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October 27, 2017 8:22 pm

US Election Too Close to Call

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 @ 8:06 PM

The U.S. election is proving to be a much tighter race than many had expected.

To win, the successful candidate  must have 270 electoral college votes.  At 8 pm Hilary Clinton had 190 while Donald Trump has 187

The votes are showing a definite rural urban split with Trump picking up votes in areas outside major centres.

Clinton has been behind for much of the count tonight but jumped ahead collecting the votes in California.

There are still several key States to be decided.

The race is far from over.

As one election commenter has remarked Trump has gone from”Long shot to real shot”.


Godspeed Donald Trump.

Never overestimate the IQ of banjo pickers. lol

    people mocking Trump have no idea why he appeals to people of all demographics. I have a lot of family in the US, they would never vote for Killary, not ever. Military hate her, they want nothing to do with her. I have 2 siblings in the marines, they have never forgiven her for Benghazi. The Clinton foundation is going to get exposed for the scam it is, and how her daughter used it to drive money to her husband’s hedge fund.

    The average voter is such a puppet, not a clue about anything except what they hear on the biased news etc. Most people form their opinion based on what they hear on SNL or Fallon. The media got what they deserved. They said it wouldn’t be close, the crooked witch would win in a landslide.. oops.. that didn’t go as planned.

    But go ahead and think she was somehow the better choice… SNL told you so.

      Since you decided to engage in assumptions, I’ll paraphrase you.

      Go ahead and think he was somehow the best choice…The Apprentice and Fox News told you so.

      If he wins, I guess his first act will be to grab Lady Liberty by the p***y in celebration.

      I almost want to see him win, so we can watch the moron stumble over himself backtracking on all those idiotic promises he was spouting.

      Hahaha, why should Canada have the only moron stumbling all over himself backtracking on all those idiotic promises he was spouting?

      Justin is in a class of his own when it comes to being a moron!

Sure hope Trump is not another one added to the body count.

    If he does, it probably be one of his fanatical followers that does him in “Fer done breakin’ his promise to rid the country of them Mexicans”.

      Sure there funny guy. Go read a book or something. I am about to listen to President Trump give his acceptance speech.

Currently sitting at Trump 228, Killary 197

Trump will have us in world war3.
And if he does build a wall it still wont keep the Americans out of Mexico.

    +1 on that Mexico comment. Lol

    What ever. How do you figure? Hillary is the one that enabled the creation of isis to remove Assad in Syria and now calls for a no fly zone enforced by America to protect the isis project from Russian bombing. All the Joint Chiefs of Staff said this can not be done without all out war with Russia… Hillary is oblivious and like her zealotry in Ukraine would march the world straight into WW3.

    Trump is a realist. He is not going to start WW3 over Syria. He will wipe out the Israeli, Turkish, Saudi, Clinton creation in Syria and Iraq and allow the nations states to retake their sovereignty and end the civil war.

    Killary already has them in WW3 , when she sold Uranium to Russia.

as WOLF BLITZER so boldly put it…theres a lot of stunned democrats right now!!

Dow futures currently down 800 points and dropping. Canadian dollar down a penny.

    Just like Brexit… the bankers will have a fit for a few days and then it will all balance out again once they shake the tree… never miss an opportunity is their motto.

I call if for Trump. He only needs 26 more electoral votes and he now leads in Pennsylvanian, Michigan, and Wisconsin for 46 more electoral votes.

Politics aside I think Trump is an idiot. When a president has a major decision to make, much like a chess player the thoughts should be of possible concequences 8 or 10 moves ahead. Trump could not even handle checkers, with those tiny hands pattie cake pattie cake is more his speed.

Protectionism will hurt Canada in a big way as NAFTA is on his hit list and the softwood agreement is still in limbo.

    Agreed we have a real problem with NAFTA now under Trump. In the long run America remaining a democracy ruled by the rule of law is better for the long run economic growth though… rather than allowing a criminal corruption cartel to run the worlds largest superpower.

