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Friday Free For All – Oct. 28th, 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Wow, another month is nearly over,  but not before  you have a chance to speak up on the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic, but  you must obey the three simple  rules.  Failure to abide by the rules will, at the very least, see your comments edited,  or worse,  deleted.

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Have a great weekend all..hope the kids get good weather for trick or treating.. don’t forget to take a extra second when driving on Halloween to make sure it’s safe to proceed.

    From the time I posted this comment, a full nine (9) of the next 12 comments are from Eagleone and gopg2015, just a heads up. Myself I am re-posting my first comment here because, with their many comments, my one comment got virtually buried among their many comments, on this Friday-Free-For-All, so here is my ONE comment again.

    It seems our Provincial Government is looking the other way when it comes to logging violations in our province. The Forests Practices Board, a government-funded logging watchdog, recently completed an investigation into Teal Cedar Products, a Surrey-based logging company that was logging along mountain sides near the shores of Skidegate Channel in Haida Gwaii.

    The board found that there were clear logging violations, and that the Ministry of Forests had been aware of the suspect operations, but chose not to come down on the loggers. And as other reports suggest, this isn’t the only time the provincial government has let these types of logging violations slide.

    Every time a logging companies applies for a licence to cut, they must include a visual impact assessment that shows exactly how their operations will alter the landscape. In particularly scenic areas, cuts usually have to be less than noticeable to help encourage tourism and recreation.

    But in many cases, that’s not what’s happening, according to a 2013 evaluation, 39 per cent of the province’s logging operations failed to meet their visual objectives. You can read more about this important issue in the following link:

    ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/reports-find-b-c-government-failing-to-clamp-down-on-suspect-logging-practices-1.3788314

      You do know what a VQO is don’t you?

CETA ratification = a sad day for Canada.

Looks like they will sign the globalist corporate constitution in the coming days.

Deals like this are an affront to national sovereignty with their provisions for investor state resolution clauses in secret bankster tribunals; and open borders design (considering all the problems Europe is having with that these days).

Furthermore deals like this undermine our free enterprise economic heritage as they enable the monopolization of entire industries and thus limit the ability to have thriving competition from local players. Deals like this undermine national standards shaped by our democratic concerns and often sell out the less politically connected small businesses in favor of the large conglomerate corporations.

    Can you point to the specific clause(s)which remove any sovereignty from a state signatory?

      Chapter 2, chapter 12, chapter 23, chapter 33… Actually the whole agreement is an infringement of our national sovereignty.

      Chapter 2 allows for the bulk sale of our water resources and unfettered commercializations of public water resources.

      Chapter 12 allows companies to bring their own employees from Europe into Canada visa free with no background checks. Even from countries like Romania where the labor rate is one tenth what it is to employ Canadian workers.

      Chapter 23 that allows European governance over our forest practices, but exempts the mining industry.

      Chapter 33 with the Investor state resolution process….
      Under the proposed CETA text it been highlighted that, “arbitration can still be invoked unilaterally by investors. Investors do not need to seek consent from their home governments and are not obliged to try to resolve a complaint through the domestic court system before launching an investor-state claim. Governments give their “unconditional, prior consent” to submit investor claims to binding arbitration, allowing investors to simply bypass the domestic courts. In effect, this establishes a private justice system exclusively for foreign investors, including the world’s largest and most powerful multi­national corporations.”

      Or just the impacts on our health care with the free for all for pharmaceutical companies and patent rights that will increase our prescription drug costs by $2 billion a year….

    for instance,

    “CETA makes clear from the outset that the EU and Canada preserve their right to regulate and to achieve legitimate policy objectives, such as public health, safety, environment, public morals, social or consumer protection and the promotion and protection of cultural diversity.

    “This is a clear instruction to the tribunal for the interpretation of the investment provisions.

    “It is also explicitly foreseen that Governments can change their laws, including in a way that affects investors’ expectations of profit and that the application of EU’s state aid law does not constitute a breach of investment protection standards.

