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October 27, 2017 8:42 pm

Clinton vs Trump – an orchestrated election?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 @ 5:45 AM

By Peter Ewart

Day by day, the US presidential election campaign descends into more confusion and chaos.  As author Howard Kunstler comments: “The two major parties could not have found worse candidates for president.”  And furthermore that “the struggle between them has turned into the most sordid public spectacle in US electoral history” (1).

How did this come about?  From the beginning, there has been an impression that both candidates “wanted” each other as opponents.  Now, in explosive emails leaked through Wikileaks, evidence has emerged that supports that claim, especially in regards to the Hillary Clinton campaign wanting Donald Trump to be the Republican opponent.

For example, in a leaked memo to the Democratic National Committee a year and a half ago in April of 2015, the Clinton campaign outlines its strategy to promote “Pied Piper” candidates who take extreme conservative positions (2).  Out of the 17 Republicans running, 3 candidates are put forward as “Pied Pipers.”  They are Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and … Donald Trump.  The Pied Piper reference, of course, has to do with the old folk tale of a Pied Piper leading the naïve children of a village off into the mountains to be lost forever.

The memo goes on to say that the Clinton Campaign and the DNC “need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [take] them seriously.”  It further talks about how these Pied Pipers, i.e. Cruz, Carson, and Trump, will undermine the Republican Campaign’s efforts to build a “winning general election coalition.”  However, it also notes that more needs to be done to damage the credibility of other Republican candidates among “communities of color, millennials, women …and independent voters.”

Furthermore, in response to “the right wing attack machine” which “has been building its opposition research on Hillary Clinton for decades,” the task of the Clinton campaign and DNC is to “have a dossier on the GOP candidates.”

The DNC memo concludes by saying that “in this regard [i.e. dossier], any information on scandals or ethical lapses on the GOP candidates would serve well.  We won’t be picky.”
The DNC appeared to follow its own advice.  Eight months later, In December of 2015, Guccifier, another hacker, published a 200-page research dossier compiled by the Democratic machine on none other than Donald Trump (3).  And what a treasure trove for the Clinton Campaign.  To give some examples, just look at the headings of a few of the sections:


  • “Trump has devalued and demeaned women repeatedly throughout his career.”
  • “Trump’s ex-wife accused him of rape.”
  • “Trump on military sexual assaults.”
  • “Trump’s campaign is defined by offensive and extreme immigration rhetoric.”
  • “Offensive rhetoric towards Hispanics and Latinos.”
  • “Offensive and insensitive comments on minority groups.”
  • “Bankruptcy ‘a great tool’ and a ‘business tool’.
  • “Loving bad markets and ‘amazing’ housing market collapses.”
  • “Undocument laborers at Trump projects.”

Under these headings (and there are others) are listed detailed quotes, facts, and other information, both substantiated and unsubstantiated, going back decades.  All of which are extremely damaging to Trump’s reputation, or, for that matter, to any other candidate who would try to run with that sort of terrible baggage.  Indeed, perhaps the only other candidate who would dare to run with a comparable amount of negative baggage is Hillary Clinton herself.

Now, all of this was taking place at the end of 2015 and early 2016 when the presidential nomination campaigns were still going on.  Clinton faced a strong challenge from Bernie Sanders and Trump, although leading, faced challenges from the other 16 Republican nominees.

So, who steps in to define the race and de facto crown the nominee for each party?  None other than the Establishment media which, as other leaked emails have shown, has been closely connected to the Clinton machine all along.

As Michael Sainato points out: “The mainstream media was more than willing to do the Clinton campaign and DNC’s work for them by creating a narrative that the 2016 presidential elections was about Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump” (4).

This, of course, was an ideal situation for the Clinton Campaign given all the dirt it had on Trump.  It could use this dirt (as the DNC memo stated) to “muddy the waters on any potential attack against her.”

It also worked for Trump who was given a huge amount of media attention compared to other Republican candidates, allowing him to build up an insurmountable lead.

