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October 27, 2017 8:42 pm

Smoke and Vape Free Bylaw Moves Forward

Monday, October 17, 2016 @ 7:10 PM

e-cigarettePrince George, B.C.-  Council for the City of Prince George has  unanimously  approved the first  two readings of a new  bylaw  that would ban  smoking and  vaping from all public spaces in the  community.

The bylaw was first   suggested in August of last year, but since then,  the Province has added  “vaping” to its smoking regulations  making it subject to the same rules and regulations  for smoking.

Since the Provincial legislation calls for a  buffer of 6 metres from  windows, doors and  air intakes on buildings, the City has  peeled back it’s original plan to put a 9 meter  buffer in place.  Instead, the City of Prince George will stick with the Provincial legislation and  the buffer will be a minimum of 6 metres.

In Prince George,  the consultation  leading up to the  development of the bylaw  received  584 responses to a survey.  While 70% of those who responded  were in favour of the bylaw  when it comes to enhancing smoke free zones,  that percentage of support dwindled somewhat  when it came to adding  “vaping” to the smoke free zone.

The City’s  bylaw would also ban smoking and vaping from all parks, playgrounds civic facilities and  sport fields.

There is a cost to implementing the bylaw as it’s  estimated  some $68 thousand dollars  worth of signs will have to be  installed throughout  the City. As far as enforcement goes,  there won’t be any additional bylaw enforcement staff added.  Some  research  from Ontario suggest  communities that have already  implemented  no smoking/vaping bylaws indicates public education and self regulation were  cited as being the most  used  forms of  enforcement.

Council will also be  asking the Province to  take action to  ban  smoking or vaping from  all restaurant and bar patios, playgrounds parks  and beaches. As well, Council is calling  on the Province to  legislate  guidelines for smoking on post secondary  campuses.

Council has approved holding a public meeting on the bylaw  on December 5th and it will be  conducted in the same manner as a rezoning  hearing where the public can make submissions.


Well I see its time for another change of city council, next election.
What a waste of our money.

    I agree

      a bylaw with no teeth, just like the last one

Good to see! If people want to fill their bodies with all sorts of unknown (and potentially harmful) substances they should have to do so in the privacy of their own home. Ban them from public spaces completely!

And of course who is going to be monitoring this??? Please don’t tell me this will be another job for the police to do like they don’t already have enough on their hands. Will it be city officials??? Generally speaking they are only at high profile functions where their faces are seen by other “important people”. Will it be city workers that being the ones leaning on a shovel having a cigt while contemplating what to do next.

The whole idea is stupid. Yes I agree stay away from building doors, yes I agree stay away from people in a park while you are smoking but if you are way off to the sidelines sorry no worse that the person who leaves the diesel truck running with those fumes.

Be considerate of other people if you are a smoker, by the way I am, and would not ever think of imposing my habit on others but let us not be so stupid as to ever think this can be policed or that you will ever stop someone from doing it

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