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October 27, 2017 8:28 pm

Police Watching for Speeders

Thursday, November 3, 2016 @ 5:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  In the wake of yesterday’s crashes on Foothills Boulevard ( see previous story)  a reminder that police throughout the province of B.C.  foothillscrash2will be  watching to make sure  drivers are   driving  at speeds appropriate for  the  current road conditions.

( at right,  scene on Foothills bridge  yesterday morning – photo 250News)

In northern B.C., serious crashes involving injury or death due to driving too fast for the conditions more than doubles as the weather worsens throughout fall.

Police are calling on drivers to  adjust their  driving for  the road conditions.  In poor weather, slow down, increase your following distance and allow extra travel time. Slowing down – especially as you approach intersections – gives you more time to react to pedestrians and other road users who are harder to see at this time of year.

“As the days  get darker earlier and conditions worsen, it’s really important that drivers remember to adjust their speed and slow down when driving in bad weather conditions,” said Todd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “Always check drivebc.ca before heading out so you’re fully prepared for the road conditions ahead.”

Speeding is the leading cause of fatal car crashes in B.C.  Drivers are reminded posted speed limits are set for ideal driving conditions only.



Did you post this story to cause an uproar? I have never seen such a lack of traffic enforcement as I have over the last several years. Where are all the cops?

The lack of police presence on our roads and highways has helped get us where we are today- it’s common that drivers travel much higher than the posted speed limit and there’s a big increase in aggressive driving.

    Doesn’t say they are doing anything, just watching.


    They are in the school zones enforcing infractions….like speeding,stopping and blocking traffic…important stuff.

    The issue on Foothills isn’t the lack of cops fishing for speeders. The issue is that Foothills enjoys the same categorical maintenance and winter road agenda when it comes to plowing and sanding as any other street in the City of Prince George. The problem is that it is closer to a highway then a street. People are going over the speed limit because it’s alot of down hill and I challenge anyone that lives in this town to drive that stretch of road at 70KMH. They should have been out there sanding or salting or whatever the calcium stuff they use now. It was slippery, it was dangerous and it’s not the same as Carney Street or 5th Avenue.
    Thanks for listening.

Now if only we could get them to start ticketing the left lane hogs.

    Left lane. Right lane. Isn’t the speed limit the same? I always laugh at the Hartbillys. Does someone have to wait until the last possible minute to get into the so called go fast lane to make a left turn. Possible cutting off a recently graduated class 7 driver driving the 4 wheel drive with oversized tires with the invincibility complex.

Don’t worry photo radar is scheduled to be back 1 June 2017.

This is for the guy with the sign in his pickup’s rear window. Can you make it larger so people don’t have to hug your rear bumper to read it? Thanks in advance.

Left Lane Hogs doing the Speed Limit or above, what are you going to do about him (you the Speeder ) ? So many petty things to worry about !

If a vehicle is traveling at the speed limit or 10k over (which is normal), in the inside (left lane) you have no beef whatsoever. YOU may be the problem.

PGguy1234 Have to agree with you. I would also challenge if ticketed. You don’t have to be speeding to lose control of a vehicle when you hit a patch of ice that you cannot even stand up on.This person maybe lost control when trying to slow down or broke traction on an incline. Well maintained roads are factor in saving lives and I also feel these roads should have been salted as i mentioned in earlier posts. I feel the City was caught sleeping again.

The problem or issue with leaving a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you is some clown takes that as an invitation to cut in front of you, usually with no signal light.

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