    “Relevant CETA provisions: Article 8.9 Investment and regulatory measures

      So you support foreign banksters tribunals over that of our own national Supreme Court of Canada. As a first world country governed by the rule of law no corporation should have treaty rights to bi-pass the Supreme Court of Canada to get justice. That is simply side stepping national sovereignty and the rule of law in favour of the tyranny of globalist constructs.

Sure hope the city takes another look at their sidewalk policy between Ferry and highway 97. Its looking like its a sidewalk to nowhere with some businesses building up the sidewalk and others not.

I think it would be great if this city had a sort of sidewalk circuit that had a divided median between the sidewalk and the roadway… ideally from Ferry to Pine Center along Highway 16, and then from Pine Center to Ferry along Westwood Drive next to the golf course, and then back up Ferry Drive to Highway 16.

With more hotels going into the area and it being an area that gets the least amount of snow in the region… I think it would be a great tie in for the retail sector as well.

    How many people registering in those highway oriented hotels do you think do not have a vehicle, either their own or vehicle rented at the airport? 10%? 5%? 1%?

    How many people do you think would go shopping to the Pine Centre or elsewhere in the area on foot and carry their bulky purchase(s) back to the hotel on foot?

    This is Canada.

      Who cares how many people drive? This would be great for anyone visitor or resident that wants a safe place to go for walks without worrying about getting run over on the sidewalk in the winter months or mugged after dark. A high visibility area with lots of potential and lots of amenities in the area. A place to get some exercise in the winter months when most trails are still snowed in.

      The developer puts in the sidewalk, in most cases the developer was the City of PG – put in a complaint to the city and they can deal with it but they will tell you what they tell everyone else, that sidewalks were not mandatory when they developed and sold the site.

Also what is going on with those gawdly ugly plywood signs that the casino has in both directions. Surely those eye sores have got to be in violation of the sign laws, being that they are at the most prominent intersection in the city.

Its total bush league and they should be removed. People can still see that it is a casino from the proper signs on the building. I don’t know of any other hotel that has huge ugly plywood signs out front to advertise their business.

Maybe its some kind of grandfather clause given by the city to the guy that buys all the politicians, I don’t know.

And I would say the same thing about the ugly plywood sign next to the casino advertising the ‘Cariboo Connector’… is this going to be up for 50-years too. Will it rot in place and be replaced every few years while ‘construction’ is ongoing?

Lets face it the Cariboo Connector is just a marketing ploy to promote the regular maintenance and upgrades of a provincial highway.

Do we really need ugly plywood signs littering our roadside at our most prominent intersection in the city?

Employ some proper sign guys to replace the signs or just get them outta here. We don’t need that kind of road side garbage in our city IMO.

I am a little conflicted about Halloween myself. the kids love the idea… but what is it really anyways…. nowadays it seems to be a license for gruesome depravities and sexed up dirty girls… and the whole teaching kids to go hands out for candy at strangers houses? I don’t know….

I am all good with the super hero costumes or animal outfits for kids. Those will be the ones getting the loot at my door. I guess if the trick or treating is only local and a good chance for parents to meet their immediate neighbors then its a good thing… but other than that its way overblown as a holiday IMO.

    You said it, “the kids love it anyway”.

    I thought that is what it is/was all about, the kids.

    So, if they love it, why not indulge them? Why get in their way?

    Four of the first six comments are from Eagleone. Nice that signs at the local Casino, or Halloween costumes, are your preferred agenda for this Friday-Free-For-All, however my comment is about something more critically important, my topic is; how much regulatory control is being exercised by our Provincial Government over logging violations in this province? Spoiler alert… not much!

    It seems our Provincial Government is looking the other way when it comes to logging violations in our province. The Forests Practices Board, a government-funded logging watchdog, recently completed an investigation into Teal Cedar Products, a Surrey-based logging company that was logging along mountain sides near the shores of Skidegate Channel in Haida Gwaii.

    The board found that there were clear logging violations, and that the Ministry of Forests had been aware of the suspect operations, but chose not to come down on the loggers. And as other reports suggest, this isn’t the only time the provincial government has let these types of logging violations slide.

