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October 27, 2017 8:45 pm

Snowy Conditions Lead to Crashes

Friday, October 14, 2016 @ 10:06 AM


Crash at  Westwood and Ferry this morning – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – It has been  a very slippery start to the weekend.  Prince George RCMP have been  responding to a number of  collisions in the  City.

The worst of this morning’s  collisions  occurred west of Vanderhoof.   A school bus,  with more than  two dozen students on board was in collision with a small car on highway 16  near McNolty Road.

The good news is the  children are o.k,  no  serious injuries.  The driver of the car  also not  seriously hurt.

The Nechako Lakes  School District  has sent a second  bus to  pick up the children.  250News has  called that School District for  details , but as yet,  there has been no response.

RCMP  remind drivers to ‘shift into winter’  to slow down and drive for  conditions.



Hope all those bicycles clogging the bike lanes have their snow tires on.

Interesting headline. It’s almost as though this is the snows fault. Sure, the snow makes it a bit more of a challenge but if you’re not up to the challenge, please stay off the roads before you kill someone.

Watched a guy in a six foot coffin roar by me going up the hart this morning doing well over 90km an hr just after roads started to get slick people will never learn and it’s never their fault it’s always the roads fault or the other drivers fault

There was a young man on a red moped of all things going up Cowart Road this morning after 8. He is lucky the school bus slowed down just before he wiped out on the side of the road.

    No snow tires?

      Would think at least studs.

Probably JGalt

the yoyo’s are weeding them selves out..
the trouble is they are taking good folks with them.

I guess three words should have preceded the headline: Idiots driving in…

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