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October 27, 2017 8:40 pm

Friday Free For All – Oct. 21, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Once again it’s time to  share  your thoughts on issues of the past week.

It is time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic,  but  you must obey the three simple rules.  Failing to do so will  see comments  edited or removed.

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No  bullying.


Nice. First in line. How about them Canucks? How about them Bluejays :(

Have a great weekend Everyone!

And a lovely good morning to you too sir! That goes for everyone else who may comment today as well.
Here’s hoping to keep everything nice and civil on here today!

Well I see the Darwin Award nominees are out in force this morning heavy fog on the area roads flat light and the pavement is wet making for a disaster. Now enter the Darwin nominees the joggers who almost to a tee are wearing all black or dark clothing running on the roads instead of the sidewalks and virtually none of these joggers are intelligent enough to wear any kind of light, visi strip or other visual aid combine it with the afore mentioned road conditions and now you have a virtually invisible person that drivers cannot see.

At least the joggers will look awesome being a splotch on the road because they would rather look awesome rather than be seen.

    Crazy that people would do that after all the pedestrians that have been hit lately.

    Next time you see that happening, you should tell them in a polite way that you really can’t see them and are worried about hitting them. Hopefully they would listen to that and change their ways.

    Cool, brain dead joggers killed by brain dead drivers.

Sure would like to know who was the low lifes that shot and killed a cow and a calf behind baldy Hughes, leaving the cow behind to rot.
If any one has any info on that please call fish and wild life.

    It’s people like this that give hunters a bad name…seems to be happening more over the last few years…Hopefully this was reported.

      poachers always give hunters a bad reputation. vandals give snowmobiles a bad rep. the list is endless.

      The only reason it may give hunters a bad name is because most people are too stupid to know the difference between poachers and hunters.

Not sure if it was the City cleaning drains early yesterday morning on 20th. They should get experienced flaggers, not a dummy. I had to wait almost ten minutes before she let me by and yet there was no cars coming from the other way. I was tempted to do a huey and go around the block to get back on the hyway.. Not to sound sexist, but I find the guys seem to have better capabilities at directing traffic

    Definitely sexist.

Happened to go outside last night and caught some of the Orionids meteor shower. Pretty amazing to watch!

I may be missing something along the way regarding cancer. WHY are they busy focusing on finding a cure for cancer when maybe the should look at WHAT is causing more cancer in people and ban those products

Another thing they should find a solution is, especially those working in Health care coming down with cancer working in institution and letting these unfortunate staff continuing working because they can’t afford to take time off at a lesser pay. Haven’t the unions clued in yet that they should fight for this if they can retain these staff to come back to their positions after treatment??? It is so sad to see many staff still working and trying to afford to continue supporting families

    We are in the fight for life against cancer. Same cancer that a Mom lost her life to 20 years ago. Now the son is fighting with the same treatment. The only difference is the concoction of chemicals put into the chemotherapy. No real advancements in all these years. With all the money into research. There is a cure but the big money players in the pharmaceutical industry don’t want us to know.
    So we have been trying alternative treatment and I might add with much success. We also are using vitamins and minerals to help build the immune system back after the killing chemotherapy treatment. However, the government now wants that piece of the pie also and wants to regulate the healing industry. If you believe there is a different way to help our loved ones, go today and sign the paper at Ava Marias or Mother Marias. Let the money people know we want an alternative to what the doctors are pushing on us.
    For every appointment we have and every test that is being done the doctors are being paid extra. They could lose their license to practice if they offer any different treatment.

      So are you saying no one in the pharmaceutical industry contracts or dies of cancer?

      Sorry to hear of your family’s predicament Livingonwater, I hope the outcome is positive.