According to some, this was a big surprise for Trump who initially did not believe he had a chance to become the nominee, let alone president.

In that regard, the one variable that did not appear to have been fully factored in by both the Clinton and Trump campaigns, at least in the beginning, was the deep discontent and dissatisfaction of the American people with the status quo and the party elites.  On the Democratic side, this worked against a Clinton coronation with huge crowds coming out to support Bernie Sanders and his criticism of Wall Street banks, free trade agreements, and a rigged and corrupt electoral system.

On the Republican side, however, this worked in Trump’s favor who, in his often erratic and demagogic way, criticized many of the same things Sanders was going after, along with questioning US foreign policy and the endless wars in the Middle East.  All of this was accompanied by chauvinistic, racist and misogynist comments to form a confused, populist stew.  Nonetheless, while offending many, his campaign touched a chord with millions of Americans who are deeply upset about the political and economic direction of the country.

For her part, according to Democratic calculations, Clinton should have been wiping Trump off the map in terms of popular support.   But that was not the case.  In another leaked email (from Wikileaks), a Clinton ally writes to John Podesta, Clinton Campaign Chair, that: “Right now I am petrified that [to win the election] Hillary is almost totally dependent on Republicans nominating Trump” (5).  In other words, admitting that, in order to win, the Clinton campaign desperately needed Trump to be the Republican nominee, and, that if he was not nominated, Clinton would be in deep trouble.

Now, as the election date nears, the Clinton campaign and the Establishment media have adopted a “scorched earth” strategy towards Trump, which includes daily sensational stories about him groping or demeaning women in years past and which he himself has fed into with his outrageous comments on tape and elsewhere.  Of course, this dark side of Trump was laid out in some detail in the 2015 dossier.  Is there any surprise that it has dominated Establishment media reports in the months leading up to the election, overshadowing everything else?

One thing is clear and has been from the beginning.  The U.S. Establishment would never seriously consider handing over the keys of the most powerful government in the world to a rogue oligarch.  They are not in the habit of doing such things.  Even sitting presidents who go too far off message are dealt with, as U.S. history shows.

No, it never was in the cards of the Establishment to have a candidate like Trump take over the presidency.  It appears now that his function all along was to act as a foil, a boogeyman to propel Hillary Clinton into office with a so-called mandate to further the aims of the U.S. oligarchy both at home and abroad.

It is a cynical orchestration on the part of the Establishment and its media, but also an indictment of a corrupted and deeply dysfunctional political process.

Peter Ewart is a columnist and writer based in Prince George, British Columbia.  He can be reached at: peter.ewart@shaw.ca 


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” And even the very elect shall be fooled”

Clinton camp planned this sex scandle back in March. They even ran graigs list ads looking for potential victim actors. Ryan and some republicans knew of this and said nothing to Trump, because Ryan wanted to be the 2020 republican candidate.

Trump is running against the globalist NWO and the Clinton crime family and Americans love him for it. He has now had two assassination attempts both by Bush family members. He has forever changed the Republican Party and put the Bush family on the outside now supporting Clinton. For that alone he will be an historic figure in American politics.

    “two assassination attempts both by Bush family members”. Bahahaha. Character assassinations maybe. Was the young British kid that tried to grab a cops service revolver at a tRump rally a Bush family member ? Did you read this on the Alex Jones conspiracy theorist web site ?

      No e guy that was supposed to be dead for the last six years and was found in Trump tower service elevator with a glock and silencer.

      “There is a story running that deceased special agent Barry Lee Bush, who was shot and killed April 5, 2007 was arrested for breaching the Trump Tower with the intent to assassinate Trump. This story is by no means true.
      The real story is that retired NYPD officer Anthony Shark was charged with assaulting secret service agents. He was carrying a gun legally and tried to enter the closed off street at 10 pm.”