    Every time a logging companies applies for a licence to cut, they must include a visual impact assessment that shows exactly how their operations will alter the landscape. In particularly scenic areas, cuts usually have to be less than noticeable to help encourage tourism and recreation.

    But in many cases, that’s not what’s happening, according to a 2013 evaluation, 39 per cent of the province’s logging operations failed to meet their visual objectives. You can read more about this important issue in the following link:

    ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/reports-find-b-c-government-failing-to-clamp-down-on-suspect-logging-practices-1.3788314

      I’m surprised the Forest Practices Board is still in existence. No one talks about them anymore. Many years ago logging companies followed strict rules put in place by the Forest Practices code and the provincial government. Now not so much?

      Forest Practices Code killed logging in BC during the NDP reign of terror. It is up to the individual offices to enforce their region. VQO is so they can pillage and it still looks good to Johnny Q public, you can only log so many meters from a road or waterway etc.

      Who needs an arms length body like the Forest Practices Board to ensure logging companies operate within government regulations? Get rid of them, right abcdefg? It’s the wild wild west when it comes to resource extraction in BC anyway!

      No government oversight what-so-ever is required when it comes to resource extraction, right?

    Are you handing out “Trump 2016” bumper stickers Eagle ?

      No, I think the bumper sticker people will be the first ones to go bankrupt after this election no matter who wins.

Talktober is over for another year.

Wonder what the City learned this time?

    do they really care or was it just an exercise to make us think they did?

    They learned that we’re never happy with what we have and that we always want more, more, more.

    There’s and ad from the Mayor above this story.

Posted by Opinion 250 Tuesday March 19 2013


Well give somebody a centimeter they will take a kilometer

The Burger King sign now advertises for The Oakroom 24-7

    Those signs create distracted drivers.

Halloween is fast approaching kids are getting excited and parents are preparing for the monster invasion.

it is an entertaining time of the year for us yet one thing keeps popping up more and more now is parents wanting their kids to have healthier choices for Halloween candies when their kids knock on the doors and this annoys me.

I understand as a parent your trying to protect and look after your child but I think too many parents are missing the mark here. Halloween IMO is for the kids this is their time to shine and dress up and use their imagination in costumes. Let them have fun let them have unhealthy candy for that one night of the year let them enjoy the night.

I for one unless the child has an allergy or medical reason really dislike when parents knock on the door and ask if I have “healthy choice” snacks available over candy

Let the kids be kids for one night

    Agreed, and don’t take the kids to the mall, how lame would that be as a kid.

And in the latest news “Comments for this article are closed.” Just seems to be a very often recurring theme these days.

    Comments close after 24 hours. Comments are never allowed for stories where there is pending court action and sometimes stories get slosed early because some people believe anonymity gives them the right to say whatever they want.

To the 250 News Mods or Gods, can you please institute a twitter type forum and restrict all comments to 140 characters? It would make Fridays a little better around here, or perhaps the posters that feel the need to write novellas every Thursday to post at the stroke of midnight, just perhaps you could write it on a blog and just post the URL.
Other than that, have a safe and happy weekend.

    Scrolling past posts that you deem too long doesn’t really take that much skill. Restricting comments to 140 characters is just another example of the “dumbing down” of our society. Some people can say what they want to say in a sentence or two. The guses of this world like to research their arguments and present that research along with their opinions, that tends to take a bit more then 140 characters. I scroll past Eagleone’s posts and haven’t noticed any ill effects.

    AS Axman stated its pretty simple to scroll through long posts without reading them.

    Everybody has a say some people are really good at conveying information while others ramble on and on without saying much of anything. You visit here often enough you know whose posts to read and whose posts to ignore

    So if that’s what you want, Teacher, why did you use so many more than 140 characters?

    It’s called the Friday Free For All. If you don’t like that, how about you start up your own Prince George forum and then you can set the rules. The rest of us are fine with the way this forum is run.

    I don’t read Twitter because I don’t want to read a bunch of trite little sound bites. If the comments here are restricted to be like Twitter, I will stop reading. It is easy to scroll past a long post if you don’t want to read it.

    If you would have followed the 140 character rule that you suggest, you wouldn’t have been able to finish saying what you wanted to say.