    First thing, I find your handle hilarious when your topic today is finding what causes cancer. It just made me chuckle. ;)
    As far as what causes it, I believe it’s many things however, some cases it’s hereditary. If you have the mutant gene, then it is what it is. In my case, at least the chemo got rid of it for me so I’m happy that research was done to find somewhat of a cure. I hated the fact that poison was put in me since I had many side affects but at least I’m still here…to complain about it. lol

      A lot of staff at the hospital are coming down with cancer but its kept hush hush. And a lot of the staff never had no cancer history in their families. Just seems strange they don’t monitor the kind of illness the staff come down with and investigate

      I know…. StillSmokin.. I don’t… but it is a good name to use… Givres some people reason to attack me..haahha

      That’s good you survived.. My hat is off to you… It is quite a struggle to maintain a family life with this illness. I’ve ever had it but a close friend has it so I’m kinda seeing things first hand what they go through

    I agree Stillsmokin that it seems ludacris in this day and age that we are still looking for the cure for cancer. Definitely need to be looking more at the causes of cancer ie. chemicals, food, environment, etc. that we can control and possibly get rid of.

      It seems reasonable that looking for the causes of cancer might help us avoid it, but the experience we have had with tobacco causing lung cancer and the fact that so many people continue to smoke cigarettes despite having known it causes lung cancer for at least the past 50 to 60 years belies any contention that knowing what causes a particular cancer can eradicate it.

      In addition, the link between HPV and uterine cervical cancer is very well known, but attempts to vaccinate against the virus and protect young girls, and perhaps boys as well, led to a nasty campaign attacking those doctors who promoted it. The facts appear to be that people live in a self-deceiving fantasy world.

      Knowing what causes particular cancers (because there are dozens of different types) will not stop people from developing them with our present levels of knowledge. We will still need treatment regimens to reduce deaths from them even if we do know what to avoid for a few of them. Incidentally, the BC Cancer Agency has one of the best reputations in the world for treating malignancies. You would be better off here than in many other parts of the world, a reputation developed over decades by small, minor tweaking of treatment regimens. For instance, Hodgkin’s lymphoma used to be invariably fatal 50 years ago. It is now successfully treated more often than not because of this.

What’s up with the Treasure cove casino ? I come to Pg 3-4 times a year as my son comes up for business. In the evenings , we play poker. The other night , they couldn’t even get a game going as only a couple people showed up . I asked where is everyone? The dealer said all the regulars are kicked out. Kicking the regulars out is the dumbest thing a person can do , unless you are planning on shutting the poker room down. I guess the managers don’t realize they must make the boss money or they will be replaced. It’s sad to see as it was a nice poker room a year ago.

    There are only a few things that will get a person kicked from a casino. You are too young, you are too drunk, your a too unruly, you are a sore loser or you are a problem gambler. Security isn’t needlessly removing people from the casino because they are model citizens or good gamblers. I’m betting that the biggest reason is that they have to keep an eye on the “regulars” in case they gamble their whole lives away. Just a thought.

So Bombardier is laying off about 2000 people in Canada and opening up a bunch of jobs in foreign countries where labour costs are less. Yet the Feds are still going to give them massive amounts of money?

“Federal Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains said Ottawa’s investment in the aerospace giant is not a matter of if but how will be done.”

    “Bombardier to cut 7,000 jobs worldwide”

    BBC News dated 17 February 2016
    “Canadian plane and train maker Bombardier will cut its workforce by about 7,000 OVER THE NEXT TWO YEARS, it has said.

    Bombardier had 70,900 employees as of the end of 2015 which includes both aircraft and rail industries.

    Two years ends in February 2018. How many of the October 2016 announcement are in addition or blended in with that first announcement? How many new people will be hired once the new contracts begin production?

    With respect to the October 2016 announcement “Bombardier said about two-thirds of the cuts will be in Bombardier Transportation, the Germany-based rail unit. The rest will be in aerospace.”

    Some of the layoffs will be offset by “strategic hiring” in some of its growth segments, including its CSeries and Global 7000 aircraft lines,

    Layoff depend on projects and the level of completion of projects as well as contracts signed for new projects.

    Bombardier produces transportation machinery throughout the world.