How can anybody like either Trump or Clinton…they are the scum of scum…no matter which one takes this election nothing will change…The downward plunge of the US will continue…Sad thing about it is that Canada gets dragged down with them….crazy world we live in.

Downward plunge of the USA ? The stock markets are at an all time high . The USA dollar is still the strongest currency in the world and getting stronger every day . Their housing markets are in full recovery . They are closing in no the lowest jobless rate in decades . Mean while canada is still suffering from the fossil fuel / housing bubble obsessed idiot neocon Stevie left us .

    Don’t forget $20 trillion in debt and entering a recession.

I can like HRC because she’s not going to destroy the world economy as that dummy Drumpf would .

“Explosive e-mails”?? Pphhhttt, dragging your political opponent through the mud is a time honoured tradition in American politics that goes back well over a hundred years. This year is no different, Ewart is right on one point though, with a population of 350 million or so, these are the best two they could come up with??
Eagleone, where is your proof that the sex scandal was planned back in March? Is the Clinton campaign privy to time travel that no one else is aware of? Did they go back to 2005 & further to coax Drumpf into acting like the buffoon we see almost daily? The sex assault allegations have been there for years but until now we’re not taken seriously.

    No they had that tape already. Then wanted to build around it according to Padesta’s emails.

      Padesta was a real dirty guy… Also confirmed the ‘wet works’ on Scalia the night before he was murdered. The bolshiviks would have total dictatorship over the rule of law with one more Supreme Court appointment.

Of course the elephant in the room needs to be addressed. Why are only the DNC e-mails being hacked? Why only people connected with, as well as Clinton herself, the only victims of these hackers? One can only ponder that given the public persona that we see in Drumpf, what does his private, personal communication look like?

    Because the media are giving crooked Hillary a free ride. Same happened with our election. One has to look past the CBC and the other talking heads on 30 second sound bite media to get the facts.

    15 Oct: GatewayPundit: Jim Hoft: Matt Drudge: Media Can’t Report on Wikileaks Podesta Emails Cuz They’re All in Bed with Hillary
    Matt Drudge knows why the liberal media is not reporting on the leaked Podesta emails.
    Because they’re all involved!…

    ***Drudge went on to say it will take the media a generation to recover from the current corruption…

    The Wikileaks Podesta emails involve the CEO of Google Eric Schmidt and Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, who shared research with the Clinton Campaign.
    And as reported earlier — Thanks to the Podesta emails we know that numerous prominent journalists are actively working with the Clinton campaign…
    CNBC Crank John Harwood Abused GOP Candidates at Debate – Then Trashed Them in Email to Hillary Camp
    DNC Chief Donna Brazile Conspired with Hillary to Defeat Bernie; Media Assisted Hillary
    The List of Reporters Were Taking Marching Orders from Hillary (LINK)…
    Hillary Campaign thanking Univision’s owner Haim Saban for its moderators handling of Hillary against Sanders…
    Hacks Have Exposed Journalists In Clinton’s Corner…
    WASH POST bureau chief protected Podesta…
    NYT Gave Hillary Veto Power On Quotes…
    BRAZILE BUSTED: DNC Chief Shared CNN Town Hall Questions…
    FOX News Mole Leaked Town Hall Question to Clinton Campaign…
    ht tp://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/10/matt-drudge-media-cant-report-wikileaks-podesta-emails-cuz-theyre-bed-hillary/

      Funny, I’ve been reading about Clinton’s e-mail scandals in The Washington Post, New York Times, Rueters, New York Daily News & The Huffington Post to name a few. Fox News…bwahahahahahaha, now there’s a bastion of journalistic integrity. If you surf mostly right wing leaning sites & publications, guess what, you’re going to end up getting a right wing biased view point, conspiracy crap & all. Bottom line, Hillary is not getting a free ride, Drumpf shows his true colours on an almost hourly basis now, both candidates are really not that good, but someone like Drumpf should not even be allowed to run a convenience store, let alone be the leader of a nation as powerful & influential as America.