Someone using the tag ” Teacher ” complaining about too many words who would have thunk it

The Lac La Hache arena is being put out of operation by BCHydro’s $ 5000.00 a month bill . Ironically they have a roof that is big enough to power a facility ten times as big if they put solar panels on it . Good thing they’ve got a liberal mla . Maybe she’ll show up to turn the lights off and get a dead wood award .

    $5000 per month? What are they doing with that much electricity?

      Lighting , ventilation and freezing a sheet of ice for skating . It would be sad to see it gone . They are doing a fund raising Halloween party but it looks like the end . Too bad we can’t get all these foriegn geopolitical geniuses on this site to look in our back yard . I’m sure with their intectual prowes they could find a solution faster than peace in the Middle East .

      You continue to keep it real Ataloss. Two thumbs up!

      So what would it cost to convert to solar?

      Would that be enough to supply adequate power 24/7/365?

      How old is the lighting and equipment, would an upgrade cut the costs, and what would such an upgrade cost?

      What makes you think they haven’t explored all options?

      What would an NDP MLA do for them?

    If they are using the power, who should be paying for it??
    Should BC Hydro give it to them for free?
    Should you and I the PROVINCIAL tax payer subsidize it for them?
    Should the province go and put the Solar Panels up for them?
    Imagine what those costs would be in Alberta!
    Every village, town, city, and regional district in the province has to make these kinds of decisions every day. They along with their taxpayers decide on their priorities, and in doing so decide on their levels of taxation, and how to spend what is collected.
    If Lac La Hache did not foresee the costs of operating an arena, it probably should not have been built. Having said that, if it is in fact important to them, they should be looking for ways to make the operation more cost effective without looking to my TAXES to subsidize it!

    Ataloss since you are such an expert on solar let’s see your breakdown in costs for the arena to switch over to solar? Let’s see a discription of the system? If it’s such a great idea why is not solar popping up all over the north?

    You have never given us a description of your system and how great it is as requested many times. Oh wait what solar system.

Interesting what the Libs have done to protect the owners of WHL teams in BC. A class action suit is happening in the CHL to have major junior hockey players receive minimum wage.
The Libs quietly exempted WHL teams from the labour standards act hence the class action suit will not apply to WHL teams in BC. Another liberal families first policy unfortunately looking after just a few select families.

    Just another reason to find her disgusting .


Whats up with Chief Rollie Pollie Willson?

This is the first paragraph from a CBC article posted yesterday.

West Moberly First Nation Chief Roland Willson has lashed out at Premier Christy Clark and BC Hydro CEO Jessica McDonald in a Facebook post calling them “evil bitches”.

Sounds like a temper tantrum to me.
Very concerning………

    Turn off their lights, they can revert back to the old ways.

    Total double standard, turn the tables and there would be an outcry and calls for resignations! Bunch of BS!

So guess what will happen IF the class action suit were to succeed?
In Alberta they have not yet passed the exemption to the labour standards so they would be obliged to pay their players minimum wage.
WHL teams, especially in the smaller markets operate on very tiny margins so if forced to pay minimum wage their expenses would exceed their cash flow. Not a good recipe for a successful business, and owners would look for ways to change that equation. Raising ticket prices, or looking to other jurisdictions to operate their teams where the minimum wage rule would not apply are the most likely.
My guess is that within a few years the only WHL teams left in Alberta will be in Edmonton and Calgary, and that’s simply because they are owned by NHL teams. The rest will have moved to other jurisdictions.
Perhaps there are WHL teams in the future for places like Abbotsford, Nanaimo, Penticton???

Has anyone else noticed that JGalt has suddenly disappeared??
And that out of nowhere BeingHuman has reappeared…HMmmmmmm

    Faced the same ban hammer as her People #1 id? :)

    Why would you care ? Does it make a big difference in your life ? A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet .

I don’t care…just made a simple observation!
And using your format…a TROLL by any other name….is still just a TROLL!

    I still maintain Ataloss and JGalt are one in the same.

