambition for more power. When assuming the office of Secretary of State she was faced with a choice of prioritizing the need to protect her own secrets or the country’s secrets. We all know which choice she made. She had her own spies in the DNC spiking Sanders’ candidacy. She advised Obama to topple Qaddaffi in Libya for no apparent reason (since Libya had voluntarily dismantled its WMD and was cooperating on counter-terrorism efforts). Once Qaddaffi was overthrown, the country plunged into chaos, from which the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed. In order to mislead the public about her own ineptitude she peddled the fiction that these people were killed in a protest over a video, pointedly blaming the filmmaker over the course of weeks. She promised the families of the dead Americans she would have this filmmaker arrested, and sure enough about a week later he was. This guy is now in hiding due to the threats on his life, is broke from his legal fees, and pretty much had his life ruined simply because Clinton needed a scapegoat to distract from her own failures in the run-up to the last presidential election.

And I haven’t even brought up the criminal enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation. In the unlikely event Trump gets elected, I can’t imaging being more embarrassed that a plurality voted for this schmuck. If Clinton gets elected, I can’t imagine being more ashamed that a plurality voted for someone so obviously and thoroughly corrupt. I personally plan on writing in Mickey Mouse.

Palopu, I am quite sure that the millions of Libyan men women and children who were either killed, maimed or displaced if they could would gladly debate you on the level of intelligence that HRM possesses.

Sorry I meant HRC

Peter, you are succumbing to schlock journalism…!!!

Have you even checked out any of the sites you referenced?

After reading the title of your article and skimming through a few dozen words, I decided to check out your references. I started from the last one, #14, since “truthfeed” sounds very suspect just by the very word. I gather it is the type of sites Trump tours early in the mornings so he can have material for his twitter tirades.

The site is accompanied by an “offer alert” ad which sends one to a read flashing warning with the words “This website has been reported as unsafe.”

Nice company you keep Peter and to which you are sending all those who read as far as the references and actually check them out.

“……. Clinton, one in which she can claim a “mandate” from the American people, to plunge ahead with more aggression abroad against Syria and other countries, and ramped up confrontation with Russia. This is playing with fire.”

And to elect Trump would not be playing with Fire?

From the article linked below:

George W. Bush officials come out against Trump in open letter

“Those ex-officials warned that Trump exemplifies none of the traits that the Republican Party holds dear and “would be the most reckless president in American history.”


“….his boogieman image with his often outrageous and offensive behavior. But this image has been magnified to extraordinary proportions by the Establishment media”

So the media is not supposed to report on the defections by republicans who still hold to their philosophies and ethics?

Trump is a carpetbagger and opportunist. He is neither Democrat nor Republican. He should have run as an independent instead of taking advantage of a party which has been imploding and has lost its direction.

When an entity rots, pests take over and eat away until there is nothing left.

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