      If you surf mostly left wing leaning sites & publications, guess what, you’re going to end up getting a left wing biased view point

      There fixed it for ya. Broaden your horizons to get more of an educated view.

      Hillary is getting a free ride which can be seen if you where not so biased to begin with. I guess you didn’t notice how Trudeau also got a free ride from the general media.

      I put in left leaning publications in my post like The Huffington Post purposefully to show that it is not just the right that is criticizing Clinton. When mainstream media routinely take Clinton to task for what she has & is doing, I do not call that a free ride, I call that somewhat balanced reporting. For the most part this whole e-Mai thing amounts to a hill of beans. Clinton’s campaign is doing no different than what countless others have done before. Cast your opponent in the worst possible light, drag them through the mud, capitalize on their weaknesses, dig up as much dirt as possible & play to your voting bloc’s strengths & fears. Drumpf is doing the exact same thing, but like I posted above, I would be curious to read his & his campaign’s private missives. I bet they are far more damning than Clintons.
      Just so we’re clear on where we stand, if I were American I would vote “No Confidence”. All of the candidates reek of incompetence, scandal &/or corruption. However, In my opinion, Drumpf is by far & away the worst. He does not have the temperament, patience or intelligence to run a corner store. Yet here he is running for the highest public office in the land.

      A bunch of BS detoe44, sorry but Trump is not as seasoned as Hillary – she has learned to lie since Watergate and now is a master. She has even said herself that even though she may think one thing but has to say another to the media, that is one thing Trump hasn’t learned

      Hill of beans? Classified documents on her home computer server? They can hack the governments computers just imagine how easy her home would have been and was according to wikileaks. How many cell phones did she actually need as a Secretary?

      Detoe, Trump’s emails I doubt deal with national security as scary Hillary.

      I see people from the right are applying their double standards again; jumping all over Hillary for a few thousand emails, yet ignoring the 22 Million emails the George W. Bush Administration lost.


      What concerns me about this bozo Donald Trump is the way he is railing about the election being “fixed”, now that he is trailing Hillary by double digits in the latest polls. When he does lose, his redneck and christian supporters will be screaming bloody murder in the streets! The Donald is working his zombie supporters up into a frenzy, there is already talk about assassinations, and a political coup. Got to hand it to the delusional radical righties, they actually think they are “crusaders”.

      Slinky, you have made my point about Drumpf for me. He is not as seasoned, thick skinned & even tempered as even the most junior Senator. All of those “qualities” are absolutely essential in a position like the President. Could you imagine Drumpf’s response to Deterte? North Korea? Now that is downright frightening.
      Hill of beans? Yep, the FBI & State Department have both cleared her, what she did was wrong but not criminal. How come we hear very little from the right concerning the hacked & lost e-mails from the Bush administration? Interesting how people are attacking her & complaining of a “free ride”, yet we hear very little about The Trump Foundation, not a whole lot about what a horrible business person Drumpf is.

      The election is fixed?

      Well if it isn’t, Clinton’s people are sure trying their best to fix it.

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IuJGHuIkzY

      Completely correct detoe44

      Trump does not have the same ability to lie about everything as Hillary does

      Didn’t know Bush used a home server for his emails

      You really think I care about the American left or right? It is just fun to watch how the media is drawn to and fro and the “outrage”. Sounds like you have a lot riding on the election so have at her

STOP THE PRESSES! LOL. watch this now…

Youtube: 1min49secs: Media Publicly Shamed by 20,000+ People
posted by Millennial Millie
Prior to commencement of a Donald Trump Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, approx. 20,000 people in attendance shamed the mainstream media as they entered the credentialed press area. Millie Weaver confronts them asking “how does it feels to be called out by thousands of Americans for lying and being corrupt?” Hallie Jackson from NBC flees from Infowars Reporter Millie Weaver when asked her thoughts.
ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsuekNDK_FI

    Trump is leading in Ohio by four points. As goes Ohio goes the presidency for the last century.