      Could be. But then again I’ve been accused of having two identities too so I’ll give him/her the benefit of the doubt.

I had a few laughs this week….

Remember how all of you lefties criticized Harper when his security detail rushed him to safety while bullets were flying around? Well, it appears that poor Justin has issues with pumpkin seed threats!

Our poor Justin had pumpkin seeds thrown at him by a chubby older lady, a former Green Party candidate! Justin’s security detail tackled her to the floor! Apparently pumpkin seeds with hearts drawn on them are a major security issue for JT!

Cries of “Don’t hurt me!” rang out outside Hamilton City Hall on Friday as a protester who tried to ambush Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by throwing pumpkin seeds was taken down by security.

“The protester was Ute Schmid-Jones, who ran for the Green Party of Canada in the 2015 federal election. 

Schmid-Jones shoved past reporters screaming, “Keep your promises,” and throwing pumpkin seeds with hearts drawn on them as Trudeau was leaving city hall.

The prime minister was ushered into a waiting SUV while Schmid-Jones was forced to the ground by security, as she repeatedly yelled, “Don’t hurt me!”

Haha, poor Justin!

    …and then poor Justin gets booed and has student protestor’s stand with their backs to him during his speech!

    Sunny ways, sunny ways indeed, haha!

    I am no leftie so the first part of your comment does not apply to me. As for throwing anything at the PM in these screwed up times it should be a complete no-no ! Harper’s guards would have and should have reacted in the same manner! The substance could have been anything !

      Right you are, but Hart Guy was commenting on how Harper’s detractors called him a coward for hiding from a gunman. We’re waiting to hear similar taunts of derision from them about Trudeau running from seeds.

      Not just seeds Dirtman, but pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seeds are really really big and are far more dangerous than sunflower seeds or bullets!

      Funny how those that called Harper a coward when his security detail rushed him to safety amidst a hail of bullets are silent when Justin is rushed to safety from big, dangerous Pumpkin seeds!

      Perhaps Justin’s security detail was worried that he might get some seeds in his hair and that he might mess up his nice hair trying to get them out!

      After all, having nice hair is what’s really important, right?

Letd me wake guys upin George. The sun is shining in Abby and it llooks like great day. And a hellow to all my freinds in George. See you in the spring.


    Still homesick for PGA, come on, admit it!

    Trying to read through that post…..sounds like you forgot your to put in your teeth or put on your glasses this morning:D

      Get back to work Coleen.

      bater aka dumbfound is islandbound?

RE Lac LaHache:

And the real Reasons are the high Cost of Hydro, we moved into our Home in 79
all Electric Heat and what did we pay 2.5 a KWH.
Now we pay 8.29 and on Tier 2 it is 12.23 a KWH

This Power smart thing is nothing more than a feel good Thing, I have even Better Phrases for it.
The Fact is on Hydro Power System like we have the First KWH cost the same to
produce than the Last.
For the Greens who want to save the Planet, don’t use your Elevator ,walk the 20 plus up , you will save many KWH on not turning that bid Electric Motor .

Now I will put another Log on the Fire and I don’t live in the City, no Smoke Worries !

    Just wait for the rate payers have to pony up the cost of SiteC . The fantasy number is nine billion dollars . That will likely double before its done . It’s all going to end up on our highdro bills . Bills big enough to be Williams .

      Ataloss you didn’t answer any of my questions?

      So how come regions with predominately hydro electric power have the lowest power rates, and regions going with inefficient very costly wind and solar have the highest rates by far?

      ht tp://www.theenergycollective.com/robertwilson190/257481/why-power-density-matters

      ht tp://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/ontario-liberals-scrap-plans-for-dollar38-billion-in-renewable-energy-projects/ar-BBwH4T8?li=AA54rW&ocid=spartandhp

    Well hydro is the government of the day piggy bank. Then throw in the high cost of IPP/wind power and be glad that is all you are paying. Just have a look at cost rip off in Ontario and Alberta.

