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October 27, 2017 8:43 pm

Another New Hotel Under Construction

Sunday, October 16, 2016 @ 7:00 AM


Site plan for  new  Best Western that’s under construction 

Prince George, B.C. – The sign  has been  posted  near  Westgate and highway 16,  there is  a Best Western Hotel under construction.

This is an $8.8 million dollar project which  features  a four storey 93 unit  hotel.

The hotel itself will have  an indoor pool, childrens playground,  outdoor pool patio,  121 parking stalls, ( including one stall for an electric vehicle)  a bocce ball court,  storm water retention pond  that will be  a  feature for waterfowl and  plenty of buffer area  as a screen between  the  hotel project and residential neighbours.

The  foundation for the  hotel is already  being  poured.

This project did not have to go before Prince George City Council as  the property was already properly zoned and there was an existing motel  on the site.

This is not the first time Best Western has  planned a new  hotel  in the  city.  A few  years ago, there was a  proposal for a major  hotel   to be built on the Exhibition Grounds., but that proposal  didn’t come to fruition.

Best Western Hotels  are  operated by independent owners and operators  but must be  developed  to meet a strict set of  guidelines  set out by Best Western to  ensure  the properties meet (or exceed) the expectations of  guests.


Will they have to do road improvements? Lighting and a sidewalk?

    That is where the problem lies. This area has had complaints for years to the city in regard to road maintenance, traffic (heavy and light) and pedestrians since Westgate was put in years ago.

    The developers do not have to worry about any of their frontage. There is a so=called Future City of PG pedestrian/bike path plan. LOL

    This area is congested enough as it is especially with city and school bus stops. Semi’s etc. also go that road from the malls in the area.

    The last time I talked to the city planning they were stumped on how they are going to resolve that area due to slopes, width of road etc to put in any type of sidewalk. Ian Wells even mentioned they looked at the option of going through some of the bush in that area which they can’t do due to private property etc.

    Don’t get me wrong Will be nice to have another motel in the city but the planning in my opinion is bad to say the least. There are also the new multi family units going in beside them.

    Bad road infrastructure/layouts in that area. No chance for added lights etc.

    Noticed last week there were 3 vehicles sitting up by the lights taking counts of the traffic etc. This should have been done a long time ago when many people had concerns of that area. It is almost like putting the cart in front of the horse now.

Pretty good deal. 93 units for 8.8 million. Works out to be about $94,000.00 per unit.

ohhh that’s why they tore down that dilapidated motel up there

That’s nice. Gets rid of an ageing eyesore.
But whatever happened to the Pomeroy project at Hwys 97 & 16?

    Slated for this coming spring according to Pomeroy.

That is a great location for a hotel within walking distance of the big box stores and highway frontage. I think the other side of the hill would be even better for the view though… I think that was the plan anyways from Clint Dahl so hopefully the two hotels coordinate on landscaping the two properties.

I really liked the idea of the hotel at Exhibition grounds on Ospika. It would have really cleaned up the road frontage and been very handy for hockey and soccer tournaments.

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