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October 27, 2017 8:40 pm

Have Your Say on Species at Risk

Thursday, October 20, 2016 @ 5:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. -You hnorthern_saw-whet_owl_brooksi_subspeciesave  six weeks to  share your  ideas on how to protect species at risk in B.C.

(at right, Northern Saw-whet owl, Brooksi Sup Species – photo courtesy Ministry of  Environment) 


Until  November 30th,  you can  share your thoughts  on the new Species at Risk Engagement website,  accessible here.

All of the information received will be used to  not only identify priorities for  new  policy, but  to shape  future programs.

The website also  has information on  current  efforts,  such as the shared recovery  projects for the Northern Spotted Owl, Northern Leopard Frog, Western Rattlesnake and whitebark pine.

With more native plants and animals than any other  province, B.C.  has a  rich natural heritage says Environment Minister Mary Polak  who  says  everyone in B.C. has  a responsibility to ensure this natural heritage is protected “This consultation will provide valuable feedback about what is working well, and innovative solutions to protect B.C.’s species at risk for the long term.”



I seen that owl yesterday on top of a power pole taking a snooze along patato flats west of town. Seen one just like it dead on the highway in Parkridge heights last year.

I have a picture of the Northern Saw-Whet Owl roosting in some trees in my backyard!

    the ministry need to oil the one in my yard. he squeaks all night long in the spring. 😉

Conservation Branch tells us that Canada Geese are not at risk.

I am going to go with; the Pacific humpback whale, Nechako white sturgeon, marbled murrelet and southern mountain caribou.

All of these at risk species were completely ignored by the previous government when it failed to implement the Species at Risk Act and endangered that wildlife along the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and shipping route.

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