Clowns in SD 57…………..
Lets get some reality, hardworking, common sense thinking, intelligent administrators back into SD 57 district office. The clowns that are presently there have university degrees from a cereal box The democracy and choices of many have been spoiled by a few. Society has become so afraid and frail to stand up to these bullies. Many cultures in this country and in other countries would not stand for this abuse .
Our lax justice system has little effect on criminals, just do it again please……………..

I’m getting sick and tired of going out to the movies and having to deal with drunk and obnoxious people IN the theatre. They gotta weed those folks out at the door for crying out loud.

The FBI are again investigating Clintons emails. Amazing how scary Hillary and Billy are not in jail.

Hey I am not a Trump fan but if Hillary gets in, be scared, be very scared.

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/10/trump-is-the-molotov-cocktail-the-middle-classes-can-throw-at-the-establishment-sayth-michael-moore/

    Glad to see that the FBI is reopening it’s investigation of Killary! It’s about time!

    “FBI reopening investigation into Clinton’s emails”

    ht tp://time.com/4549527/hillary-clinton-emails-fbi-reopen/

    Lock her up!

    Q: How can you tell a Trump fan?

    A: They deny being a Trump fan somewhere in their comment.

      So then you are a Trump fan?

      Trump is a f*****g clod. Does that answer your question?

      Sounds like you’re denying being a Trump fan, which, according to you means you actually are a Trump fan.

      Believe what you want. If you are unable to recognize an unequivocal statement then nothing I could say would convince you otherwise.

Interesting how Hillary rabidly defends Billy, and she all for women’s rights, ya right.

“Steyn pointed out that one has become persona non grata while the other has been universally embraced as “the most beloved guy in America.”

“I mean that as a seriously question incidentally,” Steyn said. “Why is Bill Cosby finished? He was the most beloved guy. We keep hearing Bill Clinton is the most beloved guy in America. ‘If Bill Clinton was on the ticket, he’d sweep all 50 states. It would be a landslide. Americans love Bill Clinton.’ They loved Bill Cosby – nice grandfatherly Bill Cosby. But somehow, for some reason – you don’t see ‘The Bill Cosby Show’ on TV anymore. You don’t see it on the rerun channels. He is not appearing anywhere.”

“You’d almost think it’s some kind of like racism thing,” he continued. “That somehow, when a bunch of women make accusations against the black guy – boom, he’s vaporized. When a bunch of women make accusations against some white southern redneck — we’re talking about putting him back in the White House for another eight years as First Gentleman.”

ht tp://www.steynonline.com/7573/the-questions-that-were-never-put-in-public

    Newt Gingrich would tell you that you are obsessed with sex Megyn, I mean seamutt.

      Used to be a time, but not as randy anymore. Digtus read the links then try a mature response if capable.

      So whats to learn on that site ? That tRump and his sort are again obsessed with Anthony Weiner’s weiner ? Whoop de doo !

      Thought maybe you would tell me that your personal private investigator has been following Bill Clinton 24/7 for the past 20 years.

    Excellent comments from Steyn, Seamutt.

    Digitus Impudicus thinks so too. You can tell because all he responded with is an ad hominem.

      Dirtyman….do you even know what I’m referring to ? Didn’t think so. I am referring to comments made by Newt Gingrich in an interview with FOX news anchor Megyn Kelly a couple days back. Newt had blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his you know where.

      If you or seamutt has some new evidence against Bill Clinton that nobody else does you two should share it with the world.

      Yeah, I saw that clip, Dig. That doesn’t detract from the fact that you used an ad hominem.

      Oh, and Dig, are you suggesting that Bill Clinton is pure as driven snow??? Bwaaahahahahaha!

      Didn’t say that now did I ?

      So what is your new news on Billy ?

      New news? The old stuff isn’t enough???

      I hope you’re siting DM . Over time people change . Not all but some people become better than their ancestors. That’s how we got here . That’s how we survived and became better people . We evolved . It’s still happening today . Nerve centres like silicon valleys around the world are not just the breeding ground of ideas . The near future could produce thousands of Einsteins because there are billions of us now .

      Dirtyman….seamutt is implying (with your support) that Bill Clinton is some kind of serial rapist. I’m just asking you guys for some kind of hard evidence that would support that accusation. Seems like you got nothing, except a couple heads filled with stuff from conspiracy theorist basement blogs.

