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October 27, 2017 8:33 pm

Dan Brooks Out as BC Conservative Leader

Friday, October 28, 2016 @ 9:34 AM

Prince George, B.C. – For the second time this year, Dan Brooks is out as leader of the BC Conservative Party.

In January Brooks voluntarily stepped down as leader because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Dan Brooks after winning the BC Conservative Party leadership in September - photo 250News

Dan Brooks after winning the BC Conservative Party leadership in September – photo 250News

This summer, he decided to run for his old job and regained the position at a leadership convention in Prince George last month.

But this time the Vanderhoof native says he was ousted from the leadership due to a technicality enforced by the party’s board of directors.

“The board meeting at which they approved my candidacy provincially didn’t have a full board there and it requires a two thirds vote of the entire board.”

He doesn’t plan to fight the decision.

“I’ve looked at it a little bit and I could challenge it but BC Conservatives fighting their own party – what good is that. It’s a no-win situation.”

Brooks says hostility from the board has been ongoing and likens it to an “abusive relationship.”

“You want it to work, you want it to work so bad because you love the party and you love the principals and you believe. And then they do all sorts of things to hurt you.”

250News contacted the BC Conservative Party for comment on the story but did not receive a response.



More good news for CC:)

BC politics suck. Two lousy choices ie; Liberal or NDP, or some off the wall fringe groups.

Perhaps a somewhat intelligent 3rd choice would be the Greens, or an Independent.

We need to send a message to the Liberals and NDP, that their days are numbered in BC.

Could anyone imagine this party running a riding ? A province ? I wouldn’t put them in charge of a two hole outhouse .

    …..cause that would be stealing your gig?

If you look at who is running the Government now,(Liberals) and who is waiting in the wings (NDP) it seems they each already have a outhouse hole.

These parties have been in Government or Opposition to long. They basically use the Government format to get cushy jobs, either in Government or in opposition. For most of them its payday every month whether or not they do anything.

I will take the current government any day as opposed to the NDP or PCs.

    I have to agree, we have two hard working MLA’s here. If you haven’t met and talked to them, perhaps it’s time you did. You can slander people all you want, but if you haven’t talked to them about the issues dear to you, you have no opinion of them.

Hey Dan Brooks, thanks for trying, with your mindset, it’s probably what they needed to get going.
Their loss, and perhaps ours.

    Dan Brooks, and the Conservative executives who ousted him, are simply repeating the same mistakes that have doomed every other prospective replacement Party for the Liberals and NDP. They cannot ever win by simply re-packaging the same platforms those two main Parties run on. That’s what Brook’s was trying to do with his Crown corporation pipeline idea, and it’s more than likely whoever is his replacement will do exactly the same thing. The only way they’ll ever have a chance going that route is if the Liberals get mired in some major scandal or persist with some idea the public absolutely hates.

    The issues where the Conservatives could make headway are tackling why our cost of living continues to advance faster than our standard of living; why mega-projects that provide a few jobs have to be paid for more than once; why we have a rising ‘financial’ poverty in the midst of a burgeoning ‘physical’ plenty; why the development of further hydro electric power and natural gas deposits don’t lower OUR energy costs like they do for those foreign countries where we export those products. Show how these issues affect all of us, along with the fall-off of purchasing power of our dollar at a faster rate than wages could ever be raised to offset it, and you’d get somewhere. But will they do any of that?

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