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October 27, 2017 8:44 pm

Pizza to Go? Gone!

Friday, October 14, 2016 @ 11:36 AM

Quesnel, B.C. – Talk about a pizza delivery gone wrong.

Mounties in Quesnel are looking for a suspect after a pizza delivery driver was robbed in north Quesnel last night.

Police say it happened at around 8:45 p.m. on Bowron Avenue. They say the driver was attempting to deliver a pizza to a home when he was met on the street by a man.

It’s alleged this man presented bear spray and demanded the driver’s money and also stole the pizza he was delivering.

The suspect then fled on foot in the alley south of Bowron Avenue between Front Street and Mclean Street. The victim provided the following description of the suspect:

  • First Nations male
  • Mid to late 20s
  • Wearing a yellow jacket with blue hood, ball cap and blue jeans

Anyone with any information is asked to call police


How do the police know he is First Nations?

    Um, ok, I’ll bite. Description provided by duh victim?

      I am just surprised the police were that specific. Maybe racial profiling? C’mon JGalt, bring it on, you know you wanna!

      Peter North, Really????? How many times has a police report stated “male caucasian” is that racial profiling as well?

      Your surprised the police “were that specific”? WERE THEY NOT TRYING TO PROVIDE A DESCRIPTION OF THE SUSPECT????

    Good grief. How’d they know he was wearing a yellow jacket?

    For that matter, how do they know he is in his mid-to-late twenties? In both cases, they can’t be sure but it is presumably what he looked like to victim.

Some people like their pizza “hot”..

Hope the pizza guy asked about allergies. Wouldn’t want to get sued. Kidding aside, I doubt the pizza guy is finding this all that funny. Pretty scary.

What are the odds that the robber just happened to be in the exact area where the pizza was being delivered, and therefore able to rob the driver?

    Coincidence isn’t out of the question – people do walk around residential neighbourhoods at 8:45 pm, but I’m sure the RCMP will be looking at the person who put in the order and his or her associates.

What do a gynocologist and a pizza boy have in common?

    Neither will eat what they have worked with all day ?

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