      No Dig Imp, Seamutt is pointing out the irrefutable fact that Clinton has a sordid history as a sexual predator but he gets a free pass from the same people who are aghast at similar perversions from Cosby and much milder shenanigans from Trump. Double standard.

      And yes Ataloss, people change. They get old like Clinton, Cosby and yes, me too. That doesn’t erase past transgressions. Clinton has never acknowledged or apologised for what he did. He has a very charming personality, but he’s also a scumbag.

      Dirtman states; “Clinton has never acknowledged or apologised (sic) for what he did.”

      Sorry Dirtman, but that statement made by you, like so many of your other statements, is factually incorrect. Here is a video of Bill Clinton, at a public gathering, both acknowledging and apologizing for what he did. The video’s title is called ; “Bill Clinton apologizing for his affair with Monica Lewinsky.” Enjoy this less than 2 minute video everyone!

      ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPxwKS12TXE

      But Dirtman….Bill had 3 accusers. Trump is at 9 or is it 11 accusers ?

      Bill had a lot more than 3 accusers and some of them were for rape, far worse than Trump. He’s a sexual predator, Trump just a dirty old man.

      Ohhhh, I get it. The main stream media has just twisted it around but the basement blogs have it correct. Understood.

Major changes coming to the Moose hunting regs next year, about 10 years too late, but hopefully it will save the few left. Looking for the ghostly two point is an exercise in futility, these are the guys who take over for the mature bulls, which the LEH has reduced. Finally the calf season is going the way of the gooney bird which is really good, these are the producers in future years. Hopefully our sons and daughters will be able to eat moose meat in 20 years if the wolves don’t get them. I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of wolves in the Central Interior, guess that’s why the Guiding Assn. has a bounty to pay to trappers.
There is huge revenue from hunting in this province, from lower mainlanders coming here and to the north, as well as guided hunts from the States and elsewhere, but conservation has to start somewhere, limiting hunting now for future investment is common sense to me.

    We agree again Griz. I heard the other day that changes were (finally) coming, and not a moment too soon, in my opinion.

    The common man has observed the decline in moose numbers for years, why does it take so long for regulations to change?

    The common man has disagreed with a cow and or calf harvest for years, again, why is change so slow?
    Do the biologists have to study the issue for years to figure out the answers?

    Yeah, wolves who have co-existed with moose for thousands of years are all of suddenly responsible for their disappearance. It certainly can’t be because of the actions of a certain type of “intelligent?” primate that has decimated their traditional habitat through logging and other land use practices, right? And it certainly can’t be because that same primate is poaching them into extinction? Not at all. It’s just those nasty old wolves doing the dirty to our poor old moose.

Apparently it’s been getting more violent down at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation over the last couple of days. Stories about young Aboriginal men being shot off their horses, and the horses also being shot, by militarized police are making its way around social media. Of course you will hear none of this from mainstream media, except from this one source; the Huffington Post.

In an article that I am attaching to this comment a reporter goes into the water protector’s camp, incognito, without registering and signing in as a reporter. The story is a very good read, for those of you that have the time. In that story it states; “By allowing Dakota Access to dig under the Missouri River, a source of drinking water for millions of people downstream, to run this pipeline, the government is putting private interest before the public’s health. Flint, Michigan showed us what a water crisis looks like on a relatively small scale—“small” being an entire city.”

“By allowing the fossil fuel industry to occupy the land and rivers of the United States instead of shifting to renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal, the government is putting private interest before the environment.”

ht tp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/i-am-a-white-person-who-went-to-standing-rock-this_us_5812d757e4b08301d33e07d6

    Heard lots on real time tonight . Big star next week .

Actually no evidence of people being shot off horced or horses shot. Already 5 pipelines under the river. So called renewables, do you think they are made out of fairy dust? Takes mining, steel production, factories, petrochemicals. Because of irrational enviromental laws, fast rising energy costs most of the manufactoring is done in those bastions of enviromental stewardship such as china and India.

