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October 27, 2017 8:44 pm

PG Public Library Evacuated – Update

Saturday, October 15, 2016 @ 1:14 PM

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Prince George, B.C. – A burnt out ventilation fan lead to the evacuation of the Bob Harkins branch of the Prince George Public Library today.

Library controller for facilities and finance Jody Tindill says it happened at around 12:30 this afternoon.

“It caused a lot of smoke from the burning rubber and burning parts so it was an electrical smell and actual smoke was coming into the library so we had to evacuate.”

She says approximately 80 library patrons were inside at the time and notes there were no injuries. Due to the amount of smoke inside she says the library has decided to close for the rest of today but will reopen Sunday.

“It’s unfortunate when these things happen but we’ll deal with it today and open up again tomorrow.”


The public library is due for an entrance revamp and new exterior colours. What an eyesore!

    Only a small group of people feel this way, it looks fine. Have you seen other libraries? They are all neutral colours, it’s really not a big deal. The entrance has sufficed this long, it can go another 20 years.

Do a quick google image search of the public libraries in both Kamloops and Nanaimo (comparable to Prince George) and you will see how outdated our library looks.

    I guess keeping up with the Jones’s is a higher priority than infrastucture updates, snow removal, street repairs and tax increases.

I’ll agree that the library isn’t beautiful, but spending millions of dollars to update it should be about #99 on the priority list. The books still read the same I’m pretty sure, and the free internet access is just as useful.

Ugly buildings make an ugly town.

No, it’s people who are ugly inside that make an ugly town.

That fan would have exhibited signs of wear and eventual failure long before it got to the point of producing enough smoke to evacuate the building.

Building maintenance? Not so you’d notice.

    Not necessarily.

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