    Most major projects sold to other countries require that some of the jobs manufacturing the equipment have to go to the countries which are paying for the products. It is the way it is and, in my mind, is a reasonable contractual condition.

    This is a normal situation in any company that operates in various parts of the world.

    It is also a normal operating condition that an international company such as Bombardier receives financial assistance from the government to help it compete in the world economy. Most, if not all countries operate that way.

    To compare, Boeing employed around 165,000 in 2014 and around 161,000 people in 2015. Airbus Group employed about 140,000 in 2014 and Brazil’s Embraer (also one of the largest airplane manufacturers in the world) employed 19,000 in 2014.

    The states are talking about torches and pitchforks if Clinton wins. We should do the same if the feds give this private company tax payers money.

      Hear hear. We should NOT be giving large corporations tax payers’ money without firm guarantees of continued employment for Canadians.
      It has happened too many times in the past, Caterpillar, Massey, Bombardier then and now, and many more.


    These people are delusional. What colour is the sky in their world?

That could be true PGguy, i just find it weird that when you have a population of aprox 80k , and they can’t find 9 -10 people to play on a Thursday night . If the poker room was run properly , 3-4 tables should be going at all times . You guys can’t be that unruly..lol

    I totally agree. The other issue may be that people just don’t have the disposable income that they used to have. It’s like the Cougars games. They new owners have built a pretty solid team, they have good reputation in the community yet there are still way too many empty seats in the CN Centre. I hear complaints about ticket costs keeping families from going. Maybe the casino needs to offer the local player a better poker playing experience.

Maybe a large percentage of the gamblers have finally woken up.

I don’t usually make comments here, but like to read other’s opinions. However, this particular topic came to mind last night on my drive home and again this morning on my drive to work.

What is with the people that feel the need to stand in front of the hospital with their anti-abortion signs tied to their chests? If you don’t believe in abortion, THEN DON’T HAVE ONE. But who are you to tell me, or any other woman, what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Worry about what’s going on in your life and leave mine alone. I’ll make my own decisions without your influence.

    100% agree with you…I could say more but the bleeding hearts and bible thumpers here would attack me

      Yeahhhh if they had a daughter like mine, I’m sure they would rethink their stance and burn the signs they are carrying

    Totally agree SBG ! On behalf of all the women and girls in my life . When I see these religious zealots whining on the side of the road . I proudly open my car windows , honk long/loud , give them all the finger and yell me NDP your own business .

      Then you sir, are acting inappropriately.
      They are merely expressing an opinion (like soapboxgirl)
      Live and let live dude.

    I wish it were that simple.

    To those people, the fetus is a human, so abortion is murder – that’s their opinion – protected by Charter Free speech.

    The argument, my body, I do with it what I want. I generally agree, but what happens when a woman ingests drugs, alcohol, tobacco, while pregnant, then decides to keep the child. Who get’s the costs then? It may be your body, but it becomes our problem when born.

    When is it a fetus, when is it a human. Viability is now about 23 weeks – a question that has still never been answered.

    Abortion costs money and uses medical resources. How many accidental pregnancies should a woman be entitled to considering knowledge and availability of birth control?

    What about gender abortions. Is it okay to abort a fetus because it’s female?

    I say all this just to show it’s an incredibly complex issue that no politician in their sane mind will touch.

    I have found it almost an oxymoron as a society that under the current assisted suicide laws written by PM Trudeau (a lapsed Catholic) if I’m condemned to be a prisoner in my own body from a wasting, but non fatal disease, I have to slog on in this life, but if I’m a healthy 24 month fetus I can be eliminated without a second thought.

      24 month fetus?

      I thought we were talking about humans, not elephants. :-)

    Soapbox, I absolutely agree. These folks, on behalf of some imaginary religious entity they follow, end up sticking their noses in other peoples business, and they really should mind their own.
    They have the right to protest, so be it.
    Ski is also right. If you are a druggy or alcoholic and you choose to keep the baby, we all bear the cost through health care of that baby.
    And abortion should never be a political football.
    It is the woman’s right to decide whether to keep the baby or not, end of story.
    I will go further, and say, if a mother decides to breastfeed her baby in a restaurant or other public place, no one has the right to accost her on the issue, you don’t like it, stuff a couple napkins in your mouth, don’t look it’s that simple. It is not gross, it is a most natural part of life.