      ” criminal corruption cartel to run the worlds largest superpower.”

      German shepard whistle for elders of zion.

      No it’s called the Clinton Foundation and pay to play. I’m sure Trump’s AG will be all over it.

      Have you actually been listening to Trump? The last thing he represents or gives a s*** about is the rule of law. You actually think a guy who has stated that he would ramp up the use of torture cares about the rule of law?

      Have you listened to any of his stump speeches? That was the central theme of all his stump speeches… Drain the swamp of corruption, uphold legal immigration with big wide doors, maintain the rule of law with classified information, term limits for elected officials and life time bans on becoming lobbyists, and ending free trade that is nothing more than cheating national laws for arbitrage which cheats law abiding loyalists of their national markets.

      The whole core and genus of the Trump campaign has been about a return to the rule of law in America. That only through rule of law can America have economic growth for the middle class and be great again. Anyone that missed that got all their information from MSM and not the candidate himself.

      Like I said Eagleone. That is quite the noise filter you have in your head. All I heard from Trump was constant ranting about Bill Clinton’s sex life, Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, insane babbling about building the “Great Wall of Trump”, making stupid comments about having the Mexican’s pay for it, making more stupid comments about keeping Muslims out of America, more stupid comments about Latinos mostly being thugs and rapists……

      I could go on, but why bother?

    Trump is no idiot. He has a multitude of faults and defects but it’s a mistake to sell him short on that. Just ask his opponents over the past year.

      No. He just counted on the American electorate being made up of idiots and it appears he was right.

      55+ million American voters are idiots because haha can’t understand why a crooked fraud artist that committed treason was’t elected… Okay then….

      You know if you are going to spout nonsense about treason then maybe you should actually learn a little about how hard it is to be convicted of it under US law.

      Treason has a very narrow definition in the US of A, because the founding fathers of that Republic were well aware that all of them were considered treasonous under British law. With that in mind, US law defining treason was made extremely narrow in order to prevent it being used against political dissenters in the US.

      Using a private e-mail server or lying about or attempting to cover up a screw-up doesn’t even come close to fitting the definition of treason. Not even Snow, with his massive release of government documents, could be considered a traitor under the US definition of treason.

      Treason is setting up a private email server that is set up in an apartment in Denver, not the state department, so as to facilitate pay to play… A internet server that had no password because she didn’t want to remember passwords… A server that was used for classified information… A server that was hooked up through a cloud service with her aid Huma Abadin and shared with her husband Anthony Weiner of world famous fame for sending pictures of his penis to underage girls thereby compromising any computers he shared with Abadin … And Abadin is essentially a Saudi agent who’s mothers front outfit shares an office with the Muslim Brootherhood and who’s father has financed terror groups and is associated with the formation of isis.. And up to give foreign intelligence sources that are known to have accessed her insecure server conducting highly density geopolitical issues like Lybia, Syria, and Ukraine… And four Americans died as a result in Bengazy because her open use of classified documents compromising their security.

      It’s treason.

The end of Dr. Strangelove seems fitting for this occasion…cue Vera Lynn and We’ll Meet Again.

Whoduthunkit,. I had Trump as a complete and total loser in this election, and as it turns out he wins. He is still a loser, but now he has all this power. Hmmmmmm.

    Scarier still are some of the people that have his ear, guys like Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon…..check out breitbart news if you want to see(or nazi) how they roll.

      I’m sure Trump will get plenty of “old is new” ideas from his favourite bedtime reading material: “Mein Kampf”.

    Trump will dismantle the globalist project for unaccountable multilateral organizations that would assume powers over sovereign democracies for the sole benefit of international bankers and their corpocracy. That is why he was elected and not because he is a guy people could look up to for his manners.

    Those who got all their news from CNN just don’t get it because all they saw and heard was dog whistle propaganda from globalists that tried to make this an election about lewd talk… rather than the reality of the world around us.

