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October 27, 2017 8:37 pm

Cyclist Injured in Crash

Monday, October 24, 2016 @ 4:40 PM


Emergency  personnel on scene of  crash – photo 250news

Prince George, B.C. – A cyclist has been taken to hospital with undetermined  injuries after being involved in a crash  this afternoon.

The collision involving the cyclist and a vehicle took place  at the intersection of 22nd and  highway 97 .

Further information  is not  available at this time.



I do not know the circumstances of this particular accident, however with the induction of the new street painted decals, motorists definitely have to learn what they indicate. I see drivers in bicycle lanes all over town. The cyclists have to adhere to these lanes as well. Today I saw a cyclist going the opposite way, he drove right past me, which was scary. As well, it seems the worst spot for a cyclist is in the vehicle’s blind spot, just sayin’, there’s a definite learning curve. Sadly, it’s causing a few too many accidents, especially unnecessary fatalities of late.

One other note, when the hell are they going to get the lights up at Ospika and Ferry, that’s a very dangerous intersection.

    Yes Ospika and Ferry is very bad.

    You see drivers in bicycle lanes all over town? Maybe thats because many of the newly painted bicycle logo’s are in shared lanes? Do you expect the city to completely shut down roads and make them strictly bicycle lanes?

      I wasn’t talking about the shared lanes,, but the ones with the diamond. And no, I just expect the drivers to be aware and respect the lanes. Just because you have a small car doesn’t mean you can take advantage of a “small” lane…seen it done. Respect falls on both the motorist and cyclist.

      There are a large number of people in town who seem to think the shoulder is a never ending right turn lane. I assume that’s what maple is referring to.

      Why not? That’s what that wonderful mayor in Vancouver has done, even though it’s an extremely congested city all ready, he has traffic calming streets, he has blocked streets, just for bicycles, leading to much more congestion. The more folks move here from Van, the more it’s going to be expected. Seriously hope that does not happen here. Jillian, any comment?

The intersection shown here is by PGSS school, and if anyone has kids that go there know how crazy that corner can be at different times of the day for a car not to say a bike. Hope the person get well soon.

    I agree, it was bad back in the 80’s when my kids went there.

    I’m honestly shocked that there aren’t accidents there all the time.

Ferry and Ospica are scheduled to have signals in the spring.

    Nice! Then why put up the poles the summer before!!

I break cyclists down into three categories.

Category 1, Sketchy dudes/dudettes. These are the ones who wear no helmets, ride beat up bikes, ride on downtown sidewalks, ride on the wrong way of the street, swerve into traffic without warning – and they are usually the one’s who get hit and make it sound like cycling is really dangerous. They aren’t really cyclists.

Category 2, Next group I call the Spandex Warriors – which sometimes I are one. They ride expensive bikes, skinny wheels, in spite of having 3 to 6 feet of bike lane, they ride close to or on the white line – citing gravel as the reason. They can be quite arrogant and in your face with traffic, sometimes ride tandem, but generally obey the rules, don’t ride on sidewalks, usually quite visible, and usually don’t ride against traffic. I can’t remember when one was hit by a car.

Final group I call cyclists – which I consider myself. We ride average bike with treaded tires, we ride in the center of the bike lane because gravel isn’t a problem for us, obey most of the traffic rules, can ride on dirt shoulders if we have to. Not in any great hurry, visible, and pay attention to our surroundings. Even with all that, I’ve had close calls from cars driving on the cycling lane white line, pulling out in front of me, turning left in front of me, but because of awareness, that’s why they are close calls.

I don’t know which of the 3 this “cyclist” was, but I lean toward category 1.

    We used to call Cat 2 riders Fred’s and Betty’s. Don’t know if that’s still the term. :)

    I watched some poor bugger trying to ride down foothills the other day. I give him props for trying to use the alleged bike lane but it was so full of debris I’m surprised he even tried it.

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