    Mental health issues I would think.

Spell check zealot got me ” and yell mind your own business ” !

    They have a right to peaceful protest. Calling them religious zealots or wing nuts or whatever the term is is wrong. I fully 100% support a woman’s right to choose but I also 100% fully support a person’s right to peacefully protest. If they created a ring around the hospital and kept people from receiving the health care they need or desire, they lose my respect and in my opinion, their right to protest. If they got in the face of a woman who was going into the hospital, my support ends there.

    Would you roll your window down and call a woman getting an abortion a baby killer and give her the finger?
    Would you roll your window down when you see a homeless person sitting down on the sidewalk and yell out “Get a job you bum!!
    I hope that you wouldn’t because it’s stupid and disrespectful of another human being. If you do that too, then I have no respect for you.
    You are on here almost bragging about yelling at them to mind their own business and giving them the finger?
    Does it forward your opinion or your cause?

      Typical response from a member of the 250 News clique….Soapboxgirl is entitled to her opinion and so are you PGguy..but just because you don’t agree with her doesn’t mean she is wrong…she’s just wrong in your opinion… So many of you from the clique are so demeaning towards anyone else who posts…I will laugh if due to all the meanness the clique has towards others that they shut this site down… Now I’ll wait for all the uncalled for comments…. And yes…this is my opinion and I am entitled to it…

      So, Taktak, my comments to Soapboxgirl are not that she is wrong. It is that it is wrong to roll your window down and yell at a person who is peacefully protesting in a democratic society. My opinion on this subject is that it is wrong to degrade or belittle a person who peacefully protests. If you disagree then that is your right but I hope that one day you’re not protesting something that you believe in only to be yelled at and called names and fingered. And if it does happen,remember this post, don’t get mad and simply say to yourself that it is within the rights of that person to give me the finger, treat me like $hit and yell stuff at me while I peacefully protest.

The woman getting an abortion and the person sitting on the sidewalk are minding their own business . The zealots on the side of the road have gone out of their way to engage innocent people minding their own business on a public though fare . With signs waving and yelling . This should not be allowed . It’s rude . Uncalled for . And, extremely distractive . If one must be engaged in this way , what else can one do ? I’m just exercising MY right of free speech and channeling my inner Ricky Gervais .

    I drive by there everyday. Have family that both work in the hospital and actually live there due to age and dementia. Unfortunately, I am there more then most people and I have never once been engaged by anyone wearing a sign regarding abortion. Never heard one yell and scream, never heard anyone being rude to another person. I’m sorry but I personally just haven’t seen it.
    If I was protesting the type of corn flakes that they serve in the hospital and someone driving by gave me the finger, drove around the block yelling at me, I don’t give a $hit. I’m yelling back.
    A person sitting on the side of the road with a sign saying that they need money or food is not minding their own business. A person who panhandles is not minding their own business. Yelling obscenities at them and giving them the finger would be deemed wrong and if you did it and someone videoed you doing it, you would be publicly shamed on the numerous social network sites that people with keyboards like to play judge, jury and executioner.
    I also respect the right of the opinion of ataloss but I believe that rolling down windows and yelling at a person who is exercising their democratic rights is not the right thing to do.

    Am I driving by the same hospital as you, Ataloss? When I go by they’re just standing around holding anti-abortion signs. No waving or yelling, nothing.

      They are a distraction at a busy traffic area

      Not much of a distraction. A young, shapely woman in short shorts during the summer is a much greater distraction to the male drivers of this city.