      Your head must be wreathed in a ring of ganja smoke if you think that Trump is going to do anything that you stated in your first paragraph.

      I never thought Americans would elect a Fascist, but here we are.

      Trump is no fascists. You have no idea what you spout. He was elected on an anti fascist agenda. He was elected on a free enterprise agenda to dismantle the fascist free trade deals that monopolize industries under globalist control. Only a couple of weeks ago he opposed the AT&T take over of Time Warner CNN because he said it was monopolistic and fascist and that as president he would break up the big corporatist monopolies in America. The MSM didn’t report on it because he was talking about them.

      I bet trump announces the end of the fascist TPP tonight in his acceptance speech.

      Judging from the nonsense you just poured out, I’d say you got all your information from the Dark Side of the Moon or Fox News, which is pretty well the same thing.


      That is quite the noise filter in your head. Trump says, “I like to grab women by the p****, but your filter translates it into “I’m going to bust up the Globalist Cabal”. LOL

Had a look at cbc reporting, they are sure emotionless, gotta love that especially with their Hillary love fest.

    Seamutt, I also totally agree with you!

    I’ve flipped back and forth between the US networks and our glorious Peter Mansbridge CBC panel! The CBC group look like they are on the verge of tears!

    I can’t help wondering why on earth we keep funding the CBC?

    Gotta admit the CBC bias was very obvious this election against Trump… To the point that it was zealotry unbecoming of a national broadcaster… and in light of reality in Trump being the president elect was very damaging to Canada in the long run.

Seamutt…totally agree with you.

Good God CANADA, close the borders and do it NOW!

Quick! Hurry! I hear that Rosie O’Donnell is on her way! YIKES!!

    Just as long as they keep Justin Bieber down there….

      Yes, please! Haha!

    We’ll do it as soon as you leave for the US.

      Oh Hahaha, you’d miss me!

      Huh? Who are you again? Oh, now I remember. I thought you were gone to Trumptopia already. What’s taking you so long? C’mon, get a move on, please. We want to close the border.

      Hahaha, let me use words that you have used…

      Waa Waa Waa!

Hahaha,, hahaha

Clinton conceded.

    And ditched her supporters like a basket of deplorables, even though they showed up for her waiting all day to her from their leader…. Hillary leadership at its finest lol.

    Found it a bit ironic that she left her campaign headquarters without speaking to her supporters! Instead, she as someone else send them all home!

for those who follow world activities

link = theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/01/turkish-president-recep-tayyip-erdogan-hitlers-germany-example-effective-government

Erdoğan cites Hitler’s Germany as example of effective government

Friday 1 January 2016 13.27 GMT

Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is pushing to change his ceremonial role to chief executive as in US and Russia.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s latest comments in favour of greater executive powers are unlikely to help him bring those critics round. On Friday he was quoted by Turkish media as citing a striking example of an effective presidential system – Germany under Adolf Hitler.

Asked on his return from a visit to Saudi Arabia whether an executive presidential system was possible while maintaining the unitary structure of the state, he said: “There are already examples in the world. You can see it when you look at Hitler’s Germany.”

Donald Trump says Vladimir Putin is a better leader than Barack Obama
Updated 7 Sep 2016, 11:53pm

Donald Trump says Russian President Vladimir Putin is a better leader than US counterpart Barack Obama, as the Republican presidential nominee argued he is the best equipped to reassert America’s global leadership.

Mr Putin is “very much of a leader,” Mr Trump said in a televised interview,

link = abc.net.au/news/2016-09-08/donald-trump-says-vladimir-putin-better-leader-than-barack-obama/7825728


as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same ….

    So crooked Hillary doesn’t win and you have feel the need to throw some inuendos insinuating that the winning candidate is going to be some kind of hitler? Must be tough to take when you were fully behind a criminal that didn’t even have the decency to thank her supporters after she lost.