    In all the battle ground states Trump needs to get 269 he is with one or two percentage points.

      Trump is going to lose to a Clinton landslide.

“The lesser of two evils… or the evil of two lessors…”
– Ralph Nader

Coke or Pepsi… 7-Up

Ford or Chevy… Toyota

Democrat or Republican…

Donald Trump is nothing more than a bad joke. He shows just how screwed up the Republican Party is.

The Republican Party needs to lose this election on a scale never seen before in US politics, if for no other reason than to force the party to reevaluate itself.

Hillary and the democrats will win because they are the only alternative.

Once this election is settled the American people can then start to rebuild some pride in their political system. Perhaps (who knows) maybe they will get some real people involved in their elections.

    One this election is won by Hillary they will have a bolshivik Supreme Court and the tolitarian nwo will have total control to rule through the courts rather then the legislature. America will be surrendered and the great experiment in democracy will be in great danger.

    You think any ‘real’ person will get involved in American politics after seeing what the globalist media has done to Trump?

The only alternative, very scary. Palopu have you even paid attention to the Clinton crap? See is the shining example of the sewer politics and media wallow in.

Watch “Clinton Chronicles” on you tube then decide.

The Clinton campaign needed something to take the heat off as she was losing, but the one thing missing in the video was he didn’t do anything he actually talked about to Zucker… hmmm wonder how many millions they put on the table to sucker in Billy Bush?

    I think NBC just gave Billy Bush $10 million and fired his ass.

Like it or not Hilary is the only alternative to Trump, and therefore will be the next President of the USA.

Probably not one of the 350 million people in the USA give a s..t what Canadians think about them, or their elections. In the big scheme of things, Canada is small potatoes.

Once the dust settles we will be going to the USA with hat in hand, trying to get Keystone back on track, and trying to get a softwood lumber agreement, plus other trade agreements.

We are not about to say anything that will upset our neighbors to the South because we rely on them for our well being. That’s why Trudeau (Sunny Ways) is keeping his mouth shut, and refuses to comment on the election in the US.

    Dear leader will come out with his dukes up with a KO, to the US.

    I crack myself up.

      Hahahaha, good one. He’ll have to get Sophie to take the photos though, his hands will be full no matter who wins the election.

      tRump will have his David Duke’s up. :-D

Trump dropped the hammer on the Washington establishment today with his plan for ethics in Washington… Essentially outlawing the government-lobbiest revolving door and term limits for house and senate politicians.

    So how is he going to accomplish all these claims ? By executive orders ? If tRump is president will the house and the senate suddenly cease to exist ?

      Obama regularly bypasses the house and senate (and constitution). If he can get away with that, why not Trump?

      Executive orders- George W Bush-291
      -Barack Obama- 252
      -Ronald Reagan-381
      -FD Roosevelt-3,721

      “Obama’s use of executive power is not unprecedented compared with previous presidents, however. George W. Bush signed several controversial “signing statements” that claimed he had the power to disregard certain provisions of a law, a presidential action that historians trace back to James Monroe.”

      All presidents use executive orders, they have the authority to do that. Obama uses them illegally. For example, he signs treaties (which under the constitution must be approved by 60% in the Senate) on his own by calling them something else like “agreements”. Then he says they have the force of law and must be enforced. Did those other presidents also use executive orders illegally?

      If Trump wins… He will have huge power in spite of the GOP elites. He will likely pick the next House leader…. Especially if Paul Ryan fails to win his seat. If he destroys the Clinton and Bush crime families and bans foreign groups from influencing US elections, then who is going to stop him from banning the government-lobbies the influence on government?

      htt ps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5KEAJ5qxFJw

Donald Trump is an obnoxious, egotistical, bloviating bully. So why would anyone vote for him? Because the alternative is far worse.

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLcE5xa4MnI

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