I think Ataloss is very selective when it comes to supporting people’s rights to free speech and peaceful protest.
I’d be willing to bet dollars to one of his imaginary stock portfolios that if he was in a group peacefully protesting logging, a pipeline, or perhaps the Site C dam project and someone went by, rolled down the window and gave them the finger while shouting obscenities he would be extremely offended by the insensitive affront to his and the group’s right to freedom of speech and expression!
The mere fact that a protester stands on the sidewalk with a sign is not harassment or getting in anyone’s face. It is merely expressing their opinion on a subject. Disagree if you want, but always respect the right of others to have a differing opinion!

    If you see me in a protest march or demonstration you’ll know I’m dead . I march and vote most effectively with my dollars . I agree those people getting in my face as I drive by have the right to do so , just like the guys with the signs selling pizza pies . I just think that I have the right to get in their faces . Fair comment I think . I feel sorry for their target . It’s likely the most offensive thing they can do to their victims . As compared to what they do to their target a middle finger is way too mild .

      I have lost all respect for you ataloss. That is just disgusting you would think that is appropriate. If I seen you do that I would confront you directly in not a very nice fashion. It would escalate and get ugly.

      I fully support the protestors… I think they are hero’s for the three million plus Canadians that aren’t here today because of this disgusting law that devalues their lives as worthless. Silent dissent is harmless. Taking the life of an unborn is not.

I agree with pgguy , ive lived here all my life and have never seen a protester screaming or overstepping any bounderies. The only reason im commenting is because me and my wife were talking about this earlier this week. She mentioned she liked the idea that someone was giving women another alternative and that the protesters had good information for other options. Women get scared and abortion seems like such a quick fix these days. You shouldnt have to feel guilty for it but you should be well informed.

Why aren’t stores hiring our local born and raised people instead of foriegn students with no experience. I pretty well stopped going to Wal Mart because of this and now Lowe’s is doing the same. I know a lot of employers hire foriegners because they don’t know their Rights or are afraid to say anything. We need to get our PG people to work

    Good question with complex answer.

    Some of our unemployed are use to making $60,000 or more a year. They’ve been laid off from a well paying job, and they’re happy to collect EI until another one comes along – think oil patch. Lots of PG people worked there, and hope to again, so unlikely they’ll be lured to work for anything near minimum wage.

    Some of our unemployed want to stay unemployed, but have to answer they are looking for work or else get cut off social assistance.

    Some of them are unemployed and unemployable. Do to a variety of issues, just can’t show up on a regular basis.

    The pool of minimum wage workers is actually not as big as it use to be. 30 years ago, families have 4 kids average, now it’s 1.8. There isn’t that abundance of cheap teenage labour.

    That said, market forces dictate minimum wage should be irrelevant because if there is actually a shortage of unskilled labour, wages should be bid up to increase worker supply. But by bringing in TFW’s, you can thwart the market forces.

    And then again, there are some areas where their really are no one to do the jobs. At once point in the oil patch they were paying $20.00 an hour for a Tim Hortons worker.

    LULU Lemon is threatening to move their headquarters out of Canada if the feds don’t ease the TFW restrictions for them. Cya LULU!

Some business’s higher foreign workers because they work much harder, and are more reliable. Some of our local people do not have the same work ethic as some foreigners.

I expect that the pay is the same for both groups, but the work ethic, and reliability is the deciding factor.

    I totally agree Palopu. I work for an employer who pays fairly well and he is having a really hard time getting anyone who wants to work at the job, cares about it and who shows up everyday.
    He is easy to work for, the work isn’t hard, its steady but he’s interviewed probably a hundred people to find four who will work. The one who is taking my place for right now will be gone just as soon as I am able to start again.
    Its really pathetic. Really makes me wonder what the future of this country is. Sad.

      Mind telling us what that good employer is? Some here might be hard workers looking for work.

      When I moved here in 1973 from Toronto, the firm I worked with went on a hiring “spree” of one to two years to increase the staff from 10 to 25 over that period. All hires had specialty skills which required university degrees with some from two year colleges. None of those facilities were available in PG at the time. Grads had to come from elsewhere.

      The same still holds true to day in some cases. UNBC does not graduate engineers, for example, other than environmental engineers through UBC. Nor does CNC.

