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October 27, 2017 8:46 pm

Snow Expected Overnight

Thursday, October 13, 2016 @ 11:53 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Time to drag that snow shovel from  the shed.

Environment Canada says today’s rainfall should transition to snow overnight tonight.

“Leading into tonight is when we’ll start to see the liquid transition into more of a solid snow for Prince George,” says Ross MacDonald, meteorologist with Environment Canada.”We may see a couple of centimetres by the time we wake up tomorrow morning.”

He expects the snow will continue through until Friday afternoon when an increase in the temperature will bring a mixture of snow and rain. In total, MacDonald expects Prince George will see five centimetres of the white stuff Friday.

So what’s in store for the rest of the weekend?

“It’s kind of a similar story, we’ve got a series of systems that are kind of hitting the coast and pushing afterwards into the interior,” he says.

“The temperature is going to be right near zero and I think what’s going to happen is it’s going to be a little bit of a mix of rain and snow so I would expect a few more centimetres over the weekend as well.”


And since he is guessing, we will get weather…
maybe rain, maybe snow, maybe both, maybe neither.

Well said , if could only get paid to guess and be wrong .

Well said , if I could only get paid to guess and be wrong .

Weatherunderground tells a different story.

Let’s see who is right.

Possibly neither.



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