    As they say about sore losers, birds of the same feather flock together …


      If you read carefully Erdoğan was the one who cited Hitler’s Germany as an example of effective government and, by the same token, Trump spoke the words about Putin.

      What is the matter with you? Can’t you read, do you believe that Tump and Erdoğan would say something they do not believe?

      Yes I can read. You are saying that hitler and Putin are the same (which is ludicrous), and therefor you reason that Trump is the same as Erdogan in admiring hitters brand of fascism. It’s a giant leap in rationalizing your point with no basis in reality or context that as you would say is ‘measurable’. The ranting so of a sore looser, clearly.

      Also Trump didn’t say that Putin has a better form of government than America… As Erdogan may have said (no doubt) about hitler. He said Putin has been a better leader for his country than Obama has been for America… Clearly with Putin being instrumental in the downfall of the Soviet Union when he protected Yeltson as the communists had the Russian parliament under siege… Is far more a patriotic accomplishment for ones country than Obama basically unleashing the bolshiviks on America has been.

      It’s simple fact that Putin has been a better leader for Russia than Obama has been for America. That is a giant leap on your part to assume this means Trump supports hitters for of government. Amazing.


love those comments – I needed the laugh. well done.

    Thanks. I had a good laugh writing a few of them.

So in Arkansas where they know the Clintons best…. Trump wins in a landslide with 68%.

So many Canadians on the left of the political spectrum hailed the election of Justin and Co. They and you know who you are, stated that it was time for a change! The electorate spoke and in Canada, we got change!

So, if those on the left think that it was time for a change here in Canada, why do those on the left, and you know who you are, seem upset, disappointed, angry etc. with the fact that the majority of people in the United States voted for change?

Something tells me that the U.S.A. will experience better and greater change with their new Government than we in Canada are experiencing with Justin and Co.

Time will tell!

    The ‘liberal left’ has been exposed for not caring about fair play. For them it is all or nothing by any means of subterfuge. People are wising up to their games.

      Both sides did not play “fair”, that is the nature of politics. As for lying & subterfuge? Sorry, Trump had the edge there. Funny, I didn’t hear a peep about rigged systems from either Trump or his campaign, only how the American people had spoken.

    You may think living next door to the “Fourth Reich” is change for the better. I certainly don’t.

      Maybe the stupidest comment I have ever read. It’s past your bedtime haha. Go read a book and educate yourself so you don’t sound so foolish.

      No. Actually, I’ve seen stupider comments than that. Most of them posted by you. lol

    Change to what?

    Here is an example. It comes from a Swiss paper this morning.

    “Trumps children announced in the election campaign that they would not put the fortunes of the company into the hands of a “blind trust,” as George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan had done, and the presidential candidate Mitt Romney 2012 in the event of a victory.

    Rather, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric want to continue the family business.

    It does not take much imagination to imagine the impact on the White House of foreign business partners of the Trumps.”

HaHaHa its past 1:00 am hasnt your mom told you to go to bed yet?

    No. Hasn’t yours?

      Wow, good come back haha.

      Glad you think so.


Jesus. Look up the definition of treason under US law before you spout nonsense. The only qualifiers for treason in the United States is if an American openly engages in a war against them or if they adhere to an enemy. She did neither of those. Compromising someone’s security, resulting in their deaths, is incompetence or poor judgment, not treason.

That is why your “hero” Trump is suddenly going to go silent on his stupid rant to jail Hillary Clinton. That is going to be the first of many of his stupidities that he is going to crawl away from.

And if you think for one minute that a silver spoon billionaire is going to break up the corporate system that made him rich then you are smoking something stronger than weed.

thank goodness Trump got in. Who needs a war with Russia anyhow, about time the murdering of Syrians stops as well. Bad news for our town and the softwood agreement, and a short set back for the muslims eventual taken over plans of the usa.

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