      In those days people wanted to work in the firm, but could not because they did not have the knowledge or the skills.

      The same still hold true today in some areas.

Soapbox Girl, the front of the Hospital is the soap box that these individuals use as their forum to express their charter right to express an opinion, your is opinion250 kindly respect a persons right that people fought and died for and who probably didnt care what opinions were valued as long as they were the opinions of the free

Seems like (Sunny Ways) Trudeau is backing away from electoral reform. Hmmmm. Could his majority have anything to do with it.?? Just askin.

    He wants the alternate vote ballot for preferential voting, but the opposition is stuck on the status quo or proportional representation. To have the reform Trudeau wants he would have to work for it and he doesn’t have the fight in him to keep his promises.

    If one is fighting for the silent majority then its an uphill lonely battle because only the zealots show up to drive the issues.

In any society, the chief magistrate’s first duty is to uphold the law, and throughout human history his easiest temptation, once in office, has been to regard himself as above it. In this case, the American people would be electing someone who, not yet in office, is already above the law, and way beyond it. (Even her bodily fluids are above the law.) That would be an extraordinary act, and Hillary and her cronies would be entirely justified in treating such an electorate with utter contempt.


Trump is an unknown. But, to channel Donald Rumsfeld, Hillary is the most known known in the history of knowns. And what we know of her is that she’s stinkingly corrupt, above the law, and able to suborn entire government agencies in the cause of her corruption. Where do you think we’re gonna be after eight years of that?


The left is serious about power, and they don’t waste time. The idea that the most personally corrupt candidate in modern American history will govern as some sort of benign moderate centrist placeholder until the wankers who thought Jeb Bush was a superstar shoo-in come up with their next inspiration is utterly preposterous.

ht tp://www.steynonline.com/7564/laws-are-for-the-little-people

Dirtman. Funny how a women born in Chicago in 1947 with middle class parents, could over a period of a few years in politics become

**stinkingly corrupt, above the law, and able to suborn entire government agencies in the cause of her corruption.** Hmmmm.

What makes you think that she would be in power for eight years. Do you believe that she would be re elected.?? She would be 75 years old going into the next election, so unless she gets into pretty good shape, I suggest that she will be a one term President.

In any event, of all those who wanted to be President, I suggest she is not necessarily better, but certainly not worse than most of the also rans.

So suck it up, and enjoy the ride.

    A period of a few years in politics? No, more like a period of a few decades. And yes, she’s most definitely worse than the rest of the presidential aspirants. I provided the link, go and read the whole article. Follow the links.

    She’ll only be 73 going into the next election and yes it’s possible her declining health will prevent her from a second term (or even finishing the first term) but barring that, she’ll reign for 8 years.

    The winner will be appointing 3-4 Supreme Court justices. This will effectively give the closet bolshiviks the ability to govern through the courts and America will be under the jack boot of the Homeland Security (a modern version of the Cheka, NKVD, KGV police state).

    America as we know it as a sovereign nation will cease to exist if Clinton and her globalist enablers take power.

      That’s why they ‘wet worked’ Scalia….

Palopu.. they work harder because they are afraid of being disciplined or sent back home.

    They work harder because this is their one opportunity to live in the greatest country in the world and dream of a future for them and their families. A kind of gratitude that most Canadians couldn’t even understand. Sure there is some fear of failure, but never underestimate the determination of human dignity in how these people expect to be treated by their employers and coworkers.

oldman1….. I agree with you… Its us Canadians that are sticking up for their rights for them..

Oldman 1. Have you any information showing that any of these workers have been sent back???

Seems to me they are quite happy working, and always seem to be smiling.

I think you are confused with Mexicans in the USA.

I just wanted to say today is a great day for Canada. The failure of CETA is a victory for national sovereignty and passing along a country of self determination for our children. It’s a huge set back for the NWO globalists that would lord over our lives.

How To Stop The Civilizational Collapse

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYoAmvxyh1M

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