    Environmentalists want all the benefits of a modern society dependant on resource extraction of all kinds, but they don’t want resource extraction. Illogical in the extreme.

      Big thumbs up for all the modern Conveniences and then some . And yes extractions . Needed , clean , nontoxic to life .

      So you approve of mining, forestry, oil and gas extraction and the like. Good to know.

    Seamutt figures we should dump Mercury in our rivers and compete with China on who can make thicker smog in order to compete with them in manufacturing.

    I bet he figures we also should get rid of all those “nasty old labour laws” and abolish the 40-hour week, paid vacations, benefit plans and put seven year old kids back on the factory floor, so we can bring manufacturing back to Canada.

      Straw-man accusations. Another way of saying you can’t dispute what he says.

      Which is a defacto way of saying you agree with him.

      Nice to have you come over to the good guys side.

      No Dirtman, I don’t agree with him no matter how much you would like to twist my words in your head, and only in your mind would you, seamutt, VOR or any other of your ilk be one of the “good guys”.

      Any guy who thinks environmental standards are a problem for economic growth is also the same type of guy who would think that labour standards are a problem for economic growth. There is nothing strawman about stating that seamutt would welcome lower environmental and labour standards in this country when he has clearly stated that environmental regulation is a disincentive to invest in Canada.

      He stated that China has an economic advantage because they don’t care about pollution; therefore, the logical assumption is that he believes Canada needs to lower its standards both environmentally and labour-wise to be competitive.

      Hell, in fact, it is not even an assumption since he clearly stated that environmental laws are a problem in this country.

      Hum haha no its just its just some laws drive manufacturing overseas to where there is no or very little environmental concerns but for you I guess out of sight, out of Mind. One example is mans contribution to C02 where there is no proof of its effect on climate if any at all. Don’t believe me, show me paper of proof! How about CFC’s affecting ozone layer/hole, no proof, no paper.

      Haha says, I bet he figures we also should get rid of all those “nasty old labour laws” and abolish the 40-hour week, paid vacations, benefit plans and put seven year old kids back on the factory floor, so we can bring manufacturing back to Canada.

      No, but are you happy that happens overseas and third world countries so you can buy your stuff cheap.

      Like I said your stuff and so called renewables are not made out of fairy dust.

      Hey site C is renewable power.

      Hahaha, you said “Seamutt figures we should dump Mercury in our rivers and compete with China on who can make thicker smog”

      But he’s never said or insinuated that. It’s a straw-man.

      It’s called sarcasm. :rolleyes:

      Seamutt, you are unbelievable. You deny the existence of any sort human caused environmental degradation. It’s pathetic. There has been plenty of scientific studies that show CFC’s were having an effect on the ozone layer. You are in such a state of denial that you must be a river in Egypt.

I had a good laugh reading all the bitching about Burger King’s relatively puny sign. Yet, no one seemed to have a word about the monster-sized electronic billboard at Home hardware. Seriously, you people are laughable, complaining about BK’s sign, while the same type of sign, only about six or more times larger, gets a pass. Keep up the good work at paying attention. lol

    I’m thinking maybe there should be a law against “Salivating Driving ” . For some it must be like the phone ringing .

    The other signs are at

    1. CN Centre with coming attractions. One can never see the entire information unless going at 10kph or stopped in the bike or driving into the parking lot.

    2. on 5th avenue heading east just before ahbou. It is huge, bright and has changing ads on it.

    Both are major distractions from driving.

    I guess the notion that such “moving” signs (used to mean rotating) can cause accidents due to their distraction has gone out the window.

      That is my point. People complaining about the BK sign is like closing the stable door after the horse has left. If they had a problem with signs like these then they should have spoke up when Northern Electric put theirs up on Peden hill. Going back even further, they should have been complaining long and loud when this type of sign was put up on the PG Playhouse, since that was the first of its kind in PG.

Michael Moore stumping for Trump? Has hell frozen over?

(Actually he’s doing it unintentionally.)

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29VjkoOZm80

Yes that’s Moore. Here’s the original comment from him:

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKeYbEOSqYc

Ataloss is still not forth coming about his solar system.

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